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pengsoloshow – eBay Fake Flash Seller Linked To Counterfeit Ring – SOSFakeFlash’s Mission

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 4, 2008

pengsoloshow – eBay Fake Flash Seller has been linked to the counterfeit ring controlled by the Don Of Fake Flash In the Orient. SOSFakeFlash can confirm there are 5 id’s operating together and controlled by one person. We first revealed the counterfeit ring to the public on September 5th and 6th, 2008. Here we explain how we got started fighting fake flash, dealing with the counterfeit ring, our message to eBay and PayPal and why we are have been chasing this counterfeit ring.

In this article we cover:

1) Information on a Counterfeit Ring Operating on eBay
2) How The Mission Was Born
3) Our Message to eBay and PayPal
4) Why we have expended So much Effort Investigating a Counterfeit Ring

1) Information on a Counterfeit Ring Operating on eBay

In September 2008, we presented a series of articles on a counterfeit ring selling fake flash drives on eBay. The master controller id is 3ToTrade. He has satilite id’s that he activates or sends into sleeper mode, when things get hot.

SOSFakeFlash while investigating 3ToTrade several months ago began noticing that other id’s were connected. How? By the return shipping address. We now have another seller id to add to the ring – pengsoloshow.

Please see the posts for September 6th for more back ground information.

You will find many articles at this site on 3ToTrade, The Don Of Fake Flash In the Orient. eBayers who became his victims back in April 2008 and May 2008 – never forgot him. They also never forgot the cold and indifferent treatment they received from PayPal. It was at a time when both eBay and PayPal were busy promoting Buyer Protection and advertising how they were making eBay a better place to shop. You can imagine their shock.

The victims of 3ToTrade last spring, suffered data lost, almost all did not get a refund. This was compounded by the ill treatment from eBay and PayPal. So they were not victims once, but they were victimized three times! It was a serious error for the fake flash seller, eBay and PayPal.

2) How The Mission Was Born

The founder of this quest against fake flash, is also a victim of fake flash from other eBay sellers. The little little band of unfortuante victims of 3ToTrade huddled in their fake flash misery were found in the internet jungle. Unlike them, this person had a perfect record of clawing back every penny from a fake flash seller, and of course not returning counterfeit drives either. The rest is history. The march against fake flash began…

We don’t tolerate mug slinging at countries, races or nationalities. The members of our organization span the globe. We are the many races and nationalities and have different religions as well. We are drawn together by our misfortune, our data loss and we don’t want others to suffer what we have. First on our agenda is eBay.

3) Our Message to eBay and PayPal

We document. We record into evidence. Nothing we say is based on “I suspect” – we can PROVE! The day may come when we will have to submit the evidence in a court of law. We say “may” because the goal is to put an end to the situation on eBay. We don’t care how, only that it DOES!

If eBay and PayPal learn from their errors and correct them, ensure that no flash drive can be sold on eBay without certification from a seller for true capacity, and will demonstrate they will immediately suspend and remove such a seller, ensure that everyone who bought such a counterfeit drive is contacted and reembursed in the future, then the goal is achieved.

We noticed recently that as soon as posts are released, the blog stats immediately jump. Somebody is monitoring and reading the moment we post something new! Who could be so interested in our new information. We wonder? And we can guess… Can you?

We will continue to leave a bread crumb trail for eBay and PayPal to follow.

SOSFakeFlash is seeing evidence that eBay is busy with their fake flash vacum cleaners… We know it isn’t easy for you and we also know you do not dare to awknowledge us for legal reasons. That is fine with us. Keep reading our posts and work on removing these sellers.

As for PayPal, you need to stop torturing eBayers who claim – get more staff assigned. Issue communications to your claims agents on the subject of counterfeit flash drives and how to handle it. You did apologize to one eBayer recently. That is a start. But unfortunately too many eBayers are still being caught with your mindless robotic emailing tempates. Many would give up if it wasn’t for us. But why should they have to stuggle with you? Do you need their money that badly?

4) Why we have expended So much Effort Investigating a Counterfeit Ring

It goes without saying we have a “Special Something” when it comes to the Don Of Fake Flash In the Orient. It is an intrigueing story and interesting. It is also an indication that the business of selling fake flash is organized. It has also been our biggest challenge and has consumed several months of our time. 3ToTrade is directly responsible eBayers going on the Warpath. His greed has spurred us into action.

It is also a study in how fake flash sellers operate and what they are willing to do to stay in business on eBay. It demonstated fake flash sellers studied eBay and PayPal and knew exactly how to manipulate both of them! It goes without saying they didn’t expect eBayers to start studying them.

In our recent post:

Alert – pengsoloshow – Ebay Fake Flash Seller

We summarized the behavior of 3ToTrade and tied in pengsoloshow. We are repeating the information here for you to see how we linked a new id and also more on the mentality of 3ToTrade. It is a good review for anyone who wants to understand some of the devious things that can occur on eBay.

pengsoloshow belongs to the counterfeit ring of the Don Of Fake Flash In the Orient (3ToTrade, Shopwithmela, whatcools, kaho.chan). This has only recently been discovered. To see the original post, with linking articles please go to September 6th, 2008 on the calendar. See the Article:

3ToTrade – Whatcools – Shopwithmela – kaho.chan Sinister Counterfeit Flash Drive Connection On Ebay

The return address submitted recently by an eBayer stung with fake flash from pengsoloshow back in July was:

Zhong Lisha(PS)

Zhong Lisha(PS)
32B, XiaoFeng Building ,
YouYi Road, Luohu District,
Shenzhen, 518002
Guangdong Province

If you review the article above, you will see the return addresses that SOSFakeFlash uncovered and put together. This was how we were able to put together who was in charge and at the helm of this fake flash ship.

The return address just submitted by a new victim of pengsoloshow is:

Chinese Guangdong Province,
Luohu area lake shell new village 138 403, 518001,

Notice, no person name is in the address.

The Don of Fake Flash has been suspended on eBay. eBayers saw to that – they were patiently waiting for him to reappear. The victims of 3ToTrade were not going to let him triumph again in his fake flash profits. This time they were armed and ready with their keyboard fingers. 3ToTrade was thunderstruck – negatives? Negatives? That does not happen to a fake flash seller like 3ToTrade. Well it did and soon eBay was preparing to slam him onto a glass slide for examination under the microscope of fraud.

So realizing his coming ordeal with eBay he polished his halo, put on his white gown of innocence and stopped listing fake flash drives. He channelled his fake flash drives into whatcools and kaho.chan. Once again eBayers warmed up the their keyboards and began the attack! SOSFakeFlash already knew of his sleeper ids, only 3ToTrade did not know there was such a thing as SOSFakeFlash. They lit their bonfires and began sending smoke signals of warning to eBayers. They raced in to drag their fellow shoppers from fake flash flames.

The New victims of the sleeper id’s were counselled by the victims of 3ToTrade. They shared their own personal stories of woe with the new victims. They issued boxing gloves to the victims. Then an orderly march of victims proceeded to the Paypal dispute console.

What happened? Once more, negative? Negative? kaho.chan and whatcools reeled in shock. Immediately they switched to devious private auction listings. The victims of whatcools dragged a battering ram to eBay and reported the listings over and over and over again. They advised of our site, and the evidence. Whatcools was suspended. The early victims of whatcools are still fighting for their refunds but the later victims have been successful – whatcools under 3ToTrade is not interested in landing up in jail for the sake of the Don Of Fake flash.

Kaho.chan is still in operation, he managed to switch to private auctions before the eBayer army was able to warn the buyers. Unfortuantely, under this sort of auction it is almost impossible to find the victims, or at least not before they have left postive feedback and become harmless to the sellers nicely padded fake flash positive feedback score.

So what on earth does all this have to do with pengsoloshow? Simple. It took longer for us to find the connection. The fake flash angels have just too much work on their plates. They have paying jobs they have to do. This work is strictly volenteer. Nobody gets paid. Volenteers even have to dig into their own pockets to fund their missions. So unfortunately we did not make the connection in time to rescue the victims of pengsoloshow.

The fact this seller has changed his return address speaks volumes. It means the Don Of Fake Flash isn’t going to stop selling flash drives – until somebody in Chinese law enforcement catches up with him. Re-education will be a challenge when they do. Perhaps he should be reprogrammed with the software used to turn innocent flash drives into diabolical frankenflash? As we learn, so does he. He is covering his tracks – trying to remove evidence from eBay and PayPals eyes. He did not want to lose his precious pengsoloshow id as well and found another location in China.

If you are reading this and you bought a drive from pengsoloshow, you can be almost 100% sure you have a fake. We don’t have a lot of investigated fakes, but we have 3 of the 4 models sold confirmed. It only takes one confirmation to flag that the rest for a model are counterfeit too.

So now we have five id’s linked together:

1. 3Totrade
2. whatcools
3. kaho.chan
4. shopwithmela
5. pengsoloshow

By the way, we suspect there are more.

You can help us with our profiling by submitting the return addresses you were given for fake flash sellers. We need the seller eBay id, and of course the full return address and a name if it was provided to you. Please contact us if you have this information. It helps us connect the dots. And if we see a pattern we can publish for everyone to know about. You can play a part in fighting this fake flash war by submitting this information.

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