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affordablehighqualityitems EBay Seller – Did You Buy A 8GB or 16GB USB Flash Drive Pen stick From Him?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 2, 2009

Did you buy an 8GB or 16GB USB flash drive penstick from eBay Seller affordablehighqualityitems? affordablehighqualityitems is offering 8GB usb flash drives at amazing prices, about $13.50 US. Also 16GB usb flash drives on eBay for only $25.00 US.



The interesting thing is the general costs of flash memory chips. affordablehighqualityitems appears to offer a full usb penstick for about the cost of chips in these sizes.

At the moment, SOSFakeFlash has not confirmed this seller to sell false capacity. The prices are puzzling.

We invite buyers for affordablehighqualityitems to share their buying experience. How do these usb flash drives perform? Do they pass testing ? What is the usb flash drive controller chip used by this model (small square black chip)? What is the memory brand for the flash chips inside. We say Chip(s) because at that price for the 16GB model it would be impossible for only one flash storage chip (long black rectangles chips). Singular 16GB flash memory chips are very high end and extremely pricey.

affordablehighqualityitems has sold about 1200+ for the 8GB advertised size, for about $16,000 US in sales. For 16GB approximately 1500 for about $37,000 US in sales.

Either affordablehighqualityitems found a deal that no other genuine capacity eBay seller has found so far to offer these fabulous prices..or something else.

Will you help us to find out? SOSFakeFlash wants to know. Do we have a genuine super discount dealer operating on eBay? Is it possible that a USA based seller can sell the real deal for prices that fraudsters in the Orient command for their fakes?

    Report in to SOSFakeFlash with your testing and photo’s of the insides of these usb flash drive pensticks.

      Let us know if affordablehighqualityitems sells true capacity at amazing prices!


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      SOSFakeFlash News 20090902

      Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 2, 2009

      A new site has joined the FrankenFlash Project!

      Search Improvement: Old eBay fake flash seller lists have been back dated for publishing dates. This allows you to see the alerts and articles for fake flash sellers more easily when you type their names into the search box. Of course the actually publishing date information remains on the list and in titles. The most important list, is the current list – it is an accumulation.

      Work still continues building the new fake flash seller list for eBay. On file, 578 eBay sellers. There are only 511 on the current list. Keep reporting in using the Report A Fake Tab! Comments have been closed on the current list.

      Want to be shocked? Read: eBay Fraud – Heng Fung House – Home To eBay Counterfeit Ring – Lei Sio Hong. Connected To The Don Of Fake Flash In the Orient – 3ToTrade. SOSFakeFlash Investigation.

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      chinajiayou aka chengxinhall Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert Devious – China

      Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 2, 2009

      chinajiayou is an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake) flash capacity USB Flash Pensticks. Registered in China, chinajiayou changed his eBay id name from chengxinhall to evade detection. chinajiayou aka chengxinhall used private auctions to sell:






      Currently chinajiayou aka chengxinhall is not listing on eBay. Beware of this sellers return to selling flash capacity usb flash drives. chinajiayou aka chengxinhall speciality is private auctions to avoid being found out.

      As far as victims and SOSFakeFlash are concerned, there is no eBay Fake Flash Seller Protection Program. Correct behavior is to contact all buyers, to refund in full and to apologize for the harm that has been caused.

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