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SOSFakeFlash eBay Fake Flash Memory Sellers. List 201102 P to Z. USB Pen Stick Drives, Memory Cards, MP Players

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 1, 2011

eBay Sellers of Fake Flash Memory (False Capacity) usb flash drives, memory cards, mp players as of 20110201 documented by SOSFakeFlash. 1617 sellers listed. The ebay sellers on this list have been documented and investigated. SOSFakeFlash has made it easy for you to research. The list is now in three pages: * to G , H to O , P to Z.

If you are a victim please report in using the Report A Fake Tab. You matter! You, are the witnesses increasing the evidence against fraudulent sellers and eBay!

Sellers P to Z

Ebay Sellers – Fake Flash Memory – Click For Negative Neutrals
Update: February 1 2011

If your seller is not on the list or to add to the count against a seller, use the Report A Fake tab. Leave “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” in your feedback to allow people to find our sites for help. If you left positive feedback, do a follow up feedback. Always test for actual capacity before leaving feedback!

For information and help on fake flash memory please read: SOSFakeFlash Reading List For Newbies Fake Flash Memory eBay And Internet Sites. Ultimate Internet Reference On Fake Hacked Flash Memory In A Nutshell. 3 Years Of Research And Documentation. 1,000,000 Flash Memory Chips Are Digitally Altered To Lie About Their Real Capacity Every Month

Please do not assume if your eBay seller is not on this list, it is safe to buy from the seller. SOSFakeFlash has received reports that victims used this list as a guide to purchasing from an eBay seller. Do not make this mistake.

If you seller is not on the List, a warning might have been issued, see FakeMemorySentinel. To be on this list, you must report in with your evidence.

Click on the seller’s eBay id link to to see all negative and neutral feedback on eBay. Our counts include people who left positive feedback or reported after a seller was suspended.

Investigated Ebay Fake Flash Sellers with Confirmed Fakes P to Z: 558 entries

Seller Seller Neg FB Fakes Classification Status
pandabbcat22 pandabbcat22 4 Suspension
pandachinchin pandachinchin 42 Suspension
pangoal pangoal 2 Suspension
patpat.eshop patpat.eshop 1
paulscables paulscables 3
pc_exports pc_exports 17 Private Auctions Suspension
pcocopark88 pcocopark88 7 Suspension
pctech-man pctech-man 2 4 FeedBack Private Suspension
peing peing 6 Suspension
penauiy618 penauiy618 1 Suspension
pengsoloshow pengsoloshow 4 Suspension
perfect2046 perfect2046 2
perypery perypery 1
peter112232 peter112232 3 Suspension
petermak_hk petermak_hk 9 Devious Suspension
pettitta.03 pettitta.03 1 Private Auctions
philico-action philico-action 1
philw5063 philw5063 1
phonebase113 phonebase113 52 Old Timer Suspension
photocheng photocheng 7 Devious Suspension
piao_yang16888 piao_yang16888 2 Suspension
piercove1 piercove1 1
pigpingxian pigpingxian 24 Suspension
ping_v2009 ping_v2009 1 Suspension
pink.mary.2005 pink.mary.2005 2 Private Auctions
pinky—girls pinky—girls 1
pizzahut.932 pizzahut.932 1 Suspension
planet_memory_uk planet_memory_uk 2
planex41 planex41 1 Suspension
platinum_auctions01 platinum_auctions01 2 Suspension
pltaok pltaok 3 Suspension
poerhrt poerhrt 2 Suspension
polin412 polin412 58 Suspension
pontiac.48 pontiac.48 3 Suspension
poolie0909 poolie0909 1 13 Suspension
populace68 populace68 1 Private Auctions Suspension
power_shop788 power_shop788 10 Suspension
powercommunicator powercommunicator 8 Suspension
powerlee8816888 powerlee8816888 8 Private Auctions Suspension
powerrangolee powerrangolee 24 Suspension
powerseller2008168 powerseller2008168 2 Suspension
powersky268 powersky268 8 Suspension
powerstar88 powerstar88 4 Suspension
ppgo2sell ppgo2sell 2
pppppnnnnn pppppnnnnn 1 Suspension
pps.shop2009 pps.shop2009 1 Suspension
pretty_posh001 pretty_posh001 4 Suspension
prettyezone prettyezone 6
prettyzhou09 prettyzhou09 1 Suspension
pricelessauction pricelessauction 9 Private Auctions Suspension
pricelessdigital-uk pricelessdigital-uk 10 Suspension
printkingdom printkingdom 5 Suspension
proactionsales proactionsales 1 Private Auctions Suspension
psnowps88 psnowps88 22 Suspension
p-ultimaltd p-ultimaltd 1 Private Auctions Suspension
q17590486q q17590486q 2 Private Auctions
q2010q q2010q 2 Suspension
q9992010 q9992010 2 Private Auctions Suspension
qasim12345 qasim12345 1 Suspension
qiangqian888 qiangqian888 1 FeedBack Private Suspension
qiaopeng168200 qiaopeng168200 1 Suspension
qingchushangwangjilu qingchushangwangjilu 1 Private Auctions Suspension
qinghui156 qinghui156 7
qiongen qiongen 3 Suspension
qiongzhuzhijia qiongzhuzhijia 6 Devious Suspension
qiu_bay2009 qiu_bay2009 3 Suspension
quidleonline quidleonline 1 Private Auctions
quotehere quotehere 4 Private Auctions Suspension
qwidlksdsurej qwidlksdsurej 1 Suspension
rainbowcandy2010 rainbowcandy2010 1 Suspension
rainringbiding rainringbiding 1
rainy9413 rainy9413 36 Suspension
rambo.xumin rambo.xumin 2 Private Auctions Suspension
rauch36 rauch36 3 Devious
razamith3 razamith3 1 Suspension
rc33333 rc33333 1 Private Auctions Suspension
red.eyed.b0i red.eyed.b0i 2 Suspension
redbaron17588 redbaron17588 1
reliablesellerhk reliablesellerhk 3 Suspension
ren_tao527 ren_tao527 1 Suspension
rencai-y rencai-y 5 Suspension
ren-ren-buy ren-ren-buy 1 Suspension
resourcefulshop resourcefulshop 3 Private Auctions Suspension
returncentre returncentre 1 Suspension
rhcl10756 rhcl10756 1 Suspension
riceyb riceyb 3 Suspension
rickysell819 rickysell819 10 Suspension
rifatulrifat rifatulrifat 1 Suspension
rilinvidj5 rilinvidj5 4 Private Auctions Suspension
rinabest rinabest 1 Suspension
rise-fly988 rise-fly988 5 Suspension
riteshlah riteshlah 1 Suspension
robbieking901 robbieking901 1 Suspension
robert.murray170 robert.murray170 1 Suspension
robski069 robski069 1
rodrod002 rodrod002 1 Suspension
rolexralph159 rolexralph159 5 Suspension
rolf655 rolf655 1
rongcle rongcle 14 Suspension
roomformom roomformom 1
ropeter651 ropeter651 1 Private Auctions Suspension
roy_ltd roy_ltd 1
roy-store188 roy-store188 1 Suspension
roz24 roz24 2
rtechrocks685625 rtechrocks685625 6 Suspension
ruhland77 ruhland77 1 Suspension
ruyuyi20080808 ruyuyi20080808 1 Suspension
s.lifeng20089 s.lifeng20089 1 Suspension
sachin_9183 sachin_9183 1 Suspension
sadaqats sadaqats 1
saer_ding2080 saer_ding2080 4 Suspension
safe2star safe2star 207 Private Auctions
safety.firsst2010 safety.firsst2010 2 Suspension
saffronspas saffronspas 2
saher1874 saher1874 1
sale-corner sale-corner 4 Suspension
salem-traveler salem-traveler 1 Suspension
sales-producer sales-producer 1 Private Auctions
samcat_123 samcat_123 3 Devious Suspension
sammaxcy sammaxcy 1
sammzshops sammzshops 1 Suspension
samras-2008 samras-2008 1
samuel_kei09 samuel_kei09 1 Suspension
samuelt192 samuelt192 1 Private Auctions
sarah_electronics sarah_electronics 1
save_big4real save_big4real 16 Suspension
schnecke66 schnecke66 1
schoolwearunited schoolwearunited 1
scottlee407407 scottlee407407 4 Suspension
sdcardseller10000 sdcardseller10000 7 Suspension
sdgfyud_f sdgfyud_f 1 Suspension
sdhgtyrlele369 sdhgtyrlele369 1 Suspension
sea_shoppingstore sea_shoppingstore 1 Suspension
search852 search852 3
sell.007 sell.007 1 Suspension 1 Suspension
sell_u_usb sell_u_usb 3 Suspension
sellasera68258 sellasera68258 1 Suspension
seller.xmas seller.xmas 1
selleverything1911 selleverything1911 7 Private Auctions Suspension
selloff911 selloff911 1
sendtter556 sendtter556 1 Suspension
Sevensixhk Sevensixhk 2 Suspension
seybuytech seybuytech 1 Suspension
sfrankish5872 sfrankish5872 1 Suspension
sgbest.2122 sgbest.2122 1 Suspension
sgm2879 sgm2879 1 Suspension
sha.tin.yoo sha.tin.yoo 1
shaadshaad21 shaadshaad21 1
shall0906 shall0906 11 Suspension
shande0701 shande0701 2 Private Auctions Suspension
shanegallaty shanegallaty 1 Suspension
shaosan08 shaosan08 41 Suspension
shawnschimash shawnschimash 2 Suspension
shibo201088 shibo201088 1 Suspension
shijianfei1987 shijianfei1987 2 Suspension
shining2007 shining2007 1
shipeixiao shipeixiao 1 Suspension
shippinggo shippinggo 8 Private Auctions Suspension
shopbundle shopbundle 4 Private Auctions Suspension
shopdigital_pty_ltd shopdigital_pty_ltd 1
shopping-wang2008 shopping-wang2008 2 Private Auctions Suspension
shop-till-drops shop-till-drops 1 Devious
Shopwithmela Shopwithmela 16 Suspension
should19160 should19160 10 Suspension
show68y show68y 1 Suspension
showtosell showtosell 13 Devious Suspension
showwhat showwhat 20 Private Auctions Suspension
shray.124 shray.124 1
shtolc shtolc 1
shuibin2009 shuibin2009 1 Private Auctions
shukmart shukmart 4 Suspension
shumaseller168168 shumaseller168168 2 Suspension
sianging sianging 2
sias168 sias168 1 Private Auctions
sigsy12 sigsy12 1
sijiheda sijiheda 1 Suspension
silkquality silkquality 1 Suspension
silviajune silviajune 38 Suspension
simply-item simply-item 4 Suspension
simply-sarahs-ltd simply-sarahs-ltd 2
sincerefriend200888 sincerefriend200888 4 Private Auctions Suspension
sinceritytrading sinceritytrading 1
singapore.seller2009 singapore.seller2009 1 Suspension
sisleystuff sisleystuff 1 Suspension
skdeas09 skdeas09 1 Private Auctions Suspension
sktming19 sktming19 1 Private Auctions Suspension
sky.huchun sky.huchun 2 Suspension
skybluetl skybluetl 1 Suspension
sky-brother sky-brother 7 FeedBack Private Suspension
skyhighhorizons skyhighhorizons 5 Suspension
skyined skyined 2 Private Auctions
skypemen skypemen 1 Suspension
skywarenet skywarenet 8 Private Auctions Suspension
slvrdrgn177 slvrdrgn177 5 Suspension
smartibuy smartibuy 1 Suspension
smartkey2009 smartkey2009 1 Suspension
sminliu168 sminliu168 6 Suspension
smoothustla smoothustla 1 Suspension
snyangjy2009 snyangjy2009 1 Suspension
sogoodtech sogoodtech 13 Suspension
Sohotec168 Sohotec168 1 Suspension
so-lo-4-u so-lo-4-u 2
Songjh7 Songjh7 1 Suspension
songxin_80885 songxin_80885 3 Suspension
soni.kashyap soni.kashyap 1
source_kit source_kit 1
southern-variety southern-variety 1
specialdeals2010 specialdeals2010 1 Suspension
speedcar-123 speedcar-123 1
speedy2882 speedy2882 2
splendid_items_for_u splendid_items_for_u 2 Suspension
spring4blue spring4blue 2
sri2414 sri2414 1 Suspension
ss1985zh ss1985zh 1 Suspension
sshootdealss sshootdealss 1 Suspension
stacerlee123 stacerlee123 1
star-dodo star-dodo 1
starflashxx starflashxx 2 Private Auctions Suspension
stayhere_2012 stayhere_2012 1 Suspension
stevey1998 stevey1998 1 Private Auctions
stevie73 stevie73 1 Suspension
stockman9 stockman9 1 Suspension
stopandpurchased stopandpurchased 4 Suspension
str8_2you str8_2you 1
strongesttrade strongesttrade 7
studaleyo7o87676 studaleyo7o87676 2
stupidbird2009 stupidbird2009 2 Suspension
suanlema519 suanlema519 1 Suspension
suhongstore suhongstore 7 Suspension
suishenqieting00 suishenqieting00 1 Suspension
sunfeixia99 sunfeixia99 15 Suspension
sunmoon99168 sunmoon99168 1 Suspension
sunnyshop18 sunnyshop18 11 Private Auctions Suspension
sunsetsnsnapshots sunsetsnsnapshots 1
supasei168 supasei168 6 Private Auctions
super.dog8090 super.dog8090 2 Suspension
super_store2009 super_store2009 17 Suspension
superbidding520 superbidding520 3
superday09 superday09 2 Private Auctions Suspension
superdealsco superdealsco 3 Suspension
superelectronic2008 superelectronic2008 12 Suspension
superkay101 superkay101 24 Suspension
supermanz2012z supermanz2012z 1 Suspension
superming2008 superming2008 2 Devious Suspension
supernova9106 supernova9106 3 Private Auctions Suspension
superseller5018 superseller5018 2 Private Auctions Suspension
superselleryee88 superselleryee88 1
superstar.9898 superstar.9898 1 Suspension
supply.imports supply.imports 1
susanlng539 susanlng539 1 Suspension
sweetherrt sweetherrt 9 Suspension
sweetyshop88 sweetyshop88 7 Suspension
swweisong swweisong 1 Suspension
sylvan_company sylvan_company 3 Devious
syneticscargo syneticscargo 1
syscare.121store syscare.121store 1 Suspension
systore_seller systore_seller 15 Suspension
syyuenlin168 syyuenlin168 3 Suspension
szmds szmds 5 Suspension
szsa19810908 szsa19810908 10 Suspension
szyz0919 szyz0919 1 Suspension
take.tohome take.tohome 3
takeme2home takeme2home 22 Suspension
tallinnskij tallinnskij 1
talonz24 talonz24 1
tamstore003 tamstore003 10 Suspension
tangshu88168 tangshu88168 3
tannedweekend tannedweekend 1 Suspension
taoline2 taoline2 2
targetbid201088 targetbid201088 3 Private Auctions Suspension
tatawa2008 tatawa2008 5 Suspension
tavornsak2499 tavornsak2499 1
tcbuttons tcbuttons 1
tcua80 tcua80 15 Private Auctions Suspension
tcua88 tcua88 25 Private Auctions Suspension
tda0309 tda0309 7 Suspension
tea5761 tea5761 8 Suspension
tech12342008 tech12342008 2 Suspension
tech8513 tech8513 1 Suspension
techhunting techhunting 6 Private Auctions
tenda09 tenda09 4 Suspension
tengis-gadget tengis-gadget 1
the.fusionism the.fusionism 7 Private Auctions Suspension
theddking theddking 1 Suspension
thefamilystorage thefamilystorage 1 FeedBack Private Suspension
thelastone77z thelastone77z 1 Suspension
themustang15541 themustang15541 1 Suspension
thepitstop4tees thepitstop4tees 1
thgrhfh thgrhfh 1 Suspension
thomas0423 thomas0423 1 Private Auctions Suspension
thousandplus thousandplus 5 Private Auctions Suspension
three4him three4him 1
thyroidectomy30minutes thyroidectomy30minutes 1 Suspension
tianbao0881 tianbao0881 1 Private Auctions Suspension
tianfumzdisk2009 tianfumzdisk2009 15 Suspension
tianshu0525 tianshu0525 10 Suspension
titaniumgt titaniumgt 1
tjffkuu tjffkuu 8 Private Auctions Suspension
tl_k568658 tl_k568658 3 Suspension
tomekfabian9011 tomekfabian9011 1 Suspension
toomanyles_1985 toomanyles_1985 20 Suspension
toomanyles572 toomanyles572 10 Private Auctions Suspension 19 Suspension
top201088 top201088 1
top789988 top789988 3 Private Auctions Suspension
topixus topixus 2 Suspension
topshoes8888 topshoes8888 2 Suspension
topsyturvysale topsyturvysale 3 Suspension
touch.sound touch.sound 4
tpseller009 tpseller009 4 Suspension
tpyboc tpyboc 1 Suspension
trade2discount trade2discount 1
tradeseller10 tradeseller10 1 Suspension
tradingcameller tradingcameller 2 Suspension
travelingc travelingc 1
tri-tech tri-tech 1
tronicguard tronicguard 11 Suspension
truelove928 truelove928 10 Suspension
trustedestore trustedestore 3 Suspension
trustkeys trustkeys 1 Suspension
tsuihinpo168 tsuihinpo168 8 Suspension
tttkiki2008 tttkiki2008 5
tuoke2009 tuoke2009 7
turandotimpression turandotimpression 2
turbohiphop turbohiphop 3 Suspension
turnkeykitchen turnkeykitchen 1 Suspension
turtle_rock_uk turtle_rock_uk 1
turtle1980519 turtle1980519 1
tutuucake878 tutuucake878 2 Suspension
tvadinindu tvadinindu 1
twbb4 twbb4 5 Suspension
tweryrshdt88 tweryrshdt88 2 Suspension
twodoors247 twodoors247 1 Suspension
tyeru2007 tyeru2007 4 Suspension
u2-seller u2-seller 1 Private Auctions 1
ucsell ucsell 1
uglyquacker uglyquacker 1 Suspension
uk-babyandbaby uk-babyandbaby 1 Private Auctions
uk-choice uk-choice 1 Private Auctions
uks300 uks300 1
ulmanfi ulmanfi 1 Private Auctions
ultracare4u2008 ultracare4u2008 2 Suspension
upcomingtrend upcomingtrend 71 Suspension
upgrade_brother upgrade_brother 7 Suspension
urgentshipping2u urgentshipping2u 28 Suspension
urqiqiexpress urqiqiexpress 5 Suspension
us.captain-memory us.captain-memory 1 Private Auctions Suspension
usb.kingz usb.kingz 1 Suspension
usb20988 usb20988 1 Private Auctions Suspension
usb-hub-2010 usb-hub-2010 1 Suspension
usbislanduk usbislanduk 1
usb-mania usb-mania 1
usboasis usboasis 13 Suspension
usbquatos usbquatos 1 Suspension
utopec utopec 4
v3v4.v5v6 v3v4.v5v6 1 Suspension 1 Suspension
vanteks1 vanteks1 1 Suspension
viciousd_life viciousd_life 2
vietetoday vietetoday 1
vincecarterforthree vincecarterforthree 2
vinda2188 vinda2188 1 Suspension
vintage_king09 vintage_king09 1
viola23easy viola23easy 1
vision_2055 vision_2055 2 Suspension
vitamin173 vitamin173 1
viveshop66 viveshop66 2 Private Auctions Suspension
v-shopping2008 v-shopping2008 3 Suspension
vs-passion vs-passion 13
w8enhsb w8enhsb 1 Suspension
wacostec wacostec 3 Suspension
wahdl2022 wahdl2022 1 Suspension
waheguruson waheguruson 1 Suspension
waiching168 waiching168 2
waikuen2009 waikuen2009 1
wajim66 wajim66 1 Suspension
walking-walker walking-walker 1 Private Auctions
wang_xue_guang wang_xue_guang 1 Suspension
wangjiangyuan wangjiangyuan 1 Suspension
wangs-online-shop wangs-online-shop 3
wangwang.great wangwang.great 33 Suspension
wangwangday wangwangday 1 Private Auctions Suspension
wangxiaoling128 wangxiaoling128 1 Suspension
wangying868 wangying868 11 Private Auctions Suspension
wangyu_mei9080 wangyu_mei9080 2 Private Auctions Suspension 1 Devious
waterloo1900 waterloo1900 1
wayaaaa wayaaaa 1 Suspension
wdemart wdemart 5
weiji2008 weiji2008 2 Private Auctions Suspension
weiliseller2009 weiliseller2009 6 Suspension
weiwei_bt weiwei_bt 1 Suspension
weixin1088fa weixin1088fa 2 Suspension
welcome4all welcome4all 4 Private Auctions
well19820906 well19820906 5 Suspension
wellcome08 wellcome08 3 Suspension
wendy2008268 wendy2008268 9
wendyzhou8510 wendyzhou8510 1
weng1962 weng1962 1
wenxiulaoda wenxiulaoda 1 Suspension
wewin88 wewin88 1
what-a-craze what-a-craze 1 Suspension
Whatcools Whatcools 59 Suspension
white0386 white0386 5 Suspension
wholesaleprice2010 wholesaleprice2010 3
wholesalestore09 wholesalestore09 5 FeedBack Private Suspension
wholeselling-auctions wholeselling-auctions 30 Private Auctions Suspension
whoudao whoudao 1 Suspension
wide_forest wide_forest 1
wide-bank wide-bank 8 Suspension
winneris winneris 1 Suspension
wlx5118ccm wlx5118ccm 3 Suspension
wm2008wm wm2008wm 6 Suspension
w-mart888 w-mart888 1 Suspension
woai6688sk woai6688sk 5 Suspension
woheng-haoo woheng-haoo 2 Suspension
wonderdealsss wonderdealsss 1 Suspension
woody_19121986 woody_19121986 2 Suspension
world_max_store world_max_store 7 Suspension
worldbase608 worldbase608 5 Suspension
worldbase889 worldbase889 16 Suspension
worldcommodity worldcommodity 2 Suspension
worldexpress_uk worldexpress_uk 1 Suspension
worldseller0988 worldseller0988 12 Suspension
worldshiping12699 worldshiping12699 1 Suspension
worldz.2012 worldz.2012 1 Suspension
wowdog.9 wowdog.9 1 Private Auctions Suspension
wskincare wskincare 6 Suspension
wsklbiox120 wsklbiox120 1 Suspension
w-ss w-ss 3 Suspension
wujianglong_2007 wujianglong_2007 2 Suspension
wunaidesixu2010zheng wunaidesixu2010zheng 1 Suspension
wusimz wusimz 36 Suspension
wusulihewd wusulihewd 1 Suspension
wuzhua8 wuzhua8 17 Suspension
wwee.1745 wwee.1745 1 Suspension
wxf-store168 wxf-store168 6 Suspension
wyaoyao2010 wyaoyao2010 1 Private Auctions
wyf51894518268 wyf51894518268 1
xbmc007 xbmc007 1
xfhuangshijiao xfhuangshijiao 3 Suspension
xianebenyue7188 xianebenyue7188 1 Suspension
xiangxiang852 xiangxiang852 2 Suspension
xiaoluchina xiaoluchina 1 Suspension
xiaotian_abc xiaotian_abc 3 Private Auctions Suspension
xiaoxuan0918 xiaoxuan0918 2 Suspension
xiaoyanzi0111 xiaoyanzi0111 2 Suspension
xiaoyong_77 xiaoyong_77 11 Suspension
xie-518 xie-518 58 Private Auctions Suspension
xihaistore20086689898 xihaistore20086689898 2
xincai_322 xincai_322 2 Suspension
xinjiang.hong76 xinjiang.hong76 2 Suspension
xinshifeng xinshifeng 1 Suspension
xintao9988 xintao9988 7 Suspension
xinwan1980 xinwan1980 2 Suspension
xinxinrong10 xinxinrong10 2 Suspension
xinxinxiangrong988 xinxinxiangrong988 1 Suspension
xiyangyang1988 xiyangyang1988 10 Suspension
xiyundage5365 xiyundage5365 2 Suspension
xmei19851224 xmei19851224 1 Suspension
xoldskool xoldskool 41 Private Auctions Suspension
xpinky-2008 xpinky-2008 1 Suspension
xprodeal xprodeal 85 Private Auctions Suspension
xruifang xruifang 9 Suspension
xuefenwei xuefenwei 6 Suspension
xway_powers xway_powers 1
xwertemac xwertemac 1
xxx369201010 xxx369201010 1 Suspension
xxxwonder xxxwonder 6 Private Auctions
y5y6.y7y8 y5y6.y7y8 1 Suspension
yagami1992 yagami1992 1
yanchuan1109 yanchuan1109 1 Suspension
yangyulinshop yangyulinshop 1 Suspension
yangzhangxu88 yangzhangxu88 1 Suspension
yanhong1978 yanhong1978 1
yanyanseller2008 yanyanseller2008 2
yaocard yaocard 9 Private Auctions Suspension
yao-xx yao-xx 10 Suspension
yaya0331 yaya0331 9 Suspension
yazmin_yenthe_bay yazmin_yenthe_bay 1 Devious Suspension
yejingrui_0916 yejingrui_0916 1 Suspension
yenffgh177789 yenffgh177789 1 Suspension
yescard2008 yescard2008 3 Suspension
yesman.191 yesman.191 1 Suspension
yeweijie_store yeweijie_store 8 Suspension
yewsze yewsze 1
yexinhong888 yexinhong888 5 Suspension
yhm_shop243 yhm_shop243 1 Suspension
yigewena8521 yigewena8521 1 Suspension
yihaifeifan168 yihaifeifan168 7 Suspension
yingdog yingdog 1
yingstar22 yingstar22 5 Suspension
yirenfenfang52 yirenfenfang52 1 Suspension
yiweng668668 yiweng668668 2 Suspension
yoji0707 yoji0707 1
yongge173 yongge173 1 FeedBack Private Suspension
yonglu2009 yonglu2009 2
yongyuangensui yongyuangensui 1 Suspension
yongzhou1232009 yongzhou1232009 3 Suspension
yourprefectchoice.cecily yourprefectchoice.cecily 1
Yrnehenry Yrnehenry 1 Suspension
ysq1983 ysq1983 1
yuanhuaii yuanhuaii 2 Devious Suspension
yuanminqi yuanminqi 1
yuelanshi110 yuelanshi110 1 Suspension
yueryouyou-1981 yueryouyou-1981 1 Private Auctions Suspension
yugongrong88 yugongrong88 3
yummyprettytoes yummyprettytoes 1
yuping_80 yuping_80 2
yuqiaozhen56710 yuqiaozhen56710 1 Suspension
yuzhongfengqing10000 yuzhongfengqing10000 1 Suspension
yyyshop2008 yyyshop2008 1 Suspension
zak0114 zak0114 2 Private Auctions
zamanshop zamanshop 3 FeedBack Private Suspension
zangly009 zangly009 1 Suspension
zapfootwear zapfootwear 1
zengliqingok88168 zengliqingok88168 2 Suspension
zeromazoo zeromazoo 1
zglong88 zglong88 2 Suspension
zgpzqxd zgpzqxd 6 Suspension
zhangenii zhangenii 1 Suspension
zhangfengping8888 zhangfengping8888 15 Suspension
zhangguo2009 zhangguo2009 1 Suspension
zhanghulili521 zhanghulili521 3 Suspension
zhangjiayun1976 zhangjiayun1976 1 Suspension
zhangshouchao88 zhangshouchao88 1 Suspension
zhangshuijin142 zhangshuijin142 3 Suspension
zhaojing666shibo2010 zhaojing666shibo2010 1 Suspension
zhaozhao2010 zhaozhao2010 1 Suspension
zhenzhupearl02 zhenzhupearl02 4 Suspension
zhidao16888 zhidao16888 22 Suspension
zhixingstarshop88 zhixingstarshop88 1
zhiyuan09 zhiyuan09 7 Private Auctions Suspension
zhmera0035 zhmera0035 1 Suspension
zhongel zhongel 24 Suspension
zhoucongqing zhoucongqing 6 Suspension
zhouschoolnew_ck zhouschoolnew_ck 3 Suspension
zhouxiping_1011 zhouxiping_1011 1 Suspension
zhouxun_gunha198305 zhouxun_gunha198305 2 Suspension
zhouyao1682008 zhouyao1682008 2 Suspension
zhuhuihui85 zhuhuihui85 14 Suspension
zhujunpeibay zhujunpeibay 14 Private Auctions Suspension
zhy66888 zhy66888 1 Suspension
ziutas667 ziutas667 1 Suspension
zjlee08 zjlee08 38 Suspension
znhwy znhwy 3 Suspension
zohaibch12 zohaibch12 1 Suspension
zouka2009 zouka2009 1
zsz136 zsz136 1
zuzieq56 zuzieq56 30 Suspension
zy858 zy858 4 Suspension
zywylcyt zywylcyt 1 Suspension
zz1478963 zz1478963 1
zztl8088 zztl8088 4 Suspension

We hope this list helps you. Fake memory capacity occurs when the chips have been digitally altered to lie about their real size to operating systems. This leads to information loss once the true size of the chip is exceeded. You will not be able to recover files beyond the real capacity of the chip, they were not copied, they do not exist on the flash memory chip.

Help fight this problem, warn others. Read: How To Warn Others On eBay As A Fake Flash Angel – Fight Back Against Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives – A Guide

We found the tool from helpful. If you find has helped you, be kind – donate to them at see button upper right corner at their site. Their tool made it easy and fast for you to find the truth!


3 Responses to “SOSFakeFlash eBay Fake Flash Memory Sellers. List 201102 P to Z. USB Pen Stick Drives, Memory Cards, MP Players”

  1. The top seller for fake flash memory products on eBay? Not yet suspended?

    Safe2Star with a count of 217.

    To everyone who reports using SOSFakeFlash’s report a fake tab, thank you on behalf of all eBay victims of hacked memory purchases and everyone who helps on the FrankenFlash project.

  2. […] SOSFakeFlash eBay Fake Flash Memory Sellers. List 201102 P to Z. USB Pen Stick Drives, Memory Cards,… […]

  3. slickbay said

    thelord786 is trying to sell a fake chinese 512gb usb stick and there are 14 bidders. he says he doesn’t know the exact capacity, the item is boxed and he has no intention in checking out the stick.

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