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Report Ebay Fake Flash USB Drives – Memory Cards – MP Players 200804 – 200812 – To Help You Recognize The Fakes

Posted by KittyFireFlash on January 3, 2009

Ebay full report on Fake Flash for 8 months from the FrankenFlash Project. See the fakes listed on ebay, investigated and confirmed to be fake (counterfeit). A must have for anyone interested in trying to by flash items such as USB drives, memory cards and MP Players on eBay.

See the Flash devices sporting their counterfeit cloths. A Full report 175 eBay Sellers exposed, 404 models . It covers 200805-200812. This is the report everyone wants and for many eBayers wished they had before they bid on a counterfeit drive.

All the sellers on this list and all the drive models identified are counterfeits. In plainer English, FAKE!

You will find the report to download at the bottom of this article.

Can we support our claims?

Absolutely! We have all the evidence right down the the eBay Item number and the eBayer victim. For sellers on the list, if you don’t like being there, too bad. If you can prove to us that you have contacted each and every person who bought the drive model from you and can provide supporting evidence from both buyer and pay pal that you refunded in full, with shipping and handling, you can contact us to discuss removal. You have done enough harm and damage to others – it is time for it to end. Are there eBay sellers who have contacted buyers and refunded? Yes. There are sellers who have integrity caught up in fake flash drives.

The ones who refund and contact buyers are the victim sellers, they are not the fraudsters that need to be stopped.

Any drive on this list is a beacon. You can be 99% sure that the rest for the same listing are fake too. We have been able to prove this over and over again when we investigate a seller deeper. You can also search using the tool: Just type in the eBay Seller’s id and see what comes up. Many entries there are not part of our investigation. The only thing that is clear, eBayers are trying to warn each other. Often their warning get lost in the volume feedback of a sellers feedback. A great tool, if useful to you please consider donating to them. Note: A reprogammed drive is not a defective drive. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the flash drive – only it’s size. It is not as big as the reprogamming of the controller chip says. A counterfeit drive. Fraud.

 ebay fake flash-sellers 200804-200812 mugshot report

The Mug-Shot report is currently about 1.8 MB and could take a while to download if you have dial-up internet.

16 Responses to “Report Ebay Fake Flash USB Drives – Memory Cards – MP Players 200804 – 200812 – To Help You Recognize The Fakes”

  1. Beverley Follows said

    350130470713 kungfuchiuchiu – 16gb – Hong Kong
    110315852860 mp3eternity – 16gb – Hong Kong
    270309210537 allproductsold1 – 32gb – France (via Hong Kong)

    I fell victim and purchased the above before finding out about this site – all are fake. I’d say they started life as 2gb drives.

    Fortunately, I haven’t left feedback (although 1 is “private!) and I still have time to claim via PayPal hopefully?

    Can you advise?

    Kind regards

  2. KittyFireFlash said

    Hi Bev,

    One guide has just been sent to your email address. Let everyone know how you are coming along…

  3. 370128326361 bought via pc_exports as a 16gb USB key. Turns out to be a 4 GB chip inside.

    Seller will refund me if I remove all negative comments on him. Paypal gave me the usual mail telling me to send back to HK using premium traceable shipping (while the seller never did) and then sent me a satisfaction questionnaire.

  4. kittyfireflash said

    To EspressoFrog

    Watch out for the “I give you money back if you remove negative” – that is one of the worst black mail behaviors these fake flash sellers use. And how so many more eBayers land up in the fake flash pit. You might like to tell mr fake flash seller if you are refunded ASAP you are going to forward the ebay demanding a removal of negative for a refund to eBay, PayPal and depending if the seller is in Hong Hong – to the police there.

  5. Alexey said

    16GB USB 2.0 Flash Memory Drive 16G Pen Thumb Stick A
    from takeme2home
    It`s fake 2Gb and after first write. flash disk read only

  6. felixklim said

    I just received a fake 16g usb flash drive on eBay.
    I wish I knew about your website bofore being scammed.

  7. felixklim said

    eBay Item Number: 280337804186
    16g usb flash drive
    seller: ptestate99 Hong Kong

  8. Mike said

    When will you do a new report?

  9. kittyfireflash said

    To Mike

    A new report is planned. The problem we face is that the fakes on file are a moving target, it just keeps going up. The pdf file is also large and we are looking at ways to try and compress it.

    At the moment we advise people consult the ebay fake flash seller’s list. There is a link in the left menu bar at the top. If the seller is not yet on the list people should type the seller’s id into the search box to see if there is an alert published after the last ebay fake flash seller’s update.

    We strongly advise that people report in using the report a fake tab for the information needed.

    The hard part is investigating and collecting the information. That has be done now before we can issue an alert. One of the goals of the project is to preserve information and make sure the data does not disappear. The potential for a class action suit grows with each passing day as eBay has not addressed or fixed the problem. We do hope they will address it and show zero tolerance for any seller caught selling fake flash devices on ebay.

    We do see some evidence that they are attempting to improve. Suspending fake flash seller’s is good, only they reappear after a short while in ebay fake flash prision. This is not good enough. They need to be kicked off ebay permenantly! ebay also needs to warn buyers for sellers caught and assist in refunding them.

    Zero tolerance is needed.

    We hope to publish the next report by the end of May. eBay is NOT going to like it – they will fall off their chair. Fake flash sellers will like it even less.

    We the victims of fake flash acquistions on ebay have only one thing to say:

    Do not buy any usb flash drives, mp players or memory cards on ebay. Stay away! It is just too dangerous.

    In the meantime, we struggle to assist victims. A new report should be available at the end of May 2009.

  10. Phylis Stein said

    I bought an 8gb mp3 player, generic, from etrade4world2008 for my grandson who was so thrilled to be getting one only to have him get a hacked piece of junk. The seller apologized and said they would replace it so I sent the first one back, at my expense, to China only to receive another piece of junk just like the first. When I demanded a refund the seller tried to blackmail me into leaving good feedback before giving me a refund but I refused and threatened to file a claim and they refunded my purchase price. I still lost money, though, shipping the first one back to them.
    A very nice person I found in their feedback who is a seller was kind enough to send me instructions to fix it and use it as a 2gb which it really was (or less) but it didn’t work. It’s a total piece of junk with no hope. Ebay doesn’t care if you get ripped off. I know from past experience with them that you really have to fight them to get them to respond to anything. If they don’t start caring I believe ebay will go the way of and deservedly so. I would hate to see that happen because it’s a great place to find unusual things and for honest people to make some money.

    So, to EBAY, stop being so greedy and DO something about the fraud that is happening on a daily basis on your site. Right now you totally suck.

  11. Frank said

    Couldn’t agree more Phyllis Stein (love the nom-de-plume BTW!) – I loved ebay when I first joined. I had such a good experience that I became very trusting. So trusting that didn’t have my thinking head on when I bought some flash drives…. ’nuff said…..

  12. 270400216045, NEW 16GB Pen Drive USB 2.0 Clé Flash Memory Stick ,sell_u_usb
    damn I found this before i bought this, as has been said, If its to good to be true it probably is.

    Does anyone know of a technique to get a refund? i havent left feedback if that helps

  13. TechChips said

    Callum, please warn other buyers. Previous name of seller fubendang, 250+ sold.

  14. Ok i will run some test to make sure and, see if this seller is still there, ill see what i can get out of him. and leave bad feedback pointing to this site

  15. Mr Matt said

    I had the same experience as Phillis Stein. Got one peice of junk and seller said to send it back for replacement. Which he did but second one was a worse peice of junk.
    I’ve started an e-mail campaign warning people not to buy these fakes. Everyone should and we should write politicians to get them to pressure e bay to kick thes fake sellers off their site. As for me, I’m not buying anything off of e bay anymore.
    Oh and don’t bother trying to get resolution through paypal either. After submitting a dispute resolution request to paypal I got a message saying they don’t handle those kinds of disputes. I guess I am just out the money.

  16. wmwelch said

    I purchased a 32GB SDHC card from Ebay from a seller in Hong Kong adiandian3. I did receive a card with a 32GB label, but the card would not format to be able to perform the H2testw.exe test software. I tried to run the test anyway, but I kept getting a message that the card needed to be formatted first. When I tried to format, the capacity of the card read as 8MB (not 8GB). This card would not work at all. I filed a claim with Paypal case # PP-727-693-513. I sent the card back to the address that Paypal provided for this seller and provided Paypal with all information that they requested. However today I received the following resolution regarding my case:

    The tracking information you provided was invalid and we were unable to
    confirm delivery of the item associated with this claim. As a result, the
    case is now considered closed and we are unable to process a refund.

    We encourage you to work directly with the seller to find a resolution.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


    Protection Services Department

    PayPal does not tolerate fraud or illegal activities. Your complaint has
    been noted in the record of the PayPal user you reported. If we find this
    user has violated our policies, we will investigate and take appropriate
    action. If this occurs, you may be contacted in the future about the status
    of this complaint.

    To make sure future transactions proceed smoothly, we suggest you visit the
    PayPal site and click the Security Center link located at the bottom of any
    page. There you will find tips on how to avoid fraudulent sellers in the
    “Fraud Prevention Tips for Buyers” section.

    Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you
    will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account
    and click the Help link in the top right corner of any PayPal page.

    Note I believe that the seller provided a fake address to Paypal and thus when I attempted to return the item to this address, it never arrived. I for one will not be buying any other items from a Hong Kong seller, as it seems like many of these fake items are coming from Hong Kong/China.

    Wendy (wmwelch)

    Transaction details are as follows:

    Seller’s Name: Wang Liang
    Seller’s Email:
    Seller’s Transaction ID: 3DP68034DL9696909

    Transaction Date: Jun 7, 2009
    Transaction Amount: -$27.50 USD
    Your Transaction ID: 8N251279N49458642
    Case Number: PP-727-693-513

    Buyer’s Transaction ID: 8N251279N49458642

    Seller’s ID is adiandian3.

    Note that my case was submitted after this seller had been kicked off Ebay, so I guess that that is one small consolation, although they can easily sign back up with a new seller ID and new bogus address info.

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