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Why Leave Immediate Negative Feedback For an eBay Fake Flash Seller?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 16, 2008

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Why should you leave immediate Negative feedback for an eBay Fake Flash Seller? Many buyers believe that if they hold back on leaving feedback – they have leverage in dealing with a fraudulent seller of counterfeit flash drives. SOSFakeFlash has very bad news for anyone who believes this.

The battle against fake flash on eBay is now in the 5th month. Our different groups have a lot of data and information on the behavior of fake flash sellers. It was first believed that holding the feedback as a weapon to resolve a claim had value. It soon became clear that it was no weapon at all, it was like beating a fake flash seller with a feather instead of a club.

eBay sellers who sell fraudulent flash drives know EXACTLY what they are selling! Victim sellers are very few, perhaps 1 in 25 sellers.

If you wish to engage in the feedback dance, the only thing that will happen is that the fake flash seller will dance with you – round and round and round. Making sure to stall you, making sure to use as much time of your short claim and feedback window they can burn away. Many have successfully used up the time allowanance of an eBayer trying to get a refund.

And while you dance with the fake flash seller, more listings for the fakes are listed daily. More victims are claimed. Every new victim who does not realize they have purchased fake flash, will accidentally leave positive – this only weakens your potential negative feedback. The unsuspecting victims will neutralize your negative. And fake flash sellers know this. So they will be happy to distract you with many emails while they gather more eBayers in their fake flash profit nets.

Some eBayers think that if they leave a negative immediately, they can not get their money back. Wrong! It wakes up a fake flash seller. Even a victim seller will learn something from the shock and will start to test their merchandise. Many victim sellers will remove their listings – quickly. Serious fake flash sellers will try to stall you or refund you to get you out of the picture – quickly.

Be wary of sellers who try to blackmail you – demand you remove the negative as a condition of refund. Keep the communications that demand you do this. Inform the seller you will copy the Hong Kong Police, eBay and PayPal on all communications – including the blackmail email you received – unless you are refunded immediately. Adding blackmail to selling counterfeit flash drives – only proves their guilt for everyone.

You should only leave a negative immediately if you have the proof. The output from performing the capacity testing from the H2testw 1.4 program. Unless you have this proof – you can not leave negative feedback stating a fake – it would be wrong to do so without true evidence.

SOSFakeFlash has seen that leaving immediate negatives:

  • Warns Buyers
  • Adds evidence for eBay to see against a seller
  • Adds evidence for PayPal to see against a seller (along with your PayPal Claim)

Fake flash sellers who have been removed from eBay or suspended are those for whom eBayers did leave immediate negative feedback. It alerted other buyers. They tested. They left negative. This led to them being investigated by eBay and PayPal and they were STOPPED from selling their fake flash merchandise.

SOSFakeFlash has no evidence that holding back a negative improves the chances of a refund. The opposite has been seen. Worse still, in delaying to leave negative more eBayers became victims of such counterfeit flash drive sellers.

If you are a person who already left postive feedback and discovered you now have a fake, you still have a voice. You can leave follow up feedback to your original feedback. There you can state you really had a fake and not a true adverttised capacity drive. If you lost data, you can mention that as well.


6 Responses to “Why Leave Immediate Negative Feedback For an eBay Fake Flash Seller?”

  1. mad teacher said

    Well said Kitty!

  2. Comeon said

    Don’t just complain to PAYPAL get your credit card issuing bank involved, they trump PAYPAL.

    So if Barclays issued your card bitch to them, this way PAYPAL has to pay for chargeback fees, if you wanna understand how PAYPAL works understand that they work by percentage, if a seller costs them more then they earn from the seller then they banned the seller’s account. Actually PAYPAL aint even that dumb, they is a business, they’ll ban a seller before he or she starts losing Paypal money.

    So BITCH TO YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY once the investigation takes places PAYPAL is charged, and yes they’ll initially just pass on the fees to that particular seller, but threshold baby, if one dude proves to be a liability then he’s gone.

    And be an educated Consumer, think before you buy do your bloody research, Nothing comes for Free, if its too bloody good a deal there’s a good chance there’s something wrong.

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