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Safe2Star eBay Fake Memory PowerSeller With FeedBack Score 52569 Bites The Dust! Suspended After Two Year Effort By eBay Victims! Almost 1000 Negative And Neutrals Before eBay Acts. Buyer Protection For Flash Memory Does Not Exist On eBay – You Have Been Warned By SOSFakeFlash!

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 20, 2011

So you were thinking of buying a memory card, an MP Player or a usb flash drive on eBay? Beware! You are most likely going to become a flash memory victim! Surprised? Don’t be. One of the most successful fake flash memory sellers, was Safe2Star. How many victims does SOSFakeFlash have on file? 207! A lot of victims are shy about reporting to SOSFakeFlash, they shouldn’t be. It is the only way to fight back against a fake flash memory seller.

The victims of Safe2Star, fought long and hard. The real problem was Safe2Star using private auctions and also the size of his feedback score. eBay tried to ignore the victims. Read the rest of this entry »


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October 2009 – Ebay Fake Flash Seller Hot List

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 5, 2009

These eBay sellers need the attention of all Fake Flash angels and commando’s:

  1. showwhat
  2. kinhome88
  3. safe2star
  4. upcomingtrend Mission Accomplished


showwhat was chased by eBay members and took a fake flash selling break. He is back with a vengeance. What is he selling that is new? 32GB fake usb flash drives! People will lose both data and money unless he is forced to take another “break”! Can you help warn buyers? Read:


safe2star has been around for a long time. This is another powerseller who uses a lot of private auctions. What will it take to have safe2star suspended? Read:


kinhome88 is managing to sneak through the cracks. Formerly this seller only sold MP Player fakes but has now graduated to selling fake usb flash drives. Can he be stopped? Yes, if people contact buyers and make eBay and PayPal’s life a misery. Read:


This is the worst offender on ebay at the moment. upcomingtrend is using private auctions and is a powerseller with a very high score. Check his feedback and if you see “Private” for an eBay item number, it is hiding a fake! Please contact anyone who left positive feedback. Report listings to eBay. How people chose to address this seller is up to them and according to their conscience.

upcomingtrend has been STOPPED! Thank you everyone for all the effort put in.


If you can spare 15 minutes a day, please help! Warn buyers for these sellers! Read:

FraudedBuyersThese sellers are on theHot List, Will you help make them history? If you are a victim of fraud on eBay, make a difference, fight back, warn others and contribute by saying NO! Help your fellow eBay members, save them from data loss. Help them to march to PayPal and claim refunds. Money is hard to earn these days, fraud should not be part of the “eBay experience”, neither should members suffer the loss of their valuable data.

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