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17 Responses to “How To Use Site”

  1. alisia said

    i just bought a 16gb flash from ebay. i was checking the sellers feedback, and most are positive comments, however a couple said that it was a fake card with only 2gb. i then found this site
    i want to check my flash as soon as it arrives as well as the ones i already have, but i can figure out how to on the site, could someone tell me how?

  2. kittyfireflash said

    There is info for the software you need in the most popular post:

    It’s pretty easy to use and the post has a translation link at the bottom to english for the software. It runs in english, if you select the option.

  3. alisia said

    excellent, thankyou very much!!

  4. joev888 said

    I just brought a 16GB Kingston Datatraveler,
    on Ebay From lxmei0908 when I checked it it was only 2GB.
    After checking on the seller, This Guy has also done others with the same Item.

  5. Snowflake said

    PayPal do not accept test results from the program “H2testw” as being third party and independant documentation of a fake flash drive.

    Does anyone else have the same expirience?

    I had bought three drives, all of them fake unfortunately. One seller gave me the money back without further comments. For the two others I had to make an official dispute.

    I have then been struggling with PayPal for months and even got them to reopen one of the cases twice, until they came back with the response that this site and the testprogram was not evidence enough of the drive being fake.

    Any comments and feed back is welcome…

  6. kittyfireflash said

    Hi Snowflake,

    Ooooooh! How often have we heard such nonsence from PayPal. If you dig through this site you will find that people have often been singled out for the run around. We have a few email addresses loaded with similar information going back 9 months. There seem to be so many different “PayPals” – they have no consistent policy.

    And in the UK people dug deep and in consultation were told a “third party” would use exactly the type of software we recommend. Frankly you are being jerked around. Not the first, not the last.


    Where paypal apologized to an ebay member. The issue here is that a usb flash drive is not the Mona Lisa, or a Rembrandt . It is technology and computer programs test technology.

    SnowFlake, do you have a digital camera? Are these drives easy to open? You could try to open them very carefully and see if you could identify the controllers and flash chips. In my case, guess what I found on the flash drive chip? Quality control stickers with? 2GB circled. Pretty clear they could not be 8GB if the factory QC said 2GB. I would photograph as I went along. In many cases, depending on the chips you can hunt down the true size.

    Is it any wonder that we present PayPal in such a dim light?

    They want you to go away Snowflake. Don’t melt and don’t give in.

    BTW for PayPal – we never wrote the program. A German computer magazine had it commissioned. Now why would a computer magazine do that? And make sure to offer it FREE? Obviously the Germans realized there was a really nasty problem out there a number of years ago and knew how difficult it was to identify. That is why H2testw was created to help people identify – it is the third party. It is impartial and only looks at things from a technical point of view. When people then disassemble the drives, surprise! They find that the program reported exactly what the flash chip size really was.

  7. this is what i have done when paypal ask you to send back to the supplier & yes i got my money back from paypal

    1. call paypal – say that you are not happy sending item back

    2. tell paypal that this seller has put fake software on there – tell them this has been in my machine – am i sending back this stick & now they have all my deatils

    3. paypal will for a letter of authenticity & ask that the stick is destroyed

    4. i went into my local computer shop told them of the situation & asked them that i needed a letter for paypal – they did so free of charge even though i put down 2 quid on the table

    hope this help

  8. Rachel said

    Hi guys, I’ve recently discovered your site. I was intending on selling these 500GB USB Flash drives on e-bay. So I bought one for myself first to try it out. As it turns out they are indeed fake.

    Now to clarify, I did not know they were fake, I did suspect something might be wrong so I bought one for myself to try it out first. I guess this could also be the case with other people selling these on e-bay. A lot of seller’s on e-bay these days are just using drop-shipping so they don’t really know if it’s real or fake. That’s why returning them is such a hassle. You buy it from a guy in Texas but you return it to someone in China.

    Anyway, I’m out to repair my drive. I’m downloading AlCorMp right now. I will also be filing a dispute on paypal I will try and update everybody how it goes. Thanks!

  9. Randy said

    Rachel, could you expand on the “drop-shipping”. I’ve heard this comment before but have not researched.

    This is interesting, say if the Ebay seller in is the USA and the drop shipper is in China, I expect that technically the USA Ebay seller is classified as an Importer and subject to the applicable laws (i.e. packaging has country of orgin labelling etc). The ebay seller will we the one faceing the legal problems, while the drop shipper being in China is removed from the whole problem.

    Also, the drop shippers could be a major source of fake flash.

  10. Rachel said

    Hi Randy,

    Yes, I’m beginning to think that the drop shippers are the major source of the fake flash because they mostly don’t screen what they sell. Specially if they are getting it from a supplier they trust.

    “Drop-shipping” is a type of agreement where you sell an item that a different seller(supplier) has and just add a mark-up value to the item, that way you make a profit.

    The e-bay seller then wouldn’t really have the item, in fact the item could be on a different country and the e-bay seller wouldn’t even have to touch the item to make a sale. A good example is if I sell you a “digicam”, after you pay me I will then contact and pay the “drop-shipper” but instead of sending the items to me, the “drop-shipper” will send the item to the address I specify which in this case will be you.

    So I could be in London and you could be in New York, but you will receive the item and surprise! it’s not from London but from the address of the “drop-shipper”.

    A lot of e-bay sellers actually do this, mostly power sellers. It’s a good way to start an online shop without having the need to physically stock up on the items you’re selling. It’s just that you have to SCREEN what you sell if you wan’t to make an honest living. The problem is if you have a trusted supplier that suddenly sells the fake USB’s and you add them to your shop you end up selling the fake USBs for the supplier.

  11. Micro said

    I cannot apply this post to any specific seller, this comment is more of a question for buyers (and sellers) that have had cause to REPORT a listing to eBay.

    Did you get a response from their automatic email sender for EVERY report you made?
    Did you get any responses with a different message showing your report handled by another section of the Trust & Safety section?
    Did you notice that when you reported more than 2 listings, you only got ONE response?

    Is eBay running a daily “turnstile” where only the FIRST report gets accepted, the rest go ignored?
    If so it this a way eBay are using to reduce the load on the T & S staff, of just a way to piss you off?

    Comments please…

  12. red said

    Is there an easy way to find a comment that has rolled off the ‘Recent Comments’ list? I can’t remember the article title, so am unable to search that way.


  13. InspectorTech said


    Unfortunately not. If you know the seller, you could use search box. We can, but need keywords. Best to use “subscribe” to comments, entries (RSS feeds). Good way to be notified.

  14. red said

    InspectorTech, ok thanks. I was afraid that was the case.

  15. InspectorTech said


    You can type in a series of words. Usually it will find. Example.

    by order of paypal

    you get about 5 posts, one has comments on it. If you check, you will see comment where

    by order of paypal


  16. The_Flash said

    If you can remember any key words or phrases from the article or comment you’re looking for, you might be able to find it by leveraging Google’s “site:” tag. Go to the Google website and input the following (but with the words you recall, rather than my example text :P); “key” “words” “and also phrases”

  17. red said

    InspectorTech & The_Flash ……. Thanks!

    That worked. Found what I was looking for.

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