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Fake Flash Sellers Run From eBay – pengsoloshow – itchee98 – kaho.chan

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 14, 2008

Fake Flash Powersellers Sellers pengsoloshow,itchee98, kaho.chan have run from eBay – Deregistered. eBayers have chasing them away from eBay! It is the mission of SOSFakeFlash to stop the sale of counterfeit flash drives and have fake flash sellers found and removed. Our current focus is in the eBay areana. eBayers can and do make a difference.

If you bought a flash drive from any of these sellers you are at risk of data loss. Do not use these drives. You must test them and file a claim with paypal immediately! Do not delay.

Update May 2nd 2009: the id itchee98 is now itchee9888

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