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eBay Fake Flash Sellers List – 200903 200904

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 31, 2008

The list of identified eBay Sellers of Fake and Counterfiet Flash (False Capacity) usb flash drives, MP Players and memory cards as of 20090401 documented by SOSFakeFlash. SOSFakeFlash has made it easy for you to research, you no longer have to click and scroll through a sea of feedback to get to the important information. Please report in using the Report A Fake Tab to add your items to the counts.

This list is now retired, please use the most recent one see left column menu bar, eBay Fakes – Seller List

Ebay Sellers – Fake Flash Count- Click For Negative Neutrals

Update: April 1 2009

Please click on the seller’s eBay Id to to see any negative and neutral feedback. This is in addition to the counts that we have on file. If your seller is not yet on the list, please use the search bar to see if there is an alert. Press the back button in your browser to return to this page. Note: We are behind on counts for existing fake flash sellers – the urgency is add new sellers identified at the moment.

Investigated Ebay Fake Flash Sellers with Confirmed Fakes: 283 entries

EBG 07

Seller FakeTotal Classifcation Deregister
*mct0056* 2   Deregistered
001pawlak 1    
1963dingdom 4   Deregistered
1sky1dream 2   Deregistered
3totrade 113 Devious Deregistered
516erenkoy01 12 Clever  
aaaiphone 2   Deregistered
abestpartner0 30    
ads0s0 2    
agathe688 15   Deregistered
air-n-tech 4    
alexxxp0808 6   Deregistered
allproductsold1 3 Private Auctions Deregistered
amaliahd 2   Deregistered
appolly 3    
arifqammar 3    
auctionlimited222 6 Private Auctions 1 Private Auctions Deregistered
bargain_gift_shop 2   Deregistered
barrylamshop 13 Devious Deregistered
bayer4you 1    
bazaarus 13   Deregistered
beqaror 1    
best2you886 24    
best-e-bay-sell 4 Private Auctions  
bestselleryan 2   Deregistered
bluetech_networks 1   Deregistered
bosstrade168 3    
caipemz 14   Deregistered
calltimtim 9   Deregistered
canotwithout88 6    
ccywee88 4   Deregistered
chaiching28 77 Old Timer  
chakkkkk 4   Deregistered
changshengzhubao666 5   Deregistered
chendimz 19   Deregistered 11   Deregistered 3   Deregistered
comingworld2008 4   Deregistered
comp_usb 1   Deregistered
ctone51 1    
curiousshop 21   Deregistered
cylwendy 5   Deregistered
cymemory 6    
d9bay 7   Deregistered
dai_xinyu 11 Private Auctions Deregistered
dairyman6880 1    
dalebuk 5    
darnubiz 1 Devious  
davidtam000 11   Deregistered
demonedemone 3    
dengkimz 1   Deregistered
Dfsr1 1    
Dg-emperor 40    
diaoweifeng2008 3 Private Auctions Deregistered
digibabyboy 2    
digitalgundam 1   Deregistered
digitalmonkey198366 1    
digitalting0303 3    
digitexpert 27   Deregistered
digitmonde 13   Deregistered
digivendeur 24   Deregistered
disubs 55   Deregistered
Dogdog999 2    
dogusb2008 17   Deregistered
dongfangzhubao9898 3   Deregistered
dynamic.2 2   Deregistered
eddyunoseller2008 7    
ejsonlinestores 2   Deregistered
electronicbase663 36 Old Timer  
elizmeliz 1   Deregistered
epc*vauxhall 3 Devious  
exquisite55 7   Deregistered
fantasticoffer2009 1 Private Auctions  
fast_limited 6   Deregistered
feida698 3   Deregistered
firstly2008 8 Private Auctions Deregistered
fkepdcwcw 12   Deregistered
flog.kingdom 2   Deregistered
fly_sky9898 61   Deregistered
focus-discount 2 5   Deregistered
friend.2009 7   Deregistered
Fu1121 17   Deregistered
Fubuchulaidexing 9   Deregistered
fukkee 3 Private Auctions Deregistered
fung60200155 4    
gally2841 1    
ganglin08 19    
gbay21112 5    
geomeiphoto 4   Deregistered
gguesswhat 1    
go2besthk 4   Deregistered
go4tradetrade 2   Deregistered
goahead365 1   Deregistered
gogohkbar 1   Deregistered 7 Private Auctions  
green_hkshop 1   Deregistered
green_world9898 1   Deregistered
gtim45378 6   Deregistered
guliaholder 1    
guople 6    
guruelectronics 6   Deregistered
haoyunbeijing-2008 7   Deregistered
happybybaby 4    
harveyengling007 1 Devious  
hellopetpet 1   Deregistered
hengtong8880 3   Deregistered
henseller 13   Deregistered
hkonline168 1    
honchai9974 1    
hongkongxpat852 9    
hosamfarrag 3   Deregistered
hotdealsinc 67   Deregistered
hotseller668 8    
hubaobao9898 5    
hunter-moon 1    
hwat71 3   Deregistered
hxiongxu 5   Deregistered
i.c.distribution 7 Private Auctions  
i.t.smart_electronic 3 Old Timer Deregistered
i.u_mobile 2 Old Timer Deregistered
icesandy9995 1   Deregistered
imagestars 1    
imopod 3   Deregistered
interfutura 2    
i-power88 14    
itchee98 44 Old Timer Deregistered
ivywenstore 19   Deregistered
jeffreylawchung 5   Deregistered
jhy8011 1 Private Auctions  
jingpinwu688 7   Deregistered
jinyu_zheng 12 Private Auctions  
johnnymagasin 3   Deregistered
Jzfm131 3    
kaho.chan 25 Private Auctions Deregistered
karleader88 1   Deregistered
kbis_system 1 Private Auctions Deregistered
ken_bo2008_2 13   Deregistered
ko_091582 2 Private Auctions  
kun_elecshop99 15   Deregistered
kungfuchiuchiu 15   Deregistered
lahorir 1   Deregistered
lazy-juicy 13   Deregistered
leadingstore 29 Old Timer  
lianghk2007 13   Deregistered
libin.bin 3   Deregistered
limin1965 4    
ljtcfk 6    
longtai_228 2   Deregistered
loongbays 1 Private Auctions Deregistered 10   Deregistered
lucky_shop898 6   Deregistered
lxmei98 3   Deregistered
m0o0mzzz 3   Deregistered
made_base 3    
magicheers 1   Deregistered
Manmanso 1   Deregistered
manyilove2008 5    
marginprice 15 Private Auctions Deregistered 1   Deregistered
Mcrosky 4   Deregistered
mdongdisk119 24   Deregistered
memory_world1 2   Deregistered
memoryking626 2   Deregistered
misumoshi 15   Deregistered
mostwantedstore 4 Devious Deregistered
mp34trade 3   Deregistered
mp3eternity 18   Deregistered
mp4man 8 Devious  
mp4tech2008 1   Deregistered
mpp*11226 1   Deregistered
mylogowhy1234 2   Deregistered
mylove9898168 2   Deregistered
nantibabu 1   Deregistered
neverchargerback44 4   Deregistered
nicetransactions168 14   Deregistered
nightstar136 5   Deregistered
niuren2008 3    
nixilixi 1    
noblechannel 15   Deregistered
nrwdy1 1    
nthewinningbidderis 2   Deregistered
ocean_hui_2008 1   Deregistered
onion.ginger 1   Deregistered
openoutlet 9   Deregistered
orientcurio999 16   Deregistered
pangoal 1    
paypalzzg9527 3    
pc_exports 15 Private Auctions 4   Deregistered
pengsoloshow 4   Deregistered
peter112232 3   Deregistered
petermak_hk 9 Devious  
phonebase113 30 Old Timer  
piao_yang16888 2   Deregistered
pigpingxian 7    
pinky—girls 1    
platinum_auctions01 2   Deregistered
Pohula 1   Deregistered
polin412 58   Deregistered 13    
powercommunicator 8   Deregistered
powerrangolee 24   Deregistered
qingchushangwangjilu 1 Private Auctions Deregistered
qinghui156 7   Deregistered
qiongzhuzhijia 6 Devious Deregistered
rambo.xumin 2 Private Auctions  
ren-ren-buy 1   Deregistered
rickysell819 10   Deregistered
rise-fly988 5   Deregistered
riteshlah 1   Deregistered
rongcle 14   Deregistered
safe2star 6 Private Auctions  
samcat_123 2 Devious  
save_big4real 16   Deregistered 1   Deregistered
selleverything1911 7 Private Auctions  
Sevensixhk 2   Deregistered
shall0906 4    
shaosan08 38    
shinich918 1 Devious Deregistered
Shopwithmela 15   Deregistered
simply-item 4   Deregistered
simply-sarahs-ltd 2    
sincerefriend200888 4 Private Auctions Deregistered
skyhighhorizons 5    
slvrdrgn177 5   Deregistered
smoothustla 1    
Sohotec168 1   Deregistered
Songjh7 1   Deregistered
soni.kashyap 1    
spydevice 3    
superdealsco 3   Deregistered
superelectronic2008 11   Deregistered
supersellercn88 7 Devious  
sweetherrt 4    
syyuenlin168 3    
takeme2home 5    
tannedweekend 1    
tcua80 15 Private Auctions Deregistered
tcua88 25 Private Auctions Deregistered
tech12342008 2   Deregistered
theddking 1    
tianfumzdisk2009 15   Deregistered 18    
top789988 3 Private Auctions  
touch.sound 4   Deregistered
tradingcameller 2   Deregistered
tronicguard 6    
tttkiki2008 5    
turbohiphop 3   Deregistered
turtle1980519 1    
twbb4 5   Deregistered
upgrade_brother 7   Deregistered
usboasis 13   Deregistered 1   Deregistered
v-shopping2008 3   Deregistered
waiching168 1    
well19820906 1    
wellcome08 3   Deregistered
Whatcools 58   Deregistered
wholeselling-auctions 7   Deregistered
wide-bank 8   Deregistered
wm2008wm 6   Deregistered
w-mart888 1    
worldbase608 2    
wusimz 36   Deregistered
xiangxiang852 2   Deregistered
xiaotian_abc 3 Private Auctions Deregistered
xiaoyong_77 11   Deregistered
yao-xx 8    
yihaifeifan168 6   Deregistered
youbiduwant 7    
Yrnehenry 1    
yuanhuayh 1    
yyyshop2008 1   Deregistered
zamanshop 3 Private Auctions Deregistered
zgpzqxd 5    
zhangfengping8888 14   Deregistered
zhidao16888 22   Deregistered
zhujunpeibay 14 Private Auctions Deregistered
zztl8088 4   Deregistered

We hope this list helps you. If you see a seller making his feedback private, he is trying to hide the evidence. When a seller is deregistered he either ran from eBay or eBay has suspended him. Remember, if a seller does this, you can still make a claim at Paypal if you are in the time window!

If you don’t see your seller on this list and you have tested (see H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives ). Use the Report A Fake tab to send in your information to add to the list. We can’t send out an internet alert without proof to warn the public. If your is on this list but you did not report your fake please do give a more accurate count against a fake flash seller.

If you found the list helpful, leave a comment! You do have to put in your email address, but we are not spying on you, it is to prevent spamming of this site!

We found the tool from very helpful to investigate. If you find that has helped you, be kind – donate to them.


13 Responses to “eBay Fake Flash Sellers List – 200903 200904”

  1. blogger123 said

    you must add seler: luring62

    He sells fake 360 gb “kingston” usb keys in ebay

  2. KittyFireFlash said

    To Everyone

    It’s an obvious fake. There is NO SUCH THING AS A 360GB usb flash drive available on the market! Kingston and all the other companies do not make anything about 64GB.

    Unfortunately not only is the seller hiding the buyer id’s but until there is feedback – nothing can be done. The evil of private auctions on ebay.

    The only hope is to wait for somebody to leave feedback and if they do and the item number is “private” we all know what they bought – one of these outragous fakes! Please contact anyone who leaves feedback for this seller where the item number is private!

    There is a new site coming that will hopefully spread the word on the internet soon about such crazy sizes!

    There is only one way to stop it – we need help! Your help.

  3. Dan Burkhardt said

    How can I tell? I bought a 16gb generic MP4 Player from one of your listed eBay Fake Sellers List. Unit froze up loading at about 8gb, corrupted some files and made them undeletable with odball names including ‘squares’. After cleaning it up with Windows Disk Error Checking Tools, and a clean virus scan, Windows XP Explorer shows: Capacity 16,319,479,808 – 13.8 GB Used Space
    Two folders, One’s properties report 6.26GB, other 0mb.

    H2testw says all available space 1403 Mbyte

    Unit’s internal About System says flashmem: 0/7877mb

    On opening the case Unit has 2 (two) SpecTek FBNL52A32K3W2 (indicated as 8gb each on SpecTek website) chips soldered onto the main board. 16gb??????

    How can I tell if I have a fraudulant unit or one that just has a bad memory chip on it. Seller seems responsive offering replacement or discount. I didn’t accuse him of anything only reported that I had a problem. Why would hacked units have 2 8gb memory simms?

  4. Dakota Brink said

    Best2You886 sold me a fake 16GB SD card… why is he still selling on EBay??
    Why isn’t he kicked off ebay?
    This sucks.. I opened a case to get my money back though.

  5. Keith said

    domi.krak1804 sold me two fake 16gb drives, but refunded my paypal instantly after receiving my email threatening negative feedback…..which I left anyway after the refund ;o)
    What amazes me is the number of peeps that are happy with their purchase’s ???…..but I do note that domi.krak1804 has withdrawn future ebay sales of the ’16gb Flash Drive pen stick 16 gb uk seller’

    What pleases me most is that domi.krak1804 never even asked for the two drives to be retuned and with the help of this website I have managed to get them back to their original 1gb status. Not what I wanted in the first place but at least they are usable.

  6. kittyfireflash said

    To Keith

    We will be contacting you for further details. This seller first sold this drive as public auctions but then changed to the devious private auctions. You do not do this for a usb flash drive that costs 9.5 pounds. Unless you are suddenly trying to hide something.

    All eBayers thank you for doing the “right” thing. By leaving negative feedback and especially when the ebay item number is make private you have lit a lantern for other buyers to find out the truth and to find us for help. Bravo, for not only getting your money back but also forcing him to stop listing those drives! You have prevented new victims of fake flash being taken by him.

    Not all those positives are likely to be real postitives. In exchange for refunds, you would be suprised how many victims are silly enough to leave postive. Harsh words. But needed as those positives just create more victims. And still more victims….

  7. Mark said

    when will u update the list? the seller i nuked with neg is not there!

  8. Grace said

    Alright, I’m a total idiot. I just bid & won a 16GB mini USB pen drive from ic.distribution an hour ago without first doing research. It seems very likely that I’m going to be receiving a fake, and I do not enjoy the hassle of getting refunds. The saving grace is that I haven’t paid. I know I’ve entered a contract, but… is it better that I don’t pay? Can I point ebay to these fake flash sellers list and guides if any disputes arise?

  9. kittyfireflash said

    To Grace

    No you are not an idiot Grace, your 6th sense or intuition must have been guiding you. You should send an email to i.c.distribution advising that you expect that he confirm that you will receive a 16GB flash drive and that you are going to test it upon arrival. Unless you receive confirmation in writing that the unit is 16GB, and that i.c.distribution certified to you in email writing that it is so, you will report to eBay. If if you don’t get a response stating that you will receive a true capacity 16GB you have information for eBay. If you do get a confirmation that it will be 16GB and when it arrives it is not, you have the seller as well with documentation.

    Based on the sellers response to you, you can decide to pay or not. If you get no response, report to ebay. Unfortunately as you bid and won you are under a contract. You still have leverage in your case, it is not buyers remorse but buyer’s fright at receiving a dangerous device that could cause you to lose valuable data.

    Please give us an update. A new fake flash sellers list is in progress and is expected to go out with a week or so. At that time this list will be retired for the new one and yes it is longer with more sellers.

  10. Grace said

    Hi Kittyfireflash,

    Thank you for your kind reply 🙂

    I sent ic.distribution the message a few hours back and will update once I get a reply. It was certainly a tough lesson learnt!

  11. Grace said

    This was her reply: “Please don’t worry,i can promise that our item is a real 16GB item.if you don’t believe us,we can cancel the auction for you.please let us know your decision.”

    I’m still wary as I cannot afford the time wasted on trying to get refunds (if the worst case scenario happens) as I’d be travelling overseas for an extended period in 3 weeks. Any opinion on this? I feel bad not paying but this seller is said to be slippery…

  12. KittyFireFlash said

    To Grace

    Run for the high ground!

    Please take the opportunity to have your purchase canceled. We are very familiar with the wording and style of the email response.

    Sorting out the sellers, the good, the bad and the ugly is not easy.

    People contact sellers and make inquiries. How do I know your item is really xxGB? Did you test it and are you willing to swear it is the advertised size? That usually leads to silence or the response you have received…if you don’t trust me…don’t buy from me. Not the attitude of a seller looking to make a sale.

    In monitoring, sooner or later the seller who answers like that ends up being caught, most of the time. Those who ignore the request for reassurance and do not reply, in review, always turn out to be fake flash sellers.

    Some sellers will say yes! Then the person will ask…how do you know, what did you test with? A dialogue begins… A lot of effort has been spent trying to get sellers to test and drag those with good reputations out of the fake flash battle. Some with a bit of kicking and screaming. When they understand what is going on they are very grateful. Some are victims just like the rest of us…

    ic.distribution knows very well what he/she is doing and is no innocent. Previously this id was known as i.c_electronics

    You are very lucky, Grace take the opportunity to have the transaction cancelled.

    If you want to buy a flash drive, buy one locally even if it costs more. If there is a problem you have a face and a place. It is worth it in the end to buy one from a seller that has a good reputation and return/refund policy.

    and for any reader who wants to learn more about the seller under discussion please read:

    for more details.

  13. Grace said

    Wow, guess what? After writing back that I wish to cancel the transaction, I got a payment reminder threatening me to send payment asap or they will file an unpaid item strike. And now the fight starts… heh.

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