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Survey Flash Memory Prices Retail Stores. SOSFakeFlash Requests Your Participation. Please Assist. 2012 Global Price Drop For Flash Memory? Is It Cheap? New Trends. What Is The Real Story On Lower Flash Memory Prices?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on April 27, 2012

SOSFakeFlash asks your assistance to report current local prices in retail stores where you live for flash memory usb flash drives, memory cards and MP Players in your country. The stores have to be physical, brick and mortar, a place you can enter and purchase! Virtual stores, existing only in internet cyber space will not be considered. We are interested in traditional stores and for good reason. Preferred are large retail chains operating on a national scale. SOSFakeFlash is interested in the prices for flash memory, major brands and retail store brands. The capacity of flash memory size 4GB and higher. WHY?

Since January 2012, SOSFakeFlash and other project sites observe prices dropping for usb flash memory pen sticks and memory cards. The price decreases are astonishing! Many stores have rotating sales, offer tempting discounts for flash memory. A dream finally come true? This trend is especially strong in North America. We wonder, is this a global trend? Is it country specific? We need you to help us uncover the truth so we can determine how wide this recent trend is for flash memory.

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