Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss

Master Report Ebay Fake Flash USB Drives – Memory Cards – MP Players 200804 – 200812 – To Help You Recognize The Fakes

Posted by KittyFireFlash on January 3, 2009

Ebay Master Report on Fake Flash for 8 months from the FrankenFlash Project. It Includes not only the documented fakes listed on ebay but all the other models listed and sold by a seller caught. Not all victims have reported in. This report will help you identify fakes that you have purchased but are not on file with us. The report only includes sellers we have investigated. We have others in the database, waiting for a victim to report in. Ebay listings may disappear but we have preserved the information. You can still report in for a seller (see report a fake tab at SOSFakeFlash) using the information in this report and also your ebay item number. Make sure to specifythe page, column and row item number for your seller for your model on our report.

The report is approximately 2.2 MB and could take a while to download if you are still on dial-up or have a low connection to the internet.

Master ebay fake flash sellers devices sold report  200804-200812

To Fake Flash eBay Sellers:

Don’t think we will let your fake flash selling go unrecorded! You might try private auctions. You might try to change your id identity. You might try to deregister – but we will and can catch you! The members of eBay have one message for you – GET OFF EBAY! Go peddle your fake flash wares in some dark alley where you belong. Or better yet, try the sewers as it is your true home. We don’t want you on eBay. You have harmed and damaged many with your lust and greed for money.


21 Responses to “Master Report Ebay Fake Flash USB Drives – Memory Cards – MP Players 200804 – 200812 – To Help You Recognize The Fakes”

  1. Susan said

    Your report is amazing! I was thinking about buying on eBay. After looking at this report and what sellers offer, forget it. The photo’s look like what is available.

    Thank you for warning me. I won’t buy on eBay.

  2. Earl Smith said

    electro-passion ( 296) Ebay, seller assured me that he bought the item from Tiger direct at a discount price, even said he used H2testw and verified it. After receiving the drives 2 32 GB and 2 64 GB drives. I ran the test software. the 32 reported bad, a 2 GB chip, and the 64 did not report any errors when I ran the software, but when I selected veify it showed the errors, lost data and corrupt also a 4 GB chip. When I copied the entire content of my hard drive to it there was only 3.35 GB out of the 40 GB it was supposed to copy. I was suprized that it did not show the errors on the first write test. After contacting the seller he stated that he had not had any problems with his test. I ask him about the engraving on the metal piece of the flash drive, neither of the drives had the engraving. He had no comment about this point. There are also some scan disk 128 GB drives listed aj9825 ( 57)and (kendyck4d39) has 128 GB currently for 55.00 and micro cruser 128 GB for 79.00. It is hard to believe people are actually bidding on this worthless crap and ebay has no one monitoring this activity.

  3. kittyfireflash said

    Hi Earl,

    Send in your info. We are a bit behind…AGAIN. But we do document and enter info into the database. TigerDirect is a reputable site. So what proof does electro-passion that he bought from them? It would be very surprising to learn that TigerDirect was caught up accidentally selling fakes. Not likely.

    We doubt that eBay has anybody or many bodies patrolling and investigating. The eBay sites are heavily automated. Employee’s cost money. Good fake flash hunters that understand the technology would cost them fairly high in IT salary. They could employ people. But then…mp players, usb flash drives, memory cards would probably all but disappear as merchandise available for sale on eBay. Those that remain, would be at most 10% to 15% less then what a person might pay locally. There goes their cash cow.

    We are amazed at times too, but not always. After all most of us are victims as well. Most people are not aware of the true costs for flash memory chips. They like us, though they are cutting out the middle men. Not true. The profit margin from what we have learned is slim for true capacity items.

    What is most annoying is when we see members, changing their feedback to get back money. It’s stabbing future victims in the BACK! Pretty low behavior. However, some people went through a bidding frenzy. We all occasionally get caught up in that on eBay. These people have lost so much money in a few short weeks, they have little choice, or so they think. Depending on the region of the world, the loss is very serious. Fake flash sellers know this and they certainly take advantage. Victimizing the buyer a second time.

    eBay is a reflection. Of the world we live in. Good. Bad. Dastardly.

    We need to increase awareness. On eBay. Off eBay. Anywhere. Everywhere. The message is simple:

    Do not Bid. Do not Buy any usb flash drive, mp player, memory card on eBay!

    It isn’t safe. The risks are just too high. Until eBay does something about it, we have no intention of changing this message or warning. We do realize that some genuine sellers will lose business, but aren’t they losing it anyway? To all the ebay members who jump into the fake flash sellers nets on eBay, wanting cheap, everything for little? A lot of genuine sellers have left eBay for this reason. They could not complete with fake flash sellers. They lost a lot of money and were stuck with inventory.

  4. Earl Smith said

    Just an update. I am selling fake 64 GB flash drives on ebay. My listing (please read it) Ebay ID (Obieten)
    I thought the best way to get information out is to sell a fake flash drive. What better way to find the people who are in the position to make the same mistake as thousands. If nothing else it will make them do a little more research. Before I just posted informaton and ebay made me cancel the listing because it was not an actual drive, so I put an actual drive with the listing and told them if they want it I will ship it. My listing states some of the problems I have went through with the fake drives and gives them an email address for more information. My listing is 100 percent honest. I am selling a real fake flash drive. I hope no one is stupid enough to ask me to ship them one. I did get a neutral from one guy who complained that I cancelled his bid on the fake drive, called my listing a fake, I stated “if you want it I will ship it”. he was stupid.

  5. InspectorTech said

    Hi Earl,

    Please watch your socks!

    Read this very sobering story:

    later the seller changed his id to mpt555.

    We understand your world of pain (financial loss) and we do see that buyers appreciated your honesty.

    We also understand that you wish to make an educational statement on eBay. It is your choice. Many victims have thought of offering their fakes on eBay and some actually have. Providing the full story and pedigree of acquistion. The problem is, many eBay buyers do not read listings carefully, or have in fact a very poor command of the english language. They do not pay attention.

    If you wish to advertise these items for sale, you might consider advertising as a “Genuine Fake – Flase Capacity”. Nice 1 inch high lettering in your listing.

    Skip technical specifications. Promise to Guarantee that these items will Lose Data!.

    Make it clear that it is a “collector’s item”, true false capacity. Or perhaps, offered as a challenge to anyone who wishes to practise trying to restore a fake usb flash drive to it’s original capacity, whatever that might be.

    A nice big graphic Stop sign would be good. It is international.

    If eBay allows fake flash sellers to get away with murder of data, eBay shouldn’t have issues with your listings. Provided that you make it crystal clear so that nobody can mistake what you are trying to do.

    SOSFakeFlash can not advise that people do this. The url to the article, pretty much says why.

    Like eBay Fake Flash Commando’s you are pretty much on your own. Just as counter intelligence is in the spy world.

    What we can say is that many victims have attempted to show their fake flash drive purchases on eBay but not sell them in fact. Some have suffered terrible persecution from eBay in trying to get the message out. We have several members on the team who were roasted. They went through an arsenal of eBay id’s (grin, learning from fake flash sellers).

    Of course that should not stop victims from putting up listings as warnings. The more the merrier. It’s a bad hair day for me. I have just been reading an internal SOSFakeFlash report (eyes only) and I have to say I am Pi*sed.

    The battle ground is eBay. Inside of eBay. That is the most effective place. The general internet is after the fact.

    eBay patrols so little on eBay. It is pathetic! People should grow id’s like the fake flash sellers do, not use their usual buying one.

    Warning listings are desperately needed, but people need to be careful and clever. eBay can’t nail every warning listing if victims around the world decide they want to do this.

    Don’t know. Perhaps it is time to return to the early tactics the FrankenFlash project used.

    The fraud is getting out of hand. It is escalating. Warning listings put the breaks on fake flash selling last year. The prices fraudsters could command for fake usb flash drives, MP Players and memory cards dropped drammatically. It was wonderful to see the profits drop, especially for the fake flash sellers in the orient. It hurt them big time.

    However if you actually offer a physical item that is a fake, you are playing with fire. It is also a lot of work. Having to explain to doo doo birds who insist on bidding and canceling their bids involves commitment.

    One dumb twit, and I will use that word, zapped a lister with a negative saying that the software send (was a url to the testing software) destroyed her machine. LOL. Not possible, that site is super clean. And? And? The url was not even sent. She was more than a bird brain. Examination of that id revealed it was a set up. Question, by whom?

    SOSFakeFlash can’t promote these things. I think everyone understands why. The only thing we can say is we understand why people may chose to fight back as they see fit. It is a personal choice of conscience and we do not employee thought control. People need to make their own decisions and accept the consequence.

    We prefer that people become “fake flash angels” warning other buyers. Unfortunately the latest data from the internal report is frightening. The fraud is escalating. We are having difficulty trying to keep up with it. The members of the Project are burning out. Fresh troops are urgently needed.

    The more independent cells and groups operating to deal with the issue, the better.

    We strongly encourage independent action. We also ask that people report in. It may take time to add to the database or issue an alert, but it matters all the same. Comments as early warning are good too. The internet picks up information on fake flash seller id’s.

    This is a war. The byline of SOSFakeFlash reads:

    Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss

    We mean it. Everyone can play a part. Big. Small. A little something matters. It does not have to be a full time job or a commitment forever. Most members just sign on for a “tour of duty” then go on to live happy fake flash free lives.

    So Earl

    Reflect. Decide. Becareful. Your mission, if you chose to accept it is dangerous with potential consequences. Are you prepared? Please think about it. A lot of people get angry at the fraud they have experienced. Heat of the moment, is not the way to address the issues. One must be: cool, calm, collected.

    Some of the ancient members, understood this would be a long battle. But even they find this tiring. There are just too many people willing to jump into the fake flash pit.

    People need to get real – stop expecting amazing bargains on eBay.

    One person summed it up nicely:

    Fabulous Price. Fabulous Fake

    Decide readers, vicitims on the role you want to play. Also beware that SOSFakeFlash has no choice but to stay on the straight and narrow path. We don’t always like it, but we have no choice. We deal in facts. If you see an eBay seller show up in one of our articles, you can trust in what we have to say.

  6. Earl Smith said

    I have been careful, the worst feedback I received was a neutral for cancelling a bid for the fake drive. Today I sent an email to a seller, I informed him that there was a 99.9 percent chance his flash drives were fake and offered to send him the information. He got very angry responded to my comment “HOW CAN YOU TELL BY A PHOTO, WHAT IS THIS A CONSPERACY THEORY, STOP SENDING ME THESE EMAILS, I DON’T HAVE TIME TO DEBATE” fortunately he showed his email address in the reply, I sent him the email with the links and the software, my opening comment was “Information is free, knowledge is a gift”. He read my email, looked at the information, replied with an apology, said he checked the drives and they were fake. He also informed me that he had purchased 100 more from two different wholesalers in china. I stopped 110 Fake flash drives from being sold on ebay YEA!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Earl Smith said

    I tried to email a buyer about a potiential fake drive he may have purchased and ebay told me I have sent out the maximum number of contacts for a one day period. What is up with that? I can still contact sellers, but I cannot contact other ebay members. Ebay even keeps you from notifying too many buyers about the perils or their purchase. Something that they avoid even though they know it is happening. They won’t warn buyers and they won’t let anyone else either. I never tell anyone they have bought a fake, I just state that there is a high possibility and offer them information to verify their purchase.

  8. Earl Smith said

    I have contacted Kingston and Sony and recommended that they preload test software on all their flash drives to verify the chip. I informed them by doing so would eliminate a lot of calls to their tech support and save them a lot of money and make it more difficult for these fake drives to be sold. The buyers would be able to identify them Immediately after purchase. I have also contacted Ebay and suggested that they require all listings for flash drive include the fact that all drives have been tested and verified. At least this way If a seller truly sells a fake or counterfiet drive they can be held accountable. At least they can not say I didn’t know. I emphisised that it is not only money that can be lost, it is important data, memories, photos that is being trusted to these fake drives. This information can not be refunded. Ebay has limited me to how many members I can contact to warn them about the potiential dangers of purchasing one of these drives. I can not even give them the information. You have new blood in the mix and I am doing everything I can do help. I also have went to and started posting messages about test software for those who have purchased these counterfiet drives from Amazon.

  9. InspectorTech said

    To Earl

    New blood in the mix is needed.

    The data for the last year is currently being studied. While this site and the other appear impressive, the news is not good.

    We are only catching a small fraction of the fake flash sellers.

    Current trends are alarming. To avoid visibility, in the Orient fake flash sellers are switching to multiple item listings. This reduces the “number” of listings that “appear” on eBay. One would think then that the number of listings for fake flash is going down. Nothing is further from the truth. It is going up.

    Worse still, private auction listing are increasing.

    Worse even more, eBay will suspend a seller if enough complaints come in and or we represent enough evidence. eBay monitors our sites and they are taking advantage to shut sellers down. Yea! people might think. Wrong. Preliminary evidence shows that sellers have often dumped more than 2000+ items in less then a few weeks. What happens is that listing information disappears and buyers who are in fact victims are Screwed.

    That eBay limits contacting other members to a maximum of 5 a day, cuts the arms and legs of anp positive or proactive actions. Unless… more victims participate.

    In issueing warnings on suspects, it only appears to allow eBay to remove evidence of wrong doing more quickly. Not in the interest of victims. It is not solving the problem. The sellers simply start up under new id’s.

    FakeFlashNews will be issuing a warning alert shortly on a particular seller id. It appears that as an interim solution, when existing id’s are shut down, they huddle in a fake flash collective. The Data analysis team is in shock.

    We have also seen some very naughty aggresive attacks on some sellers in the orient. Normally we have frowned on such behavior. True, in review of the information, it was very clear the id’s were indeed engaging in fraud. At this point we don’t know what to say. It is clear that these fake flash commando’s have shut down id’s early and saved many buyers. And created a world of pain and listing fee problems for those selers….

    It is possible that the FrankenFlash Project may have to return to it’s roots. Current methods do not appear very effective.

    I will confess to being in a very bad mood – Earl. The data loss and the fraud continues. It does not stop. There are differences in opionion in the project, frankly I think fake flash commando’s are unsung heros. It’s too bad we can’t awknowledge them.

    Meanwhile, people continue to loose data. Files. Photo’s. Songs.

    True education on the real costs is part of the problem. But fraud is fraud. Data loss is ugly.

    Shutdown eBay and about 90% of the conduit for fake flash into our world would disappear. They’ve done a deal with the devil. “Money talks and B*llshit walks” I belive the American expression is.

    Brand Names can exert pressure on eBay, Earl. For generics?

    We welcome new ideas to address the issue. This is a war and a battle to STOP the plague.

    Readers and victims need to particpate more. Action is needed. If not you will find few alerts coming to SOSFakeFlash in the future. Why? We lost half the team several months ago. They were fed up with seeing victims crawl on their bellies to get refunds – it really made everyone SICK! In revising feedback, victims just made it possible for fake flash sellers to continue and create MORE VICTIMS!

    At the fixfakeFlash site, I see lot’s of people every day, visiting for information on how to repair fake flash items. They struggle to try and reclaim their fakes. Should they have to? If more people left negative’s and if positive feedback victims did follow up feedback indicating the truth, they wouldn’t have too!

    We do need new “blood in the mix”!

  10. Randy said

    Interesting article on counterfeit coins and what it took for Ebay Canada to take note (a letter from the Goverment) and remove the listing in Canada.

    Extract from:

    The change means eBay’s Canadian and U.S. websites no longer show replicas of Canadian coins for sale. A recent search for replica Canadian coins on eBay.caturned up only one item: a set of CDs, produced by Mr. Marshall, that feature high-resolution photos of counterfeit coins that collectors can use to help them identify fakes


    Maybe the idea of selling guides on ebay how to recognize counterfeit / fake / upgraded flash being sold could help a bit. These guides could not include copywrited material (unless replublishing rights have been extended). The guides could also include information on what to look for in a reputable dealer and what to what for in a potentially dishonest dealer (i.e. feedback manipulation tricks.

  11. KittyFireFlash said

    Hi Randy

    We had a guide in the pre internet site days. It was in English. It was human translated into Russian and machine translated into French and Italian. Fake Flash Angels used to distribute it to victims. It saved them a lot of work and repeating themselves.

    In fact you could say it was the model for pre prototype for this site.

    The problem was the information kept getting dated. New developments and so on.

    The idea of somebody rewriting a guide or putting one up for auction has been considered in the past. I think some people actually did do this? It is a physical “thing” ie PDF. So it could be sold. Can’t recall what happened to those people. I think a few got wacked by eBay. I don’t have the details on this at the moment, the fightflashfraud group probably has the information on that.

    It would be so neat to see listing titles on eBay such as:

    32GB Cheap – Guide On How To Avoid Fakes
    16GB MP Player – Best Price On eBay – What You Need To Know
    16GB Pen Sticks – You Can’t Beat This Price!

    The problem is, these listings cost money and require a lot of effort on the part of the lister.

    We would love to see an army of listings again, nicely sandwiched between all the fakes being offered. It is the most effective warning system there is. Preventative.

    But by the time one finishes with all the advice…

    The sad truth is revealed. Only about 5% of what is offered on eBay is genuine capacity. That means only one thing.

    DO NOT BID, DO NOT BUY – any memory cards, usb flash drived, mp players on eBay. Period.

    Not what people want to hear I think?

  12. Earl Smith said

    My recommendation for ebay, and what I plan on including in my listings. I am going to sell flash memory on ebay, and I plan on posting information about fakes in all my listings. I will do the listings, certify and test all the memoory I am going to sell as well as posting the test results in the listing. With my feedback and the fact that I have been a member of ebay for 10 years should be enough to make me a creditable reseller. I hope to accomplish two things with my listings, educating people on fake flash memory and setting a listing standard for selling flash memory on ebay. ie. If you do not see tested and verified along with test results do not buy. Also do not buy from new unestablished ebay members. We do want everyone to be safe. The only thing we can hope for is that buyers on ebay start reading a little more closely and paying more attention to detail.

  13. Randy said

    I expected there would be some work involved in listing, but was assuming some of the listing tools could minimise the effort. I noticed that currently ebay offers 5 free actions a month ( If a number of buyers took advantage of the free listing offer then there would be fair number of listings to warn other buyers.

    I noticed that Ebay will be changing listing policies. These changes include

    -comments that undermine confidence in eBay sellers or misrepresent a seller vs. buyer’s responsibility in a transaction will not be allowed in listings

    Appropriate language—Listings cannot include comments that undermine confidence in the marketplace, such as comments expressing negativity toward buyers or the selling process.

    Can you provide some examples of unprofessional language and tone?
    Here are a few examples unprofessional language and tone:

    “Due to bad buyers on eBay, you must contact me prior to bidding or your bid will be cancelled and you will be reported to eBay!!”

    “I have had so many bad transactions with zero Feedback buyers. So, if you are new, don’t bid!”

    “I will leave negative Feedback for all non-paying bidders.”

    “I am forced to use PayPal.”

  14. KittyFireFlash said

    Interesting Randy.

    Okay, so people can not say things like:

    1. 95% of all MP Players, usb flash drives, memory cards sold on eBay are FAKES! ????

    2. Don’t buy my listing, just read it. ??????

    3. eBay doesn’t really offer buyer protection and paypal doesn’t either. I am a victim so I should know. ?????

    Actually what options do sellers have? I think PayPal is about the only method of payment left. That is kind of forced.

    Am in a wicked mood. A bit of fun intended, but also to demonstrate that people would have to be careful in what they say.

    We really need an opinion on this from the fightfraud group. Especially on the subject of content and wording. The particular details of course to be prepared and kept offline.

    Those rules almost seem that they could interpret as they please…

    Still free is free and if people did take advantage of the eBay offer that would be very good. If a lot of people did it would be great. If a lot of people in all the different eBay countries did – FANTASTIC!

    The more listings in different languages, the better! eBay couldn’t widdle diddle with all the listings all over the world. They don’t have the time, or the resources.

    I like the idea of people writing up their personal stories and offering them for sale. Again as a digital sale. PDF file. People can download free PDF generating software, if they need to.

    32GB Best Price – What I learned
    16GB Penstick Bought On eBay Really 2GB – How I restored It
    8GB MP Player – Fantastic Bargain! How I Found Out It’s Real Size

    Personal stories, documented like some are at this site and others may be the way to go. If you have the right software you can also write protect PDF files as we do.

    Actually victims might find it fun and even therapudic. It’s good idea. If the fraudulent sellers on eBay could be thinned out, maybe people will be able to see the genuine sellers some day….

  15. The_Flash said

    If it’s any help, the free-of-charge and open source software (available from, unsurprisingly, ) can generate PDFs from any document you write with its word processor.

    I don’t know whether it offers write-protection, though – I’ve never needed that feature. 😛

  16. Earl Smith said

    I have been sending messages to everyone on ebay that are selling these drives, At least until ebay tells me I have reached my limit. It lets people who are knowling selling fakes that someone is watching, and it lets people know that if they purchased one to test it. What is going to happen is the claims at pay pal are going to be on the rise and hopefully they will realize they need to do something about it. This is a sample of the message. “I believe the flash drives you are selling are not true 64 GB drives. I have bought several that tested that only showed a 8 GB chip. I have information and software you can use if you like to test these drives. Let me know if I can help. The information is free, the knowledge that your drives are true is priceless. Earl” The email to the buyers is almost the same. I belive if we can get the word out to recent buyers of these drives it will put pressure on ebay and pay pal to take action. I could use some help, I am limited to how many contacts I can make during one day and you know how many are being sold daily. If we can get the ones that purchase to test that will mean they will be processing a lot of claims and refunds. Let’s give them something to do. I have had many many emails requesting the information and people are finding out what they have and looking to process their refunds, also buyers that actually believe the contact test, and confirm that the drives are fake, and pull their listings. I keep watching them to see if they really do, and I will contact the buyers afterwards to let them know to check. If we work together on this both Ebay and Pay Pal will be swamped. LET’S GIVE IT TO THEM! For one person this task is daunting, with many we can do it easily.

  17. Earl Smith said

    One more note” The people that I have helped recoup their loses, the thank you’s that I have recieved for reveiling the truth, and support emails from those who have already been caught in the trap is what makes this worth while.

  18. TechChips said

    Know the feeling Earl.

    Busy crunching numbers. The new list is due to be published at this site. Stay tuned.

  19. Earl Smith said

    Still having probems with eBay. They cancelled my listing again. Even though I posted it under everything else and other, and shipping allows me to use VIA email. They are now telling me I have to put it under Classified. I know a super seller complained about it after he purchased 4 items without reading the listing. And of course that is my fault he can’t read. They also threatened to charge me seller fees even if the item is refunded. I contacted the FBI IC3 division and filed a complaint, and I have also contacted a class action attorney to see if we can file a case of neglegence against ebay. I also contacted eBay and requested my complaint be forwarded to management (we will have to see where that goes). >strong< They really pissed me off. I am still contacting ebayers who are buying and selling and offering information. Buyers and sellers are replying with positive response. People do not realize that New, sealed in package, does not mean it is real. Sellers do not realize just because you plug it in and it says 64 GB and copies files does not mean it is real. Continuing the fight, I will take it as far as I can. Maybe if we send a few of these fake drives to the politicians it will get their attention, give them an example they can put their hands on. Just talking doesn't work.

  20. KittyFireFlash said

    You are an amazing quick study Earl!

    You’ve encountered all the obstacles and issues that usually take people several months to go through and also to understand.

    Sealed sealed, not those snap packs are a very serious issue. The counterfeiters are using that kind of packaging for a lot of Kingston DT150 32GB and 64GB flash drives. No one knows how they managed to get their hands on such sophistication. This presents a very serious problem for an eBay seller. They can’t snip each and every packaged item to check. It would no longer be “New”. There usually is some tell tail sings on the packaging. It might seem a little strange but it would be a good idea for a potential seller to take the item to a local retail store if they can to compare packaging. If anyone receives a lot of merchandise with the same serial number, that is a clear indication too that something fishy is afoot.

    You are also very correct, Earl. Talk and no do, leads no where. We need a lot more DO! less talk about do, just do!

    As for eBay, you can expect them to put any obstactle in your path they can find. They are good at it.

    Yes, if a full politians had these fakes dropped into their lap and they were asked to take them for a test drive by loading files important to them the fakes, a few eyes might open wide.


    This is a dirty secret. The issue has been around for more than 5 years on eBay. One of the earliest victims in the project, went through same steps of education on the interent as you have. The problem was, a little information here, a little there. Bits and pieces discussion in forum postings that easily got lost. A few sellers mentioned. Nothing more.

    What appears to be very clear is that a lot of people want to keep this quiet.

    For brand names, it is an issue of consumer confidence. The source of the problem originates in China. There is an issue or security exposures at nand chip manufacturing facilities (so we suspect) that has allowed information, software and bad chips to get into the wrong hands. They are in a tight spot. What if a FAB’s says, get lost! We will not manufacture chips for you anymore. Exactly what will or can the brand names do? They are too heavily invested over there. They don’t have an alternative source quick at hand to switch over too. As for law authorities in China and Hong Kong, they have to be careful. Tread on the wrong toes and you will be very very sorry. They don’t know everyone involved and how high up the food chain the corruption goes. It’s more than their job is worth.

    For eBay and PayPal, a lucrative source of revenue. The potential for a class action suit against them, having law force them to open their records for the last five years scares the day lights out of them. Easy to understand. Given our sites, the many eBay victims who write, call and warn them and our sites, you would think they would impliment a corrective action immediately. Important if you are in court, demonstrating that you did try to address the issue. But they have not. At issue is the money they earn, we think they need it just too badly.

    Meanwhile we struggle along, trying to inform and educate as many people as we can, as quickly as we can

  21. Earl Smith said

    If anyone can contact ebay user “sundoctor” it would be appreciated, ebay has me blocked. He purchased 2 64 GB Kingston drives from “cherlon09” who has not been cooperative about testing her drives. Looking for a little help, Ebay USA

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