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Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 9, 2010

The best price for Kingston Datatravel DT200 flash drives on eBay, do you want to know? Read the rest of this entry »

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How Did Get Reported As A Seller Of Counterfeit Kingston USB Flash Drives?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on June 13, 2009

Victims of false capacity usb flash drives search the internet for information and help. Google searches have sponsored links to help pay for providing you with a free internet search service. The website used the sponsored links service to rise high in searches.

SOSFakeFlash has been busy promoting awareness on an outbreak of fake Kingston DT150 USB Flash drives currently flooding into eBay with alarming speed. So when victims search the internet using google and typing in DT150 this is what came up.


You will clearly see the SOSFakeFlash warning post. On the lower right was kingstonusbcf’s ad. In additional random searches depending on the country zone of google this appeared.


kingstonusbcf was at the top of the paid sponsorship list. This would be great if you were selling genuine usb flash drives. There is nothing better to heard buyers away from eBay to another site than a fake flash warning. However, if you are an internet seller of false capacity and your victims are searching for information about you or the model they purchased, this is the last thing you want -to be paired with warning about fakes.

kingstonusbcf even appeared inside of SOSFakeFlash. This site is hosted free and occasional ad’s are inserted discretely and tastefully on occasion by wordpress to help fund the site.


Imagine the irony here. kingstonusbcf near the article of a “converstion between a fake flash seller and a victim”. This was quiet unexpected.

On the internet, Kingston, FlashDriveFacts, FakeFlashNews and SOSFakeFlash came up together along with kingstonusbcf.


All would have been fine, if kingstonusbcf was selling true capacity Kingston usb flash drives. In fact kingstonusbcf would do well. Unfortunately this seller’s victims were looking for information on him and the problem. Precisely the goal of the FrankenFlash Project – to help consumers who have been frauded or are confused as to why their flash based device is not working as advertised.

Honest sellers will do well from information like this, fraudster will NOT! kingstonusbcf was found out.

Read The Facts: Said To Sell Counterfeit Kingston Flash Drives

even Kingston reported this seller was known as a site to sell counterfeits.

The only way to stop this fraud and prevent people from losing data to false capacity usb flash drives is to work together – to report these sellers and promote consumer awareness on a global scale. That is the goal of the FrankenFlash Project.

You make the difference.

Reference information can be found at this site trying collect and catalogue fake flash devices, especially for counterfeits,


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16GB Fake Counterfeit NoName Brand USB Flash Drives – A Classic Collection

Posted by KittyFireFlash on April 25, 2009

You can buy fake capacity usb flash drives cheap from internet wholesalers in the Orient. Price points to suit everyone. A classic collection of fakes in no name brand is being presented for your inspection. The FrankenFlash Project has studied the problem for one year. SOSFakeflash has battled fake flash sellers on eBay along with eBayers Against False Capacity Devices . The war on eBay against fake MP Players, USB Flash drives and memory cards rages on. We have an interesting collection to show you.  Would you like to see it? Read the rest of this entry »

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A Shopping Trip Wholesale Prices For Fake Sony Kingston Counterfeit USB Flash Drives 16GB 32GB 64Gb 120GB 240GB 360GB 500GB

Posted by KittyFireFlash on April 23, 2009

Why do eBay members and internet shoppers end up buying fake counterfeit Kingston DataTraveler and Sony MicroVault usb flash drives? Whose fault is it? The buyer? The reseller? The Wholesaler? The black market profiteer who has the flash chips reprogrammed to lie about their real size? It is obvious that the black market profiteer knows what he is doing. Almost all wholesalers do as well. Some resellers know, but quiet a few do not. Buyers are not aware and they pay the price. We have a little shopping trip for you, interested? Read the rest of this entry »

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32GB Kingston DT150 32GB DataTraveler USB Flash Drive Counterfeits eBay Scandal – Wholesale Costs For Counterfeits

Posted by KittyFireFlash on April 9, 2009

You can buy counterfeit 32GB Kingston DT150 32GB DataTraveler USB Flash Drives on internet wholesale sites in the orient for as little as $14 US. Imagine your reselling profits until you get caught! Police and Buyers knocking on your door. Here is a perfect example of upgrading – read – digitally altering a small flash drive to appear bigger to an operating system – see the listing below.

Recently three eBay sellers: minggege99, nuiren2008, abestpartner0 together sold over 4,500 units on eBay. eBay members reported them to SOSFakeFlash. Soon internet alerts were published and negatives poured in. The FrankenFlash Project websites went to work. All three sellers are now toast. Angry buyers are storming PayPal demanding FULL Refunds. With over 4,500 fakes sold you can imagine what this means for PayPal and the dispute console – it is sizzling.

Do not buy this usb flash drive on eBay. Do not buy it at internet wholesalers in the orient – especially if you plan to resell. The profit margin for selling genuine usb flash drives is small. Sorry but large retail chains do not have a large mark up – they make their profit in moving volume not per item. If you are an eBay seller you could probably make more profit baking and selling cookies at a local fund raiser than from selling genuine usb flash drives. Not convinced? Visit Flash Drive Facts and start reading on the subject.

Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.




If you want to review all the counterfeits found on eBay you can visit these two sites. Just type in the word Kingston in the search box to see what is currently documented:

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Warning KINGSTON DataTraveler 100 USB Flash Drive 128GB Appearing For Sale On The Internet – A Guide

Posted by KittyFireFlash on January 25, 2009

Please Check Kingston’s Official Site for the flash USB drives currently offered. They do not offer any KINGSTON DataTraveler 100 USB Flash Drive  model with a capacity of 128GB. The highest capacity currently for DT100 is 32GB, only available  in the Far East, Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Update February 26th, 2010:  Kingston USB Flash Drives. How To Check You Have A Genuine One And Not A Counterfeit – Easy Guide. Kingston Technologies Fighting To Protect Consumers And Itself From Counterfeits.

Kingston now makes 256GB flash drives .  Read  DT310/256GB Replaces DataTraveler DT300 256GB DataTraveler From Kingston Technologies. DT310 Is The Biggest USB Pen Stick Memory Flash Drive Size. you will find the price interesting and useful for comparision in this article.

Update June 16th 2009. There is now a 128GB usb flash drive from Kingston see: Kingston Technologies Releases DT200 128GB USB Flash Drive To Market

Reported to SOSFakeFlash, we have documented some of the sources for these 128GB USB Flash Drives that are stealing the Kingston Name for counterfeiting and selling false capacity usb flash drives. You will find useful information to help you learn and spot the fakes – what you can to to find a genuine Kingston USB Flash Drive on the internet.

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What is This Fake Flash All About?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 4, 2008

Exactly when it began, is a mystery to all of us. What is clear is that it was detected on eBay back in 2005. This can easily be verified by querying the internet. As the demand for higher capacity drives grew and as they were very expensive, someone found a way to reprogram controller chips on flash drives. Or that is what people think. The truth is more likely that people saw an opportunity to make money by using the genuine tools for programming the controller chips in an illegal manner. Purposely choosing the wrong parameters to report the existing flash drive size as higher than they really are.

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eBay Sellers Can Be Victims – How Does This Happen?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 29, 2008

How eBay Sellers Become Victims Of Fake Flash

eBay buyers of fake flash often forget that it is possible for a seller to be a victim.  Some might find this hard to believe but it is true.

Sellers sell what is “hot” – what moves.  USB flash drives are very popular and sell.  In recent months a number of very established eBay sellers with untarnished scores have expanded their product line to include USB Flash drives. New sellers on eBay just starting have chosen to sell USB pendrives too.

Unfortunately many do not know that the drives they have acquired wholesale are fakes. “Yeah, right…”  you might say.
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