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Alert – m0o0mzzz – Ebay Fake Flash Seller

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 4, 2008

m0o0mzzz is an eBay seller of Counterfeit usb flash drives. This seller based in Hong Kong started selling on July 23rd, 2008 and is currently suspended. In August to September 2008, approximately 250 to 300+ drives were sold for a 16GB model, a classic older fake model. If you bought a drive from this seller you need to test immediately and file a claim with PayPal before this fake flash seller runs for the hills!

m0o0mzzz is a new arrival to fake flash selling and was caught quickly. This seller did not have the protection of a powerseller score to hide behind. In a very short period it is estimated that over 250 new eBayers are victims – almost all unaware they will experience data loss.

This is no innocent seller entering into the market of fake flash by accident. Why? Look at the seller id name chosen – “m0o0mzzz”. Can you type this easily into a search box? Sellers who want you to find them use id’s that are easy to type and remember. Sellers who don’t want you to search for them will create an id that will be very difficult to remember or to type. This seller’s id is more like a password then a name.

SOSFakeFlash is very happy that eBay was able to spot and nab this seller quickly! We wish they would contact the buyers to warn them, but they won’t. Why? Understand that eBay wants members and they want good merchandise to be sold, but it is easier to sweep bad sellers under the carpet than to admit that they have a problem. To contact buyers means admitting there is a problem. It also means having to refund the buyers too. Doing this would be an act of good faith, but it also is bad for business. As a result, a hard decision is made. Neutralize the seller, sacrifice the buyers. For eBay, in their defense they will say “Well at least we prevented more victims!”. True. But it is of little consolation to those who have lost precious files and money.

If you want to help, search this sellers feedback and contact a few buyers. Warn them to test their drives and not to store any important information until they confirm they have the advertised capacity. If this site helped you, do a good deed and help a few people to climb out of the fake flash pit.

The drive sold by m0o0mzzz is the classic fake. It is the easiest to take apart to find out what the controller chip is and the flash drive chip. This kind of drive has the highest success rate in being returned to it’s original size (deprogrammed).

  • October 3rd , 2008 we have 1 eBay listings confirmed fake.

This drive is confirmed as Counterfeit, recorded with eBayer ID and eBay Item Number – Standard Procedure. Presented as listed at auction. Counterfeit items tied to criminal activity enjoy no protection. You should test immediately with the software H2testw 1.4 if you bought this drive from the seller. Do not store any important data on the drive until you can confirm you have 16 GB (minus formatting overhead) for this drive.

This is the 16 GB drive sold by m0o0mzzz.



Should your drive not report the true advertised capacity:

  1. Immediately attempt to move any data you have stored on the drive to another source. Be advised if you have stored more than the reported size from H2testw 1.4, you will not be able to recover it all – you can expect to see errors in the copy back.
  2. Immediately report to eBay and PayPal to add your voice against this seller.

If the eBay Item number has disappeared from your won list. Please go to PayPal and search through your transactions for the approximate time frame of your purchase. You will find the details of your transaction and ebay item number. PayPal keeps this information for a long time. Use the email address:


Please include:

  1. PayPal Transaction Number
  2. Ebay Item Number
  3. Date Of PayPal Transaction
  4. Date Of eBay Item Listing
  5. Your eBayer Id
  6. Cite eBay Seller m0o0mzzz
  7. The results from your testing with H2testw 1.4
  8. Any information concerning data loss and it’s value to you

You are to inform them you wish to be part of the investigation against this seller and are adding yourself to the evidence. You expect to be fully refunded for the purchase and shipping and if you can prove data loss compensation for it as well. Furthermore, it is a fact that PayPal and eBay are aware of cases pouring in. You are invited to copy:


on your correspondence. This seller has sold 250 to 300 counterfeit drives.

To see m0o0mzzz negative feedback click here.

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