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Top 30 Countries Impacted By False Capacity Memory Purchases On eBay. MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives. 200909

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 20, 2009

SOSFakeFlash has 71 eBay member countries on file for fake memory purchases of MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives. Do you want to know what the top 30 countries are? Is your country among them?

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Urgent! Translation Needed – SOSFakeFlash For Information On Fake – False capacity Memory. MP Players, USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards To Combat Fraud.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 20, 2009

TweetyWrites Did you buy a false capacity, fake memory card, MP Player or USB Flash drive? Do you know another language besides English?

If you can write in another language SOSFakeFlash needs your help!

The message to warn people in their own languages isUrgent!. There is a serious exposure. Too many people do not know about the issue for fake memory or that flash chips can be altered to lie about their real size. It leads to data and file loss.

Can you help?

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SOSFakeFlash Quick Note 20090920

Posted by flashchiptutor on September 20, 2009

The FrankenFlash Project has finished the prototype testing for a new site. It will be switchboard in orientation. It will have pull down menus and uses some of the latest features in blogs. Clean and easy on the eyes too. It is not intended to replace existing sites but to compliment and coordinate them. It will have a radically different look! Work on the sites construction has begun – it represents a major effort for the project. Team members will have to divide their time between fake flash fighting and site construction. More independent efforts will be needed by readers at SOSFakeFlash and victims. Help Out!

eBay buyer stories are one of the most interesting features. We are also looking for eBay Victim seller stories to present. The project stresses confidentiality. We protect the identities of people who report in to us. Unless a person insists on using their real name, we ask that people chose pen names.

DonaldThinkingDo you have suggestions on how we can improve our sites? Let us know by writing to Blogs have serious limitations but if we can improve things for you will will try.

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