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SOSFakeFlash And eBay Seller Lists For Fake Memory. USB Flash Drives, MP Players, Memory Cards Upgraded Memory Sold On eBay.

Posted by techchips on December 15, 2010

GoofyDonaldWriteSOSFakeFlash will be publishing new eBay fake flash memory sellers in January 2011. Our technical team is working on the new lists and testing. We hope to remain with two lists and not split for three or four. The lists will be long but people can always use their browser search option for a page to type in their eBay seller’s id to find the seller quickly.

The current lists from July 2010 will be retired. Please do not link to the lists directly. We remove them. This means people will not find the lists you are referring to.

Instead, if you want to link on forums and web pages, please use this instead: You can use a title of: Lists – eBay Sellers Fakes. * to K , L to Z, or something else. This way you will always get the newest lists that SOSFakeFlash publishes on eBay fake memory sellers and it will always be up to date.

There is little time left to make sure your seller is on the new list. Please use the to report in to SOSFakeFlash. According to KittyFireFlash a lot of people do not send the mandatory information. Unfortunately incomplete reports go to file 13, you know what that means…. You need to help make things easy for the SOSFakeFlash team, they have a lot of work to do, a lot of investigating. Sellers get a complete profile at this site, documenting all the items they sold. It stays as a record.

If you find out you bought a fake on eBay, make sure you leave negative feedback immediately. If you found out after you left positive feedback, do follow up feedback to tell people you did not get the advertised capacity.

A lot of people think by holding back or even changing negative to positive they will get a refund. LOL! and I can’t say this loud enough, LOL!!!!!!

The people at this site will tell you, nothing is further from the truth. About 90% don’t get the refund and their case is closed, the seller gets to have the last laugh. A lot of victims don’t like people who change their feedback for a refund. One of the main reasons is? It’s how they became NEXT victims.

Congratulations to the SOSFakeFlash team for all the hard work you have done! You reached 1 million hits, Yesterday, December 14 2010!

It is something to celebrate. It is something not to celebrate – it means the problem of fake memory products is very serious. It also demonstrates the problem on eBay is very bad, fraud continues. Every day eBay creates new victims, they allow people to lose their important data, their precious memories. It’s important you report in so you can be recorded at a victim.HardToBelieve

eBay fake flash memory sellers continue to prey on the sympathies of buyers. Most eBay members are honest people and find it hard to believe sellers will fraud them with false capacity usb flash drives, memory cards and mp players.

The most common excuses are? The item is “faulty”. The item is “defective”. People actually believe this. After 3 years, SOSFakeFlash has only one message for you from buyers frauded, they all say one thing:

If it is too good to be true, it usually is!

It’s a hard lesson to learn. Who accepts the faulty and defective excuses the most? eBay members in the United States. eBay members in Europe and Oceania, don’t seem to be so naive. It is a sellers responsibility to test their merchandise and to understand the product they intend to sell, to research it carefully.

KittyFireFlash and the SOSFakeFlash team were forced to introduce a zero tolerance policy for sellers on eBay almost two years ago. They had no choice, too many eBay members were being frauded. If sellers wanted to make a quick $ or £ why should you suffer their mistake?

The subject of trying to repair fake memory chips remains a hot topic. You can find information at: you should read the information Inspectortech provides very carefully.

Two important articles to read at my site:

SOSFakeFlash told me they are really worried about January 2011 reports from frauded buyers. Last year it was pretty bad. They issued 111 alerts and almost went insane. eBay members:

  • Lost their refunds to due exceeding the 45 day claim window.
  • They lost data and files for the holidays.
  • The people they gave usb flash drives, memory cards and mp players, received horrible presents – data loss.

2 Responses to “SOSFakeFlash And eBay Seller Lists For Fake Memory. USB Flash Drives, MP Players, Memory Cards Upgraded Memory Sold On eBay.”

  1. KittyFireFlash said

    Please rush your fake flash seller information into sosfakeflash using the report a fake tab. The cutoff date is fast approaching for the new lists to be published. Do not delay if you want your ebay fake flash memory seller listed!

  2. TechChips said

    Good News. Bad News.

    The good news: reprogamming the databases almost complete. There will be 3 lists.

    The bad news: 3 different lists are a real pain in the ass. Polite speak, difficult to navigate.

    New feature is being added to highlight counts for the really bad sellers. Frankly 1 or a 100, it makes little difference. This site SOSFakeFlash is stuggling to keep up and as most of us on the inside track know, 1 in about 1000 fakes sold get a neg and 1 on 10,000 gets reported to the people here.

    Since sosfakeflash provided hotlinks to negative feedback eBay copied this site about 6 months ago. Not sure but it seems eBay is tracking people who check the negs and neutrals when they are logged into eBay. Interesting.

    All of us prefer independent review of feedback. Reasons obvious.

    Some people asked for text lists of seller id’s. Plain and simple. Looking at it. Useful as reference, useless as a tool. Will be considered.

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