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If you found this site and are using the information, make a contribution by helping others! Everyone is a volunteer. They do not get paid. They sacrifice their free time to help. It requires a lot of work and effort. If you want us to continue to provide information, do a good deed. See the Fight Back learn on what you might do.

At the very least, we ask you to contact 5 eBay members who bought the same or similar items from your fake flash seller and warn them to test! We do not accept money. We accept good deeds!


You will find the most important and useful articles under the Advice Category.


See the Stories Category: eBay victims send their stories to share about their experiences. The information helpful. It is interesting and might help you understand how you fell into the clutches of a fake flash seller. Victims also tell how they dealt with sellers, eBay and PayPal. The stories category has more detail than you will find in comments.

You are welcome to send your story too. Only, try to document and write up as much of it as you can, as it will save us a lot of time. Some stories depending on content could be published at one of our other sites.

Paypal Claims and Refunds

See the PayPal Category!

Review the guide: PayPal How Long Do You Have To Claim For A Refund In Disputes? A Guide About PayPal From eBayer’s Experiences. It is kept up to date. It has all the important articles, you need.

We can not provide individual counseling to help you get your money back. There are too many victims!

You need to read the guide and the articles. The information comes from victims like you. They made a great effort on your behalf to provide it. Remember, they were exactly in your shoes, once. Most email inquiries ask questions already explained and covered at this site. That is why the articles have been written. You can leave a comment on the article for your fake flash sellers. Others may answer you.

We see that victims who fight and refuse to give up are the ones who get refunds, in most cases. If Paypal says ” NO! ” they say ” YES! ” The longest case on record took 8 months. You must be persistent, not give up and if cases are closed – reopen and/or email them to death. Calling also helps and information is in the guide.. That victim got every single penny back, even if it took so long. He refused to accept, “No”. Most, do not have to fight so long.

People who are foolish enough to send items back, almost never get a refund. The fake flash seller often claims he never received it or gives a bad address. It is also against the law in most countries to send or receive counterfeit merchandise using the Postal System.

The seller will just recycle the item to sell to someone else. There was a case where a victim opened the fake usb flash drive and put information inside, then sent it back. It turned up in Thailand, sold at a market stall! We are not kidding. It actually happened. “Fake Flash Message” in a Bottle?


See the eBay Category for articles. Many are in the Paypal guide.

Quick Reference Reading:

Our Sites

We have different sites in the FrankenFlash Project.

Fake Flash News I – Reports on the News for Fake MP Players, Memory Cards and USB Flash Drives. The articles are longer and interesting. It publishes in a magazine format, it is easier to read and photographs are larger. It publishes articles from all of the other sites. Some times they lend a hand in listing suspected sellers of false capacity items.

Fake Memory Sentinel – Internet Watchdog Alerts and warnings on suspected sellers. The investigators working at this site are trained to spot obvious fakes and counterfeits. This site is the early warning system. It does not operate under the severe guidelines that SOSFakeFlash must follow. It is very “SWAT” team oriented. Many of the sellers reported there never make it to the fake flash sellers list at SOSFakeFlash. Why? Because many small sellers realizing they bought false capacity items, stop listing immediately. It also provides the first opportunity to document and investigate a fraudster on eBay.

Fix Fake Flash Devices – Many victims of fake flash devices do not know what to do. Education begins at this site. Those who repair their devices have the opportunity to send in how they did it. This information can then be turned into new articles a the site to help others solve the problem of restoring the flash chips to their real site. People also leave comments on solutions reporting their success or failure and what software they used.

Flash Drive Facts – Is the education site. It is a an ongoing work in progress. The objective is to educate the global public on the subject of fake and false capacity devices. Reprogrammed flash chips to lie about their real size. For example, do you know what the realistic prices are for nand flash chips by size? Did you know flash chips are graded? There is an extensive catalogue of counterfeits documented for brand names. How can you verify your flash drive product if it is a brand name? There are guides available at this size to help you.

SOSFakeFlash – This is the main site in the FrankenFlash project. It is the site of documentation and evidence. You will find information on testing, known investigated fake flash sellers and their products, the most recent list of all fake flash sellers found so far on eBay. You will also find two posts that are used to discuss how to repair fake flash items. People share their progress and solutions.

SOSFakeFlash issues alerts on the internet when a seller is confirmed to have sold false capacity devices. This assists victims who search for information on the internet about the seller.

There is lots of information on dealing with eBay, PayPal and fake flash sellers. Victims often leave comments on their fake flash sellers alert post. To find the seller’s article, you just type in the sellers name into the search box. When eBay suspends a seller you can not longer leave feedback but you can on the seller’s alert at this site. There are also personal stories that victims have send in for others to read.


Comments allow you to express yourself and to share your information with others. Also to ask questions. By leaving comments you make it clear there really is a problem!

eBay and Paypal read and monitor this site. So do others. It is your opportunity to voice how you feel. It is also good to share your experience and progress on dealing with a fake flash seller – it will help other victims when they find the sellers alert.

Many comments become new articles at this site, because the information contributed was so useful to everyone!

You don’t have to agree, unpleasant and unpopular views are given a voice. The only thing not allowed is to attack a race or nationality. The problem of greed and evil is found in all. So are honesty, integrity and noble acts. Some have taken great risks to provide us with information. Swearing and bad language is allowed within reason.

Just put an asterisk “*” or two to, ahem, clean it up a bit.

Venting is good for the soul. Better only words then physical action. We would not like to think of what would happen if a documented fake flash seller was left alone in a room with his victims. Unfortunately it will not undo the damage done, or bring back the data and files lost.

Better to fight back, reclaim your money and warn others until the seller is shutdown. Also to make eBay and PayPal’s life a misery until they address the issue. Seek Justice. Do not let greed and profit rule. The people who work in the FrankenFlash project are like you – victims. So comments are your way to communicate and share!


If you are using a recent internet browser you can subscribe to this site. For articles and also for comments. This way you will be alerted if there is something new to read. In a news feed you get the url for the comment or article. With a quick click you go directly to it and do not have to search.

If you are dealing with a fake flash seller this is a good way to keep up on any comments people might leave about the seller!

At our site you will see Subscribe. Just click on the Entries or comments to set up your feed.

Entries (RSS) click on the subscribe button in your browser

Comments (RSS) click on the subscribe button in your browser

Quick Links

We have a quick links section before the most recent posts. This is to help you safe time and has some of the most needed and popular information.

Report A Fake

You can Report A Fake you received from an eBay seller. It is very important to report in to us. This is how we are able to document and issue alerts. Also to build the fake flash sellers list that is updated with your new information.

Ebay Fake Flash Sellers Lists

See the Category Negative FB Tool

You will find the most recent lists in this category. We close a fake flash sellers list, usually every month and begin a new one. If you go through the archive of past lists, you can see our progress. You are the ones who really allow for that to happen by reporting in and fighting back.


We publish a lot of Guides. Information that people need. They are located in several different places.

See the Category Flash Drive Education

At flashdrivefacts see the Category Guides . Also the Category Validation

The validation category is important. This information is useful for anyone who bought a brand name product. Many have validation for their items. Why? They know their products are being counterfeited by fraudsters and they want to help you, the consumer. We are seeing pressure being put on eBay because people are reporting to the brand names such as Kingston and Sony.


You can write to If possible we will try to send your question to a counsellor for assistance.

Please try to make sure it is something is not already answered at this site.

Those who work in the Project have work assignments they must address. If they fall behind, the number of fraudsters grow on eBay. Fake Flash Angels are trying their best to “contain” the problem on eBay. It is difficult. Only a year ago you could find over 37,000 listings available on a given day.

Unless more people help, SOSFakeFlash sees the wall breaking. A return to the former levels fake flash devices being sold on eBay.

If you expect eBay or PayPal to address the situation by themselves, you are in for a very sad surprise. They will not. We should know. You have to SHOUT! into their ears and poke them with sharp pointy sticks.

You may wonder, why is this continuing? Why is it allowed?

The answer you are not going to like. It is simple also a bit sad. Because not enough of you, the victims stand up. People will use the information presented at this site, but few contribute or give something back. Many have helped and are helping, it is the magnitude of the problem! If a fake flash seller sold 3,000 items, just how many victims are out there? Try to help others.

If every victim of a fake flash seller simply sent ebay messages to warn 5 other victims, they would be suspended with lightening speed.


4 Responses to “Advice”

  1. Randy said

    UK Distance Selling Regulations

    UK residents who purchase items on EBay via Buy it Now listings or Second Chance offers are covered by UK Distance selling regulations. These articles cover the buyers rights to cancel orders and postage refunds for returning faulty goods.

    Extracts from:

    The Distance Selling Regulations usually cover sales made over the internet, including:
    • Buy It Now listings on
    • Second Chance Offers on

    Extracts from:

    Click to access oft698.pdf

    3.46 As soon as possible after the consumer cancels, and in any case within 30 days at the latest. You must refund the consumer’s money even if you have not yet collected the goods or had them returned to you by the consumer. You cannot insist on the goods being received by you before you make a refund. See also paragraph 3.64

    What specifically do I have to refund to the consumer if they cancel?

    3.48 The DSRs require you to refund any money paid by or on behalf of
    3.57 If the goods are faulty or do not comply with the contract, you will have to pay for their return whatever the circumstances.

  2. Steve said

    Should I role over and disclose to Paypal the true cost I paid for the return of counterfeit goods to the SELLER


    I recently return 2 EBay listings for SD cards to the seller because they were counterfeit….After many emails; The day came for Pay Pal to pass judgment.
    I WON one, and LOST one
    Pay Pal stated in one case
    “I had not provided evidence the item had been returned”
    In the other case,
    “I had provided evidence the item was sent back”

    Throughout the dispute I ensured the disputes were linked since I had returned both items under the same shipping number i.e. together.

    Paypal Demand

    It would seem paypal are demanding a copy receipt showing the cost I paid to the post office for shipment.


    The sticking point between paypal and my self is my claim for returning the item which included postage and other cost such as packaging etc.
    So far I have not disclosed the true cost to paypal and intend to pursue my claim for postage and packaging based on the amount the seller was given for shipping the item to myself.


    I am currently attempting to raise an appeal to negotiating a change in there position

    Independent Views RSVP

    Its a small amount I know.
    Am I a being unreasonable please post you opinion

  3. Randy said

    Keep after paypal. You may want to call them an talk to a person, and if you don’t get an answer you like, ask to speak to a supervisor. There are details on this blog on their telephone numbers (toll free and skype).

    Also before calling review your paypal agreement. They vary by country. You can ask them why they demanded you send a counterfeit back. Maybe they should refund you the shipping costs….

    Some have the following wording on counterfeits.

    PayPal will generally require the buyer to ship an item that the buyer claims is Significantly Not as Described back to the seller (at the buyer’s expense), and PayPal will generally require a seller to accept the item back and refund the buyer the full purchase price plus original shipping costs. In the event a seller loses a Claim, the seller will not receive a refund on his or her PayPal or eBay fees associated with the transaction. If you lose a Significantly Not as Described Claim because the item you sold is counterfeit, you will be required to provide a full refund to the buyer and you will not receive the item back (it will be destroyed).

  4. get the b*****s said

    To Steve,
    I agree with Randy that you should pursue this – PayPal and eBay must be forced to either get their act together on dealing with fraud or go under. Only by members pursuing their consumer rights to the hilt can eBay and PayPal be forced to either live up to their buyer and seller protection claims – or walk the plank, if not.

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