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eBay Fake Flash Sellers List – 200905

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 31, 2008

eBay Sellers caught selling Fake (False Capacity) MP Players, Memory Cards and USB Flash Pen Sticks as of 20090521. The ebay sellers on this list have been documented and investigated. SOSFakeFlash has made it easy for you to research. Use the Report A Fake tab to send in your information to add to the list.

This list is retired.   See for the latest list.

Ebay Sellers – Fake Flash Count- Click For Negative Neutrals
Update: May 21 2009

Please click on the seller’s eBay Id to to see any negative and neutral feedback. This is in addition to the counts that we have on file. If your seller is not yet on the list, please use the search bar to see if there is an alert. Press the back button in your browser to return to this page.

Investigated Ebay Fake Flash Sellers with Confirmed Fakes: 364 entries

EBG 07
Seller Seller Neg FB FakeTotal Classifcation Deregistered
*mct0056* *mct0056* 2   Suspension
001pawlak 001pawlak 1    
1963dingdom 1963dingdom 4   Suspension
1sky1dream 1sky1dream 2   Suspension
215sellit 215sellit 4    
3delectroincs 3delectroincs 1    
3totrade 3totrade 113 Devious Suspension
516erenkoy01 516erenkoy01 12 Clever  
86luxe 86luxe 1    
aaaiphone aaaiphone 2   Suspension
abestpartner0 abestpartner0 62   Suspension
ads0s0 ads0s0 2    
agathe688 agathe688 15   Suspension
air-n-tech air-n-tech 4    
akm_games akm_games 1    
alexxxp0808 alexxxp0808 6   Suspension
allproductsold1 allproductsold1 3 Private Auctions Suspension
althought77 althought77 8   Suspension
amaliahd amaliahd 2   Suspension
andyjiange andyjiange 8   Suspension
apealy apealy 11   Suspension
appolly appolly 14   Suspension
auctionlimited222 auctionlimited222 6 Private Auctions 1 Private Auctions Suspension
bargain_gift_shop bargain_gift_shop 2   Suspension
barrylamshop barrylamshop 13 Devious Suspension
bayer4you bayer4you 1   Suspension
bazaarus bazaarus 13   Suspension
beqaror beqaror 1    
best2you886 best2you886 43    
best-e-bay-sell best-e-bay-sell 4 Private Auctions  
bestselleryan bestselleryan 2   Suspension
beyboosry beyboosry 1    
bloomboy99 bloomboy99 6   Suspension
bluetech_networks bluetech_networks 1   Suspension
bosstrade168 bosstrade168 6    
brajones53 brajones53 2    
bright-crystal837 bright-crystal837 4    
buy088 buy088 12    
caipemz caipemz 15   Suspension
calltimtim calltimtim 10   Suspension
canotwithout88 canotwithout88 6   Suspension
cckelectronic99 cckelectronic99 1   Suspension
ccywee88 ccywee88 4   Suspension
celeste_689 celeste_689 3   Suspension
chaiching28 chaiching28 84 Old Timer Suspension
chakkkkk chakkkkk 4   Suspension
changshengzhubao666 changshengzhubao666 5   Suspension
chekel2007 chekel2007 1 Private Auctions  
chendimz chendimz 19   Suspension
chenwubang88 chenwubang88 12   Suspension 11   Suspension 3   Suspension
comingworld2008 comingworld2008 4   Suspension
comp_usb comp_usb 1   Suspension
conniechan09 conniechan09 1   Suspension
crispy_garlic crispy_garlic 1   Suspension
ctone51 ctone51 1    
curiousshop curiousshop 21   Suspension
cylwendy cylwendy 5   Suspension
cymemory cymemory 6   Suspension
d9bay d9bay 7   Suspension
dai_xinyu dai_xinyu 11 Private Auctions Suspension
dairyman6880 dairyman6880 1    
dalebuk dalebuk 5   Suspension
darnubiz darnubiz 1 Devious  
davidtam000 davidtam000 11   Suspension
dc-emperor dc-emperor 40    
ddup-2007 ddup-2007 1    
delicate528 delicate528 7    
demonedemone demonedemone 3    
dengkimz dengkimz 1   Suspension
Dfsr1 Dfsr1 1    
diaoweifeng2008 diaoweifeng2008 3 Private Auctions Suspension
digibabyboy digibabyboy 4    
digitalgundam digitalgundam 1   Suspension
digitalmonkey198366 digitalmonkey198366 1   Suspension
digitalting0303 digitalting0303 3    
digitexpert digitexpert 27   Suspension
digitmonde digitmonde 13   Suspension
digivendeur digivendeur 24   Suspension
disubs disubs 55   Suspension
Dogdog999 Dogdog999 2    
dogusb2008 dogusb2008 17   Suspension
domi.krak1804 domi.krak1804 4 Private Auctions  
dongfangzhubao9898 dongfangzhubao9898 3   Suspension
dynamic.2 dynamic.2 2   Suspension
ebestshop58r ebestshop58r 1   Suspension
eddyunoseller2008 eddyunoseller2008 8   Suspension
elect-republic elect-republic 1   Suspension
electronicbase663 electronicbase663 42 Old Timer Suspension
elegancesupply elegancesupply 1   Suspension
elizmeliz elizmeliz 2   Suspension
etrade4world2008 etrade4world2008 10    
e-win100 e-win100 7    
fantasticbid008 fantasticbid008 5    
fantasticoffer2009 fantasticoffer2009 1 Private Auctions  
fast_limited fast_limited 6   Suspension
feida698 feida698 5   Suspension
firstly2008 firstly2008 8 Private Auctions Suspension
fkepdcwcw fkepdcwcw 13    
flog.kingdom flog.kingdom 2   Suspension
fly_sky9898 fly_sky9898 63   Suspension
flying-bee2009 flying-bee2009 2 Private Auctions  
focus-discount focus-discount 8 5   Suspension
freebid99 freebid99 3   Suspension
friend.2009 friend.2009 7 Private Auctions  
Fu1121 Fu1121 17   Suspension
Fubuchulaidexing Fubuchulaidexing 9   Suspension
fufu$$ fufu$$ 1    
fukkee fukkee 4 Private Auctions Suspension
fung60200155 fung60200155 13   Suspension
gally2841 gally2841 1    
ganglin08 ganglin08 20    
gbay21112 gbay21112 5    
geomeiphoto geomeiphoto 4   Suspension
gguesswhat gguesswhat 1    
go2besthk go2besthk 4   Suspension
go4tradetrade go4tradetrade 2   Suspension
goahead365 goahead365 1   Suspension
gogohkbar gogohkbar 1   Suspension 36 Private Auctions  
gooditemonly gooditemonly 5    
grandtechdigital grandtechdigital 1 Private Auctions  
green_hkshop green_hkshop 1   Suspension
green_world9898 green_world9898 3   Suspension
gtim45378 gtim45378 6   Suspension
guliaholder guliaholder 1    
guople guople 9   Suspension
guruelectronics guruelectronics 6   Suspension
haoyunbeijing-2008 haoyunbeijing-2008 7   Suspension
happybybaby happybybaby 4   Suspension
harveyengling007 harveyengling007 1 Devious  
hellopetpet hellopetpet 1   Suspension
hengtong8880 hengtong8880 3   Suspension
henseller henseller 13   Suspension
hitech2day hitech2day 2    
hkonline168 hkonline168 1   Suspension
honchai9974 honchai9974 1    
hondong2009 hondong2009 2 Private Auctions  
honesttop88 honesttop88 3    
hongkongxpat852 hongkongxpat852 9   Suspension
honnli1 honnli1 6    
hosamfarrag hosamfarrag 3    
hotdealsinc hotdealsinc 67   Suspension
hotmail1024 hotmail1024 1    
hotseller668 hotseller668 8   Suspension
hotselling.store88 hotselling.store88 2    
hubaobao9898 hubaobao9898 5   Suspension
hunter-moon hunter-moon 1    
hwat71 hwat71 3   Suspension
hxiongxu hxiongxu 5   Suspension
i.t.smart_electronic i.t.smart_electronic 3 Old Timer Suspension
i.u_mobile i.u_mobile 2 Old Timer Suspension
icesandy9995 icesandy9995 1   Suspension
imagestars imagestars 1    
imopod imopod 3   Suspension
interfutura interfutura 2    
intertrade-connection intertrade-connection 26 Private Auctions  
i-power88 i-power88 14    
itchee9888 itchee9888 45 Old Timer  
ivywenstore ivywenstore 19   Suspension
jeffreylawchung jeffreylawchung 5   Suspension
jessica2796 jessica2796 2    
jhy8011 jhy8011 1 Private Auctions Suspension
jingpinwu688 jingpinwu688 7   Suspension
jinyu_zheng jinyu_zheng 12 Private Auctions Suspension
johnnymagasin johnnymagasin 3   Suspension
Jrelease Jrelease 6    
Jzfm131 Jzfm131 3   Suspension
kaho.chan kaho.chan 25 Private Auctions Suspension
karleader88 karleader88 1   Suspension
kbis_system kbis_system 1 Private Auctions Suspension
k-boxz k-boxz 1   Suspension
ken_bo2008_2 ken_bo2008_2 13   Suspension
kikikimarket kikikimarket 4 Private Auctions  
kitty-lin-lin kitty-lin-lin 4    
ko_091582 ko_091582 2 Private Auctions Suspension
kun_elecshop99 kun_elecshop99 15   Suspension
kungfuchiuchiu kungfuchiuchiu 15   Suspension
lahorir lahorir 1   Suspension
lazy-juicy lazy-juicy 13   Suspension
ldy2009 ldy2009 1   Suspension
leadingstore leadingstore 29 Old Timer Suspension
lianghk2007 lianghk2007 13   Suspension
liangzhonghui518168 liangzhonghui518168 5   Suspension
libin.bin libin.bin 4   Suspension
limin1965 limin1965 4   Suspension
ljtcfk ljtcfk 7    
longtai_228 longtai_228 2    
look221112 look221112 1   Suspension
loongbays loongbays 1 Private Auctions Suspension 10   Suspension
lovehuangfeifei2008 lovehuangfeifei2008 1    
lovehuimp3mp4 lovehuimp3mp4 14    
lovelymp4shop168 lovelymp4shop168 5   Suspension
lucky_shop898 lucky_shop898 6   Suspension
lxmei98 lxmei98 3   Suspension
m0o0mzzz m0o0mzzz 3   Suspension
made_base made_base 4    
magicdragonno.1 magicdragonno.1 21    
magicheers magicheers 1   Suspension
Manmanso Manmanso 1   Suspension
manyilove2008 manyilove2008 5   Suspension
marginprice marginprice 15 Private Auctions Suspension
markroesmoa markroesmoa 1    
martixhitec martixhitec 3 1   Suspension
Mcrosky Mcrosky 4   Suspension
mdongdisk119 mdongdisk119 24   Suspension
mediumsizebill mediumsizebill 1    
memory_world1 memory_world1 7   Suspension
memoryking626 memoryking626 2   Suspension
minggege99 minggege99 4   Suspension
minstore88 minstore88 1    
misumoshi misumoshi 15   Suspension
mostwantedstore mostwantedstore 4 Devious Suspension
mp34trade mp34trade 3   Suspension
mp3eternity mp3eternity 18   Suspension
mp4man mp4man 8 Devious  
mp4tech2008 mp4tech2008 1   Suspension
mpp*11226 mpp*11226 1   Suspension
mpt555 mpt555 4    
mylogowhy1234 mylogowhy1234 2   Suspension
mylove9898168 mylove9898168 2   Suspension
nantibabu nantibabu 1   Suspension
neverchargerback44 neverchargerback44 4   Suspension
niceshop46888 niceshop46888 1    
nicetransactions168 nicetransactions168 14   Suspension
nightstar136 nightstar136 5   Suspension
niuren2008 niuren2008 4   Suspension
nixilixi nixilixi 1    
noblechannel noblechannel 16   Suspension
novelfanet novelfanet 5    
nrwdy1 nrwdy1 1    
nthewinningbidderis nthewinningbidderis 2   Suspension
ocean_hui_2008 ocean_hui_2008 1   Suspension
olds0416 olds0416 1    
olynueaq olynueaq 1 Clever  
openbox-unused openbox-unused 2    
openoutlet openoutlet 9   Suspension
orientcurio999 orientcurio999 16   Suspension
pandachinchin pandachinchin 7    
pangoal pangoal 2   Suspension
paypalzzg9527 paypalzzg9527 3    
pc_exports pc_exports 17 Private Auctions Suspension 4   Suspension
pengsoloshow pengsoloshow 4   Suspension
peter112232 peter112232 3   Suspension
petermak_hk petermak_hk 9 Devious Suspension
phonebase113 phonebase113 48 Old Timer  
piao_yang16888 piao_yang16888 2   Suspension
pigpingxian pigpingxian 7    
pinky—girls pinky—girls 1    
platinum_auctions01 platinum_auctions01 2   Suspension
polin412 polin412 58   Suspension 13   Suspension
powercommunicator powercommunicator 8   Suspension
powerrangolee powerrangolee 24   Suspension
prettyezone prettyezone 3    
pricelessauction pricelessauction 3 Private Auctions  
psnowps88 psnowps88 20   Suspension
qingchushangwangjilu qingchushangwangjilu 1 Private Auctions Suspension
qinghui156 qinghui156 7   Suspension
qiongzhuzhijia qiongzhuzhijia 6 Devious Suspension
rainy9413 rainy9413 2    
rambo.xumin rambo.xumin 2 Private Auctions Suspension
rauch36 rauch36 3 Devious  
ren_tao527 ren_tao527 1   Suspension
rencai-y rencai-y 5   Suspension
ren-ren-buy ren-ren-buy 1   Suspension
rickysell819 rickysell819 10   Suspension
rise-fly988 rise-fly988 5   Suspension
riteshlah riteshlah 1   Suspension
rongcle rongcle 14   Suspension
safe2star safe2star 23 Private Auctions  
samcat_123 samcat_123 3 Devious Suspension
save_big4real save_big4real 16   Suspension
scottlee407407 scottlee407407 4   Suspension 1   Suspension
selleverything1911 selleverything1911 7 Private Auctions Suspension
Sevensixhk Sevensixhk 2   Suspension
shall0906 shall0906 6    
shaosan08 shaosan08 38    
Shopwithmela Shopwithmela 16   Suspension
simply-item simply-item 4   Suspension
simply-sarahs-ltd simply-sarahs-ltd 2    
sincerefriend200888 sincerefriend200888 4 Private Auctions Suspension
skyhighhorizons skyhighhorizons 5   Suspension
slvrdrgn177 slvrdrgn177 5   Suspension
smoothustla smoothustla 1    
Sohotec168 Sohotec168 1   Suspension
Songjh7 Songjh7 1   Suspension
soni.kashyap soni.kashyap 1    
spring4blue spring4blue 2    
spydevice spydevice 3    
stopandpurchased stopandpurchased 4    
superdealsco superdealsco 3   Suspension
superelectronic2008 superelectronic2008 11   Suspension
supergift468 supergift468 6    
supersellercn88 supersellercn88 12 Devious  
superselleryee88 superselleryee88 1   Suspension
sweetherrt sweetherrt 9   Suspension
syyuenlin168 syyuenlin168 3    
takeme2home takeme2home 15    
tannedweekend tannedweekend 1    
tcua80 tcua80 15 Private Auctions Suspension
tcua88 tcua88 25 Private Auctions Suspension
tech12342008 tech12342008 2   Suspension
theddking theddking 1   Suspension
tianfumzdisk2009 tianfumzdisk2009 15   Suspension 19   Suspension
top789988 top789988 3 Private Auctions Suspension
touch.sound touch.sound 4   Suspension
tradingcameller tradingcameller 2   Suspension
tronicguard tronicguard 10   Suspension
truelove928 truelove928 10   Suspension
trustedestore trustedestore 3   Suspension
tttkiki2008 tttkiki2008 5    
turbohiphop turbohiphop 3   Suspension
turtle1980519 turtle1980519 1    
twbb4 twbb4 5   Suspension
upgrade_brother upgrade_brother 7   Suspension
usboasis usboasis 13   Suspension 1   Suspension
viciousd_life viciousd_life 2    
v-shopping2008 v-shopping2008 3   Suspension
waiching168 waiching168 2    
well19820906 well19820906 2   Suspension
wellcome08 wellcome08 3   Suspension
Whatcools Whatcools 59   Suspension
wholeselling-auctions wholeselling-auctions 14 Private Auctions  
wide-bank wide-bank 8   Suspension
wm2008wm wm2008wm 6    
w-mart888 w-mart888 1   Suspension
wonder_jewelry_shop wonder_jewelry_shop 1 Devious Suspension
worldbase608 worldbase608 5   Suspension
worldbase889 worldbase889 12    
worldshiping12699 worldshiping12699 1   Suspension
wujianglong_2007 wujianglong_2007 2   Suspension
wusimz wusimz 36   Suspension
xiangxiang852 xiangxiang852 2   Suspension
xiaotian_abc xiaotian_abc 3 Private Auctions Suspension
xiaoyong_77 xiaoyong_77 11   Suspension
xintao9988 xintao9988 7   Suspension
xpinky-2008 xpinky-2008 1    
xprodeal xprodeal 7    
yao-xx yao-xx 10    
yeweijie_store yeweijie_store 1    
yexinhong888 yexinhong888 5   Suspension
yihaifeifan168 yihaifeifan168 7   Suspension
youbiduwant youbiduwant 7    
Yrnehenry Yrnehenry 1   Suspension
yt-technology yt-technology 3    
yuanhuayh yuanhuayh 1    
yyyshop2008 yyyshop2008 1   Suspension
zamanshop zamanshop 3 Private Auctions Suspension
zgpzqxd zgpzqxd 6   Suspension
zhangfengping8888 zhangfengping8888 15   Suspension
zhidao16888 zhidao16888 22   Suspension
zhoucongqing zhoucongqing 6   Suspension
zhujunpeibay zhujunpeibay 14 Private Auctions Suspension
zztl8088 zztl8088 4   Suspension

We hope this list helps you. If you see a seller making his feedback private, he is trying to hide the evidence. When a seller is deregistered he either ran from eBay or eBay has suspended him. Remember, if a seller does this, you can still make a claim at Paypal if you are in the time window!

If you don’t see your seller on this list and you have tested (see H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives ). Use the Report A Fake tab to send in your information to add to the list. We can’t send out an internet alert without proof to warn the public. If your is on this list but you did not report your fake please do give a more accurate count against a fake flash seller.

If you found the list helpful, leave a comment! You do have to put in your email address, but we are not spying on you, it is to prevent spamming of this site!

We found the tool from very helpful to investigate. If you find that has helped you, be kind – donate to them.


8 Responses to “eBay Fake Flash Sellers List – 200905”

  1. Blue Radar said

    You guys really work hard! Keep up the good work.

  2. Dude said

    Hey, one more to Shall0906. Just got my fake flash-drive…

  3. stunned said

    The number of IDs used to sell fake flash items is stunning. If ebay cannot control this fraud why don’t they ban people from listing flash memory on ebay altogether?

  4. Dhanushka said

    2 days back I bought a 16GB flash drive from one of the listed fake sellers. I already warned him and let’s whats going to happen.

    Ebay should put some effort to stop all these fakers from posting.

  5. michelle said

    Hi brought my 16gb flash pen from seller yexinhong888 already listed. Now fighting for a refund
    threatened seller with hong kong police.

  6. scammed again said

    Beware of Papo12390. He’s selling dozens of FAKE 16gb flash drives that only hold 2gb. The jerkoff is in the US from FL….so not all bad sellers are in China.

    I bought a “16gb” drive from this “seller” and when I got it I knew immediately I’d been scammed. I don’t have the results from the testing program so I can’t put in an official report but I see others are now posting against this person. This is twice now I’ve been ripped off on a flash drive online. I will never ever buy a flash drive on eBay again.

  7. KittyFireFlash said

    To Scammed Again and Everyone

    If you want your fake flash seller to appear on the list, you have to send in the information required. See

    We don’t mess around. It is hard work to invesigate! It also is very exhausting for us. Anyone you see on the list – we have evidence!

    The internet is a poweful place. We can’t issue alerts without facts. We can not issue an internet alert on Papo12390 or any other seller unless we have information in our database.

    This is important. An article on a fake flash seller is very powerful. More powerful than lists like this one. It is instant if somebody searches on the seller id. So everyone needs to undersand that we need you to REPORT IN with the information required. If it is incomplete we can not publish. Those are the rules. They are very strict but necessary.

    If you see a seller on the list, you can be certain the seller sold fake flash devices!

    Please do your part and send the information we ask to

    And whatever you do, do not leave postive feedback to get a refund from a fake flash seller! It just creates more victims and makes our work harder. If you left postive, do follow up to your feedback stating the truth.

    Everyone who helps fight this issue is a volenteer. They sacrifice their personal time for YOU! Zero pay. This is a horrible problem. You have a choice. Let the fake flash sellers on eBay continue, or fight back – report in with your evidence.

  8. Gordon Ellis said

    “Haifter” has an almost identical advert on Ebay to the recently suspended “opdoam”. I have been using the “Contact Seller” to try to advise customers who have bought from them on how to test their usb drive and how to go about getting refund. Ebay makes money out of every listing so won’t be too keen to kick them off. At the end, opdoam was selling nearly 150 of these fake drives per day at about £10 each, making over £10,000 per week in sales.Unfortunately I could only contact a few buyers every day before my message limits were reached. Fortunately, however, my efforts paid off with other people realising the scam and getting refunded. Ebay should allow customers to change feedback back from positive to negative in such cases. It’s great to find another link I can direct conned customers to. I found you through Atomic-pig advertising on ebay. Priceless! This needs to be on Watchdog or in national press to have a real impact.

    By the way, does anyone know off-hand if the GP3000 AA rechargeable batteries on Ebayare fake too?

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