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eBay Fake Flash Sellers List – 200902

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 31, 2008

eBay Sellers of Fake Flash (False Capacity) devices as of 20090223 documented by SOSFakeFlash. The ebay sellers on this list have been documented and investigated. SOSFakeFlash has made it easy for you to research, you no longer have to click and scroll through a sea of feedback to get to the important information.

This list is now retired – please see the most recent list.

Ebay Sellers – Fake Flash Count- Click For Negative Neutrals
Update: February 23 2009

Please click on the seller’s eBay Id to to see any negative and neutral feedback. This is in addition to the counts that we have on file.

If  your seller is not yet on the list, please use the search bar to see if there is an alert.

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Investigated Ebay Fake Flash Sellers with Confirmed Fakes: 218 entries

EBG 07
Seller FakeTotal Classifcation Deregister
*mct0056* 2 Deregistered
001pawlak 1
1963dingdom 4 Deregistered
1sky1dream 2 Deregistered
3totrade 113 Devious Deregistered
516erenkoy01 11 Clever
ads0s0 1
agathe688 15 Deregistered
alexxxp0808 6 Deregistered
allproductsold1 3 Private Auctions
amaliahd 2
auctionlimited222 5 Private Auctions 1 Private Auctions
bargain_gift_shop 2 Deregistered
barrylamshop 13 Devious Deregistered
bayer4you 1
bazaarus 13 Deregistered
best2you886 11
best-e-bay-sell 4 Private Auctions
bestselleryan 2 Deregistered
bluetech_networks 1 Deregistered
bosstrade168 1
caipemz 14 Deregistered
calltimtim 5
ccywee88 3
chaiching28 56 Old Timer
chakkkkk 4 Deregistered
changshengzhubao666 5 Deregistered
chendimz 19 Deregistered 11 Deregistered 3 Deregistered
comingworld2008 4 Deregistered
comp_usb 1 Deregistered
ctone51 1
curiousshop 21 Deregistered
cylwendy 5 Deregistered
cymemory 6
dai_xinyu 11 Private Auctions Deregistered
darnubiz 1 Devious
davidtam000 11 Deregistered
dengkimz 1 Deregistered
Dfsr1 1
Dg-emperor 40
diaoweifeng2008 3 Private Auctions Deregistered
digitalgundam 1 Deregistered
digitalting0303 3
digitexpert 25 Deregistered
digitmonde 10 Deregistered
digivendeur 22 Deregistered
disubs 48 Deregistered
Dogdog999 2
dogusb2008 17 Deregistered
dongfangzhubao9898 3 Deregistered
ejsonlinestores 2 Deregistered
electronicbase663 28 Old Timer
elizmeliz 1 Deregistered
epc*vauxhall 3 Devious
exquisite55 4
fast_limited 6 Deregistered
feida698 3 Deregistered
firstly2008 7 Private Auctions Deregistered
fkepdcwcw 10
flog.kingdom 2 Deregistered
fly_sky9898 61 Deregistered
focus-discount 1 1
friend.2009 5 Deregistered
Fu1121 17 Deregistered
Fubuchulaidexing 9 Deregistered
fukkee 3 Private Auctions Deregistered
gally2841 1
ganglin08 2
gbay21112 5
gguesswhat 1
go2besthk 4 Deregistered
goahead365 1 Deregistered
gogohkbar 1
green_hkshop 1 Deregistered
green_world9898 1 Deregistered
gtim45378 6 Deregistered
guliaholder 1
guruelectronics 6
haoyunbeijing-2008 7 Deregistered
happybybaby 3 Deregistered
harveyengling007 1 Devious
hengtong8880 3 Deregistered
henseller 13 Deregistered
hongkongxpat852 7
hosamfarrag 2
hotdealsinc 67 Deregistered
hotseller668 4
hunter-moon 1
hwat71 3
hxiongxu 5 Deregistered
i.c.distribution 3 Private Auctions
i.t.smart_electronic 3 Old Timer Deregistered
i.u_mobile 2 Old Timer Deregistered
icesandy9995 1 Deregistered
imopod 3 Deregistered
i-power88 14
itchee98 44 Old Timer Deregistered
ivywenstore 19
jeffreylawchung 5 Deregistered
jhy8011 1 Private Auctions
jingpinwu688 7 Deregistered
jinyu_zheng 12 Private Auctions
johnnymagasin 2 Deregistered
Jzfm131 3
kaho.chan 24 Private Auctions Deregistered
karleader88 1 Deregistered
kbis_system 1 Private Auctions Deregistered
ken_bo2008_2 13 Deregistered
kun_elecshop99 15 Deregistered
kungfuchiuchiu 15
lazy-juicy 10
leadingstore 23 Old Timer
lianghk2007 13 Deregistered
loongbays 1 Private Auctions Deregistered
lucky_shop898 6 Deregistered
lxmei98 3 Deregistered
m0o0mzzz 3 Deregistered
made_base 1
magicheers 1 Deregistered
Manmanso 1 Deregistered
manyilove2008 2
marginprice 14 Private Auctions Deregistered
Mcrosky 4 Deregistered
mdongdisk119 23 Deregistered
memory_world1 2 Deregistered
memoryking626 2 Deregistered
misumoshi 15 Deregistered
mostwantedstore 4 Devious Deregistered
mp34trade 3 Deregistered
mp3eternity 16
mp4man 8 Devious
mp4tech2008 1 Deregistered
mpp*11226 1 Deregistered
mylogowhy1234 2 Deregistered
mylove9898168 2 Deregistered
nantibabu 1 Deregistered
neverchargerback44 4 Deregistered
nicetransactions168 14 Deregistered
nightstar136 5 Deregistered
noblechannel 15 Deregistered
nrwdy1 1
nthewinningbidderis 2 Deregistered
ocean_hui_2008 1 Deregistered
onion.ginger 1 Deregistered
openoutlet 8 Deregistered
orientcurio999 15 Deregistered
pangoal 1
paypalzzg9527 3
pc_exports 10 4 Deregistered
pengsoloshow 4 Deregistered
peter112232 3 Deregistered
petermak_hk 9 Devious
phonebase113 16 Old Timer
piao_yang16888 1 Deregistered
pigpingxian 2
pinky—girls 1
platinum_auctions01 2 Deregistered
Pohula 1 Deregistered
polin412 54 Deregistered
powercommunicator 8 Deregistered
powerrangolee 23 Deregistered
qingchushangwangjilu 1 Private Auctions Deregistered
qinghui156 5 Deregistered
qiongzhuzhijia 6 Devious Deregistered
rickysell819 10 Deregistered
rise-fly988 5 Deregistered
rongcle 11 Deregistered
save_big4real 16 Deregistered 1 Deregistered
Sevensixhk 2 Deregistered
shinich918 1 Devious Deregistered
Shopwithmela 15 Deregistered
simply-sarahs-ltd 2
sincerefriend200888 4 Private Auctions Deregistered
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15 Responses to “eBay Fake Flash Sellers List – 200902”

  1. Allan said

    Your list keeps going up slowly. a lot of bad sellers out there. You dont have all the bad guys.

  2. badger said

    been in touch with you before you know who i am. would’nt it be great if ebay posted a warning on the top of each selling page about these crooks. or hold money from these sellers for a month until they prove that they arent selling fakes. youve really got me interested in your work. please keep it up


  3. KittyFireFlash said

    To Alan

    True, our list doesn’t have all the fake flash sellers out there. The list can not contain sellers we “suspect”. It can only have sellers where there is evidence the seller sold a fake or counterfeit flash drive – false capacity. Those are the rules.

    The only way the list can catch more sellers is by:

    1) Independent Fake Flash Angels making sure to forward victims to us at our email with the supporting information. See report a fake tab.

    2) People who report to us independently using the report a fake tab, make sure to send all the information we need. If they don’t include their own ebay id – we can’t add.

    Why? We double check to make sure they bought what they say the bought. The ebay item number is not enough for the cross checking in most cases. Again it is the rules.

    We can’t just have people reporting in with out all the information. Otherwise a witch hunt could develop.

    3) Regular Fake Flash Angels also need to send in the info the other email addresses on time. It is a tough call for them sometimes – the objective is to WARN and to RESCUE people from potentially losing precious information. Also helping them to fight their claims – very time consuming if you factor in counseling.

    4) More People warning others on eBay and channeling the information to us. It has to be done quickly. These sellers are now dumping and hiding. Dumping and hiding.

    So to catch more, we need more help and of course good data.

    Any seller who makes it to this list, well you can believe the seller was involved in selling fake flash devices on eBay!

    Our PDF file reports record the details in living colour.

    Everyone can make a difference, either by reporting their fake to us and or warning eBayers by sending messages to TEST! If you chose to warn, do so in a friendly non aggressive manner. In a helpful way. Mention the program H2testw If they google, they will come straight into our welcoming arms for help.

    You can catch more flys with honey than you can with vinegar

    BTW I am not saying victims are flies…I happen to be a victim of fake flash myself, but you get the point.

    Once we have the data needed, we will issue alerts and add to the list.

    So bottom line is, to catch more “bad guys” more help is needed.

  4. EspressoFrog said

    Thanks again for you work and for maintaining this list.

  5. Tezza said

    Good list. I was actually scammed by two of the now deregistered sellers. Neither sent the goods after I included a notation about ‘fake’ drives in the Paypal comments section. One of them refunded as soon as I lodged a claim with Paypal, but the other strung it out and it was over two months before I got a result – my money back. In the meantime transactions were canceled by Ebay and both the sellers were deregistered, yet even after this action I still had to fight for my money. The end result is that I no longer buy overseas and use Paypal.

  6. fightflashfraud said

    Unfortunately we have found that eBay and PayPal are not very good at living up to their claims about buyer protection. The safest thing is to pay via PayPal using a credit card – then you have the extra level of protection given by your card company.

  7. KittyFireFlash said

    This is true. SOSFakeFlash released an article on this. See:

  8. Carl said

    Looks like you guyz are winning!

  9. Brian said

    How does a seller get off this list?

  10. KittyFireDove said

    To Brian

    To get “off” the list, the seller need to come clean. That means contacting every single buyer to warn, apologize and refund. For big sellers proof is needed. They should contact eBay too.

    You should know a lot of sellers who sold fake flash are not on this list – victim sellers. When they discovered the awful truth, they did the right thing – contacted buyers, refunded buyers. They are not on this list.

    We have also had people contact sellers and ask if they have tested to make sure they really have the true capacity of what they advertise. This has been done in many regions of the world over 10 months. Difficult work. Many did test. They pulled their listings immediately. Quite a few thanked the eBayer who warned them. Naturally the eBayers patroled to make sure they did not come back to see the same items. Almost all did not. So they are not on this list because they did the right thing.

    As for sellers who did not reply – odd thing, they eventually made it to this list. What does that tell you?

  11. fightflashfraud said

    Sellers should heed warnings from ebayers about fake flash. The ebayers who tell them drives are fake usually know what they are talking about. They have done the research and know what is genuine and what is fake. Any seller who gets such a warning should remove the item from sale and test their drives with h2testw. After all – what will they lose by doing the right thing? Nothing. If the drive is ok they can re-list and (as I understand it) they get a refund of the re-listing fees if the item sells.

  12. Robert said

    I noticed you list is not up to date. When will you be releasing a new one?

  13. fightflashfraud said

    At the moment members of the project are working flat out on other issues so the list won’t be updated for a while as quite a bit of work needs to be done on the database. However, watch out for posts about sellers we are aware of.

  14. Clifford said

    I have just encountered your program and the 16GB Silver USB Flash Drive sold to me from epc*vauxhall – already on your list is so BAD , it corrupts all new files above 2GB and your test showed 14GB failed/corrupted. I just emailed him as he’s using the same email but a different ID which Ebay will not give as it’s not recent transaction. A bit unfair as a new part should have a years guarantee or reasonable use at least. With light usage it took months to realise the error.

    I wish i could add to his bad flash count.

  15. Gabriel said

    16 Gb my ass!Bought two of those on Ebay from zhangfengping8888 ( 470 sold).Now he has got nothing left to sell!!

    The media is likely to be defective.
    995.5 MByte OK (2038926 sectors)
    14.6 GByte DATA LOST (30696306 sectors)
    Details:1.1 GByte overwritten (2402402 sectors)
    0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
    13.4 GByte corrupted (28293904 sectors)
    1.5 KByte aliased memory (3 sectors)
    First error at offset: 0x0000000000000000
    Expected: 0x0000000000000000
    Found: 0x20202020aa55aa55
    H2testw version 1.3
    Writing speed: 14.2 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 17.0 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

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