Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss

Fake Flash Memory On Ebay Escalates. SOSFakeFlash Status Report 20091031. Fake Memory Cards, MP3 MP4 Players, USB Flash Drive PenSticks. How To Fight Against Fraud.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 31, 2009

Fake (false capacity) flash memory products being sold on eBay continues to grow: usb flash drives, mp3 mp4 players and memory cards.

Covered in this Status Report 20091031:

  • Current eBay fake flash seller tactics – The Change
  • So how can people fight back? The new strategy.
  • Et tu, Brute? Do you wonder why the feedback scores are so high for fake flash sellers?
  • The Fight Against Fake Flash Memory Sellers On eBay. Then and Now.
  • Current Agenda
  • Reference Reading Material

Fraudulent eBay sellers remain defiant and show no signs of stopping or slowing down. eBay does little to prevent sellers from listing false capacity memory advertised at 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB, despite so many complaints from members.

The sale of 16GB fakes remains steady. The escalation in 32GB and 64GB advertised capacity continues at an alarming rate. Some sellers so bold and daring as to list 120GB advertised capacity, a size of flash memory that does not exist. Bits and Bytes math is not the fraudulent sellers concern, snaring consumers searching for unrealistic bargain prices is. Fake flash memory sellers on eBay are only too happy to oblige in providing the phantasies. Only the phantasies soon change to nightmares, once the actual capacity of flash storage chips are exceeded.

SOSFakeFlash has been fighting the issue of fake flash memory sellers publicly on the internet since August 2008. It is an ongoing battle between victims and fraudulent sellers. The seller tactics have changed.

Current eBay fake flash seller tactics:

  • Using reserve id’s frequently aged and groomed. Expendable, they have many more waiting in the wings.
  • Divide and conquer – using multiple id’s simultaneously to reduce the risk of being shut down.
  • Private Auctions – deadly and devious, an attempt to stop other buyers from seeing the items eBay members leave negative feedback for.
  • Buy Now – multiple listings to avoid having listings easily spotted. Frequently one “buy now” has anywhere from 100 to 500 fakes sold.
  • Offering ridiculous Prices – As low or lower than $1 US to avoid fee’s, compensating with high shipping prices. Objective? To make it more difficult to claim a full refund.
  • Rapid Listing – listing around the clock over a few weeks, knowing in advance id’s with low scores will be suspended soon.
  • Delayed shipping – often up to 30 days. Objective? Use up the 45 day PayPal dispute period.
  • Refund Ransom – demanding negative feedback be revised as a condition of refund.
  • Issuing unpaid item strikes – Punitive action against frauded buyers who refuse to change feedback when paypal refunds them.
  • Offering bribes – not only offering a refund but extra to victims as an incentive to change their feedback

Quite a few of the new tactics are in direct violation of eBay policies. Fraudulent sellers are aware id’s used will have a limited life span. It is hit and run. List quickly, grab as much money as possible before being caught. Wait a few weeks, use a new id held in reserve. The cycle is endless.

There are not enough eBay victims doing their duty by warning others. eBay limits those who do warn others to only 5 messages a day. If a seller sold 400+ how many members would it take to send those messages? eBay knows this, so do the fake flash sellers.

The most damming action against a fake flash seller is the appearance of negative feedback – they fear it! As it accumulates against them, it spells the begining of the end.


So how can people fight back? The new strategy.

eBay fake flash eBay sellers have adapted to the unpleasant reality of SOSFakeFlash’s existence. We all have to adapt to their recent change in behavior. Failure, will increase instead of decrease victims frauded on eBay. Data and file loss will grow.

To keep pace with fake flash sellers:

We need increased eBay patrol for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB advertised capacity. Your guide is the pricing.

  1. Chose your category: usb pen sticks or mp3 mp4 players or memory cards.
  2. Chose 16GB, 32GB or 64GB.
  3. Once a week browse listings.
  4. Make a list of sellers in notepad and save as a text file.
  5. Examine the sellers feedback daily for positive feedback on the items you chose.
  6. As soon as you see a positive feedback, contact your fellow eBay member and ask if the item was tested with H2testw to verify the capacity of the memory storage chip. No you are not interfering, you are trying to share eBay buying “experience”, is the item true capacity? The best way to decide if to buy from a seller is to have other buyers who bought the item from a seller tell you it is wonderful!
  7. Repeat the procedure for each seller, also add to your text list, the ebay member you contacted with a message.

If an eBay member advises you that the item failed testing:

  • rush the victim to report into SOSFAKEFLASH immediately using the Report A Fake Tab.
  • have the eBay member assist by contacting others who left positive feedback for the same item
  • have the eBay member raise a dispute with paypal.
  • have the eBay member understand the need to leave follow up feedback stating the awful truth about the item and include the keyword “SOSFakeFlash” as part of the feedback statement. However, depending on the claim window left and the time limit to add the follow up, have the victim delay.

If an eBay member advises you that the item passed testing, make a note of it in your file. You might just have discovered an honest seller?

Once you have a confirmation on a seller and the information has been send to sosfakeflash, do not continue messages for the seller, let the victims you discovered carry out this task. Use your message allowance wisely.

SOSFakeFlash introduced a zero tolerance policy – only one confirmation is needed. Due the change in fake flash memory seller behavior everyone must move quickly to keep pace with them.

Et tu, Brute? Do you wonder why the feedback scores are so high for fake flash sellers?


One of the things we have been noticing is how some victims use the information at this site, then issue negative feedback to force the seller into refunding. As soon as they get their money back, they change their feedback to positive. On occasion, the wording of the change to positive is disgusting. Changing feedback for refunds leads new victims into the fake flash sellers net.

You should be aware that in the last six months a number of the FrankenFlash Project team have quit, several others have decided to take time off indefinitely. Was it because the work is so demanding and exhausting? No. What is the point in working so hard to warn and help others, only to see those you help, stab future eBay buyers for a seller in the back, deceiving them with the switch to positive?

If you decided to buy from a seller because of all the glowing positive feedback and became a victim of a fake flash seller, now you know why. How does it feel?

SOSFakeFlash asks:

  • Are you going to use the information we provide to get a refund and then walk away?
  • Will you report in to increase the evidence and counts against these fraudulent sellers for the black lists?
  • Will you change your feedback for your money and let others suffer your experience?
  • Are you the kind of person who does not let people get away with frauding you?
  • Do you want to prevent and reduce the number of eBay members from having your nightmare eBay buying experience?

These questions are important. The answers define you.

The Fight Against Fake Flash Memory Sellers On eBay. Then and Now.

For many months victims have held fake flash memory selling on eBay in check, they reduced it from the “Wild West Of Fake Flash Memory Selling ” seen in the Spring of 2008 and earlier. At that time there were no marshals or sheriffs on patrol and no fake flash angels rescuing others by warning them.

We do not have the answers as to why there is a stampede to sell fake flash memory products on eBay at the moment. We do know why the behavior has changed for the sellers. They don’t want to stop, we are spoiling things, they are being discovered. So they fight harder. That means we all have to fight harder. “We“, really means “You” and the groups in the FrankenFlash project.

If you wonder why no one gets a real flash memory chip more than 2GB or 4GB, at the prices paid, it is simple. There is a shortage for higher capacity chips, especially the good quality ones. Prices are rising for them not decreasing as many think. Fake Flash memory sellers are scraping the bottom of the barrel, grade c and d chips – something to bear in mind if you are considering restoring the fake capacity to real capacity.

The fact that anybody even gets a refund from PayPal these days is the result of so many victims before you who fought not only for themselves but also for future victims. For many of you, things are much easier now. Many of the early victims never got a refund, refusing to cave in by changing feedback. It was the principal and…there was you to consider down the road, the future buyers who would purchase fake flash memory items.

eBay actually will suspend a seller if enough victims complain, it wasn’t always that way. There was a time not so long ago, when eBay simply ignored victims in favor of fake flash memory sellers and the revenue they generated for eBay. It is because so many people fought: victims, the FrankenFlash Project and also very well known brand names for flash memory items, that eBay is now starting to pay attention. eBay will stop paying attention, if YOU stop complaining.

Everyone is invited to contribute, in their own way as they see fit. It can be a short commitment or a longer one. Many people concentrate on their fake flash seller. Some chose to work on fake flash memory sellers not their own – especially if they had a long drag out fight with the seller, to avoid eBay radar.

You the victims, decide if SOSFakeFlash continues to battle against fraudulent sellers selling these dangerous items that destroy data and files.

Current Agenda


1. Please patrol eBay.
2. SOSFakeFlash The Calling Card in Feedback
3. Warn Others
4. Your Story
5. Your Website

1. Please patrol eBay.

Use the information in the section: So how can people fight back? The new strategy. to help you. Pounce on any positive feedback for a seller and contact the buyers. SOSFakeFlash now has a zero tolerance policy.

If you see any seller offering this item advertised as more than 8GB you have a 99.99999999% guarantee you have spotted a fake flash seller! It also is offered in brown, white and red.


2. SOSFakeFlash The Calling Card in Feedback

Make sure to leave and have other people leave SOSFakeFlash in their feedback or follow up feedback! It helps victims to get help at our site. It creates fear in fake flash ebay sellers. Putting SOSFakeFlash in feedback is more effective then using a baseball bat on your fake flash seller, it is more productive and less violent too. It is the single most important contribution any victim can make along with stating the real size of the flash memory item sold.

3. Warn Others

If you didn’t like what happened to you, do something. Chose a recent alert article and send a message to a few buyers for the seller. Ask them to test the capacity of the item they bought with H2testw. Testing is a good idea for any flash memory item. It gives the buyer peace of mind it it passes testing and if it does not, makes it clear the item should NOT be used to store files, data or photos. Warning your fellow buyers to check the capacity of the items bought is a community service. It is not violating eBay. It is protecting eBay. It is the right of every member to share buying experience. It is even possible that genuine sellers might be found. It would be welcome news.

4. Your Story

There is nothing better than true stories. See the stories category at this site. Soon SOSFakeFlash will be devoting several weeks to publishing the individual stories of victims. It is your opportunity to share your experience with the global public.

5. Your Website

If you have website space, consider setting up a page where you document your fake and experience. Send the url address to We would be happy to advertise your page and put it in a story. You are most welcome to write in other languages, in fact we would appreciate it if you would write in your own language. It helps to promote the message to your countrymen.

6. Promote SOSFakeFlash

Increase the awareness of this site. Visit forums and websites in your country and post our url address and what we do. It increases the internet presence and awareness for the issue of fake flash memory items and the devious practice of reprogramming memory chips to lie about their true capacity. Especially needed is to increase the awareness in languages other than English. This is a global issue. Currently SOSFakeFlash as 71 countries on file.

Reference Reading Material

Testing Flash Memory Capacity

Reparing Flash Memory

Warning Buyers

About Flash Memory Chips

Understanding EBay Fake Flash Memory Sellers

eBay And PayPal

Current eBay Fake Flash Seller Lists


22 Responses to “Fake Flash Memory On Ebay Escalates. SOSFakeFlash Status Report 20091031. Fake Memory Cards, MP3 MP4 Players, USB Flash Drive PenSticks. How To Fight Against Fraud.”

  1. BigNandWanda said

    I do data entry for SOSFakeFlash. Two of my nails ruined since Gents published this article!

    Good work Gals and Guys! Keep fighting and reporting in to the team so you can ruin the rest of my beautiful nails.

  2. TonyTheTiger said

    I think people should auction their fake items on ebay. Say where they bought it from with a full story. Put a warning in the listing title.

    I did. It was a lot of work canceling bids for people who did not read my listing properly. I did say fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got a lot of questions for the mp3 player. I still have it. A lot of people thanked me for the information on the scams. Listing it again soon.

    Just make sure you sell it cheap to get people to notice. In the listing make sure you say it is fake, the real capacity and what it shows in XP. Tell everyone who you bought it from because that is the best way to screw the seller who screwed you with a f*cking fake!

    You do a great job, but the internet is not the place to fight ebay. You have to fight inside of ebay. No I do not use the id I usually buy with, I got another one to list my mp player.

    Fight fire with fire, create a new id on ebay. I am going to list the item again and again. So far on my two listings, over 532 views. If more people would do what I am doing then maybe the message to not by mp players on ebay might do some good.

    If you are stuck with a fake, auction it! Just make sure to tell people the details in the listing. Keep it cheap and cancel the bids.

  3. TechChips said

    Keep up the good work guys! Progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Patrol for 32GB and 64GB. If you see any positive feedback for a seller, contact buyers to TEST!. Get them to report in using the

    Report A Fake Tab->

    More sellers are being caught!!!!!!

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  5. TechChips said

    Hi Everyone, new development

    You are not going to believe this. You might laugh at us.

    The technical team is studying something very different then bits and bytes. We may have a way to detect a lot of fake flash memory seller id’s in the orient. It is not scientific, far from it.

    If we are correct, you might be interested in using a few of you 80 character comment space to send a very nice message to your fake flash memory seller. No, you will not have to write Chinese ideograms. No, eBay can not remove what you would write. The western world would laugh, while the oriental world of fake flash memory sellers will be wishing you a death of a thousand cuts. If memory serves, that punishment was for corrupt officials, not fake flash memory victims.

    In any case what we appear to have stumbled on is very strange. The FrankenFlash project may be publishing one of the most bizzare articles ever written about fake flash memory and eBay. It would also be a very nutty way to stay away from fake flash sellers on eBay, at least those based in the Orient.

    Are you curious? Can you guess?

  6. The_Flash said

    I’m intrigued, TechChips – do tell us more, please. 🙂

  7. TechChips said

    The_Flash, a clue on one of the alerts published for 20091113 by Kitty.

    At the moment we are busy with BigNandWanda, shoveling fake flash sellers into the databases.

    Don’t fake flash sellers take a holiday? Vacation? It is insane.

  8. Berel said

    How many fake flash sellers arre there on ebay?

  9. The_Flash said

    Ah! I think I might just see what you’re getting at.

  10. Bart747 said

    See They sell usb flash drives wholesale quantities and do custom logo work.

    Price lists support what you are saying. Printing costs money but not a lot. Price jumps by size.


    this last one is the one you show a lot. For 16Gb it costs $40.00 for 25 and $29.50 for 2500.

    Where do people get the idea this one can be sold at $30 us for 64gb on ebay?

    I don’t work for ipromo guy’s just so you know. You ask for research help.

  11. Detective7 said

    Progress improvement for the following countries:


    It is good news. To everyone in these countries assisting to promote awareness and send warnings to buyers, SOSFakeFlash says THANK YOU!

    Anyone good at writing in German? Please increase awareness by posting at sites in Germany. It appears certain fake flash memory sellers target Germany exclusively.

    You are welcome to write up an article on the subject and send to We will publish at one of our sites. Ich lese Deutsch.

  12. Dectective7 said

    In Canada police have issues a warning for buyers.


    The CBC in Canada is the equivalent of BBC in England.

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  14. KittyFireFlash said

    We are receiving a lot of information for report a fake.

    The problem is many people are not providing all the information we require. See

    We need 1-4 to be sent in. If it is not, we will discard the information, there is no choice. We don’t have the time to contact you to provide the missing information. There are too many victims, too many eBay fake flash sellers.

    If you sent back the item, and can not test with H2testw, we need proof that you bought the item. This applies to known fake flash sellers already documented. If you left negative in FB or did so in follow up feedback, then that counts. But only, for sellers already on file.

    We will not accept new sellers to be reported at without testing. If you feel it necessary not to reveal your id, you can not be entered. We will not publish an alert. The issue is to make sure there are no witch hunts. We are after real fake flash memory sellers on eBay. You can however leave a comment on an article, but no alert is issued based on a comment. It only warns others, nothing more. The seller will not be investigated or entered into the database.

    Please make our lives easier.

    Send in as much information as you can, 1-4 is needed. Seller addresses are extremely important. They change them and we need to keep on top of their sneaky attempts to escape victims.

    Avoid graphic captures of your purchases, unless you also send text – it consumes precious time. Urls to the item you bought is useful, but you need to remember it does not show your eBay id. This is to protect your privacy on eBay. It is very helpful, though to see the item you bought in a private auction, but it will not confirm you are who you say you are, so make sure you include your id in the report to us.

    Incomplete info while well meaning, slows us down. So now we just discard it. Unfortunately it means the counts against a seller do not go up. If you take the time to count us, please make sure that your hard work counts.

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  16. Information now available in flash memory prices, consolidated.–-prices/

    You can now access prices in realtime. Victim buyers please have a look at the prices, compare against output from H2testw and the price you bid.

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  19. ians12 said

    Sky News has a current news item re fake items, why not contact the journalist who wrote the article and maybe they will investigate?

  20. ians12 said

    email address of sky reporter

  21. […] Time capsule October 2009: Fake Flash Memory On Ebay Escalates. SOSFakeFlash Status Report 20091031. Fake Memory Cards, MP3 MP4… […]

  22. […] SOSFakeFlash, Fight flash fraud on eBay Share and Enjoy: […]

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