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Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 9, 2010

The best price for Kingston Datatravel DT200 flash drives on eBay, do you want to know? Read the rest of this entry »

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A Shopping Trip Wholesale Prices For Fake Sony Kingston Counterfeit USB Flash Drives 16GB 32GB 64Gb 120GB 240GB 360GB 500GB

Posted by KittyFireFlash on April 23, 2009

Why do eBay members and internet shoppers end up buying fake counterfeit Kingston DataTraveler and Sony MicroVault usb flash drives? Whose fault is it? The buyer? The reseller? The Wholesaler? The black market profiteer who has the flash chips reprogrammed to lie about their real size? It is obvious that the black market profiteer knows what he is doing. Almost all wholesalers do as well. Some resellers know, but quiet a few do not. Buyers are not aware and they pay the price. We have a little shopping trip for you, interested? Read the rest of this entry »


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Confirmed – Counterfeit Kingston DT150 32GB DataTraveler Ring eBay Sellers minggege99, abestpartner0, and niuren2008

Posted by KittyFireFlash on April 12, 2009

eBay members, victims of the seller ids: minggege99, abestpartner0, and niuren2008 have suspected same person was involved in the trafficking in these Counterfeit Kingston DT150 32GB usb flash drives recently flooding eBay. Over 4600+ units were sold and over £80,000 of listing sales on eBay!

eBay has removed all evidence of listings and deregistered the seller ids. PayPal is trying to evade responsibilty in refunding buyers. SOSFakeFlash finds nothing new there. Both must be very worried about hearing from Kingston Technologies for allowing these items to be sold on eBay. Many eBay members contacted Kingston and all were told the items they purchased were counterfeits.

Who is the seller or distributor? Reported by victims, one: Read the rest of this entry »

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32GB Kingston DT150 32GB DataTraveler USB Flash Drive Counterfeits eBay Scandal – Wholesale Costs For Counterfeits

Posted by KittyFireFlash on April 9, 2009

You can buy counterfeit 32GB Kingston DT150 32GB DataTraveler USB Flash Drives on internet wholesale sites in the orient for as little as $14 US. Imagine your reselling profits until you get caught! Police and Buyers knocking on your door. Here is a perfect example of upgrading – read – digitally altering a small flash drive to appear bigger to an operating system – see the listing below.

Recently three eBay sellers: minggege99, nuiren2008, abestpartner0 together sold over 4,500 units on eBay. eBay members reported them to SOSFakeFlash. Soon internet alerts were published and negatives poured in. The FrankenFlash Project websites went to work. All three sellers are now toast. Angry buyers are storming PayPal demanding FULL Refunds. With over 4,500 fakes sold you can imagine what this means for PayPal and the dispute console – it is sizzling.

Do not buy this usb flash drive on eBay. Do not buy it at internet wholesalers in the orient – especially if you plan to resell. The profit margin for selling genuine usb flash drives is small. Sorry but large retail chains do not have a large mark up – they make their profit in moving volume not per item. If you are an eBay seller you could probably make more profit baking and selling cookies at a local fund raiser than from selling genuine usb flash drives. Not convinced? Visit Flash Drive Facts and start reading on the subject.

Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.




If you want to review all the counterfeits found on eBay you can visit these two sites. Just type in the word Kingston in the search box to see what is currently documented:

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BEWARE of FAKE 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB USB Flash Drives – The Most Famous And Oldest Fake Still Sold On eBay And Internet Sites

Posted by KittyFireFlash on April 9, 2009

Would you like to see the oldest and still very popular fake usb flash drive sold on eBay and available at internet wholesaler sites in China? This drive normally doesn’t have a genuine flash drive capacity more than 2GB but it has been reprogrammed to false capacity sizes as high as 64GB!

All visitors need to see this usb flash drive!  Why?  Read on!

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Kingston DataTraveler Retail Costs – Colour Coding To Spot Fakes And Counterfeits – A Guide

Posted by KittyFireFlash on April 3, 2009

What are the average costs for Kingston DataTraveler usb flash drives – the DTI/2GB DTI/4GB DTI/8GB DTI/16GB models? These older usb flash drives are currently the target of counterfeiters in the orient. They use and or produce flash drives that look like the originals with a serious different and intent! Victims of fake flash purchases on internet sites and eBay learn very painfully what that difference is. These small capacity flash drives have been magically transformed into super sized capacity! Yes, they suddenly become 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 120GB, 128GB, 240GB and 360GB capacity according to operating systems. They are dangerous to use. Data loss results the moment you exceed the true capacity of the flash drive chip. Counterfeiters call this upgrading – the rest of the world refers to these usb flash drives as fakes. Those who work in the FrankenFlash project call them? You guessed it – FrankenFlash!

FlashDriveFacts at is releasing a series of articles on Kingston fakes and counterfeits starting on April 4th, 2009.

Previously they covered the Sony MicroVault fakes. The next series is for the Kingston DataTraveler.

It is important that people know the current retail prices for the genuine models in the Kingston DataTraveler series. It will explain how victims of counterfeit Kingston DataTraveler usb flash drives, get such amazingly low prices. The sad truth is they simply paid about 30% more than the real drive size retail to own a fake. Unfortunately the larger the “advertised size” the more they end up paying. In some cases, astonishing prices.

According to SOSFakeFlash, not only are victims in Europe and North America, but there appears to be a very heavy traffic for these counterfeits in India. Consumers in India are not strangers to fakes and counterfeits, that is why they chose the Kingston brand in the first place – to avoid it!

FlashChipTutor decided to visit Kingston’s website and do a shopping trip. At Kingston you can search for models and then ask where you can buy them. Here are the retail prices FlashChipTutor found for March 20th, 2009 in US Dollars.

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Ebay Fake Flash Sellers Alert India – A Mystery In New Delhi

Posted by KittyFireFlash on January 25, 2009

Our story of counterfeit Kingston Flash USB drives begins in New Delhi, India. The famous lime DataTraveler at 2GB is being sold in magical sizes – from 16 GB to strange 40GB and even 80GB advertised capacities on eBay. These Sellers are trying disclaim the quality of goods by saying they are Chinese products and so can not take any responsibility. Most Kingston DataTravelers ARE MANUFACTURED IN CHINA, so how is it that major relate outlets around the world do not have dissatisfied customers storming their doors? Some of the most advanced and sophisticated technologies at reasonable prices are being manufactured in China. This is the 21st century, the “made in China” excuse does not hold water – for many Brand Name products.

Join SOSFakeFlash on an exploration of just how widespread counterfeit and fake flash usb drives are on ebay.

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Warning KINGSTON DataTraveler 100 USB Flash Drive 128GB Appearing For Sale On The Internet – A Guide

Posted by KittyFireFlash on January 25, 2009

Please Check Kingston’s Official Site for the flash USB drives currently offered. They do not offer any KINGSTON DataTraveler 100 USB Flash Drive  model with a capacity of 128GB. The highest capacity currently for DT100 is 32GB, only available  in the Far East, Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Update February 26th, 2010:  Kingston USB Flash Drives. How To Check You Have A Genuine One And Not A Counterfeit – Easy Guide. Kingston Technologies Fighting To Protect Consumers And Itself From Counterfeits.

Kingston now makes 256GB flash drives .  Read  DT310/256GB Replaces DataTraveler DT300 256GB DataTraveler From Kingston Technologies. DT310 Is The Biggest USB Pen Stick Memory Flash Drive Size. you will find the price interesting and useful for comparision in this article.

Update June 16th 2009. There is now a 128GB usb flash drive from Kingston see: Kingston Technologies Releases DT200 128GB USB Flash Drive To Market

Reported to SOSFakeFlash, we have documented some of the sources for these 128GB USB Flash Drives that are stealing the Kingston Name for counterfeiting and selling false capacity usb flash drives. You will find useful information to help you learn and spot the fakes – what you can to to find a genuine Kingston USB Flash Drive on the internet.

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Buying Kingston and Sony USB Flash Drives On eBay Safely – A Guide

Posted by KittyFireFlash on January 24, 2009

If you exercise care and research you can buy genuine Kingston and Sony USB Flash drives on eBay. You need to do your homework first! While listings for on branded false capacity usb Flash drives are going down on eBay, the issue of counterfeits for these two brand names has as yet, not been addressed.

Please review the information presented to help you find the genuine capacity items for both Kingston and Sony usb flash drives on eBay.

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