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SOSFakeFlash eBay Fake Flash Memory Sellers. List 201102 H to O. USB Pen Stick Drives, Memory Cards, MP Players

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 1, 2011

eBay Sellers of Fake Flash Memory (False Capacity) usb flash drives, memory cards, mp players as of 20110201 documented by SOSFakeFlash. 1617 sellers listed. The ebay sellers on this list have been documented and investigated. SOSFakeFlash has made it easy for you to research. The list is now in three pages: * to G , H to O , P to Z.

If you are a victim please report in using the Report A Fake Tab. You matter! You, are the witnesses increasing the evidence against fraudulent sellers and eBay!

Sellers H to O

Ebay Sellers – Fake Flash Memory – Click For Negative Neutrals
Update: February 1 2011

If your seller is not on the list or to add to the count against a seller, use the Report A Fake tab. Leave “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” in your feedback to allow people to find our sites for help. If you left positive feedback, do a follow up feedback. Always test for actual capacity before leaving feedback!

For information and help on fake flash memory please read: SOSFakeFlash Reading List For Newbies Fake Flash Memory eBay And Internet Sites. Ultimate Internet Reference On Fake Hacked Flash Memory In A Nutshell. 3 Years Of Research And Documentation. 1,000,000 Flash Memory Chips Are Digitally Altered To Lie About Their Real Capacity Every Month

Please do not assume if your eBay seller is not on this list, it is safe to buy from the seller. SOSFakeFlash has received reports that victims used this list as a guide to purchasing from an eBay seller. Do not make this mistake.

If you seller is not on the List, a warning might have been issued, see FakeMemorySentinel. To be on this list, you must report in with your evidence.

Click on the seller’s eBay id link to to see all negative and neutral feedback on eBay. Our counts include people who left positive feedback or reported after a seller was suspended.

Investigated Ebay Fake Flash Sellers with Confirmed Fakes H to O: 512 entries

Seller Seller Neg FB Fakes Classification Status
h_allforone h_allforone 1 Suspension
haha1218ai88 haha1218ai88 2 Suspension
hahoneypub9 hahoneypub9 1 Suspension
haifter haifter 31 Suspension
hammi7138 hammi7138 1 Private Auctions Suspension
hanchengnvrenjie hanchengnvrenjie 2 Suspension
handsomebea handsomebea 1 Suspension
haogooding haogooding 6 Suspension
haoyunbeijing-2008 haoyunbeijing-2008 7 Suspension
happily-sunny happily-sunny 11
happinessbestseller.frank happinessbestseller.frank 2
happy.eb4yer happy.eb4yer 1 Private Auctions Suspension
happy_to9 happy_to9 1 Suspension
happy1853 happy1853 1 Suspension
happy4u888 happy4u888 1
happybybaby happybybaby 4 Suspension
happy-ending88 happy-ending88 3 Suspension
happyeveryday1980 happyeveryday1980 2 Suspension
happymall211 happymall211 3 Suspension
happyyaoyao2009 happyyaoyao2009 13 Suspension
harveyengling007 harveyengling007 1 FeedBack Private
hausmanjacob hausmanjacob 1 Suspension
hav7468 hav7468 1 Suspension
haveaniceweekend haveaniceweekend 1
hawaiisurfer55 hawaiisurfer55 1
hayahay09 hayahay09 1 Suspension
hbruanxue hbruanxue 1 Suspension
healthyboy1980 healthyboy1980 1
heavysell heavysell 4 Private Auctions Suspension
hebe.back hebe.back 1
helio.flaskk helio.flaskk 7 Suspension
hello-9928 hello-9928 10 Private Auctions Suspension
hellogod88809 hellogod88809 1 Suspension
hellopetpet hellopetpet 1 Suspension
hengdang hengdang 1 Suspension
hengheng-store88 hengheng-store88 1 Suspension
hengtong8880 hengtong8880 3 FeedBack Private Suspension
henseller henseller 13 Suspension
heqingfen2009 heqingfen2009 2 Suspension
hereliu hereliu 1 Suspension
heycardtt heycardtt 5 Suspension
hhh9527 hhh9527 3 Suspension
hi20cards hi20cards 1 Suspension
hi2echworks hi2echworks 1 Private Auctions Suspension
high.quality.paintings high.quality.paintings 1 Suspension
highqualityproductsss highqualityproductsss 3 Suspension
hill-item hill-item 1
hi-pc hi-pc 6
hishatcha hishatcha 1 Suspension
hititems hititems 20 Private Auctions Suspension
hjstore hjstore 9 Private Auctions Suspension
hk_buy hk_buy 1
hkbay hkbay 5 Suspension
hkbobobo hkbobobo 9 Private Auctions Suspension
hkeagle168 hkeagle168 13 Suspension
hkonline168 hkonline168 1 Suspension
hkonstore11 hkonstore11 10
hksell88 hksell88 1 Suspension
hola-fly hola-fly 1 Private Auctions
holymoley2010 holymoley2010 1 Private Auctions Suspension
home2bid home2bid 2
honchai9974 honchai9974 1
hondong2009 hondong2009 2 Private Auctions
honestselling3658 honestselling3658 1 Suspension
honesttop88 honesttop88 14 Suspension
honey-coated-gifts honey-coated-gifts 2 Suspension
hongbiao168168 hongbiao168168 1 Suspension
honghualvye-niu-niu-niu honghualvye-niu-niu-niu 1 Suspension
hongkongxpat852 hongkongxpat852 9 Suspension
honnli1 honnli1 6 Suspension
hosamfarrag hosamfarrag 3
hotdealsinc hotdealsinc 70 Suspension
hotmail1024 hotmail1024 1 Suspension
hotseller668 hotseller668 8 Suspension
hotselling.store88 hotselling.store88 3 Suspension
hotzone2009 hotzone2009 1
houn_glivo houn_glivo 1 Private Auctions
housedigit housedigit 1 Private Auctions Suspension
hp.shops18 hp.shops18 1 Suspension
hqdbeal hqdbeal 1
huagjuhua26610 huagjuhua26610 1 Suspension
huahua1413 huahua1413 1 Suspension
huanandyang19900508 huanandyang19900508 8 Private Auctions Suspension
huanxiangrong011 huanxiangrong011 1 Suspension
huaxiongcp20092009 huaxiongcp20092009 1 Suspension
hubaobao9898 hubaobao9898 5 Suspension
hubincn hubincn 1
huizhang12 huizhang12 1 Suspension
hujie10 hujie10 2
humzarizvi humzarizvi 1
hunter-moon hunter-moon 1 Suspension
husen007 husen007 1
huttpsk huttpsk 1 Suspension
huwenxiang20102010 huwenxiang20102010 9 Suspension
hwat71 hwat71 3 Suspension
hxiongxu hxiongxu 5 Suspension
hzm2009090909 hzm2009090909 3 Suspension
i.babecare i.babecare 1
i.t.smart_electronic i.t.smart_electronic 3 Old Timer Suspension
i.traders.168168 i.traders.168168 8 Suspension
i.u_mobile i.u_mobile 2 Old Timer Suspension
i_sinve i_sinve 1 Suspension
i24hours4you i24hours4you 8 Suspension
iamkingtor iamkingtor 3 Suspension
icesandy9995 icesandy9995 1 Suspension
id1_pro id1_pro 3 Suspension
idahodirect83864 idahodirect83864 1
idir12 idir12 1
illiam99 illiam99 1 Suspension
imagestars imagestars 1
imgameqi imgameqi 5 Suspension
immer-arbeit immer-arbeit 2 Private Auctions Suspension
imopod imopod 3 Suspension
imranthegreat imranthegreat 1
inaltd inaltd 7 Private Auctions Suspension
inkotech inkotech 1
innovico_surplus innovico_surplus 1 Suspension
interdider interdider 2 Private Auctions Suspension
interfutura interfutura 2
intlshop4u intlshop4u 6 Private Auctions Suspension
ipass_engineering ipass_engineering 1
i-power88 i-power88 14
irsamv2009 irsamv2009 1
isparage267 isparage267 1
isuper_sales isuper_sales 2 Suspension
itchee9888 itchee9888 54 Old Timer Suspension
itech_online288 itech_online288 1 Suspension
itleung101010 itleung101010 1 Suspension
iud0406 iud0406 1 Private Auctions
ivywenstore ivywenstore 19 Suspension
jac572ny718 jac572ny718 1 Suspension
jack2house jack2house 1
jackk13 jackk13 1 Suspension
jackleestore2010 jackleestore2010 1 Suspension
jade9600_2007 jade9600_2007 1
james_bradely_price james_bradely_price 1 Suspension
james8ss james8ss 1
jameshome621 jameshome621 2 Suspension
jankabudayova jankabudayova 1
japan.quality japan.quality 1 Suspension
jeffreylawchung jeffreylawchung 5 Suspension
jennie2688 jennie2688 7 Suspension
jessica2796 jessica2796 3
jhy8011 jhy8011 1 Private Auctions Suspension
jianzhong_6666 jianzhong_6666 1 Suspension
jiaojiao168 jiaojiao168 1 Private Auctions Suspension
jie2059 jie2059 1 Suspension
jiejie5544 jiejie5544 30 Suspension
jimleung88 jimleung88 5 Suspension
jin5559 jin5559 2
jinbingbing1209 jinbingbing1209 1 Suspension
jincai208 jincai208 3 Private Auctions Suspension
jinchaomianfei168 jinchaomianfei168 3 Suspension
jingpinshoucangdian jingpinshoucangdian 1 Suspension
jingpinwu688 jingpinwu688 7 Suspension
jinyu_zheng jinyu_zheng 12 FeedBack Private Suspension
jixin099 jixin099 1 Private Auctions Suspension
jj-digit jj-digit 2 Suspension
jjody jjody 1 Suspension
jnnqrjy jnnqrjy 1 Suspension
john_ca7 john_ca7 1
johnnymagasin johnnymagasin 3 Suspension
johnsonmall johnsonmall 14 Private Auctions Suspension
jojacsales jojacsales 1
jojie011 jojie011 1 Devious Suspension
jolcia88869 jolcia88869 1
jonbob542 jonbob542 1 Private Auctions Suspension
jonyyang2000 jonyyang2000 2 Suspension
joshcarbis joshcarbis 1 Suspension
joshpoole2903 joshpoole2903 1
joyqp joyqp 6
joyretail joyretail 12 Private Auctions
jun_ting1218 jun_ting1218 3 Suspension
jundty jundty 2 Suspension
junfongc junfongc 7 Suspension
junyingdng85009 junyingdng85009 1 Suspension
justyna2707 justyna2707 1 2 Suspension
jxakal79 jxakal79 1 Suspension
jxinjie85 jxinjie85 5
Jzfm131 Jzfm131 3 Suspension
kaho.chan kaho.chan 25 Private Auctions Suspension
kaiche2010 kaiche2010 1 Suspension
kakalotte kakalotte 5 Suspension
kakato_2005 kakato_2005 1
kam8580 kam8580 1
kanglone kanglone 1 Suspension
kanomila kanomila 1 Private Auctions Suspension
karleader88 karleader88 1 Suspension
kathy200908 kathy200908 1
katie_phoebe katie_phoebe 5 Suspension
kaykay268 kaykay268 25 Suspension
kbis_system kbis_system 1 Private Auctions Suspension
k-boxz k-boxz 7 Suspension
kcatyourservice kcatyourservice 1 Suspension
kchtcarlm kchtcarlm 9 Suspension
keepgoodme2009 keepgoodme2009 5 Suspension
keiron12 keiron12 1 Private Auctions
ken_bo2008_2 ken_bo2008_2 13 Suspension
kennethgh8 kennethgh8 1 Suspension
kennethwing kennethwing 2 Suspension
kenqyeung08 kenqyeung08 3 Suspension
kensington153 kensington153 6 Private Auctions Suspension
kenswain kenswain 1 Suspension
kent-appliances kent-appliances 2
kentvalleycomputer kentvalleycomputer 1
kia6352410 kia6352410 1 Suspension
Kidprimis Kidprimis 1 Suspension
kiisss6352410 kiisss6352410 1 Suspension
kikikimarket kikikimarket 24 Private Auctions Suspension
killman1978 killman1978 1 Suspension
king88zone king88zone 4 Private Auctions
kingstore2009 kingstore2009 8 Suspension
kinhome88 kinhome88 10 Suspension
kitkitdigital2008 kitkitdigital2008 7 Suspension
kitmanlaw2008 kitmanlaw2008 3
kitty-lin-lin kitty-lin-lin 6 Suspension
kkt2009 kkt2009 7
kllko2088 kllko2088 16 Suspension
klookde klookde 3 Suspension
km5838 km5838 1
knightchina knightchina 2 Suspension
knowledge201010 knowledge201010 1 Suspension
ko_091582 ko_091582 2 Private Auctions Suspension
kodaksrange1274 kodaksrange1274 1 Suspension
komhjian3021 komhjian3021 1 Suspension
konopp20010 konopp20010 5 Suspension
kostkiewicz kostkiewicz 1
kraczo kraczo 1 Suspension
krithplkl krithplkl 1
kshitiz324 kshitiz324 1
ktl2010 ktl2010 3
kuailedwo kuailedwo 3 Suspension
kun_elecshop99 kun_elecshop99 15 Suspension
kungfuchiuchiu kungfuchiuchiu 15 Suspension
kurisuhdez kurisuhdez 1
kurth912 kurth912 1
kwankwanbaby kwankwanbaby 1 Private Auctions Suspension
lahorir lahorir 1 Suspension
lairdsloot lairdsloot 1 11 Suspension
lanamcghee89 lanamcghee89 2
langmannn1 langmannn1 1 Suspension
langping688 langping688 1
laopeng68 laopeng68 1 Suspension
lapargalh lapargalh 1
lapsquare lapsquare 2 Suspension
laptopadaptor laptopadaptor 1
larastop1982 larastop1982 5 Suspension
latestgadgets10 latestgadgets10 1
lavender44050 lavender44050 1 Suspension
lazy-juicy lazy-juicy 14 Suspension
lbquyuanwai lbquyuanwai 21 Private Auctions Suspension
ldy2009 ldy2009 1 Suspension
leadingstore leadingstore 29 Old Timer Suspension
leazo413226556 leazo413226556 1
led.tradeworld led.tradeworld 1
lee020511 lee020511 1 Private Auctions Suspension
leema88 leema88 1
leeseowon84 leeseowon84 6
leezihan leezihan 1 Suspension
leifengle leifengle 4 Suspension
lelongsales.2010 lelongsales.2010 1 Suspension
leo.nicole leo.nicole 1 Suspension
leo4xmas leo4xmas 4 Suspension
leon82710 leon82710 1 2 Suspension 1 Suspension
levinezoe92 levinezoe92 1 Suspension
lewisjohnjohn lewisjohnjohn 1 Suspension
lfcentre88 lfcentre88 2 Suspension
lganliu lganliu 1 Suspension
lhfsale lhfsale 1 Suspension
lhhshop168 lhhshop168 1 Suspension
lianghk2007 lianghk2007 14 Suspension
liangzhonghui518168 liangzhonghui518168 5 Suspension
liaokuo888 liaokuo888 1 Private Auctions
liaoqin_25688 liaoqin_25688 1 Suspension
libin.bin libin.bin 4 Suspension
lightsharelove lightsharelove 1 Suspension
lihinglung168 lihinglung168 7 Private Auctions Suspension
lijygrdwa1881 lijygrdwa1881 1 Suspension
lilly2000009 lilly2000009 1
lilunaga lilunaga 1 Suspension
lilyalv lilyalv 2
limin1965 limin1965 4 Suspension
liminfang121000 liminfang121000 2 Suspension
limitedlowprice limitedlowprice 1 Private Auctions
linan-ok linan-ok 3 Private Auctions Suspension
lingganwl lingganwl 1 Suspension
linglingcong linglingcong 1 Suspension
lingpao lingpao 4 Suspension
lingwawa98982009 lingwawa98982009 6 Suspension
linhyx2010 linhyx2010 1 Suspension
linjiechong linjiechong 2
link6619 link6619 1 Suspension
linkun1239898 linkun1239898 1 Suspension
linrigang8910 linrigang8910 1 Suspension
linsaifeng linsaifeng 1 Suspension
lintastore lintastore 1
lion94388 lion94388 5 Suspension
lito_d_2010 lito_d_2010 1 Suspension
little.tony little.tony 1 Suspension
liugao518 liugao518 2 Suspension
liuhanstore liuhanstore 2 Suspension
liuli_86 liuli_86 1 Suspension
liuruoyu4983 liuruoyu4983 1 Suspension
liuxiaoshuangzhu liuxiaoshuangzhu 7 Suspension
livetime2010 livetime2010 2
lixinjie12009 lixinjie12009 2 Private Auctions Suspension
lizhanyou lizhanyou 2
ljtcfk ljtcfk 8 Suspension
llasdinnka llasdinnka 9 Suspension
longbing_998 longbing_998 5 Suspension
longfellowwen longfellowwen 1 Suspension
longtai_228 longtai_228 2 Suspension
long-you long-you 1 Suspension
look221112 look221112 2 Suspension
loongbays loongbays 1 Private Auctions Suspension
loop-arena loop-arena 1 Suspension 10 Suspension
love_forever7777777 love_forever7777777 2 Suspension 1
lovedigital lovedigital 5 Suspension
lovehuangfeifei2008 lovehuangfeifei2008 6 Suspension
lovehuimp3mp4 lovehuimp3mp4 14 Suspension
lovells-direct lovells-direct 1 Private Auctions
lovelygirl-nana lovelygirl-nana 1 Private Auctions Suspension
lovelymp4shop168 lovelymp4shop168 5 Suspension
lovelyxue09 lovelyxue09 1
low-price-20009 low-price-20009 1 Suspension
lp38763347_peng lp38763347_peng 1
lucky_days168 lucky_days168 2 Suspension
lucky_shop898 lucky_shop898 6 Suspension
luckybidded luckybidded 41 Private Auctions Suspension
luckylinyuan10 luckylinyuan10 1
luckyxizi20082008 luckyxizi20082008 2 Private Auctions
lukeluke2236 lukeluke2236 1 Suspension
luohui84102010 luohui84102010 2
lxmei98 lxmei98 3 Suspension
ly7589 ly7589 9 Private Auctions Suspension
lyouxiu_123 lyouxiu_123 1 Suspension
lzxxjqtoon1 lzxxjqtoon1 1 Suspension
m_good_6687 m_good_6687 9 Suspension
m0o0mzzz m0o0mzzz 3 Suspension
made_base made_base 4
magadgets01 magadgets01 1 Private Auctions Suspension
magicdragonno.1 magicdragonno.1 36 Suspension
magicheers magicheers 1 Suspension
mahbod858 mahbod858 1
majesta200810 majesta200810 1
mall4301 mall4301 4 Suspension
mama_ghie88 mama_ghie88 4
mamaseller2009 mamaseller2009 27 Suspension
mandarintech2 mandarintech2 1 Suspension
mankit.choi88 mankit.choi88 1 Suspension
Manmanso Manmanso 1 Suspension
manyi100_1526 manyi100_1526 4 Suspension
manyilove2008 manyilove2008 5
mao_xiao324 mao_xiao324 3 Private Auctions Suspension
marginprice marginprice 15 Private Auctions Suspension
markroesmoa markroesmoa 8 Suspension
martinrempp martinrempp 2
martixhitec martixhitec 3
marybaby1122 marybaby1122 16 Suspension
masterwix2010 masterwix2010 1
mattieh1975 mattieh1975 2
maximzakhmax maximzakhmax 1 Suspension 1 Suspension
Mcrosky Mcrosky 4 Suspension
mdongdisk119 mdongdisk119 24 Suspension
mediumsizebill mediumsizebill 1
me-eshop me-eshop 2
mega.mall890 mega.mall890 1 Suspension
megaplace megaplace 7 Suspension
meilon_oz meilon_oz 2 6 Suspension
memory_speed memory_speed 2
memory_world1 memory_world1 7 Suspension
memoryinbox memoryinbox 1 Suspension
memoryking626 memoryking626 2 Suspension
mengfan0203 mengfan0203 1 Suspension
menglong699 menglong699 1 Suspension 1 Suspension
metamarlon metamarlon 7
mfyargici mfyargici 1
mick1880 mick1880 1 Private Auctions
mickaggi mickaggi 1
midastouch7 midastouch7 1 Private Auctions
mike56888 mike56888 3 FeedBack Private Suspension
mikezhang10 mikezhang10 2 Suspension
mili-style mili-style 1 Suspension
minggege99 minggege99 4 Suspension
minghua88fa268 minghua88fa268 21 Suspension
minipowerful88 minipowerful88 3 Suspension
minstore88 minstore88 8 Suspension
misumoshi misumoshi 15 Suspension
mixmasala19 mixmasala19 1
miyang2009 miyang2009 1 Suspension
mlgongyi268 mlgongyi268 1 Suspension
mobbie2 mobbie2 1
mobile.discounts mobile.discounts 58 Private Auctions Suspension
mobiles4discount mobiles4discount 1 Suspension
mobystore mobystore 20 Suspension
moitv88 moitv88 1 Suspension
monce2009 monce2009 1 Suspension
moneefiv moneefiv 1 Private Auctions
moneymaker99 moneymaker99 3 Suspension
monietrade monietrade 2 Private Auctions
monila25 monila25 2
montrealistan montrealistan 1
moontekstore moontekstore 1 Suspension
moraconn moraconn 4 Suspension
morgen-discount-store morgen-discount-store 2 Private Auctions Suspension
mostwantedstore mostwantedstore 4 Devious Suspension
moutainpwk2009 moutainpwk2009 3 Suspension
mp34trade mp34trade 3 Suspension
mp3eternity mp3eternity 18 Suspension
mp4man mp4man 8 FeedBack Private
mp4seller66 mp4seller66 6 Suspension
mp4tech2008 mp4tech2008 1 Suspension
mpp*11226 mpp*11226 1 Suspension
mpt555 mpt555 4 FeedBack Private Suspension
mrgoodguyyzzz mrgoodguyyzzz 1 Suspension
mr-h-89 mr-h-89 1
mrsellitcheap mrsellitcheap 1
mrt.line.jam mrt.line.jam 1 Suspension
ms.sugar2009 ms.sugar2009 2 Suspension
muckitstuff muckitstuff 1 Suspension
mudrush mudrush 1
multika666 multika666 1 Private Auctions
multiseller multiseller 1 Suspension
mustgone mustgone 16 Private Auctions Suspension
mvixoutlet mvixoutlet 1
mxcxc2000 mxcxc2000 1 Private Auctions Suspension
mycandyshop mycandyshop 38 Suspension
mydealdirect mydealdirect 1 Suspension
mygodyeah mygodyeah 16 Suspension
mykay168 mykay168 44 Suspension
mylogowhy1234 mylogowhy1234 2 Suspension
mylove9898168 mylove9898168 2 Suspension
myloveliang2010 myloveliang2010 1 Suspension
myseller8888 myseller8888 1 Suspension
mywholesales mywholesales 1
naffy23k naffy23k 2
Nakedinthebush Nakedinthebush 1
namnam2010 namnam2010 5
nan_store nan_store 1 Suspension
nana880805 nana880805 1 Suspension
nanashow.2010 nanashow.2010 1 Suspension
nanaxixi09 nanaxixi09 1 Private Auctions Suspension
nantibabu nantibabu 1 Suspension
natalie-tai natalie-tai 1 Private Auctions Suspension
ndspro ndspro 79 Suspension
neil7069 neil7069 1 1 Suspension
neverchargerback44 neverchargerback44 4 Suspension
new-888 new-888 1 Suspension
newarcade newarcade 36 Private Auctions Suspension
newbeefashion newbeefashion 1 Private Auctions Suspension
newchannel4u2010 newchannel4u2010 1 Suspension
newest_product newest_product 5 Private Auctions
newgoodies2009 newgoodies2009 42 Suspension
newlmtrend newlmtrend 3 Private Auctions Suspension
newstandards newstandards 1
nfar7820 nfar7820 1
nhatcongtu nhatcongtu 1
nianji_dan200888 nianji_dan200888 1 Suspension
nice.soya.bean nice.soya.bean 1 Suspension
nicecare2009 nicecare2009 1 Private Auctions
nicegsf nicegsf 1 Suspension
niceshop46888 niceshop46888 2 Suspension
nicetransactions168 nicetransactions168 14 Suspension
nightstar136 nightstar136 5 Suspension
nihao.ma18 nihao.ma18 2 Suspension
ningdigitalstore18 ningdigitalstore18 13 Suspension
ninixianghappy ninixianghappy 2 Private Auctions Suspension
niuren2008 niuren2008 6 Suspension
nixilixi nixilixi 1
noamm5 noamm5 2 Suspension
noblechannel noblechannel 16 Suspension
nonsmoker3231 nonsmoker3231 1
noodles.8822 noodles.8822 1 Suspension
norma314 norma314 1
northplanet northplanet 1 Suspension
northstorm northstorm 1 Suspension
novelfanet novelfanet 13
nrwdy1 nrwdy1 1
nteteasc nteteasc 4 Suspension
nthewinningbidderis nthewinningbidderis 2 Suspension
number7_online number7_online 1
nursejenn1025 nursejenn1025 1
nutty-day nutty-day 1 Suspension
obamastores obamastores 51 Suspension
ocean_hui_2008 ocean_hui_2008 1 Suspension
okstore77 okstore77 1
olds0416 olds0416 1
olin.2008 olin.2008 1 Suspension
olynueaq olynueaq 1 Clever Suspension
onlinediscountshop2008 onlinediscountshop2008 7 Suspension
only2*you only2*you 6 Suspension
on-the-gadget on-the-gadget 1
ooostore.123 ooostore.123 2 Suspension
opdoam opdoam 24 Suspension
openoutlet openoutlet 9 Suspension
orangemango.y orangemango.y 1 Suspension
orientcurio999 orientcurio999 16 Suspension
otimport otimport 1 Suspension
oubrandproducts oubrandproducts 3 Suspension
outtasitebargains outtasitebargains 1 Suspension
overdrivetrade overdrivetrade 1
overseabridge overseabridge 3 Suspension

We hope this list helps you. Fake memory capacity occurs when the chips have been digitally altered to lie about their real size to operating systems. This leads to information loss once the true size of the chip is exceeded. You will not be able to recover files beyond the real capacity of the chip, they were not copied, they do not exist on the flash memory chip.

Help fight this problem, warn others. Read: How To Warn Others On eBay As A Fake Flash Angel – Fight Back Against Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives – A Guide

We found the tool from helpful. If you find has helped you, be kind – donate to them at see button upper right corner at their site. Their tool made it easy and fast for you to find the truth!


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  1. […] SOSFakeFlash eBay Fake Flash Memory Sellers. List 201102 H to O. USB Pen Stick Drives, Memory Cards,… […]

  2. marmar said

    leonodrolin fake 32GB stick!!!!

  3. Alexjay said

    Member ID memelec2011

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