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NurseJenn1025 Ebay Fake Flash Memory Seller Victim – United States. Demonstrates Integrity And Honest Behavior. An Example Of The Best In EBay Selling Behavior!

Posted by KittyFireFlash on January 21, 2010

NurseJenn1025 is was an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake – false capacity memory) Flash USB drives. Registered in the United States, NurseJenn1025 offered 64GB and 128GB advertised capacity in the Kingston Brand.

A victim reported:

The person gave me back my money and told me that they were very sorry. They seemed sincere when they said they had no idea…but they had multiple lisiting of 128 and 64 GB Kingston USB drives. But once I told them about it they cancelled all the other auctions. In my opinion I think they had no idea that the drives they were selling were not the real thing.


SOSFakeFlash is inclined to agree with the victim’s observations. A lot of eBay sellers in the United States order from wholesalers at heavily discounted prices. Unfortunately these wholesalers are not authorized Kingston Technology distributors or resellers. The market in counterfeit Kingston items is large as the brand is both popular and reliable.

NurseJenn1025 appears to be a victim eBay seller. NurseJenn1025 demonstrated correct behavior in immediately removing listings when a buyer reported the facts to the seller. While SOSFakeFlash is obliged to report on all sellers when a confirmation is received, we would like to remind everyone, that it is possible for an eBay seller to be a victim too.

One of the very first articles published at SOSFakeFlash on August 29th, 2008 describes how an eBay seller can be a victim.

eBay Sellers Can Be Victims – How Does This Happen?

You can easily tell which eBay seller is a victim or a shark – by their actions.

NurseJenn1025 is demonstrating the correct behavior for a seller on eBay. Honest sellers refund victims, apologize and remove listings immediately. When a seller demonstrates this behavior and does not have a history of fraud, we ask you to show consideration and kindness. This is especially true when the seller had a perfect feedback score.

NurseJenn1025 has learned a hard lesson, just as most of us have. It is important for everyone to remember, the FrankenFlash Project is co founded. It was founded by both eBay fake flash sellers and eBay fake flash buyers – both victims of this terrible problem.

Use your judgement carefully, when a seller has no history of fraud and demonstrates honest and correct behavior as described in our early article. If you report the seller and submit evidence, SOSFakeFlash will research the seller. NurseJenn1025 did not sell many and shows all the signs of a victim eBay seller.

Beware of eBay sellers who whine “I am a victim , I got scammed too” and who do not do the correct things as described in our article. Just because they got stung does not mean it should come out of YOUR Wallet.

Victim sellers deserve a second chance, work with them not against them. Just make sure they fit the description we provided and demonstrate the right actions.

SOSFakeFlash is after real fraudulent sellers who sell high volume and know exactly what they are doing to eBay members. If you see suspect listings on eBay for sellers in North America, Europe and the UK, please contact them and ask them to test their merchandise with H2testw. Let them know about us at SOSFakeFlash. If they visit they will have strong motivation to TEST!

eBay sellers need to be educated about the problem along with eBay buyers. When honest sellers find they have fake memory items and withdraw their listings, they save their reputations and reduce the number of buyer victims.



If you patrol and contact sellers like NurseJenn1025, especially in North America and Europe, you are actually rescuing them from a serious disaster. Put yourself in the sellers shoes, how would you feel? It is not difficult to separate the victim sellers from the fraudulent sharks.

Do a good deed, warn eBay sellers to test. Tell them about SOSFakeFlash.

If the seller ignores you, it is the classic non response of a fake flash memory seller. We should know. In summer 2008 we did a massive contact campaign to warn sellers. Those who ignored the questions and warnings from fake flash angels all ended up on the black list in Autumn of 2008.

Just state facts, ask them to test. You don’t have the 5 a day message limit, it is between 15 to 18 a day. Save day. Look for sellers just starting to list, they are the easiest to rescue, drag them away to safety. Keep an eye on the rescued seller, just to be sure…..


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Did You Leave Positive Feedback For A Fake Flash Seller Of MP Players, Memory Cards Or USB Flash Drives Purchased On eBay?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 14, 2009

LearningDid You Leave Positive Feedback For A Fake Flash Seller Of MP Players, Memory Cards Or USB Flash Drives Purchased On eBay? You are not alone!

Most people only give a quick inspection of their item, they don’t test the full advertised capacity. Afterall, who expected to receive a false capacity item in the first place? Never test by looking at what the operating system tells you about the size, that is the classic trap!

Fake items advertised at 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 120GB, 128GB, 240GB, 360GB, 500GB, 512GB have been digitally altered to lie about their real capacity. Test with H2testw.

You can add to your positive feedback, by doing “Follow Up FeedBack”! Let everyone know the truth!

By putting keywords such as “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” along with the real size and the word FAKE, you can warn others. Fake Flash Sellers hate it! Victims love it!

Don’t forget, if you are still in your claim window race off to PayPal and file a dispute against the seller to get your money back.

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eBay Victims Conclusions On Fake Flash USB Pendrives Drives Sold On eBay

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 9, 2009

Victims of fake mp players, usb flash drives and memory cards purchased on eBay learn a very hard and disturbing lesson. Not only do they lose money, they lose data. eBay members also learn the chilling truth about “buyer experience improvements” on eBay and on “Buyer Protection” offered by PayPal. Many leave eBay. Many never see a refund as PayPal wears them down with a game of email round robins, the stop watch ticking against the eBayer with time limits for claims.

One ebay member has something he would like to share with you. We are interested in your opinions.

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About Fake 64GB USB Pendrives – SONY MICRO VAULT and More

Posted by KittyFireFlash on November 1, 2008

Fake Flash continues to be sold on eBay. Recently fake Sony Micro Vault flash pendrives at an audacious 64GB capacity size appeared for sale. These flash drives have even been traced to manufactuer showrooms in china. Recently joining SOSFakeflash to fight and hunt down sources of fake flash our newest detective – known as “Superman “, saved an eBay seller – dragging him to safety away from fake flash selling. Here is what superman reports on Sony Flash Drives along with an update from FakeStopper’s most recent research on flash drive manufacturing in china:

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eBay Sellers Can Be Victims – How Does This Happen?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 29, 2008

How eBay Sellers Become Victims Of Fake Flash

eBay buyers of fake flash often forget that it is possible for a seller to be a victim.  Some might find this hard to believe but it is true.

Sellers sell what is “hot” – what moves.  USB flash drives are very popular and sell.  In recent months a number of very established eBay sellers with untarnished scores have expanded their product line to include USB Flash drives. New sellers on eBay just starting have chosen to sell USB pendrives too.

Unfortunately many do not know that the drives they have acquired wholesale are fakes. “Yeah, right…”  you might say.
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