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Scam Report eBay Fake Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives, MP Players – SOSFakeFlash Q2 2011. Did You Buy On eBay?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 1, 2011

H2testw, the free software available as a download continues to be the best detector for true capacity of flash memory chips. All usb flash drives, mp players and memory cards should be tested for real capacity with H2testw prior to first use. Failure to test using a software like H2testw puts consumers at risk for potential data loss from fraudulent chips. Testing with H2testw gives peace of mind, if the advertised capacity matches the report H2testw generates for you!. H2testw also gives you the additional benefit of detecting class C and D flash memory chips most often used in hacked items. Our report on H2testw first published in 2008 is still is the most comprehensive and a classic. After three years, H2testw has a 96% user satisfaction rate. Name another flash memory chip testing software that can match it. It runs under Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista, Windows 7. There is a Linux alternative to H2testw, called F3.

In our Q2 2011 report from SOSFakeFlash, the greatest threat to eBay buyers are sellers registered in the following countries: China, United States, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland. It’s a big mistake to assume fraudulent sellers are only in Asia. The increase in low score seller ids selling fake memory is rising and eBay’s fraud team is clueless. According to investigators at FakeMemorySentinel a fraudulent seller uses several ids in parallel to cut losses from detection.

SOSFakeFlash continues to document fraudulent eBay sellers, currently 1850+ sellers recorded in the database, new lists will be published in Fall 2011. Alerts on sellers continue, readers who report in provide a valuable service to the buying community.

Sales for fake capacity memory cards decreased in Q4 2010 but are showing a dramatic comeback on eBay, outstripping hacked usb flash drives.

The advertised fake capacity most often reported to SOSFakeFlash is shifting in the direction of 32GB 32Go. The reason? The increased sale of fake 32GB capacity memory cards on eBay. Not only are generic fakes being sold but the following brand names have been severely impacted: Kingston Technologies,SanDisk, Transcend, ADATA, Sony and Lexar, RITEK.

Fake USB flash drives continue to be sold. Unrealistic prices for genuine brands remain constant. Leather usb flash drive fakes are still very hot, especially from Singapore sellers.

The job of reporting the facts on fake flash memory chips is not easy. There is resistance to the truth. The biggest reason? The money made from the sale of fake flash memory items, big business. There is are large inventory of old 2GB and 4GB chips, nobody wants them, they are very cheap. You will find in them in fake mp players, memory card or usb flash drives. If you test with H2testw, you will find our information well supported.

The digital alteration occurs in China, it is something China does not want the world to know. Worse is the fact many manufacturing facilities producing genuine capacity also produce fake capacity for the black market. Did you know this? The distribution channels are Global for fake memory. The fake capacity is a poison. It destroys data. Files are not written to flash memory storage as it does not exist. Several brand names have been compromised as a result of security breaches. They don’t like the negative press, but are buyers responsible for the sloppy security? All frauded buyers know, is the pain of buying a brand name that turns out to be a fake and a counterfeit. They trusted in the brand. They tried to avoid a fake.

The internet remains the place of combat to warn people about the dangers in buying on eBay flash memory on eBay and wholesaling sites. It can be a nasty battle, with a lot of sneaky and unpleasant things occurring under the surface. SOSFakeFlash has only one goal, protecting consumers from fake flash memory purchases and getting the truth out to warn people. Too many victims wished they knew the truth before they made the purchase.

Little has changed for eBay, the statistic remains: 95% of all listings for flash memory are for fakes . It has been that way for over nine years. You may find this hard to believe and you may find it unpleasant. If you found this site, you are likely to be a victim.

The “No Returns” for flash memory products in eBay listings continues. The objective is to make buyers feel they are not entitled to issue a dispute, this is a new scam and buyers have every right to reclaim their money, to report the seller and receive a refund without returning the item(s) to the seller.

The number of documented buyer countries on eBay impacted by the sale of fake memory products has reached 80 countries. Are you interested to know which countries have received fake flash memory items and the current top 10? Do you want more information on the issue?

If you bought an MP player, usb flash drive or memory card on eBay, test with H2testw. To understand how the software works and for the download links:

If you have a Linux operating system you can use F3 By Michel Machado.

If you are desperately searching for a way to restore and repair flash memory mp players, usb flash drives and memory cards you need to roll up your sleeves and be prepared to spend time to understand the issues you face. There are several articles you can review, especially the comments.

If you want to repair a flash memory card, you should read:

Fixing Fake SD SDHC Cards, Is It Possible? What Are The Problems And Challenges? What Software To Use To Test For Flash Memory Fake Chips. Is There A Free Download To Check Flash Drives And Memory Cards Size?

Your best resource is at the FixFakeFlash site. Don’t forget to read the FAQ!

If you need convincing on how old the problem is on eBay read:

SOSFakeFlash – eBay Fraud Flash Memory Upgraded Digitally Altered Capacity. Status Report November 2010. Best eBay Prices For USB Pen sticks, Memory Cards, MP Players. Warning – 95% Of eBay Listings Are For Fake Memory.

If you are new to the issue and you don’t know where to begin and are interested in learning more and what to do read:

Fake Flash Memory – Hacked! Top Articles SOSFakeFlash. Consumer, Reseller Education. Beware. Be Wise. Learn. Avoid Fake Flash Memory. Learn To Test For Real Flash Memory Capacity.

If you are angry and want to do something about the sale of fake memory, there is something you need to know. It is difficult to reach all the frauded buyers, too many learn about the truth after they have been frauded. Part of the problem is not enough people taking action. Without action more people are frauded, when there is action, a less people are frauded and more sellers are removed. It’s a simple fact, read:

If you have been frauded by an eBay seller, you have an important objective. Report in to SOSFakeFlash so an internet alert can be issued against the seller. You can do this by using the

Report A Fake Tab .

It makes a big difference. The seller is investigated, you are recorded in the database, an alert goes out. SOSFakeFlash has never removed one alert against a fraudulent seller in four years. It says something. It shows just how serious the problem is.

If you need to be convinced about the black market for flash memory chips read:

The top 10 countries on eBay being frauded with fake mp players, memory cards and usb flash drives are:

United States
United Kingdom
Czech Republic

The 80 countries that have received fake mp players, memory cards and usb flash drives sold on eBay are:

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
El Salvador
Hong Kong
Netherlands Antilles
New Caledonia
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Russian Federation
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States
Virgin Islands (U.S.)

There is a lot of hardship occurring, the global economy is a mess. There are people attempting to earn money by selling fake memory on eBay. A lot of sellers know exactly what they are doing. They know about eBay’s weak points and they are taking advantage. Honest sellers are being squeezed out as people continue to look for the cheapest prices they can find when they search listings.

Searching on eBay for flash memory and sorting by the cheapest price, is the first mistake buyers make. The fakes are what they will find. The fake are what they will bid and buy.

If you ask why does eBay not do something, the answer should be obvious to you by now. If 95% of all listings on eBay are for fake flash memory, what would happen if they removed the listings? What would be left for sale? What would happen to eBay if they lost the revenue for 95% of the listings, the fees they get whether or not the seller offers genuine items? eBay collects the fees regardless of whether the listings are fraudulent.

Your best option is to make sure eBay refunds you. Your second option is to leave negative feedback or follow up feedback for the seller indicating you bought a fake capacity item. Your third is to do a good deed, warn other buyers who left positive feedback to warn them.

Your fourth option is to warn your friends and family if you have a face book account by posting an SOSFakeFlash article.

Your fifth option if you are really motivated, is to go after the sellers and to increase internet exposure.

Who decides if the fraud continues on eBay for flash memory?

You do. The eBay victim of flash memory fraud. You who have been scammed and learned a terrible lesson. You decide if there will be more victims or less. The choice is yours to make.


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