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Repairing Counterfeit Fake MP Players

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 26, 2009

SOSFakeFlash has been asked by victims of fake and counterfeit MP Players purchases – how can I restore to the real capacity? MP-Archer has provided some very useful information to help you begin your journey to return your MP Player back to it’s orignal Capacity.

For for USB Flash Drives see Repairing Counterfeit Flash Drives

An article discussion to help people fix their false capacity usb flash drives, Repairing Counterfeit Flash Drives has been very successful. We are now offering one for MP Players.

MP-Archer has researched fake MP Players and used his hands on experience to provide information. We hope it will help you on your journey to restore your MP Player to it’s true capacity.

As with other article discussions at SOSFakeFlash – share your ideas and experiences with others in a comment at . You can send in solutions to – visit to see how we provide known solutions to save people time.

1) Test your MP Player for it’s real Capacity

If your MP Player is not working properly, will not store the advertised capacity, you need to find out what the real size is. Do to this, you need to use a software programme to avoid taking the drive apart to decode the flash drive chip.

You can search the internet for a program called flashnul v 0.9

It can be used to detect the real capacity of the player. It is a command line utility. Use “flashnul.exe disk_letter: -T” to determine real memory capacity.

Or you can use H2testw 1.4, which we normally recommend to people. See: H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives You will find information and download links in that guide.

2) Find The Software You need

If you found out that you have a lower capacity then what was advertised, you have a fake. For example, a 16GB that turns out to be only 2GB. It means the MP Player was digitally altered to lie about it’s real size. To repair a fake MP Player, you need to restore it’s true size. This is done with a low level reformat using a software tool, not your operating system. The hard part – finding the low level reformatting software you need. The best place for this is at This site is geared to MP Players.

SOSFakeFlash does not attempt to duplicate the work of other sites. We’ve added the links to take you to important information at

Before you begin, you should be aware that in trying to repair any fake flash device, whether memory card, usb flash drive or MP Player there are risks. You might not succeed. If you don’t you could easily destroy the item. It happens. Most people do succeed, with a bit of effort. Items that have been tampered with are not really safe to use, so you don’t have much to lose. You might just rescue your MP Player. It will be smaller but you will be able to store your music files without losing them.

How To: Removing Memory Hack The first step is in that article. Do not skip!

You will find instructions and also several links to download tools that can be used to perform the low level reformatting. Note: Pay attention to the instructions and be careful. You might like to print out the instructions as a reference.

Don’t forget once you have reflashed your MP Player, you should test it again with H2testw 1.4. Delete the files when you finished testing.

For forum discussions at this site for to see more recent comments you should click ahead to later pages.

3) Additional References and Reading

SOSFakeFlash is releasing the internet address to a petition for Hacked MP Players sold on eBay. Some people also report in usb flash drives and memory cards. If you are interested in signing it and you bought a fake on ebay, have your ebay item number and ebay seller id handy.

Update 20091023: Please consult the new FAQ at FixFakeFlash Inspectortech for important information on repairing fake flash memory items before you attempt to repair.


10 Responses to “Repairing Counterfeit Fake MP Players”

  1. Ray Adams said

    One easiest way to restore original memory size is open Windows disk management, start formatting and cancel it at about 2-3%. After that disconnect your player and wait until it reformat internal memory. In about 90% of cases you will receive original size of flash memory. But if you will try to format it again using Windows format utility you will not be able to select original size, only fake one.
    Easiest way to determine real size if to download (it trial but do its job), run it. Select drive letter associated with player and you will see it real size just right after its name. Here is an screenshot of my fake 16gb player repaired by my (weird) way 🙂

  2. InspectorTech said

    Hi Ray,

    You have pointed out one of the important problems.

    But if you will try to format it again using Windows format utility you will not be able to select original size, only fake one.

    Many of these work arounds for sizing do not address the issue. HP Tools also has this problem. It will format to the actual size but if one formats in windows it goes back to the fake size. The reason is, these tools do not address the full issue, they only reformat the flash storage chip and bypass the usb controller chip. It is for this reason one needs to try and find the low level formatting software for the usb chip controller families.

    Your solution is similar to Niko’s:

    Fake MP Player and How To Fix It – Niko’s Repair Of eBay Seller lovehuangfeifei2008 Fake MP Player

    I don’t believe he ever attempted to “reformat” it again in windows. Could be he would also have seen your result. On the other hand, did you see any strange partitions such as he reported?

    Will produce a text report similar to H2testw that buyers can submit as evidence to Paypal claims?

  3. Ray Adams said

    Hello InspectorTech
    Yes, you right,. This is not permanent solution, but can help some people to quickly find real size of player and may be “repair” (or better say temporarily repair).

    I think Flash Memory Toolkit can helps to find real size of flash drive. It much faster than using proved h2testw.exe. Its bad that TRY OUT version has only Read test.

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