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Warning! eBay 32GB 64GB Fake Flash Memory Outbreak – USB Pen Drives.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 29, 2009

SOSFakeFlash has noticed an escalation in fake memory for 32GB 64GB usb pen drives on eBay. Kingston Technologies recently released a 256GB GB usb flash drive: What Is The Biggest USB Pen Stick Memory Flash Drive Size On The Market? Kingston Technologies Releases DT300 256GB

Update October 6th, 2009: See How Can You Spot Fake Flash Memory Chips? What Is the Key Factor That Determines If MP3 MP4 Players, USB Flash Drives Or Memory Cards Are Fake Capacity?

Update October 5th, 2009: The number of eBay sellers listing fake 32GB and 64GB usb flash memory drives is increasing. They are using multiple item listings and private auctions. Please patrol and also report in. See The Battle Plan for late breaking news and to learn how you can help.

FakeFlashAttackThis is leading fake flash memory sellers on eBay to become bold. For a long time, they did not dare sell fakes in 32GB and 64GB advertised capacity as they had in the winter and spring of 2008. It was too obvious and eBay was routinely scanning for 32GB and 64GB size. Until recently, the 16GB fake was the false capacity of choice. This is now changing.

Meanwhile consumers remain unaware as to the costs of flash memory chips:

Unlike the 2008 winter and spring period, when the actual capacity was usually 8GB, the current true capacity for these fakes is rarely 4GB, mostly 2GB and in some cases as little as 1GB. If eBay members review the pricing in the guides they will understand why. It has to do with the prices they are paying. The prices are usually in line with the flash chip memory they receive. Unfortunately the reprogramming also leads to data loss.

32Gb and 64GB fakes are being dumped quickly with speed – Hit and Run. The listings often use private auctions and buy now.

SOSFakeFlash advises eBay members to review true costs before biding and to consider buying locally at a reputable retailer instead. The conclusion of most victims is always: “If it is too good to be true, it usually is”.

If you are a victim of a fake 32GB or 64GB memory item on eBay please test with H2testw and report in using the Report A Fake Tab. We need YOUR help! Warn other buyers for your seller too! They risk loosing files.


29 Responses to “Warning! eBay 32GB 64GB Fake Flash Memory Outbreak – USB Pen Drives.”

  1. TechChips said


    You have hit the nail on the head!

    BTW, the “gremlin” image at fightflashfraud is cute and scary – it gets the message across.

  2. Andreas said

    fleabase is back now selling 32gb.

    lights out, no people at home at ebay. everything you guys say is true it it sick they just want money.

  3. InspectorTech said

    To Everyone

    Please keep sending in evidence on these 32GB and 64GB sellers, it is urgent! We are investigating, sending info to data entry.

    There are a lot of these sellers, but we can only investigate and enter info based on your evidence. There is a lot of background work needed. One of the reasons, is SOSFakeFlash must preserve the evidence. This is necessary because eBay often removes listings so buyers no longer have any information to consult. Our sites in the FrankenFlash Project do their level best to to prevent.

    We are also working on programming. There is going to be a new feature. SOSFakeFlash provides lists of eBay fake flash sellers. Victims and readers have been requesting easier access to information on ebay fake flash seller information at this site. So we are working on a new kind of list, presenting the id’s and with one click you will see any information available at SOSFakeFlash for the seller.

    If there is nothing, then it is even more urgent for people to report in! It will not be ready for a while yet, but the concept has been tested and has passed alpha testing. These new lists will be linked to the eBay fake flash seller lists, but by category as the list dates change when we retire them for newer ones.

    PS – if you have received a fake from an eBay seller, do a good deed, please see who left positive feedback for the same item you bought or similar ones. Send some warning messages to them to get them to TEST, avoid data loss and join you in marching to PayPal for refunds. Also have them do follow up feedback indicating the truth. It is a testament eBay can not ignore against a seller!

  4. James said

    This HAS to be fake!


  5. KittyFireFlash said

    How do I do a smiley that crys! Those damn boots again! I recognize what was sold first – seen it several times before. It’s a groomed id!

    Some one please contact the two buyers, that left positive FB for seller jincai208. Get them to test immediately and report in to

    Have a look at the FB folks:

    This is what SOSFakeFlash keeps on talking about. Notice how all many glowing positive feedbacks there are for members who suddenly deregister? What is the probability of this?

    jincai208 is using private auctions with multiple item listings!

    Sorry folks there is no US $29.99 64GB flash drive pen with free shipping! Just how many people are going to fall for jincai208 ? Please contact any buyers who leave positive FB and get them to test and send in their results – YESTERDAY!

  6. TechChips said

    Keep reporting in! We are doing our best to enter information.

    The list on eBay fake flash sellers continues to grow in the database. Remember that it we had to spit it, it is that big!

    There are two lists now, Sellers * to K and Sellers L to Z. See to get the lists.

    Keep patroling for 32GB and 64GB on eBay! Add the sellers here! Contact buyers who left postive feedback. Get them to test and report in using the Report a fake tab.

    This is going to be a busy week for alerts.

  7. Pallavi said

    The video is great. Straight to the point.

  8. NeilC said

    People really need to get wise and stop trying to squeeze every last cent/penny of value out of their purchases of flash sticks. For starters, when buying of ebay and some zshops, it’s genuinely hard NOT to buy a fake.

    Even if you get a decent value non-hacked drive, you have no idea what you are buying. There IS a difference between the chips and there is a difference between what Sandisk do and what some shoddy Chinese firm do in terms of the read/write alogorithm and wear levelling. Sandisks last for years, the cheap stuff doesn’t.

  9. NeilC said

    I wrote an article about avoiding fake drives here:

    Hope it helps someone.


  10. Jay said

    Okay an update.

    After speaking to paypal, they said they will only give refunds if *I* can prove the item is fake, and using a piece of software isn’t good enough. I need to take the item to a local shop such as PC World to get them to validate. I have been advised that this isn’t a good idea, as the item is counterfiet, and handing to 3rd party would be illegal.

    I have spoken to Trading Standards, consumer Advice Helpline, Watchdog (who should be covering it shortly) and Serious Crime Unit. all of which are helpful, but can;t understand why EBAY still allow these sellers, even after evidence to say they are selling fakes.. The short of it, is EBAY/PAYPAL make to much from these sellers..

    It would make sense for EBAY to stop people selling these items full stop. Unless they can prove they are authorised to resell them (Yeah it won’t happen).

    I will update if and when I get a refund from Paypal.

  11. Jay said

    Latest on my claim is

    Seller is now claiming he has sent a replacement by HK Recorded post, I have explained to paypal that this item is counterfiet and they are not interested.

    Just a heads up… paypal seem to allow fraud… odd eh?

  12. Dave Devil said

    You are right! I just looked for 64GB on eBay and these sellers are suspect.


    Same f*cking flash drives. Fee Bay will let them at it. Screw us right? Who is going to contact the next suckers? LOL!

  13. KittyFireFlash said

    To Dave,

    Hopefully some eBay members will contact buyers. If they don’t more people will suffer. That is just how it is.

    We are amazed that so many people think eBay will do something. Currently it is estimated that about 1 in 10,000 fakes sold is caught or reported at least in FB.

    Looking at some of the sellers you posted, many are offering 64gb at about 25 to 29 $US. If only they were real 64gb flash drives, we would all join in bidding, less then 1/4 of the actual price.

    I would not call people suckers Dave. While in a way it is true, it hurts. We all got “suckered” at one point. The difference is that we chose to fight back and also to try and help others.

    While things “appear” to be better on eBay, they are not. Sellers adapt. They are using private auctions and multiple item listings so it looks like less fakes are being offered. One listing alone can hide over 500+ sold.

    The tricks and different styles of behavior keep us busy. As one person recently mentioned, some sellers are selling very cheap stylus pens at the same time to pad their feedback and combat the negatives coming in. The easiest way to deal with this is to spend a dollar or pound and buy a bunch of these cheap items. Offered at less then 10 cents US and with free shipping that could starve their FB. Just do not leave FB for the cheap things. People often want to donate money to us but we don’t accept money. Instead one could spend a dollar or pound to buy some stylus and not leave any feedback. Use them as Giant tooth picks or something. If they don’t arrive, well you know what the drill is.

    As for any private auction – report the listing to eBay. Donate time to help.

  14. InspectorTech said

    Interesting Feedback Left

    SOSFakeFlash has been requesting eBay victims to leave negative feedback for eBay fake flash sellers to warn others. We do give suggestions but one eBay victim left a rather different remark:


    Memory flash items: usb flash drives and memory cards are called “sticks” in certain regions of the world. Okay, some of you may not appreciate the humour, or the interesting blend of the message. I do.

    It describes very nicely what is happening to eBay members who bid and buy advertised capacity of 32GB and 64GB flash memory items on eBay. You can also expect a repeat performance from PayPal if you fall for the robotic email template messages sent to you.

    BTW. In the orient they do not call fake memory items, “Fake Memory Items” – they politely refer to it as “Upgraded”. They play with words too.

    This victim responded to a fake flash seller using private auctions. Be as creative as you like in your feedback for a seller – it’s your choice, but if the listing was a private auction, at least mention the fake size. This was a large false capacity fake.

  15. Jay said


    I am still awating a refund from seller or ebay.. I won’t hold my breath. I have now reported to Serious Crime Squad in london, as this is a serious breach of law on ebays part. Selling counterfiets in uk is serious.

    Also I recommend anyone reporting in uk to consumer direct.

  16. Jay said


    I was informing 5 people a day, and most come back with thanks, and most if not all have got a refund.

  17. KittyFireFlash said

    Keep up the good work Jay!

    It is encouraging to hear that people are getting refunds, it was not always like that. One of the reasons we keep a database is for those who did not get refunds. One day we hope they will.

    It is important for everyone to keep the pressure on eBay and PayPal. It helps people to get their refunds. It also brings fake flash sellers to the attention of eBay. If enough people report and complain to eBay, the seller risks suspension. Many have been suspended.

    The more people warn others who bought from a fake flash seller on our lists or for a seller who they are a victim of, the better. You save someone else from potential data loss. You fight crime and you might just help another person to get their money back as well.

    Warn members and remember, one person can only contact 5 people a day, so many people are needed…

  18. Jay said

    Hi all
    Just an update.. after sending an long email to paypal.. I got a refund today.


    The more people that do, the hope is that Paypal, ebay will stop these item being sold full stop.. I know thats harsh for legit sellers, but it will benefit all in the long run.


    -===- attached -===-

    We are still awaiting the replacement 32gb unit. As the one we have was not 32gb but was infact 4gb, which under the law is deception on part of the seller.

    Seller has provided a Registered post number (RA#########HK), but this does not prove that item was posted to me, and from 3rd october it should have been here, even with postal strikes.

    I will stress at this time, that I have also been in touch with UK TRADING STANDARDS, Consumer Direct and Watchdog. Hong Kong police have also been informed of this seller. We have also kept upto speed on this claim.

    I also not that this seller has now been removed from ebay, obviously they have taken into account that many people have reported (and had refunds) from this seller.

    I would kindly ask for you to prove to myself that the seller has infact sent a replacement item as per their Registered Post item or have infact simply stated they have sent it. After all its easy to obtain a
    registered/recorded post label, and Claim to have reposted.


    -===- end -===-

  19. Jay said

    @kittyfire .. many do get suspended but its to little to late…

    @fightflashfraud .. the uk authorities are aware of the situation and its slowing being dealt with. Obviously government agencies and police have more ability to speak to other police/gov agencies..

    I would say, that any report via this site, be automatically forwarded to all the agencies that can deal with it..

  20. jay said

    Well if you have a page where details are added, then you can auto-send to selected email addresses.

    It shouldn’t be too hard to do.

  21. KittyFireFlash said

    Sorry Jay,

    but we have not developed any javascript or any code execution of any kind at our sites. There are several reasons:

    1) We do not collect donations to fund our work. The FrankenFlash project has struggled to remain “Free” at great personal cost to members in the groups. As such, we do not have the features for scripts, nor do we wish fund out of our pockets by upgrades etc…

    2) We are hosted, free. We use a lot of freeware, too We do ask that if people would like to show appreciation that they contribute a small donation to and also Almost every thing we use is “free” and we believe in the heart and spirit of this concept.

    3)Scripting opens up doors to potential exposures and security risks for readers. We do not wish to expose readers to any risks. This is a volitle and explosive subject.

    4)Three of our sites, all donated and outside of fortress were savagely attacked and brought down in less then one year. The additional freedom that offsites might bring are not worth the exposures – to readers or the goals of the Project.

    5) We do understand the convenience a fill in form would bring to victims. Despite the ease, it does not reduce the time involved in investigating claims of fraud. That is where we have the most labour overhead. We don’t want to collect mindless data, it has to be checked by humans, carefully! Internet alerts are powerful, they are damaging. We don’t want sellers harmed accidentally. Torpedo’s are to be aimed at the guilty. If an alert is issued – it is valid. Quantity is being sacrificed for quality. Currently about 1 in 10,000 fake sold is discovered on eBay. As eBay persists in doing nothing to stop it, we introduced a zero tolerance policy. In the past Jay, we waited until 5 or 10 or even 20 victims confirmed. Experience has taught us, it is just repeat validation also that delay just allows even more victims. Given the escalation in id’s and the shorter duration for listing (dump and run), time is the issue. We need to get evidence on a seller faster, we don’t need hugh repeat confirmations. It’s not the number of victims that matters, but the number of sellers and their items. At some point, if eBay does not clean up it’s act, then a class action suit may be necessary and the forcing of eBay to reveal all buyers for all items documented to have been sold by a seller. Meanwhile it is up to victims for a seller to do the fighting – contacting other buyers, hounding eBay and PayPal. We can’t do everything anymore. So it matters more on the quality of information sent to us by victims. Also victims collect victims and send in data as a group.

    6) There are more reasons…as well but we will not go into all of them. We have quite a few IT people involved in the project. It is better for people to have the opportunity to send from their Own email addresses. It is a test of a victim, will they take the time? They frequently send a lot of other interesting and useful information we could not anticipate through automation.

    In summary Jay, we need more human participation, not automation. We need people to assist in detection, more people on eBay patrol spotting the new sellers as they wriggle out and contacting buyers who left a positive FB to test! Race the data in and we can then investigate and publish.

    This problem is now more than 5.5 years old on eBay. It only in the last two years that action against fake flash selling has occurred. Our internet presence is only 14 months old, prior to that we worked invisibility, and we still do. Public sites are not only read by victims, but by fake fake flash memory sellers, eBay and PayPal.

    We prefer that people be “fake flash angels” but we also know that there are “fake flash commando’s” out there . Everyone must chose the path they feel is best according to their conscience and principals to fight the issue and put an end to the selling of fake flash memory, especially on eBay.

    So if you are a victim, please read through the information we require and send it in from your email address. For private actions, also if you can, send a screen capture of your listing or a print screen image to reduce time for us.

    Fight On!

  22. jay said

    Totally agree..

    I have done my bit, if people continue to purchase these item, then that is their risk isn’t it. The uk authorities can’t help if they are not aware of this situation.

    So I guess its a catch22 situation.

  23. jay said

    If the item was purchased via then its the uk authorities that should be notified.. I would bet that 99.9% of buyers.

    1) don’t know they have been scammed
    2) don’t know about this site.

    Sad but true.

    anyway thats my 2 cents 🙂

  24. ITguy said

    My thoughts on discussion that Jay started.

    An automated system that forwards information to appropriate agencies would be nice, but, it may not provide the information in a format that these agencies require. The work required to set up the automation, especially when you consider the various countries & consumer protection agencies etc, will be significant and require work to keep current.

    What would be very helpful is a country specific guides that provides the required contact information for the applicable agencies, the information that should be included in the complaint, and possibly a template that the individual could use when submitting their complaint. If it was simplier to submit a complaint, I’m sure more people would. The challenge is doing the research and I expect a fair number of people give up due to the amount of work required.

    Consumer protection regulations differ between countries & how they respond to and handle consumer protection issues. From my reading, it appears that Germany has some of the most pro-consumer laws and regulation within the EU countries. Could this be the reason why some Ebay sellers refuse to ship products to Germany? Maybe individuals in other EU countries should be asking their Goverment representatives, why they do have the same consumer protection regulations as Germany?

  25. KittyFireFlash said

    The idea of country specific guides is a good one.

    If victims who are frauded on eBay, document their experiences,how they addressed and the agencies they contacted and submit to we would be willing to work on guides according to country. This information would be very helpful to victims in different geographical regions.

    The issue of fake flash memory chips is a very deep one. Over one million chips are sold each month. Frightening really. eBay is only one challenge being used to distribute them. However it is a global channel that reaches into many countries, 71 countries have been impacted by fake flash memory products sold on eBay.

    eBay is not likely to address the issue unless and until eBay members Force them too. The issue is 5.5 years old and the revenue eBay has earned is just too important to them. eBay is not doing well. They need money and they will snatch at any opportunity to make it.

    Unfortunately most eBay members just do not know that about 95% of all mp players, memory cards or usb flash drives offered on eBay are fakes. If they did, they would stop bidding and buying immediately.

    Somehow people need to learn the truth. Awareness is key to cutting down on the number of victims. Every victim that voices their disapproval directly to eBay, actually is the voice of 10,000 as so few generally take the time. It’s a marketing statistic and eBay will have to notice.

    The fact that we are seeing more buyers refunded is a sign. Also that eBay is offering their own version of “bribes” to those who complain aggressively is also a sign.

    Ultimately the issue is the low grade “C” and “D” chips that are used for these items. They should have been destroyed. Instead they leave the back door of Fabs to be resold. The Fab’s need to be forced to destroy them. Only how does one force China to crack down on criminal activity?

    China, once struggling for noble efforts and the well being of it’s citizens has chosen instead to acquire the worst traits of the western world – greed and profit. Perhaps it was always there, part of the human set of traits, only held in check by government decrees and policing.

    We do not think that brand name manfacturers who have their chips produced in China have the strength or will to stop the traffic. They are at the mercy of the Fab’s there. Complain to much and exactly where could the brand names turn to to have them produced instead?

    The different groups in the FrankenFlash project as they investigate and explore this very deep and dirty issue, find there are many factors involved. It is complex.

    From SOSFakeFlash’s point of view, we begin with cleaning up eBay. Every victim who bought from an eBay seller in the Orient should write a letter of protest to the Chinese Consulate in their country. And demand a reply! Snail mail folks, properly documented. Not emails. Official snail mail is more likely to be noticed and respected in our electronic age.

    If you are on good terms with your local police, you should visit the station and tell them your story. File a police report of fraud. How, depends on your country.

    The founders of the FrankenFlash project are not naive, they knew this would be a long on going battle and that it would not be solved in a month or two. This might surprise some readers, sorry but when you fight against fraud, you have a long uphill battle. Given that the issue is Global and impacts so many regions in the world, it is difficult.

    That is why we need YOU dear reader!Every person matters. It makes a difference. Read to see how you can help. We are seeing improvement and we need it to continue! Success comes when people join together and participate. Will you?

  26. jay said

    This could be solved in 1 hit, if ebay stopped allowing people to sell Flash Cards on ebay… obviously they won’t as they make 10% from each sale.

    1,000,000 x 10$ that is.

    Ebay are not doing well, as the have become greedy… They would make a lot more money if they removed listing fees, people would list items for sensible prices rather than 99p to avoid listing fees. I myself listed over 1000 items during ebays free 10 day period, they had over 600£ revenue from me, next 10 days where it was not free, same 1000 items they made 38£ from me.. even though same amount of items was sold.

    They could stop people from having to offer free postage and packing… they could set a maximum postage amount on items. This would also help.

    I have now started to use eBid more.

    With the number of users on this board, it should be to hard for people to be able to make a country based guide..

  27. KittyFireFlash said


    You have been busy crunching numbers. In doing so you are getting closer to the awful truth about what is going on.

    It is amazing the pull of free postage on buyers. They run to gobble up listings like that. The other sneaky thing is offering at very low prices and charging high P&P! If a victim complains the seller will only try to refund the purchase price, so many do not pursue.

    I was a victim long ago. I prefer not to say how many I bought in a short period of time. I hold the record for full refunds – including P&P! And no returning nonsence either.

    Most of us fight so hard because we remember the “good days” on ebay and we would like those days back (not likely). We see so many victims leaving eBay. Also leaving paypal. This is very bad news for honest sellers on ebay. Those who are frauded, tell everyone they know about their experience. More bad news for ebay.

    Would love to be a fly on the wall in an eBay board meeting!

  28. Detective7 said

    ebay sellers for fake capacity 32GB and 64GB are starting to take a pounding from angry ebay members.

    Keep testing. Keep warning others. Protest to ebay. Keep putting in clues in your feedback: sosfakeflash and or H2testw. Other victims are finding this site.

    Visit to see the newest fake flash sellers coming to ebay town.

    If you have a little free time, monitor a seller or two at the fightflashfraud site. If you see any positive fb, contact the buyer and ask them to test! Have them report to sosfakeflash if they were deceived with false capacity.

    fightflashfraud is the warning system in the FrankenFlash Project. They do not need confirmation and use common sense to spot sellers – not difficult since they are highly trained and have 14 months of hands on experience.

    Keep up the good work everyone! Thank you for giving a little of your time to help, it is appreciated.

  29. KittyFireFlash said


    You might be interested to know that our website SOSFakeFlash is becoming “Hot” in China!

    Can anyone guess why?

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