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eBay. Why Do People Bid And Buy 256GB USB Leather Pen Thumb Memory Flash Stick Drives With Free Shipping? The Scam For 16 32 64 128 256 GB Fake Capacity.

Posted by DragonDakel on March 28, 2011

USB leather flash drives, eBay members bid and buy, bid and buy. Sadly anyone who buys it at an advertised capacity of more than 4GB is asking for trouble. Fraud is waiting. False capacity is waiting – hacked memory. Yet, despite many warnings from FrankenFlash Project sites, members on eBay rush to buy one, often several at a time.

Can anyone tell us why?


Even FakeFlashNews recently issued a warning:

Danger! Do Not Buy USB Leather Pen Thumb Memory Flash Stick Drives On eBay! Fake Capacity Sold 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB.

Still, people rush to buy them.

One of us has a glass jar filled with these hacked leather usb flash drives. A reminder of a stupid mistake made years ago on eBay. It’s a good motivator to keep pounding on the keyboard.

Did you bid for one on eBay? If you did and so far not paid for it, cancel the sale and transaction immediately. Report the seller to eBay.

If you want to see what they really look like inside read this:

Proving A Fake USB Flash Memory Pen Drive Stick Pen To Be False Capacity – A Visual Example – Guide Made Easy

If you paid and tested the capacity, or opened it up to decode the flash memory storage chip, make sure you file a dispute to get your money back. Warn other people too.

At FakeMemorySentinel we are issuing warnings on any eBay seller who lists them at advertised capacity of more than 8 GB. They do exist at 16GB at internet sites outside of eBay. However, they are sold by reputable companies, they “Logo” them – emboss with your companies name or promotion and they are not cheap.


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