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SOSFakeFlash Announces New Website Joining Fight Against Fake Memory Chips – Flash Fake Memory Central – Information – FlashChipDirector

Posted by KittyFireFlash on December 30, 2009

A new website has joined the FrankenFlash Project:

Flash Fake Memory Central – Information – FlashChipDirector

Rushed into service two months ahead of schedule, it is a work in progress. Different from many of the existing websites in the Project, this site sports pull down menus. Different from most blogs, it is more like a traditional website. Why another site? What is it’s purpose?

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October 2009 – SOSFakeFlash Battle Plan

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 5, 2009

Welcome to SOSFakeFlash’s new “Public” notice board for strategy to continue purging eBay of fake flash sellers. You will always find it under Category: Battle Plan – Strategy. Also see: Using The SOSFakeFlash Battle Plan Bulletin Boards – How They Work – Rules

The most serious issues facing us:

  • An escalation in 32GB and 64GB false capacity flash memory pen usb drives
  • Getting the message out to international websites and forums, especially in languages other than English.
  • Ensuring that SOSFakeFlash is left in feedback so that victims can find help when they search on the internet.
  • Private auction listings
  • Email assistance requests for help with PayPal refunds
  • Email assistance requests for help repairing fake mp players, memory cards, usb flash pensticks.
  • Getting victims to contact other buyers for a fake flash seller!
  • eBay sellers changing their id names or using a new id the moment they get suspended.
  • eBay victims who change their feedback to get a refund and create MORE victims because they only thought of themselves and not others!

We are not kidding about the escalation for 32GB and 64GB fake capacity! Sellers are using multiple item listings and frequently private auctions as well. We need people to contact any buyers for these capacities and if they fail testing to report in immediately using the Report A Fake Tab. Early detection is key! Also patrol and leave suspect id’s as comments on this post. You can ask others to assist in contacting buyers for a seller on this article by leaving a comment. It helps people to focus their energy wisely.

eBay members are needed to contact others. We are seeing some evidence of improvement – reports from people who say “I received a message to test”. It helps detect new sellers, to investigate and enter the details into the database. Our fake flash eBay sellers lists are based on reports and also the alerts we issue. SOSFakeFlash has a zero tolerance policy, it takes only one confirmation for a seller to be entered. eBay makes it very difficult for people to warn others, one person has a quota of 5 messages a day, because of this, many people are needed! Read:

If you receive confirmations from a buyer, get them to join you in contacting others for the same seller! Tip. Stick to the same seller for at least one week, or make sure you put the sellers eBay id in your message so you don’t get confused. Sending messages can take less then 15 minutes a day, once you get the hang of it. It can also be fun to reach out to other members and very satisfying when you prevented someone from losing information.

SOSFakeFlash has pulled the rug from under many eBay powersellers, when victims join together! eBay and PayPal are forced to take notice when members unite.

See the hot list for October 2009: October 2009 – Ebay Fake Flash Seller Hot List

Leave your comments on this post. Help warn. Help alert!

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How To Warn Others On eBay As A Fake Flash Angel – Fight Back Against Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives – A Guide

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 11, 2009

As an eBay member it is your RIGHT to share your “buying experience” with others and ask them about theirs. If you bought a fake mp player, usb flash drive or memory card you should warn others for the seller. People do not test the capacity properly, they discover the truth much later after leaving positive feedback. Many lose important information.

These sellers on eBay hurt a lot of people and they make a great deal of money. The only way to stop them and shorten their eBay lives is to warn others. eBay only allows a member to send up to 5 messages a day. This quota means one victim can not be effective against a seller, it needs more victims to compensate for the 5 a day message limit.

In 2008, one eBay member asked other buyers about the usb flash drives they purchased. The usb flash drives were fakes. These eBayers also started to contact others.

Soon a full scale war to rid eBay of these items began. There have been many battles and there will be more. The only thing preventing a return to the old days on eBay is YOU!

So how do you warn others? Here is a guide that shows you how. The things to do. The thing’s you should not do. It’s not hard being a fake flash angel, it can take less then 15 minutes a day of your time. Will it make a difference? Yes. Learn why.

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August 2009 – SOSFakeFlash Battle Plan

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 3, 2009

Welcome to SOSFakeFlash’s new “Public” notice board for strategy to continue purging eBay of fake flash sellers. This is a new board. You will always find it under Category: Battle Plan – Strategy. Also see: Using The SOSFakeFlash Battle Plan Bulletin Boards – How They Work – Rules

The objective is to channel the energy of independent fake flash angels and commando’s to zero in on the important issues and tasks.

  1. Baby Fake Flash Seller Id’s
  2. Powerseller Fake Flash Seller Id’s Zapping

Baby fake flash seller id’s are being suspended quickly by eBay. This is good news. It prevents fraudulent sellers from building scores that can withstand negative feedback from buyers.

We are introducing a new notice board – Ebay Fake Flash Seller Hot List. You will always find it under Category: Battle Plan — Fake Flash Hot List. This board is for very dangerous sellers, especially powersellers. The objective is for victims to focus on these sellers and bring down their feedback scores – to the level where eBay can suspend them. This forces the fraudsters to switch to another id.

Is this a good thing? Yes. It means that victims can now focus on reducing another of their powerseller id’s to ashes. If you have any spare time you can contact buyers on for sellers on this list to warn them to test! If they have a fake and left positive feedback have them march to PayPal with a claim, send complaints to eBay. If the seller is still listing those confirmed fake flash items, have victims report every single listing, one by one to eBay. When different people do this, sleeping eBay awakes.

EbayPrisonMeanwhile, if you patrol and keep the fake flash counterfeit rings in the Orient from planting new baby id’s their precious high score id’s will be suspended; their opportunity to groom and grow replacement id’s starved.

This month’s objective – send as many powersellers to eBay fake flash seller prison (suspension) and prevent the grooming of baby id’s to take their place.

You may use this Battle Plan for the month of August to report suspected Baby Id’s and your independent progress. There will be a new battle plan issued every month and the old one closed. Please do not use your real eBayer id’s to comment. Chose a name for yourself – your identity at SOSFakeFlash.


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