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Newbies – Help!

New to SOSFakeFlash?

Our site is part of the FrankenFlash Project. Every month we publish a lot of information. For newbies, first time visitors – it can be a bit overwhelming.

Most first time visitors are buyers who suspect there is something wrong with a flash memory item they purchased. A lot are hunting for information about the eBay seller who sold them a flash memory product. Many see the important clue left in feedback “SOSFakeFlash“. The message other victims left so you could find this site and get help.

First Steps:

1. Test your flash memory item (usb flash drive, memory card, mpx player) to determine the true capacity against the advertised capacity. Read H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives first then download the software from the links provided in the article.

2. If your testing proves you have a fake (false capacity) item purchased on eBay, report immediately to SOSFakeFlash with the details using the Report A Fake Tab.

Next Steps:

To use and navigate this site read: How To Use Site

For additional reference and advice: Advice

English is not your first language? Prefer your own for a better comfort level? See Translation

You will find quick reference links on the left navigation menu. You will find useful information about disputes and PayPal, also the category for the eBay fake flash seller black lists. The right menu shows the top posts, followed by the latest comments readers leave.

If you are an eBay victim it is important for you to leave negative feedback immediately if your testing confirms you have a false capacity item. Delay to settle your claim and more buyers will become victims just like you. Make sure to leave the keyword “SOSFakeFlash” to help other victims! Read: If You left Positive Feed Back For A Fake Flash Memory Seller. Can You Change It?

To stop an eBay seller who sells fake memory you need to act quickly. How can you do this? Warn other buyers who left positive feedback for the seller! Read: How To Warn Others On eBay As A Fake Flash Angel – Fight Back Against Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives – A Guide

For people who are trying to repair fake flash memory items you can read:

You should also visit FixFakeFlash. You will find known solutions published there, along with a detailed FAQ. Never skip the main VID PID article included with every solution post. Ensure that you read the “Should You Repair A Fake USB Flash (Pen) Drive?” article included with the information on VID PID. It is important that you understand what your repair journey is about and what you could expect – BEFORE YOU BEGIN!

New! A complete reference guide, with hot link navigation. Everything you wanted or did not want to know about fake flash memory. The information comes from the contributions of previous flash memory victims.

SOSFakeFlash Reading List For Newbies Fake Flash Memory eBay And Internet Sites. Ultimate Internet Reference On Fake Hacked Flash Memory In A Nutshell. 3 Years Of Research And Documentation. 1,000,000 Flash Memory Chips Are Digitally Altered To Lie About Their Real Capacity Every Month

Blogs can be difficult to navigate and at SOSFakeFlash we have so much information. This reference guide is designed to make things a lot easier for you, especially if you bought on eBay. Use it to help yourself in a hurry….


23 Responses to “Newbies – Help!”

  1. zhouschoolnew_ck

  2. Regarding leaving negative feedback on eBay, check out this post (on this site):
    Why Leave Immediate Negative Feedback For an eBay Fake Flash Seller?

    I normally give the seller the benefit of the doubt, but sellers of fake flash drives are a different beast entirely! BTW, thanks to all who contribute to this site. You guys effin’ rule.

    – Sushi

  3. Marla Janes said

    I almost was a fake seller….I purchased from this company…but I recognized the packaging from your website….I refused the shipment from this company,….and I am now fighting for a refund…but Thank You!!!…I am not accidently selling counterfeit merchandise on ebay.

  4. I have purchased 4 mp4 players and 3 have had the memory hacked all where touchscreen, I haven’t received the forth one. I don’t have all the information available at this time on the others. I will report them as soon as I receive all of the information on them.

    I purchase this one from zhouschoolnew_ck

    I need your mailing address

    – robertmcmillen

    From: zhouschoolnew_ck
    To: robertmcmillen
    Subject: Re: robertmcmillen has sent a question about item #260550005446, that ended on Feb-08-10 14:19:32 PST – 32GB 2.8″ LCD TouchScreen MP3 MP4 FM MEDIA PLAYER games
    Sent Date: Apr-02-10 18:36:17 PDT

    Dear robertmcmillen,

    dear friend,
    thank you for your message, if you don’t like the item, you can send the item to us, we will give you a refund after we receive the item you send to us
    thank you

    – zhouschoolnew_ck

    The memory for this item was fake. Instead of 32gb it only has 1.7gb. I ran H2testw from SOSFakeFlash and every thing above 1.7 was corrupted. Here are the results from that test
    Warning: Only 31991 of 31992 MByte tested.
    The media is likely to be defective.
    1.8 GByte OK (3917224 sectors)
    29.3 GByte DATA LOST (61600344 sectors)
    Details:28.4 GByte overwritten (59679352 sectors)
    0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
    937.9 MByte corrupted (1920992 sectors)
    63.5 KByte aliased memory (127 sectors)
    First error at offset: 0x0000000077879000
    Expected: 0x0000000077879000
    Found: 0x0000000077869000
    H2testw version 1.3
    Writing speed: 3.68 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 16.6 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4
    I need your complete mailing address to return it.
    – robertmcmillen

    Name: zhi qimei
    Address: 15 D number three Building
    Xinghu Garden Jinbi Road
    Nigang village Luohu Distract
    Shenzhen Guangdong Province
    China 518000

    – zhouschoolnew_ck

    32GB 2.8" LCD TouchScreen MP3 MP4 FM MEDIA PLAYER games

    Item Id: 260550005446
    End time: Feb-08-10 14:19:32 PST
    robertmcmillen (105 )

    100.0% Positive Feedback
    Member since Oct-09-04 in United States
    Location: TX, United States

  5. Adam Viarry said

    CHEATER’S EBAY ID: lotsgoods88


    I have purchased two counterfeit items, and already left positive feedback 😦

    Insteed of 4GB i have two.. after surpassing 2Gigs my player not read any new file and created dump files in the card. Tested with h2testw…

    It’s really embarrassing (one of these players is a gift), and harassing… I was never an eBay victime!


    PS: china don’t needs it, but forks european folk motives too… why? i don’t think that makes so much business… 😛


  6. Anna said

    I just bought a 32GB and a 64GB usb from ebay because I thought that it was cheap. I somehow came across this site and now I have a feeling I have bought fake drives. What should I do now? I have already paid. Should I wait for the shipment to see? Is it possible to ask for a refund since I just bought the item not long ago and they probably haven’t shipped.

  7. InspectorTech said



    Contact eBay for help to cancel transaction.

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  17. Jennifer said

    Well, we have successfully got a refund from ebay, however to get the refund we MUST return the item to the seller. I don’t want to give it back to him to sell to someone else. what should we do? btw. I’ve already started messaging the other people who have bought one from him. One was already having problems 🙂

  18. KittyFireFlash said

    Addresses. We NEED address information on sellers you verify! Please do your best to send in any information you have. It is important. We are working on detecting the counterfeit rings. You help is needed!

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  22. R.Lalonde said

    Having being had twice (first time I test with computer said 32 gig) then much later I realized that the card was erratic. I was taking video in, guess where??? Yanshouo, China!!!! In that time I tought my camcorder couldn’t support that card. I was far away thinking the card was fake. After few clips, I wanted to monitor my 2 or 3 last clips and they where not there….other were ok. By chance I had more card (good) and resume taking vids and clips (they were ok). I finally copied and paste good stuff from the bad card and pasted them to hard drive, then discard card, many months after purchase.

    Next card purchase is not from long ago.

    I purchased another one from Hong Kong: Transcend 16 gig. Class 10. Again I tested it as soon as it came in. By I was disapointed because transfert writing speed was low. Soon it stopped writting and said error. I was from now on suspicious. I contact seller, and he said he would refund and was sorry, sorry, sorry,sorry.

    But I was refund, yes refund. Maybe the guy in Hong Kong realized he had conterfeit. No card return he said, discard it. I give him the benefit of doubt. Then I started to make research on the web by typing: ”SDHC card fraud” in diferrent ways like: ”Fake memory sticks”. That’s how I have found H2testW 1.4.

    A small tool with big power. H2testW 1.4 is awesome. It helped me to find out that my memory cards where good!!!!

    Hetestw 1.4 verdict was: card error (or FAKE)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have more SDHC cards but they where friendly to H2testW.

    That’s also how I’ve learned that fake Memory cards is such a huge international fraud market. Hong Kong, China, Singapore…name them. I was amazed reading that a lot of reject chips are leaving factories by the back door and are being used and sell as fraud, or fake by bandits.

    I told you already I went to China April 2011. In Beijing one of our guide said China is world leader in counterfeit of all kind. Sellers on sidewalk sell Rolex watches for 800 Yuan, but you can have it for 20 yuan $3, $5 in the most if you have real temptation. But in the end, ask yourself a question: ”Why should we be happy purchasing a fake Rolex and mad about a fake memory card”? Both are fake and not legal. Only because the first one looks shiny to eyes and the other makes your teeth grinding?

    Please, be extremely careful when buying Memory card especially from Hong Kong and China.

    My resolution from now on is very simple:

    While there are many good sellers on EBay, my resolution is that starting from today I will never again buy memory card on eBay. I purchased so far good batteries for camcorder. I will be extremely careful in item selection, and if I’m frauded again, I will never buy a piece from that auction site. I have to say that so far all my purchases were at low price. The most expensive item cost 75.00, that was the most I could lose.

    I lost $30.00 in total in fake memory card…to be learning in being careful.

    Friends, I’m talking to you: ”How much are you ready to lose?”

    Twice I’ve been had, even once is too much. Sad story but true.
    Even though the last one had a happy ending.

    I’m keeping the fake card to show people how a fake one looks like.

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