Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss

Report A Fake

The Fake flash memory wars are raging. Especially on eBay! It is up to you to make a difference! The frauded buyer can have the last word!

Please report your fake flash memory seller to us. SOSFakeFlash has been fighting the issue since 2008.  Fraudulent sellers are stopped when buyers report.  SOSFakeFlash will investigate and publish a report on the seller.  This helps other victims who have been frauded, it helps them to stand up to the seller and to get their refunds.  When buyers do not report sellers, the sellers continue to sell and fraud even more people.

Seebelow for the information we need. We do not have all sellers of counterfeit and false capacity usb flash drives, mpx players and memory cards on file. Your contribution helps everyone. Your information is registered in our database. We publish and warn others.

Addresses of sellers from your mailing envelopes are very helpful. It helps us to spot conterfeit  fraud rings operating on eBay. Use the search box and type in your sellers id, if there is an article make sure to leave a comment and also your progress in dealing with him.  When we publish your report,  please use the ultimate weapon! Social media.  If you have a facebook account use it to reference an article to warn your friends.  It is the most important way you can contribute and save others from your horrible experience.

As of June 2009, SOSFakeFlash announced a zero tolerance policy.

One confirmation can lead to an alert against an eBay seller. There was no choice considering the number of sellers involved with fake flash memory selling.  Investigators for SOSFakeFlash and the FrankenFlash project are highly trained to spot sellers. There is more than sufficient information on the internet for would be eBay sellers to exercise due diligence.  eBay makes it a policy to insert into each eBay listing that a seller is solely responsible for what they list.

SOSFakeFlash will make no exceptions, regardless of eBay country of registration. Any alert published at SOSFakeFlash will not be removed, whether or not an eBay seller chooses to refund some buyers.  Posturing and threats by eBay sellers are useless, in fact it usually leads to the eBay seller being investigated by eBay and being suspended.  We deal in facts, period.  You help in providing the facts.

Any attempt to claim “defective” will not be be received kindly, genuine flash memory storage chips are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure they can retain capacity, it is one of the reasons true flash memory is expensive.  SOSFakeFlash shows no favoritism.  An eBay seller in the Western world will receive the same treatment as one registered in an Asian country. If a brand name item is in question, an eBay seller must furnish proof from the brand name, attesting to the fact the items they sold were not counterfeit or false capacity.  We expect the brand name to exonerate the seller by testifying the items were indeed “defective”.  We do not expect to receive many emails from the brand name companies as most eBay seller caught did not buy directly from the brand name, nor an authorized reseller, most bought their inventory from Asian wholesaler sites and therefore are at risk of being frauded.  You the eBay buyer, are not responsible for their poor lack of judgment. Your duty is to report the seller, to reduce the fraud for your fellow eBay members.  It is the only way to reduce the fraud and scam eBay continues to permit.  Should you feel sorry for the seller, you do a disservice to other eBay victims, you will contribute the the problem.

To anyone who feels a zero tolerance policy is harsh, we invite you to begin your research and to assess how much money is involved, how much profit and just how many people have lost data and files during the past 9 years on eBay.

We are nearing the end of 2011 and while sellers are being suspended, eBay continues to evade responsibility,  despite the fact the issue is over 9 years old.  Progress is being made, but only when buyers report.  This is where you can matter.  You would be very surprised how a single eBay member was able to stop a seller or even reduce the number of victims.    It is all about making a small indivual effort. That little effort can have very sharp teeth.

  • It is important you test your item to find it’s true capacity. Read: H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives
  • Do not assume if you have made a paypal claim and it has been closed that you can not reopen it. Many victims have been forced to do this.  If you funded with a credit card, take a short cut.  After reporting to SOSFakeFlash, contact your credit card company and ask them to do a reversal for fraud.  Credit cards are more concerned about your welfare then eBay ever will be.  You are more likely to get your refund.  It is not something eBay will like and you can be assured that eBay will reclaim their loss by removing the sale from the seller via PayPal. After 3 years of operation and experience we can tell you, the secret to getting your money back is to disregard any eBay claim windows or time limits.  People who are persistent succeed.
  • Do not leave positive feedback in exhange for a refund. You only make the problem worse. Under no circumstances should you fall for blackmail – revise your feedback to optain a refund.   Sellers will try to do this to you.  It is up to you to decide if you are a mouse or if you are someone who will not tolerate fraud.  The revision of feedack is probably why you bought from the seller in the first place! Read: eBay Victims do not leave positive Feedback or change FB to positive to get refunds! Any seller who tries to make you do this is in violation of eBay rules. You can report them!  Send all emails to eBay as your proof – demand your refund and do not accept excuses or email robots.

Any company who had been involved directly or indirectly with a transaction involving fake flash memory items is liable andresponsible. There are no “buts” or “maybe”s. Do not belive any seller ploy of “defective or faulty”, this is the oldest scam in selling fake flash memory!  If you fall for it, you allow more victims for your seller.

It is important you become a registered victim of the eBay flash memory fraud:

If you have confirmed that you have a fake (purchased from eBay) and you wanted it entered into the database as evidence so we can post an alert or update counts against a seller we will need the following information from you:

  1. eBay item number
  2. eBay Seller id
  3. Your eBay Buyer id (d0n’t forget this please)
  4. Your output from H2testw 1.4 or F3 by Michel Machado For Linux
  5. eBay item description title
  6. Seller address complete if you have it (mailing envelopes, eBay, PayPal). Important to build profile and track multiple id’s
  7. Seller email address
  8. A short word of you experience and or thoughts if you like (optional)

Reminder, your eBay Buyer id is NOT  published on the internet when you report in to us. eBay fake flash memory seller ids are published on the internet to warn other buyers.  Keeping your identity confidential is important. It allows us to fight fraudulent sellers aggressively.

If your seller used private auction listings to hide the listing, or a multiple item buy now listing please send a screen capture of the listing to help us cut down on the investigation time.

To capture your buy now listing is very important if the seller is not on file with us (eBay Fake Memory Seller Lists) , if the seller is suspended you will lose your evidence and so could we.

Send this information directly to

We will not enter information into the database from a public site without 1-4.

After reporting in to us, please visit the updated Fight Back Page! See how you can make a difference. A lot of people find it very rewarding – even “therapeutic”. Yes, sometimes one needs a little therapy from the fake flash memory experience. A lot of people feel helpless against eBay and powersellers, nothing is further from the truth. This site is the result of people who helped out, they knew you would be coming here someday….

If you are reporting several sellers (it happens) please keep the 1-8 pattern. Easy to understand, the more you save us time the faster we can investigate and enter.

If you do not provide us with the minimun 1-4 we will not investigate nor respond to you.  If you are a genuine buyer it is easy for you to provide the information.

There is no time limit in reporting a seller, you can find a lot of information inside of your paypal account for proof. We have had cases as old as 18 months from purchase being reported. It is why recording in a database is so important.

SOSFakeFlash is very strict about collecting information, data can be support, has witnesses to the fake flash memory deed. The alerts and posts we publish – are based on evidence. Not one post has ever been removed since 2008, despite threats or posturing, can you guess why?

The data we collect is  used to build the list of fake flash memory sellers on eBay. It is also used to issue summary reports on the problem. Data from victims helped us to produce this report: Global Report – eBay Fake Memory 2008 – 2009 , a two year effort. If anyone wants to dispute with us, we can send them an angry mob of fake flash victims. So if you would like to have your item(s) recorded for the record please send us the information above to:

It is important to report even if the seller is already on the list or an alert is issued.

It increases the counts and evidence against the seller and for the degree of fraud on eBay too. . We publish the sellers and the current counts in our eBay fake flash sellers list. We also produce statistics and reports from the information you send.

In your feedback please put the calling card of “SOSFakeFlash” + “H2testw“. It helps people to find us and get help. It unnerves fraudulent sellers as it means their days are now numbered. If you left positive feedback, do a follow up to your original feedback – to let everyone know what you discovered. You would be suprised just how much this can help.  If you have a little time, contact at least 5 other buyers from your fake flash seller to warn them to test. It’s a chain reaction, it helps others, reduces victims and soon brings these fraudulent sellers to the attention of both PayPal and eBay.

Report A Fake 2008-2010 (April)


273 Responses to “Report A Fake”

  1. Seth said

    Yeah, reporting in is in the works.
    My guys have heard enough complaints in contacting buyers. Shit!
    We don’t have time to walk everybody through a claim process. We don’t get any money for doing it. Get real. I know Kitty you are tired responding to people who expect SOSFakeFlash to do the work to get them a refund. Please stop.
    You have enough information here for anybody with a brain to figure it out and make a claim, don’t let them slow you down from the real work – capturing sellers.
    This site, SOSFakeFlash is squeaky clean. You can trust the information. They are re not FakeFlashCommando who get the sellers by sticking it to them good. At least this site did acknowledge us and did not try to kick us to the curb. My guys decided they had enough attacking the scammers. New Commandos are needed. You can not do it for a long time without eBay getting to you….. Unless you have a lot of eBay ids … LOL! We learned to do what the scamming sellers do. $%##@!! to them.
    Make the effort, report in soon.. They are working on new lists. Give them the information. Do you know who I am? No? Okay. That is because they protected my report. Sellers are exposed. Buyers not. Unless we finally get to an international court of law. Then everybody and anybody will try to get in on it. Kitty says only registered victims will be allowed to join a class action suit.
    Entering your information is not fun stuff, but they are making the effort for you so make the effort back.
    My team joined DragonDakel to help at FakeMemorySentinel. It is getting really sick. Yep Spookie is right, dump and run…. the newest scammers have very low feedback scores, under 10! LOL.
    Scam, scam, scam, repeat SCAM. If you bought a fake on eBay you should really be pissed. If you get something called a courtesy refund from PayPal, you should be double pissed! It makes it sound like they are doing you a special favor. That is another scam, they just want you to shut up and forget what happened. If you are dumb enough to fall for it, then you are really stupid, dumb, read STUPID! When we get a reply from an eBay victim who thanks eBay for a refund we drop them. No time for dumb turds or brainless people. Sorry Kitty but they really make me want to puke, read throw up! We are not going to waste our time with them or even bother sending any evidence they provided. About 50% of them change their feedback and kiss the eBay fake flash sellers ass for a refund. Assholes. Kick them off your site! As far as we are concerned the shits are the reason why more people become victims.
    I know you don’t have time right now….
    But I would like it to be in your record, review all recorded victims and their feedback. If they changed it to get a refund remove them from your database. Don’t allow them to be part of a class action suit, they don’t deserve it.
    InspectorTech says SOSFakeFlash is looking for the magic number, so they can issue new lists.More people needed here like James Blunt to spot the scammers.
    Cough up and scream at this site. If you have a pair, use them. Otherwise, let your balls be cut by eBay. Your call.
    Thanks Kitty for publishing my comment. Admire you. Keep fighting, keep strong.

  2. Kirk said

    Ordered one hundred (100) Kingston 32 GB SD Memory Cards from this company and they sent ten (10) counterfeit Kingston Datatraveler 310 512 GB. Ripped off by the following company: New Bonwe Technology, Ltd. (, contact thief’s name Mia Lin.

  3. Hugo said

    i found it on this website, after two guys entered my store offering 64,128 and 500 GB flashdrives.

  4. Seth said

    @Hugo. Crazy. 😯

    Run, hide! 😈

  5. Ian said

    Searching for dt310 fakes I found this site, fakeflashnews.

    After reading

    Kingston DataTraveler 310 DT310/256GB Fake USB Flash Drives Flooding eBay! Fraud Warning.

    I discovered why I lose files, I bought a fake. I bought it about 6 months ago on ebay. I made a stupid mistake too late to get my money back the seller is gone from ebay. No answer to emails either.

    Thank you for eBay And The DT310 USB Kingston USB Flash Drive 256GB. Before You Bid Or Buy On eBay Watch This Video!

    I saw this at the your news site.

    Philippine Fraudsters Have Arrived!!!!! They Are Selling Fake 256gb, 128gb, 64gb, 32gb sd Cards And USB Flash Drives On eBay. They Are Associated With The Singapore Organized Crime Gang

    seemed interesting. I read it and then saw this comment:

    on the organized crime ring. The list of sellers shows organized scamming on ebay. You have to see the list to believe.

  6. mo said

    lol u cant stop them, they get new ebay accounts all the time, why dont u just mind ur own business and im using a fake ip also Webmaster

  7. @Mo,
    We really liked your comment.

    😆 It was a great topic to begin our staff meeting.

    1) No, we can not stop them? Should we cry? 😦 No, not after TechChips gave us an update. 😈 Based on recent metrics, eBay is rapping in their pants. Yes, Mo they are still in denial and yes they continue to evade and hit on frauded buyers. Pretty soon we expect they will be issuing adult diapers and tranquilizers to their top brass. Why? Simple, no matter what they try they are not able to prevent people from learning the truth and going after eBay for fraud. On the bright side, as much as they hate spending any money for on billable overhead, they have no choice but to engage additional staff to wipe their internet tracks clean. While this might not help a lot of frauded buyers or seem encouraging, it is hemorrhaging eBay’s profit margin. That is good, that is GREAT NEWS!

    eBay must bleed and feel the pain.

    The more negative exposure on the internet the better. Frankly we have absolutely NO SYMPATHY left for eBay. Why is clear to those who have access to our databases and statistics.

    2) About new accounts, yes this is a fake and it is the new reality in fake flash selling on eBay.

    This is why FlashChipTutor published:
    Changing Trends In The Sale Of Fake Memory On eBay For USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards And MP Players. SOSFakeFlash Advises Do Not Buy From eBay Sellers With Low feedback Scores. Avoid Sellers with Scores Under 300+ To Protect Yourself From Potential Fraud. Learn Why.
    and why almost all warning issues at FakeMemorySentinel include the article in their warnings.

    3) Tracking ip address

    Mo you must think you are very special or important. Do you have an ego complex? Why would we care about your ip address? It is of zero consequence to us. IP addresses for readers who comment are confidential. When they have some very hot information to communicate to SOSFakeFlash they are smart enough to cover their tracks. For the average commenter this is absolutely not necessary. If you are an eBay employee blowing the whistle it is advised. Reasons are obvious and clear. Yes we notice. No we do not say anything about it. No we will never comment on it. A person who risks their job and their income to tell the truth is a person everyone should admire. They have guts, they have integrity. So Mo, do you have any guts or integrity, or did you just absent mindedly mouth off? If you have a pair, respond to this comment MO, else readers will realize you are just somebody who wants to mouth off, be negative and who didn’t bother to do his homework.

    We liked this comment. This Mo person does represent the feeling of a lot of people. They just roll over, give up and are willing to get screwed. They do not have the insight to understand how a single person can actually make a different. If we were like MO, you would not be visiting this site or reading.
    So now you know the difference. People who mouth off and do nothing. People who care and do something because they know there will be other people who are going to become victims of fake flash memory on eBay and elsewhere.

    The individual effort is why over 1 million people have found SOSFakeFlash.

    It is why eBay is so scared. Why you will get refunds through eBay and or PayPal. Don’t be naive and assume you are getting your money back because of your claim and writing ability. You are getting your refund because of how hard eBay victims before you have fought. The time and effort they spent for you, the new victims.
    We ask you to show respect to those victims.

    Do you know that many of them did not get a refund?

    They refused to be blackmailed. They refused to give in to eBay. The price? Their refund for fake MP players, memory cards and usb flash drives. They gave up hard earned money, money they needed, lost files and worse horrors. They did this for you!
    There is currently no memorial day for fraud eBay victims. There should be.

    Show them respect.

    Fight for your refund. Negative or follow up feedback sellers for fraudulent flash memory. Fight the battle, do not fall for seller excuses. Be firm, be hard. Zero tolerance.
    Each negative is another nail in eBay’s coffin for allowing the fraud. Register with SOSFakeFlash to ensure you can be a member in a class action suit against eBay.

    MO did you bother to read:

    Global Report – eBay Fake Memory 2008 – 2009
    eBay Flash Memory Fraud Continues. 8 Years later, eBay Continues Cover Up For Fraudulent Asian Sellers. 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB Advertised Capacity = 4GB Real Capacity Or Less ?

    We thank you Mo, for your pessimistic comment. It is why we at SOSFakeFlash continue to exist.

  8. Frauds on a massive scale is being perpetrated by almost all Deal Sites in canada, :

  9. Costa said


    I am a recent member for sosfakeflash. My job help with reports for fake flash memory.Inbox finding protests from ebay sellers. Sellers not in database. What am you expecting?

    I use your fact sheet and steps. Say buyer report is 1. Seller is 2. Seller complain is so many.

    Buyer to response is not difficult. I reply. Seller do not know say. Page 4, see 4.1 Help.

  10. @Costa,

    Hey Costa, welcome! Buyers are priority #1. Focus on buyers.

    As for sellers, send any protests from them to the email address you received. Do not waste any time on eBay sellers. If an internet site published the id, it was with good reason.

    Thank you for your help! Appreciated. Buyers need you.

    Do not pay any attention to sellers in the inbox, just forward. Inspectors will examine and decide what to do. Most of the seller who protest are suspended by ebay. It speaks for itself. Forward and ignore. Concentrate on buyer victims.

    It is common for sellers to protest, to threaten. Old news. Facts are facts. Their feedback and negative feedback, speak clear. Funny Costa, but eBay is more than willing to stab sellers in the back and suspend them. eBay is interested in protecting it’s own ass FIRST.

    Welcome aboard, Costa! SOSFakeFlash welcomes the newest member to help other eBay buyers!

  11. kwickkwackmatt said

    anxinju2010 purchased two items from this seller ebay then removed listings and items never turned up ebay are not intrested if they know someone is a fake they why do they not stop all there listings and stop all payments to them

  12. Martin said

    I bought from ebay few weeks back a 16gb usb flash And today made a test whit H2testw and that flash is only 7,6gb
    The seller paypal is from china. Do not buy from him!
    I set a Dispute in paypal and hope to get my money back.

  13. SOSFakeFlash, urgent!

    The database files continue to grow. Currently, more that 500+ eBay sellers outstanding for an alert at your site.

    TechChips team is working on the programing for new lists. At this point we are not sure if you want 15 lists or 20 lists. Please contact asap.

    At our site to fix flake flash we are no longer responding to emails for help. 🙄 most of the information forwarded to us shows that people have not bothered to read the site nor inspect the information provided. We have no time for people who are lazy or expect us to hold their hands through each step.

    The information is there. If people do not bother to read properly we have only one response, you are shit out of luck! We are responding Kitty, to people who report chip sets we do have not listed.

    Please do us a favor, stop forwarding email for people asking for help. The chip sets involved remain mostly the same. It is not our nor your respsonsibility to advise people who refuse to do their research. Your site needs to consentrate on exposing the sellers, it is not your job at SOSFakeFlash to assisting buyers with refunds or trying to restore the fakes. It is a wasted energy on your part.

    USB flash drives are the best candiates for restores to real capacity. It shoud not be considered unless there is no refund posibilty. We expect people to read our FAQ and to take a bit of time to think…. before they chose to engage on a mission to restore capacity. Their engeries are best spent in exposing sellers and getting a refund.

    Hacked flash memory can never be trusted, even if returned to the actual capacity of the flash memory chip. When people do not understand this, we have little patience nor understanding.

  14. oggy said

    Do not buy any flash product fro\m this website!

  15. KittyFireFlash said

    The issue of fake flash memory on eBay continues to be a serious and nasty problem. It is imperative that you report sellers ASAP. Failure to do so puts other buyers as risk.

    For Brand names, you should contact them after reporting to us. Send your information to

    YouTube videos are important. If you are able make a video and post on YouTube for your eBay seller. Send us the url for YouTube so we can post the information and your video. Education and posting on the internet is more important now than ever before.

    The economic conditions in China are very poor, the struggle for fraudulent sellers continues in this region.

    Do not expect free speech to be your right. It is not. Money from the sale and profit for fake flash memory rules on the internet. You would be surprised to learn just how powerful it is.

    It is up to you, to decide. How you will react and respond.

    Consider how you feel about having been frauded on eBay or elsewhere. Are you content about losing your data files, your money?

    Are you happy that you found us?

    Do you know how many people and companies would like to see us disappear so you could not get the information you need?

    Spread the word, take action. If you do not, then eBay fraud will continue…. Into the 13th year? Yes, the issue is 13 years old now. So, ask your self this question, how many people have suffered flash memory fraud on eBay during 13 years and how many sellers have been involved. How many millions of US dollars in sales and profit?

    THINK about it.

    If you lost more than money…. If you are unable to recover you files and data….. You need to send a very strong message to the internet community.

  16. Thomas said

    EBAY ID: arjimports


    ARJ Imports Inc.
    10623-108 Street,
    Edmonton, AB T5H3A2

    FAKE Sandisk EXTREME HD Video 16GB Class 10 cards. Blue instead of dark grey, Label upside down, Made in Taiwan, etc.

  17. christforever00 said

    ebay id

    this is dirty china fraud .
    i order from this ebay fraud…and item didn’t i ask to this fraud… he request me more waiting..i told him it is almost 45days…but he promise me kindly if item didn;t arrive after more wait,he will refund… he told me kindly…so i just belive…but item didn;t arrive after more witing..and i ask this fraud,,,,but he ignore my message and i sent many message..but he told me their manager have trip and they will refund money after therir manager come back…but now they ignore my all message :<
    i report this dirty fraud to paypal and ebay…but 45days pass….so i can;t do anything…. this fraud sellr have to disappear at online…i hope other buyer didn;t order this dirty seller..

  18. buyer said

    ebay id

    this is dirty china fraud .
    i order from this ebay fraud…and item didn’t i ask to this fraud… he request me

    more waiting..i told him it is almost 45days…but he promise me kindly if item didn;t arrive

    after more wait,he will refund… he told me kindly…so i just belive…but item didn;t

    arrive after more waiting..and i ask this fraud,,,,but he ignore my message and i sent many

    message..but he told me their manager have trip and they will refund money after therir

    manager come back…but now they ignore my all message :<
    i report this dirty fraud to paypal and ebay…but 45days pass….so i can;t do anything….

    this fraud sellr have to disappear at online…i hope other buyer didn;t order this dirty


    this dirty china fraud seller have below paypal email address:

    Yanbin Chou
    Seller's ID:
    Seller's Email:

    and i guess below mail also same

  19. Emilio said

    May be genuine these cards?

    Sandisk 8GB:

    Transcend 8GB:

    ADATA 8GB:

    All these are China, Taiwan or Hong Kong sellers; nothing wrong or suspicious with that but the price… It is possible to sell these cards for 6$ each one including shipping worldwide from mainland China, Taiwan or Hong Kong?

  20. Pia Jussila said

    bethebest117 . I have exactly the same story as Christforever00 . I have ordered my stuff 07022012 and I still have not got my items. Carmen told that she has sent my items twice and always she wants me to wait seven days. I do not know anymore how many seven days she needs but money she wanted immediately. So the least she can do is send my money back. I am very disappointed that ebay has this kind of sellers. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM BETHEBEST117 in case you do not want loose your money…

  21. low said

    Do not buy any flash memoryfrom this website
    They are selling fake memory.Last time i buy 8GB micro sd card from them they told me that micro sd card is 100% real capacity after i notice that the file i save cant read .Then i contact that website seller they are just keep silent . When i test the micro card with hd2test1.4 it just show the real capacity are just 84MB . Holly crap!

  22. Grump3 said

    A 64GB OnQue Digital Flash Drive sold on Cudo, a group buying site has turned out to be a fake,

    H2TESTW reports:
    The media is likely to be defective.
    101 MByte OK (206848 sectors)
    63.8 GByte DATA LOST (133976064 sectors)
    Details:0 KByte overwritten (0 sectors)
    0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
    63.8 GByte corrupted (133976064 sectors)
    0 KByte aliased memory (0 sectors)
    First error at offset: 0x00000000056cac00
    Expected: 0x00000000056cac00
    Found: 0x71054281620de0c1
    H2testw version 1.3
    Writing speed: 5.46 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 21.0 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

    Item was claimed to be a "64GB USB 3 Flash Drive"

    Item received is a cheap 1GB USB 2 class 3 reject Faked to display it's falsely advertised capacity & is incapable of returning any uploaded data.

  23. Grump3 said

    Follow up on Cudo:
    Received an apology & a prompt, full refund from them with no request to return the fake drive.

    The offending supplier of these fake onQue “64GB USB3” drives is:

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