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Who Do You Report Fake Flash Memory Purchased On eBay First? eBay Or SOSFakeFlash? Understand The Truth And Your Part In Fraud Memory Fraud.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 3, 2011

If you suspect you bought a fake capacity MP Player, usb flash drive or memory card on eBay there are five things you need to do: Read the rest of this entry »

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SOSFakeFlash Long Note 20091021

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 21, 2009

DefendingAgainstFraudstersUpdated: eBay fake flash memory sellers: Sellers * to K and Sellers L to Z covers 663 sellers. If you don’t see your seller on the current list, report in so your seller is on the list using the Report a fake tab . Please do NOT assume that if a seller is not on the lists, it is safe to buy! Recently a number of eBayer’s made this mistake!

To everyone with courage leaving “SOSFakeFlash” in negative feedback, thank you! We can see traffic to our site increasing. You are helping the victims of your fake flash seller! We need people to help out by contacting Buyers we can not tell you how important this is! SOSFakeFlash needs YOU!

Fake Flash Memory sellers on eBay are getting Top Seller ratings. Watch out! eBay is asleep at the wheel. We will be publishing more on any fake flash seller receiving this rating from eBay.

Kudos to: Scandinavia, Australia, Brazil, India and the United States! Keep up the good work – fight back! Add your country to the honour role – raise awareness, post at internet sites and forums!

The 32GB and 64GB fake capacity issue is increasing ever since Kingston created a 256GB flash drive.

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