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DGM Refunded – Victim of dingdingstore11 eBay Fake Memory Seller. Warned By Fellow eBay Member.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 21, 2009

DGM a victim of dingdingstore11 left positive feedback for this fake flash seller. He was warned by another eBay member.

DGM wrote to SOSFakeFlash:


I purchased a 16gb flash card in august from dingdingstore11 on ebay.
Sure enough, the card was fake – I was alerted to the fact by another
person on ebay, who mentioned your website.

I already had left positive feedback, so the seller never responded.

I went straight to my bank and filed a credit card dispute. In the
reason I wrote that “I received the wrong merchandise” and “I am unable
to contact the seller for an exchange”.

My bank asked me to provide all the data from paypal etc, which I did
and I also explained that I got sent a 1.7gb card instead of a 16gb
card, that I bought.

Two weeks later after filing the dispute etc, my bank reversed the
transaction. Paypal did not put my account into negative either.


DGM was rescued, because someone took the time to send him a warning message. On June 23, 2009, SOSFakeFlash issued: dingdingstore11 Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – China

DGM tested and began his battle to get a refund, his contribution to the fight against this fraud. Everyone who persists to be refunded is helping the cause. Anyone who takes the time to warn other eBay members for “known Fake Flash Sellers” helps to fight the issue, potentially saves people from data loss, awakens them to the fraud and empowers them to join the fight by pursuing a refund!


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