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Why eBayers Don’t Get Refunds When They Return Fake Flash

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 5, 2008

Have you ever wondered why so many eBayers, under orders from PayPal to return fake flash drives to eBayer sellers of counterfeit drives never get refunds?

It is illegal to use the Postal System in most countries to send or receive counterfeit merchandise. You will find more details about this in other articles at this site and in the Guide sent to eBayers. See the news article list for details.

Still many eBayers, especially in the past have obeyed PayPals orders to try and release their funds being held to ransom by PayPal.

The sad fact is, many never see a refund. Why? Simple. The address to return the counterfeit item doesnt exist or is incomplete. It is sent to never never land. The eBay fake flash seller for once, is actually able to tell the truth. They never received the counterfeit back. How could they? They gave the wrong address to the victimized eBayer!

Selling counterfeit flash drives is illegal. The sellers know this. They like what they do. The profits are terrific. Like any criminal – they don’t want to be caught. That means covering your tracks, making sure there are no obvious trails leading back to you. As we have presented in many articles, the fake flash sellers on eBay are no dummies. They are skilled in lies and deception. It is a business. Criminal and illegal – they don’t want to be sent to prison, they want to enjoy the good life fake flash profit bring – at your expense!

SOSFakeFlash has observed that if an eBayer contacts the seller before filing a dispute with PayPay, they get one address. If they file a claim they get another address. Usually there is a Hong Kong address and an address in Mainland China. So which is THE address? Good question. Nobody knows.

We just published an alert: Alert – pengsoloshow – Ebay Fake Flash Seller. This id has been connected to the Counterfeit ring SOSFakeFlash has been investigating. We presented the old address we had on file for returning items and the new one.

The old address which was real:

Zhong Lisha(PS)

Zhong Lisha(PS)
32B, XiaoFeng Building ,
YouYi Road, Luohu District,
Shenzhen, 518002
Guangdong Province

The new address which is incomplete:

Chinese Guangdong Province,
Luohu area lake shell new village 138 403, 518001,

FakeFlashStopper is very experienced with Counterfeit flash drive sellers on eBay. Many times over having been through the return to the fake flash sellers ordeal. FakeFlashStopper reviewed the addresses and said:

October 4, 2008 at 7:42

Also I would like to point out, some of the addresses that paypal ask you to return back is of cause and most likely to be not a real one! So if you are require to return the drive, it a very likely chance the seller would not have recieve the drive (or would have but lie and say did not) and paypal cannot confirm you have return it – so No refund!.

Take the 2 different address above, and notice wat the different: Address 2 only provide the suburb, town, village and post code. But the problem is which street? which building? etc.

I don’t think SOSFakeFlash can make it any clearer. pengsoloshow is in trouble and does not want the fake flash drives returning to a real address. The same applies to most of fake flash sellers.

Take the registration on eBay for the Don Of Fake Flash – 3ToTrade. This is what is on file:

Chiu Sui Chun

User ID: 3totrade
Name: Sui Chun Chiu
City: default
County: default

Interesting is it not? What conclusions do you draw from this?

Recently an eBayer battled with PayPal, see the article:

PayPal Apologizes To eBayer Ordered Return Counterfeit Items Using Postal Services – Fake Flash eBay Sellers

Posted at the begining of this month. FlashStormer made it pretty clear about return addresses. If you use the Negative and Neutrals tool to check out complaints against a seller and see many disappointed eBayers who sent items back and still did not get a refund, now you know why – the items went to fake addresses or incomplete ones.

SOSFakeFlash does not advise you risk breaking the laws of your country to use the Postal System to transit counterfeit items. The severity or penalities very much depend on your country – some are more strict then others. You now have another reason to avoid doing this – you will spend more money on postage and still risk never getting a refund. If a seller tells you they need the drive to as proof to claim against their source for fake flash acquistion – they don’t need you drive – they just need to test one they have on hand.

30 Responses to “Why eBayers Don’t Get Refunds When They Return Fake Flash”

  1. Comeon said

    Don’t just complain to PAYPAL get your credit card issuing bank involved, they trump PAYPAL.

    So if Barclays issued your card bitch to them, this way PAYPAL has to pay for chargeback fees, if you wanna understand how PAYPAL works understand that they work by percentage, if a seller costs them more then they earn from the seller then they banned the seller’s account. Actually PAYPAL aint even that dumb, they is a business, they’ll ban a seller before he or she starts losing Paypal money.

    So BITCH TO YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY once the investigation takes places PAYPAL is charged, and yes they’ll initially just pass on the fees to that particular seller, but threshold baby, if one dude proves to be a liability then he’s gone.

    And be an educated Consumer, think before you buy do your bloody research, Nothing comes for Free, if its too bloody good a deal there’s a good chance there’s something wrong.

  2. Comeon said

    Complain to eBay if you suspect the Sellers address or telephone isnt real, they’ll block that account very quick this way.

  3. BryGee said

    I have just won and purchased a 32gb capacity drive from ebay seller all-item-trade


    As a little bit of insurance I have sent him the following message:

    “I have purchased this 32gb drive – please be aware that this drive will be tested by the appropiate software to authenticate its true copacity. If 32gb is not the true capacity DO NOT SEND and I require a full refund. If this is the true capacity, my sincerest apologies.” Keep you posted on any reply and product

  4. BryGee said


    What will the consequences be if bids are won and not paid on ebay???

  5. kittyfireflash said

    Thank you for reporting in. See

    This seller has a sea of negative feedback for fake flash drives. Worse still, this seller is hiding under Private Auction listings. This is in direct violation of eBay’s intent for that kind of listing.

    Report the seller to eBay. Also know that eBay is currently attempting to block access to this site. We would love to know why. It only indicates that they are desperately trying to hide the problem and ensure that people like you – don’t find out or learn the truth.

    The fact that you found us – means that you can avoid buying a fake flash drive on ebay, will not suffer data loss and will not lose your hard earned money.

    Don’t pay for the drive – demand that eBay ensure to you in writing that they will guarantee the true capacity is 32GB from this seller. If they will, then you are willing to pay – not before. The address pasted in here for the sellers negative and neutrals speaks clearly…

  6. BryGee said

    just got this reply

    “Dear sir , product is 32gb , if you pefer to cancel the sale , it is your right , and we can refund you . or we can ship the product .
    best regards ”

    My reply:

    “Due to warnings from knowledgable friends I will like to cancel this sale and would like a full refund a.s.a.p – Thank You”

  7. BryGee said


    “Dear sir , no problem , we refund you right now .
    thanks you for leaving nice feedback to us .
    regards ”

    Paypal refunded 😉 many thanks for your info

    Buy with confidence from


    PNY Attache Premium 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive
    £16.99 Free Delivery

  8. Ted Fletcher said

    To warn other people of the nightmares I am also going through to try and get my money back:

    These THREE eBay Sellers:
    leadingstore – Item number: 320305834712 – $25.01 This one is Zhong Lisha
    yihaifeifan168 – Item number: 270280794564 – $25.01
    bestselleryan – Item number: 320305793298 – $22.15

    ALL sent me FAKE 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Memory Sticks.
    All have had their memory chip altered to show a larger capacity than what they are. These aren’t manufacturing defects, these have been tampered with in order to deceive. Two had a capacity of 4GB and one was supposed to have been an authentic Samsung 16GB flash drive, it has a capacity of TWO gigabytes.

    PayPal STILL insists that I send the FAKE items back to the sellers at my expense.

    This is OUTRAGEOUS. I have been fleeced by 3 of their Sellers and they want me to return the incriminating evidence back to them.

    These things are worthless to me, but I am more than happy to send them all back to someone at PayPal or eBay at MY OWN EXPENSE, but it is unconscionable to expect me to return them to the sellers before I can get my PayPal refunds.

    Three sales. Three different sellers. Three counterfeit items. Three disputes.
    NO resolutions yet. I now have over 100 pieces of correspondence about these three items. Its stress I could do without.

    Its looking more likely that I have to send all the documentation to the Australian Government Ombudsman to investigate PayPal’s and eBay’s way of doing business.

    If anyone has closer links or ties to anyone at eBay or PayPal that can help me to settle these three disputes by email, I would very much appreciate an introduction. Thanks.

    Its a pity that I didnt see pages like this earlier. I am a deaf invalid pensioner and can ill afford to lose the money. Two of the flash drives were presents for other people.

  9. mad teacher said

    Hi Ted,

    Sadly PayPal and Ebay are still evading their responsibilities and making life difficult for buyers instead of getting rid of the fraudsters. You need to persist and be determined in order to get refunds. If we are going to stop this fraud, everyone must be determined and persist!

    We’ve all been told the same things – what they are telling you is wrong. Do not send the drives back to the seller under any circumstances. The seller will simply claim they didn’t receive them and your evidence is gone! It is probably illegal for you to send them through the post anyway, it is in most countries. PayPal know this already – make them aware that you know too.

    You should only release them (IN PERSON with a receipt stating what you have handed over) to a representative of:

    A) the police
    B) a trading standards organisation
    C) an Internet fraud agency
    D) Ebay
    E) Paypal
    F) In the case of branded drives (for example Kingston, Sandisk, Sony etc.) a representative of the company concerned.

    Perhaps you may find replicating at least some the actions I took useful. I informed Paypal that it was my understanding that it would not be legal for me to send fraudulent items via the UK postal service (applies in other countries too).

    I reported the matter to the Hong Kong police (the sellers I bought from were based there) and cc’d the seller into the correspondence so that they were aware that I was serious about acting against them.

    I made the fact that I had done this and had also reported the matter to the British police, the Office of Fair Trading and other consumer protection agencies clear in the dispute console.

    I also reported the sellers as fraudulent to Ebay. PayPal soon changed their tune and refunded me in full. It’s exhausting, but it’s the only way. Almost everyone I am aware of who is trying to fight this fraud seems to be over 50, as I am. Don’t give up – we need to fight to stop this, tiring and stressful as it is.

    I’m in the UK and I gather you are probably in Australia – If you email me at this address: I could probably put you in touch with someone in Australia who could give you more country-specific advice.

  10. pep said

    i need help guys, busy in a claim and i got this off Paypal

    “After careful review, we have determined that you are eligible for a refund. To qualify for this refund, please send the items whose claims were granted back to the seller in their original condition and keep your tracking information. You are responsible for postage and packing costs.

    Please post to:福田区华强北赛格广场五楼5930号, 深圳市, 广东省, 518000, China”

    ive got til Oct 12 2009 to provide tracking details, i really need some help on this


  11. Loganaden said

    Hey Pep
    I have the same problem – I bought a fake 32GB SDHC (only 2GB) from Newarcade.
    Paypal sent me a return address which is unreadable.
    I got the message below :-

    “You may be eligible for a refund on this PayPal transaction.

    To qualify for a refund, you must return the item to the seller, in the
    same condition you received it, within 10 calendar days of the date of this
    email. You are responsible for the cost of returning the merchandise.

    We may not be able to give you a full refund — the refund amount is based
    on the terms of our Buyer Protection programs. Please review the Buyer
    Protection programs in our User Agreement to determine if you would like to
    pursue this claim.

    Next steps:

    Step 1 –
    Return the item to the seller, at the following address:


    I’ve got until 16 Oct to take action.

    Could anyone advise me what to do.

    P.S. Pep it seems Paypal sent you the same address as to me.
    Did you buy from Newarcade?
    It seems like Newarcade is a big fraud and I can’t understand why eBAy isn’t doing anything about him.

  12. pep said

    yes i did a 32GB fake SDHC card im still in the process of claiming a refund got to wait til 4 November????

  13. KittyFireFlash said

    Hi Pep,

    What happens November 4th, 2009?

  14. pep said

    i dont no, my claim status just says that Paypal is assessing the claim and will give me info by that date

  15. Peter Bell said

    Just FYI

    “Chinese Guangdong Province,
    Luohu area lake shell new village 138 403, 518001,

    Does appear to be a complete address – although I don’t know if it’s valid or not.

  16. TechChips said

    We are not sure if it is a valid address either Peter. It has been used by ebay id pengsoloshow.

    This id was connected to the 3totrade counterfeit ring operating on eBay. A fake flash memory seller can use several addresses. The one you mention was used when too many complaints were received by ebay for pengsoloshow. It is old.

    Did you get this address for a new seller Peter? Investigation at the time by those in Oceania, indicated the address was not valid.

  17. Peter Bell said

    No, it’s just that I’m in Shenzhen – and that address is in a valid format for one of the “urban villages” – they don’t use street names, just a building number (138) and the room in that building (in this case, 403 – 4th floor, apartment #3).

    Having said that, most of the people I’ve asked seem to think that “深圳市罗湖区罗湖新村138栋403宝” was in an area that was demolished several years ago and certainly no longer exists now – so it depends on how old it is.

  18. TechChips said

    The address for pengsoloshow is about 12 to 14 months old. It’s not the only one. I send a request for additional information for you.

  19. Peter Bell said

    OK, in that case it looks like it was bogus even at the time – apparently that area was knocked down in about 2006.

  20. TechChips said

    Rec’d the other address for pengsoloshow:

    32B,XiaoFeng Building,
    29# YouYi Road, Luohu District,
    Guang Dong Province

    This address shows up a lot. Sometimes the zip code is 518001 instead of 518002. Is there any significance Peter in the difference?

    Thank you for confirming what the Oceania group reported about the “Luohu area lake shell new village” not being valid.

  21. Peter Bell said

    Yeah, they are 2 different areas – 518001 is the bit around where luohu commercial city and the railway station are, and 518002 is a bit further in – around guomao / dongmen.

    518001 appears to be the correct postcode – if you search for “罗湖区友谊路29号” (luohu district,29 youyi road) it comes up as an apartment building (“Cloud peak gardens”) with a Karaoke place (“K star”) on the first 3 floors – but the building name is wrong – “cloud peak” is “yunfeng” – 云峰 not “xiaofeng” 校风?- 32B sounds like a valid apartment number – probably on the top floor.

    I will be in luohu tomorrow (well today – it’s nearly 4AM here!) and I will try and find the place and let you know.

  22. Peter Bell said

    Well, to follow up my last post – 518001 is the correct postcode for 29 youyi lu, but it’s actually much closer to guomao than I thought – there are two apartment towers in yunfeng huayuan, but nobody (not even the estate agents on the ground floor of that building) had ever heard of a xiaofeng anything.

    I also sent you an email with some photos in it.

  23. Tim said

    I ordered a 32 GB flash drive from obamastores. The flash drive was obviously a fake, as I tested it. The actual size is only 8GB. I told them I want a refund and they said to ship the item back to:
    Peng Cheng Hui (OB)
    32B, XiaoFeng Building ,
    YouYi Road, Luohu District,
    Shenzhen, 518002
    Guangdong Province

    Which from reading this post, it looks like it’s fake.
    How should I go about getting a refund?

  24. I have the same problem with a 32MB MP3 player. The return address is almost exactly the same as yours. Same road, province and city. Must be the crooked seller housing?

  25. Peter Bell said

    Sadly, it appears to be a fake address – the “29 youyi road” bit is legit, but there is no xiaofeng building there – just a yunfeng building – although that does have a 32B the name doesn’t match.

  26. Tim,

    obamastores is part of the oldest eBay counterfeit ring on file – 3totrade, the Don Of Fake Flash.

    If your testing reports an 8GB flash drive, perhaps you could consider repairing it, restoring it to the real 8GB capacity.

    It is not advised to return fake memory items. It violates postal laws in many countries. In many cases the item goes to a fake address. Refunds for returns are few. Also the item is then dispatched to the next eBay buyer.

    The obamastores id is one of the worst cases on file. The level of fraud, similar to the 3totrade id.

    Did you report in to sosfakeflash?

    obamastores continues to fraud because victims will not fight back. Have you been contacting other buyers who left positive Tim to warn them?

  27. KittyFireFlash said

    Hi InspectorTech,

    Don’t you ever sleep?

    Amen. To put out obamastores fake flash lights requires that victims report in to us. If they don’t we can’t organize them.

    Sorry folks, SOSFakeFlash does not stop fake flash sellers, YOU do!

    xprodeal was stopped by his victims. So do victims of obamastores have the will and the guts to stop him?

  28. Chris said

    Wu Qiong
    26D,XiaoFeng Building ,
    29# YouYi Road,Luohu District,
    Shenzhen,518001, GuangDong Province

    The guy at this address is also a thief,i sent back a faulty item 3 months ago & never got it returned,the unit flash was fake 16gb,the idiot is no longer a registered user of ebay,the time limit was out of paypal & ebay alotted time,it did take 6 weeks to arrive to me!,how can ebay let this go on & so many people are left victims of crime?!
    Chris Belfast

  29. […] Why eBayers Don’t Get Refunds When They Return Fake Flash […]

  30. […] Why eBayers Don’t Get Refunds When They Return Fake Flash […]

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