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eBay Sellers Of Hacked Flash Memory And Counterfeits – Lists

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 2, 2011

1617 eBay sellers investigated by SOSFakeFlash selling fake capacity memory cards, usb flash drives and MP Players, divided into three lists you can review:

* to G

H to O

P to Z

If you need help please read:

SOSFakeFlash Reading List For Newbies Fake Flash Memory eBay And Internet Sites. Ultimate Internet Reference On Fake Hacked Flash Memory In A Nutshell. 3 Years Of Research And Documentation. 1,000,000 Flash Memory Chips Are Digitally Altered To Lie About Their Real Capacity Every Month


11 Responses to “eBay Sellers Of Hacked Flash Memory And Counterfeits – Lists”

  1. Seth said

    SOSFakeFlash, thank you!

    You are the only internet site not afraid to expose the scammers!:-)

    Do you think people are going to learn? 😕 Aggressive action needed.

    Lists are impressive. So why do people continue to buy on

    A lot of people visiting you want to repair fakes. Waste of time. Better to go after the sellers and use facebook.

    Kick them where the sun don’t shine!

    We use your site to show people don’t believe ebay is a dangerous place to buy.

    want your refund? If your seller is listed here, just say you did not recieve.

    Kitty says you can still report for the lists if you send in the test results. ebay wont know who you are, they keep the people who report secret. Just make sure you send all the information they ask on report a fake.

    😈 don’t let them fraud you.

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  4. TechChips said

    Is your seller on the lists?

    If not, report to sosfakeflash.

    1617 is now up to 1700+ in the database.

    Do not bookmark or use this url address in helping report on the internet. It changes.

    Please use:

    When you report. Use an email address where we can always reach you! Now and in the future.

    For linking use:

    to link at your website, forum or FaceBook to for the latest information.

  5. Seth said

    Will you be publishing the addresses of the sellers you caught soon? It would probably help buyers if you did a new series of posts on ebay counterfeit rings.

  6. KittyFireFlash said


    It’s under consideration, 💡 but it might not be a good idea to exposure just how much we know. It would put us at a disadvantage.

    Scam Report eBay Fake Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives, MP Players – SOSFakeFlash Q2 2011. Did You Buy On eBay?

    Explains what we are facing.

    As you know, eBay reads what we publish and so do the fake flash sellers, especially the counterfeit rings. We are not going to give them any leverage or advantages to cover up the fraud.

    Readers of our site do not know just how nasty the fight is to free internet sites from from the sale of fake memory.

    You work and team matters a great deal. At one time we were not able to acknowledge you or the work your FakeFlashCommando’s do. There was a site once a member of the FrankenFlash Project that was very naive and felt your work was unethical. As much as we tried to share data and explain the facts, it fell on deaf ears. Time passes…..

    You still fight, they do not.

    They gave up. They though eBay members are stupid and deserve what they get.

    They forgot what it felt like to be a victim of fake flash memory purchases on eBay and thought people should just know better. It is true that some prices scream fraud is waiting, but they forgot to understand consumers, the fact that a lot of people do not have a lot of money to spend. These days it is even more painfully true.

    It is not the buyers who should be judged, it is the sellers and eBay that need to be judged. Especially eBay!!!!

    We recently received an interesting story from a frauded buyer. The insights will be published at one of the sites soon. It is amazing some times the simple clarity victims have, how they instinctively know how eBay could stop the listings and even protect buyers if they really wanted too. Well Seth, the recent report explains why they won’t!

    To all readers, you need to understand something. eBay will not protect you because if they did, there would be almost no listings for usb flash drives, mp players or memory cards available on eBay. When you realize this fact, and have it confirmed with H2testw testing, you might become a believe in the depth of the fraud being permitted against you and other buyers. You might not want to go to the extremes of Seth and the loose confederation of FakeFlashCommandos (who fight fire with fire and are very aggressive in shutting sellers down by any means possible), but you can

    1) Warn a few buyers for you fake flash memory seller
    2) FaceBook your seller and or some other articles here to warn people you know not to make your mistake.
    3) Post at internet forums in your country to let them know about SOSFakeFlash and how our sites try to warn consumers.
    4) Report your fake flash memory sellers listings to eBay to force eBay to SHUT THEM DOWN!

    And most important of all…. you can report your seller to using the Report A Fake Tab at our site to have an investigation raised and an alert issued on the internet. The most important contribution you can make is to raise awareness, it stops sellers and it reduces eBay’s profits. They hate losing fees and having to refund you. It is your sweetest revenge, your chance to say “NO” to fraud. If you funded with a credit card, do a reversal for fraud. Just see how eBay and PayPal will suddenly claw back the money from the seller!!!!!!!

    Seth, we appreciate your efforts. You understand just how disgusting the problem is and your team has the courage to do what few have the stomach for. There are a lot of independent Commandos out there who do UNDERSTAND. While we report the facts, they save undocumented 100,000’s from becoming victims by getting sellers shut down. Most of them will never be known, no rewards, no medals, no awknowledgement and a lot of risk. They are the real heros, not SOSFakeFlash.

  7. G8Chip said


  8. @G8Chip,

    Thank you for joining our effort, it is appreciated.

    We will be publishing new lists. We need the programming team to look into how we will do it. The lists need to be split up into about 6 or 8 different posts. When we published only 1617 eBay sellers where on file. We currently have over 1800 and it is growing every day.

    The investigators are struggling under the current work load. We have a hugh backlog to address. What matters is they are being recorded thanks to victims reporting it. When victims report, their seller is added to the databases, no escape. Their id’s will be published.

    If people consult the current lists and their seller is not on the list, it is critical they report in to us using the “Report A Fake” tab on the main menu. If They do not, then the seller will not be on the new lists.

    There is no way a seller will ever be removed from the black lists. Should they rename their id’s we will update accordingly.

    There is also a new policy in effect. Some sellers drop their fake flash id’s. Abandon them. When we find sellers trying this sort of evasion, to try and escape responsibility for the fraud they have committed, their addressing information will be published. It does not matter how long ago they sold fake flash memory items on eBay. The fact is, they owe buyers, to refund the money. eBay 45 claim period does not apply to the FrankenFlash Project, SOSFakeFlash has issued alerts against id’s that sold fake memory as much as 18 months ago.

    It is true that eBay will play games, try to use the 45 day window as an excuse to not refund people. However frauded buyers have the opportunity to have the Last Word at SosFakeFlash, reporting the eBay sellers. It is an internet record that eBay and seller can not escape.

    We ask people to be patient for new lists. They can be confident their reported seller will be on them.

    Meanwhile we also ask that frauded buyers continue to leave negative feedback against the eBay sellers involved. This is important. It helps to warn other frauded buyers, it helps them to fight back and to increase the pressure. It also allows them to warn other buyers for the seller.

    While many frauded eBay buyers report to us that they left positive feedback and so feel they can not do anything, this is not true. They have the opportunity to do a follow up feedback, revealing their horrible discovery for the seller. We see this helping other victims!

    It is also true eBay does not like people doing follow up feedback or having the last word, sellers of fake flash memory are very much afraid of this. It is one of the best internet footprints a buyer can leave.

    We will issue new lists once we catch up, in the mean time we ask frauded buyers to continue reporting in to us, to contact other buyers for the seller to warn them, and to take personal action.

    Personal action can be:

    1) Facebooking an article.
    2) Creating their own web page referencing us and documenting their fake and the seller.
    3) Contacting other buyers for the seller (fake flash angel mission)
    4) Protesting to eBay
    5) Contacting brand names such as Kingston, SanDisk, Sony, and Transcend.
    6) Warning people in their own geographical region: Work, Friends, Family – Using community bullitens, newspapers, internet forums.

    What is the most important message?

    1) Do not bid or buy on eBay for any usb flash drive, memory card or mp player.
    2) Do not shop for flash memory on eBay
    3) Only bid or buy on eBay for flash memory using a credit card and not a bank account.
    4) Do not assume that eBay is unable to STOP the sale of fake flash memory, they can, but they won’t as they want the listing fees and profit.
    5) Local Languages – we publsh in English, we need people to promote the message in their own languages. This is important, we can not stress just how much this is important – if not done, many people will not get the message and become the next victims.

    Economics – Global Meltdown

    We are in a very diffcult situation globally. There is a Global meltdown in progress. Too much scam, for too many years. The buying power of the average person is decreasing. Money is tight. Unemployment is increasing in just about every country. The biggest myth is that eBay is the place where you can purchase cheaply. Where flash memory is concerned, it is a lie. eBay is the last place anyone should consider purchasing flash memory. Flash memory? That means usb flash drives, mp players and most imporrtantly memory cards of any kind. eBay has permited fraud for these items for over 9 years, they persist in allowing it to continue. They want the money genrated from the sales, no they are not interested in protecting you. If you were foolish enough to believe them, it is probably why you found our site. Ouch! It may hurt, you might feel stupid or foolish. Welcome to the club, we were once in your shoes.

    It is really discusting to see how sellers prey on the current collapse of finicial economeys and people who have little money to spend.

    Our IT members are really angry. They understand what upgraded memory does. They know what most naive eBay bidders do not – how data is corrupted and can not be recovered. Too many people have lost information, they can’t reconstruct or recover it from flash memory chips that have been reprogrammed to lie about the real size.

    Data File Melt Down – Flash Memory

    Do you have any idea how many small companies have gone out of business because they chose the economical route of buying flash memory on eBay?

    Do you know how many Government agencies have been impacted with data loss and severe reconstuction costs because their employees bought flash memory items on eBay? You might ask why employees chose this silly option. Well it has to do with cost cutting. Their agencies refused to issue them a usb flash drive that was real capacity. The employees took matters into their own hands, they decided they would do their jobs but spend as little as they could. Enter eBay. End result? Important government information, messed up, lost and requiring 100+s of manhours to reconstruct.

    No, SOSFakeFlash will not reveal the countries involved, or the departments or the employees.

    Excuse our language, but you would Shit in your pants if you knew.

    G8Chip, we will continue to work on providing new lists. However that is not the most important issue at hand. People should not rely on a seller to be on the list as a motive for reporting in. All they really need is the results from H2testw.

    All we do is reaffirm is the results from H2testw.

    What we really need is for people who are eBay members is to wake up, discover their faud and decide to take action, any way they choose.

    W/o Decides If eBay Gets Away With Flash Memory Fraud?

    The Buyers decide.

    It is not SOSFakeFlash, or any other internet site. It is the frauded buyers who have the power, the ability to fight back and make eBay, PayPal and sellers life a misery when they chose to expose it.

    SOSFakeFlash has a special message to any reader who has the courage to leave negative feedback against an eBay seller. You have demonstated that you care about truth, fight back against fraud and show you care about other eBay buyers. You show the best in integrity, values of right verses wrong.

    You are the heros, not SOSFakeFlash! Kudos, we salute you and are grateful that you chose to consider others and their misery of eBay fraud.

  9. @KittyFireFlash,

    We are working on the programming issues for new lists. Agree with you about people needing to repport and fight back.

    It will not be easy to create new lists.

    Agree issue is for people to report sellers and to fight back.

    Our site at Fixfakeflash trys to help people restore to real capacity. No enough people read they leave a lot of comments for ChipGenius but unfortunately they fail to review our caterogies for chp sets. I they bothered to make the effort to research the categories, they would have a better chance at restoring to real capacity.

    We can’t respond to every person who asks for assentence, the information is there at our site. We expect people to read the material we provide.

    To find the software they need, the russian site offers the best information and clues.

    In recent discussions, private, it is the view of IT, ChipGenius is not a good software to detect the true nature of usb flash controller chips or flash chip storage chips. Manual inspection is best, taking the item apart with care and then finding the software needed to do the low level formatting repair.

    Our evidence that Chip Genius software may be spyware continues to grow. Please inform your readers that we don’t trust it. Warn them about the possiblity it might be spyware and potentially dangerous to use on their PC’s or laptops.

    Our view is that people shoud not use ChipGenius to try and find repair software. We no longer use it, expect in temporary virtual machiines lauched in RAM memory. Disposable from machines that do not have hard disks. The reason is to avoid contamination and hijacking. We believe that ChipGenius’s only value is for true capacity flash memory, it is not good for fake or upgraded flash memory.

    We have received reports from people who down loaded the program, suddenly having probems using their PC’s and laptops. We do not know the cause.

    We are seaching for answers and welcome any assistence.

    If the issues(s) continue we will have no choice to black list the program.

    If there are people out there who know if ChipGenius is spyware or malware please contact us.

  10. Murad said

    When 2012?

  11. KittyFireFlash said


    We are working on new lists for eBay sellers. We are also strugling to document the sellers. This is important as SOSFakeFlash can and does reveal all the items a seller offered. This information is helpful to buyers, especially when they search for information several months after their purchase.

    Murad and to all readers, you need to be aware of the following:

    1) eBay has no intention of stoping listings for flash memory likely to be for fakes. Yes we all know that over 95% of any listings for mp players, memory cards or usb flash drives available on any given day are for fakes.

    One eBay member frauded documented just how simple it would be to stop the fraud:

    Can eBay Stop The Sale Of Fake And Counterfeit Memory? A Frauded Buyers Simple Insight To Solving The Problem For Fraudulent eBay Listings.

    eBay will not and can not afford to do something so simple. If they did, then they would be admitting to the fact that most of their listings were for fakes.

    True it is now 9 years of fraud they have allowed.

    2) The war has escalated and become nasty.

    Sites in the FrankenFlash project are under attack. They have been since they started publishing. We lost a number of non wordpress sites over the years to attacks.

    The most recent site to be attacked is FakeMemorySentinel.

    That site is more than about issuing warnings on sellers, it is vital to ongoing statistical collection.

    What does that mean?

    The FrankenFlash Project has no intention of revealing this information, not yet. When it is released….? No comment, read grin, read satisfaction from frauded buyers.

    3) Internet Monitoring.

    You need to understand Murad our site is monitored. Not just by buyers on eBay who have been frauded. It is monitored by eBay, by sellers on eBay and by brand names. All have a lot to lose when we publish.

    We study them, studying us.

    Our interest continues to be? Buyers. Plain and simple. The frauded buyers come first. Nobody else matters.

    We can not reveal just how many sellers have been collected or entered into our database at the moment. If we did, it would work against the interests of frauded buyers.

    To anyone reading SOSFakeFlash it should not really matter about which seller id for eBay has been recently documented or published on the internet. The “ID” is in fact immaterial, ids come and go. These days on eBay they vanish with lightening speed. It is eBay’s attempt at a cover up. eBay is exception strong at “Cover Up” these days. We can see them feeling the heat, the pressure.

    Therefore, we are responding in kind, that means we do not immediately issue an alert for a seller. It is up to frauded buyers to assist us. They need to leave fast negative feedback. They must NOT delay. They must not hesitate!!!! They are the only weapon to deal with the issue on eBay.

    We can not tell you just how important a negative or a follow up on feedback really is. It is the most effective weapon frauded buyers have! The nice thing about feedback? There is absolutely nothing a seller or eBay can do about it! Nothing. It can not be removed! It also empowers other buyers, it warns them, it leads to eBay removing a seller. Many sellers try to get people to change their feedback, give them all sorts of cry cry cry sob sob stories, but when buyers are smart enough to resist? The seller is removed.

    Yes we get lots of sellers screaming at the email address: Some are stupid enough to reveal too much that really condemn them. What happens when they threaten a FrankenFlash project site? eBay suspends their id. What? eBay suspends them….. ?


    has demonstrated how eBay seller id’s get exposed, how they end up loosing their ids due to fraudulent selling.

    As yet not one id published there has has a person protest, that the id for whom a warning was issued against was in fact a genuine seller on eBay. This is very disturbing to us.

    Why do not buyers protest at the warnings or defend a seller?

    Metrics from that site will eventually reveal why.

    4) Frauded eBay Buyers.

    You are the most important people of all! We need you to send us your information once you have tested with H2testw or the alternative F3 programme.

    We need you to respond immediately! Using Report A Fake

    We NEED! Your information. We need the testing results for eBay sellers. We need all addressing information you have for the seller and that includes email addresses.

    There is no time limitations as you find on eBay, you can report a seller on eBay 5 years ago or even 10 years ago. If you used PayPal and go through your information on your past purchases, you will be amazed at the information you can find.

    As far as SOSFakeFlash is concerned there are no time limits.

    Murad, this is what makes SOSFakeFlash so scary. No time limits. It is also the reason the war to stop fake flash memory selling has become so nasty, scary and why for the moment we at SOSFakeFlash have not issued the lists for 2012.

    We have absolutely no intention of empowering eBay to continue in denial or to allow the fraud to escalate. We will not publicly share information with them.

    We will continue to issue alerts at our discretion.

    We rely on buyer intelligence. Without buyers reporting to us, we would disappear from the internet, they are the real fighters, not us. They document the fraud. They expose through their will and refusal to accept fraud.

    Readers, Murad you can expect a lot of murky dark silence, of strange activity. It is because SOSFakeFlash and the FrankenFlash Project is forced to meet the issue of fake flash memory head on. This site has 4 years of information, we have studied behavior of eBay and sellers. We know what is in your best interests, frauded buyers come first. We will act accordingly and except and hope you trust our judgments.

    We also expect you, the reader and the frauded to act. You are our engine, you are the voice. Use it wisely. Use it for education and strength on the internet.

    If you bought a fake on eBay:


    in you feedback! Be heard. Make a difference!

    Note to readers: as we are very busy documenting the fraud on eBay do not expect a lot of comments from us, we are interested in the magnitude of the fraud. Of preparing for the day when eBay is dragged into an international court of law to be held accountable. You can help document and make this happen. Please document your case.

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