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SOSFakeFlash Reading List For Newbies Fake Flash Memory eBay And Internet Sites. Ultimate Internet Reference On Fake Hacked Flash Memory In A Nutshell. 3 Years Of Research And Documentation. 1,000,000 Flash Memory Chips Are Digitally Altered To Lie About Their Real Capacity Every Month

Posted by KittyFireFlash on December 29, 2010

SOSFakeFlash reading list For newbies fake memory victims of fraud – upgraded memory and counterfeits. This is your ultimate reference guide to give you the facts on hacked flash memory products. You can learn quickly about the subject of fake flash memory – known as false capacity usb flash drives, mp players and memory cards. This guide has hot links for quick navigation to the topics covered.

If you purchased any mp3 mp4 mp5 players, memory cards or usb flash drives you need to test for the real capacity to avoid becoming a victim of flash memory fraud. You could lose your data files and your money.

Flash memory can be digitally altered to lie about real capacity. To buyers it is “Hacked Flash Memory”, to fraudulent sellers it is “Upgraded Flash Memory”. Flash chip capacities that are hacked?

2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 40GB, 64GB, 80GB, 120GB, 128GB, 240GB, 240GB, 256GB, 320GB, 340GB, 360GB, 500GB, 512GB, 640GB, 880GB.

Note : December 2009, the highest capacity manufactured is currently 256GB for usb flash memory thumb drives – cheapest honest price? $700+ US! Memory Cards 64GB Cheapest honest price? $349+ US. Lowest realistic price for a 32GB Memory Card? $45 US Class 4. (Pricing Newegg com).

Three years of information and experience compiled to help you from the FrankenFlash Project and victims of fake flash memory purchases.

Sections Covered:

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eBay Background

eBay Flash Memory Fraud Continues. 8 Years later, eBay Continues Cover Up For Fraudulent Asian Sellers. 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB Advertised Capacity = 4GB Real Capacity Or Less

SOSFakeFlash – eBay Fraud Flash Memory Upgraded Digitally Altered Capacity. Status Report November 2010. Best eBay Prices For USB Pen sticks, Memory Cards, MP Players. Warning – 95% Of eBay Listings Are For Fake Memory

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eBay Fighting Back – You

Reporting your fake to SOSFakeFlash using the Report A Fake Tab

See SOSFakeFlash’s Fight Back for additional information.

Newbie Quick Steps page.

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eBay Fighting Back – SOSFakeFlash

We are volunteers, nobody pays us. Like you, we have been victims on eBay. Most of us got our refunds. We could have disappeared into a new fake flash free life but we chose not to. Why? The answer is simple. You are reading this site. We knew there would be new victims. Somebody has to warn others. We are also disgusted by eBay groveling for pennies, protecting fraudulent sellers and allowing eBay members to be frauded for over eight years. Right now we are in phase III against eBay. In each phase we continue to turn up the heat. eBay refuses to change the policy for listing flash memory, they want the money from listing fees. If you research this site carefully, you will come to the same conclusion. You, the victims empower us to work on your behalf. eBay does not like this site, but eBay members who are victims of fake flash memory do.

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eBay Fake Memory Seller Lists

SOSFakeFlash documents eBay seller id’s who have sold fake usb pen sticks, memory cards and mp players. The lists become a permanent record against a seller id. Should a seller attempt to rename the id (often done), SOSFakeFlash will issue a new alert and also update the lists to the new id. The recorded information in the databases is transferred to the new id. There is no escaping the long arm of SOSFakeFlash. eBay sellers who sold fake flash memory don’t get to tip toe into the night or escape their history of fraud.

These lists are often consulted by eBay buyers.

The lists provide a record eBay and fake flash memory sellers can not escape. No internet site can match the number of fraudulent eBay sellers on file with SOSFakeFlash. The purpose is to record eBay’s participation in fraud and to ensure there is a record.

The current lists are here: eBay Fake Flash Memory Seller Lists

These lists have an important feature, if you click on the seller id, you can access the negative and neutral feedback – quickly.

You will find in some cases no negative or neutral feedback for a seller listed. The reasons?

  • Buyers left positive feedback, then discovered they purchased a fake and sent in documenting evidence using the Report A Fake tab.
  • The seller was suspended by eBay, preventing buyers from leaving negative and neutral feedback.

Reporting sellers provides an opportunity to record a fraudulent seller, despite having left positive feedback or eBay suspending the seller in an attempt to hide how serious the problem is.

The eBay Fake Memory Seller Lists prevent any attempts to bury or hide the issue.

If you have exceeded your 45 day claim window, but found your seller on the lists, you should demand your refund from eBay and accept no excuses – even if you purchased 2 years ago! eBay very aware of the issue, they just want you to disappear or give up with their email robots. Don’t!

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eBay Fake Flash Memory Counterfeit Rings

SOSFakeFlash actively engages in detecting counterfeit rings operating on eBay. The clues come from frauded buyers who report in using the report a fake tab.

As of December 2009, SOSFakeFlash has 44 counterfeit rings on file. The ring with the most eBay seller id’s? XU GANG with 24 eBay id’s.

The 3totrade counterfeit ring is special, belonging to the original Don of fake flash memory in the orient. Everyone was so curious about this ring it led to a covert visit to the address in China! This counterfeit ring is the reason SOSFakeFlash started an internet presence!

32B, XiaoFeng Building Address Fake Flash Memory Selling On eBay. On Site Visit To The Don Of Fake Flash In The Orient

Occasionally articles are published on the eBay id connections, their addresses, contact names and even email addresses. You can help build the connections by sending in your information to SOSFakeFlash. Sellers frequently change addresses, this is not a problem so long as frauded eBay members continue to report in. Often eBay sellers in their hurry to change addresses make serious mistakes, leading us to more fraudulent sellers!

Received an address in Chinese? Not a problem. You can copy paste into google translation. If it is printed on a label and you know someone with OCR software you can scan, pick up the characters and then paste into google translation. If you don’t have OCR software for a shipping custom label, find someone who reads Chinese and ask them to translate the address for you.

It’s important you all know we receive help and leaked information from Oriental people who are outraged and angry about hacked flash memory being sold. They are taking great personal risks in countries where law is not friendly to whistle blowers. They have our RESPECT!

In helping us to identify the counterfeit rings, you embarrass and shame eBay. You make it impossible for eBay to deny the fraud, how massive it is – millions of US dollars annually and you provide evidence that may well become useful in criminal prosecution. Flash memory fraud on eBay is highly organized, your information helps prove it!

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Fake Flash Memory Seller Detection – FakeMemorySentinel

FakeMemorySentinel is the FrankenFlash project site dedicated to detecting fraudulent sellers and listings. Almost all sellers end up disappearing or being reported for fake flash memory sales. So far, no one has written in to say a seller sold true capacity. The team at this site  is the most experienced in detecting fake flash memory. Their site covers eBay and internet wholesaling sites. So many sellers list and are suspended shortly afterwards on internet sites. FakeMemorySentinel makes sure a footprint is left when all other information disappears.

FakeMemorySentinels’s job is to warn people to test usb flash drives, memory cards and mp players to ensure they received the advertised capacity. Many warnings about eBay sellers at FakeMemorySentinel lead to investigations by SOSFakeFlash.

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PayPal Refunds

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Your Education On Fake Flash Memory

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Testing Flash Memory

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Fixing Fake Flash Memory

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Brand Names

1. Sandisk

SanDisk: Contact Technical Support for assistance.

Sandisk is an important brand name. There are a lot of counterfeiters out there trying to rip off Sandisk and buyers. The Sandisk forums are a great place to warn others and to discuss fake Sandisk purchases.

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2. Sony

please contact STOPFAKES@AM.SONY.COM

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3. Kingston

Kingston Technologies is the biggest victim of fake flash memory. Their brand is under attack from counterfeiters for memory cards and usb flash drives. The Kingston brand is legendary for quality and reliability. Unfortunately this makes Kingston a target. Most buyers who are frauded with Kingston flash flash memory paid very unrealistic prices.

Additional Kingston articles:

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Fake Memory Catalogue

Fake memory cards and usb flash drives are catalogued at FlashDriveFacts. You can send in photos of your fake to to be added to the collection.

Here is a good example from the collection: Counterfeit DT100/512GB Kingston DataTraveler Fake USB Flash Drive 512 GB

The FlashDriveFacts site is important. It stops a lot of resellers from entering into the fake flash memory market – the smart ones who take the time to research on the internet before committing to a purchase from an internet wholesaler. It is also an important resource for frauded buyers.

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Games Fake Flash Memory Sellers Play

To understand about Fake Flash Sellers Read:

A Victim’s insight: ebidetrade001 Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert Devious – Hong Kong

SOSFakeFlash documents buyer stories. A lot as yet have not been published, but they will be. Some people find it hard to believe that there is a problem with flash memory being sold. The best stories don’t come from SOSFakeFlash alerts, but from frauded victims. The stories are useful. They help you to see into the fraudulent sellers mind and the tricks they will try on you. It you need to fight a claim or battle with a seller, it helps to read about the experiences others have had. It will prepare you to do battle against your fraudulent seller.

More stories:

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Internet Sites Selling Fake Flash Memory

eBay is not the only place you will find fake flash memory. You will find lot’s of fake for sale at internet wholesaling sites. The internet sites below are the major sources for fake flash memory products appearing on eBay. Sellers interested in quick and easy profit, fall for these sites. They then list the items they bought on eBay. Anyone who buys from the sites below is asking for trouble. Flash memory is not cheap, there is no mega profit to be found in reselling mp players, usb flash drives or memory cards. The sad fact is, the profit margin is small for selling real capacity. Unfortunately, sellers at these site are waiting for people who want to make lot’s of money in a hurry. They will sell digitally altered upgraded memory and or counterfeit products to anyone foolish enough to buy them.

The major popular internet sites selling fake flash memory products are:


  1. Aliexpress – SOSFakeFlash
  2. Aliexpress – FakeMemorySentinel


  1. C2Coffer – SOSFakeFlash


  1. dhgate – FakeMemorySentinel


  1. iOffer – SOSFakeFlash
  2. iOffer – FakeMemorySentinel


  1. Tradetang – SOSFakeFlash
  2. Tradetang – FakeMemorySentinel

General – Other Internet

Other Internet Wholesaling Sites – FakeMemorySentinel

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Additional Reference Reading – Including eBay Advice

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eBay Update Fake Flash Memory July 30 2010 – SOSFakeFlash

Posted by KittyFireFlash on July 30, 2010

eBay is currently running around zapping fake flash memory sellers who list brand name items from Sandisk, Sony and Kingston Technologies. Frauded buyers have got them off their lazy duff! Suspend, suspend! Remove listings, vacumn away evidence of wrong doing. When eBay suspends a seller they get to remove the listings you bid on. Did you know that? The FakeFlashSentinel team is in overload just trying to keep up!

eBay don’t have a lot of choice, you might be a frauded buyer but they are more scared of brand names. Is this fair? You the buyer, didn’t matter very much for over 8 years. We at SOSFakeFlash and the other FrankenFlash project sites have been turning up the heat, so they don’t dare ignore us or you any longer. In fact, it appears that eBay is refunding buyers of fake flash usb drives, mp players and memory cards with amazing speed. This is a serious change. Can you guess why?

The fraudulent sellers in Asia are getting the message too. eBay seems to have a few people on patrol for young eBay id’s. So they are reading and learning from SOSFakeFlash? About time!

If you don’t know, it is easy to reprogramme the reported size of flash memory. While 128 GB and 256 GB are the hot capacity sizes, sellers who offer them are being shut down fast, if the prices are unrealistic for for the flash memory chips.

To stay under the radar and avoid the cross hairs of eBay a lot of eBay sellers are scaling back, that is, reprogamming the fakes to appear 16GB and 32GB. Okay, so they don’t make as much money but they need to stay in business.

It’s really important that you report your fake flash memory sellers to us. We can’t issue an alert or research them without your help. See the Report A Fake Tab to learn more on how to report them. If you got a refund, share and boost on this post:Refunded!

Almost all fake flash memory sellers are based in Asia. Just look at the categories on the left menu for eBaySellers, it will make things very clear to you.

If any seller is using private auctions for an item listed under $150 US you are buying a fake flash memory item! It’s also a violation of eBay policy. If you sell any listings like this, report them to eBay IMMEDIATELY!

If you see any of these usb flash drives shown on eBay, run baby run! Stop those bidding fingers! You are likely to buy a fake, plain and simple. In 2.5 years of operation we have not seen any of them holding more than 8GB, usually 2 to 1 GB in capacity.

Every few minutes, new fake flash memory items show up on eBay. Do yourself a favour, don’t buy any mp players, memory cards or usb flash drives on eBay. You are asking for a lot of pain and loosing files, 95% of all listings are for false capacity!

Fake Memory 1

Fake Memory 2


Fake Memory 3

Fake Memory 4


Fake Memory 5



Fake Memory 6


Fake Memory 7


Fake Memory 8


Fake Memory 9

Fake Memory 10


SOSFakeFlash believes that current progress to remove fraudulent sellers on eBay is temporary. Please be on guard. Warn other buyers for your seller, send them messages to test with H2testw. Not being addressed are flash memory cards and MP Players.

Keep fighting and demanding your refunds. Report the sellers to us and also to eBay. If things continue to improve the FrankenFlash Project could move to part two of the agenda, addressing internet wholesaling sites, the source of most fake flash memory items being imported into your local country.

Will we get this opportunity? It depends. Will eBay change the listing rules for flash memory technology? Are they willing to refund any frauded buyer, no matter how long ago the purchase? Will they offer an apology to a victim? How do they indend to address the files lost by buyers? Files and data most lost forever?

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eBay Flash Memory Fraud Continues. 8 Years later, eBay Continues Cover Up For Fraudulent Asian Sellers. 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB Advertised Capacity = 4GB Real Capacity Or Less

Posted by KittyFireFlash on July 16, 2010

SOSFakeFlash reports eBay continues to cover up the sale of false capacity memory on eBay. Currently they are aggressively removing listings for fraudulent sellers. When buyers attempt to consult their won list and review listings, they receive error messages – the listings have been removed. The objective is to remove all traces of wrong doing. Read the rest of this entry »

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SOSFakeFlash – Singapore Crime Rings – eBay Sellers Suspensions – American Fake Memory Sellers

Posted by KittyFireFlash on June 23, 2010

You have just been frauded on eBay? Bought a fake mp player, usb flash drive or pen stick, a memory card? Welcome to the world of SOSFakeFlash and the FrankenFlash Project. We investigate the crime and issue alerts on the internet. Our sites publish the news and try to educate people around the world.

If you are new to our site or a fan, read some of our hotest stories!


Organized Crime Hits eBay – Singapore Crime Ring Exposed

Disappearing Fake Flash Memory Sellers On eBay – An eBay Mystery for 32 64 128 And 256 GB Flash Memory.

Portrait Of An American eBay Fake Flash Memory Seller – ClickToBlue. Buying Cheap Fake Flash Memory – Viruses As The Bonus. Damage To Laptops and PCs

Just released 20100626: tpyboc DT200 Kingston Fraud $24 For 64 GB or 128 GB. Over 1200 eBay Members Frauded In Only 3 Days!

Singapore eBay sellers are bad news when it comes to flash memory. When you see what investigator Spookie has to say, you will be speachless. Read the rest of this entry »

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SOSFakeFlash And eBay – Operation Fake Flash Storm Gaining Ground Against Fake Flash Memory 128GB 64GB 32GB

Posted by KittyFireFlash on April 27, 2010

Pressure is rising against eBay as members and SOSFakeFlash continue to combat the sale of fake flash memory items. Read the rest of this entry »

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SOSFakeFlash Long Note 20091021

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 21, 2009

DefendingAgainstFraudstersUpdated: eBay fake flash memory sellers: Sellers * to K and Sellers L to Z covers 663 sellers. If you don’t see your seller on the current list, report in so your seller is on the list using the Report a fake tab . Please do NOT assume that if a seller is not on the lists, it is safe to buy! Recently a number of eBayer’s made this mistake!

To everyone with courage leaving “SOSFakeFlash” in negative feedback, thank you! We can see traffic to our site increasing. You are helping the victims of your fake flash seller! We need people to help out by contacting Buyers we can not tell you how important this is! SOSFakeFlash needs YOU!

Fake Flash Memory sellers on eBay are getting Top Seller ratings. Watch out! eBay is asleep at the wheel. We will be publishing more on any fake flash seller receiving this rating from eBay.

Kudos to: Scandinavia, Australia, Brazil, India and the United States! Keep up the good work – fight back! Add your country to the honour role – raise awareness, post at internet sites and forums!

The 32GB and 64GB fake capacity issue is increasing ever since Kingston created a 256GB flash drive.

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NobelDefender – Victim of eBay Fake Flash Memory Seller wholesalestore09. How The Internet Helped To Find Out The Truth. Observations,Testing.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 10, 2009

NobelDefender is a victim of eBay fake flash memory seller, wholesalestore09. On October 7, 2009 SOSFakeFlash published: wholesalestore09 Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert Devious – China

On the same day, NobelDefender wrote to SOSFakeFlash to share his story:

Hi there

Thanks for putting up such a fantastic site, wish I knew of it before I bought and became a victim of a fake flash drive!! The details you require for putting up this sellers information is here:

Your output from H2testw 1.4: The media is likely to be defective.
105.9 MByte OK (216960 sectors)
5.3 GByte DATA LOST (11280512 sectors)
Details:5.3 GByte overwritten (11280512 sectors)
0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
0 KByte corrupted (0 sectors)
64 KByte aliased memory (128 sectors)
First error at offset: 0x00000000069f0000
Expected: 0x00000000069f0000
Found: 0x00000007ee300000
H2testw version 1.4

Item is still listed. The description says 32 GB Brand New 32Gb USB 2.0 flash drive A588
Seller’s address (as on the shipping package):

bj/Ebay Airmail Department

1. ESSE Flat 25-26 2/F Block B,
21 Main Lok St.,
Hong Kong

I buy quite some stuff on Ebay and up until now I have had only pleasant experiences. Even with sellers who do end up selling fake batteries I end up getting a refund or a replacement.

This time I went about buying a flash drive, the price seemed too attaractive so I bought it. The seller at that time had no negative feedback so it all seemed ok. The item arrived quite late and I thought I would do a battery of tests before I leave any feedback. The drive looked sleek and nice.

I checked on my Mac at first tried copying a file that was 225mb, nothing big for a drive that claims to be 32 GB! Well at about 104 mb my mac would stop copying the file and be ‘stuck’! This got me suspicious and I formatted it on my laptop running Windows PC it showed 32 gb alright it even “copied” big files, but when I tried to access these files nothing happened! They wouldn’t open.

Obviously I got suspicious and “googled’ and discovered your site and H2Testw. Ran the test for a complete 3 hours and then when the verifying process started it just gave me 105.9 mb ok!!! No wonder the mac stopped copying at 104 MB!!! Imagine my shock, 32 GB and 105 MB! What a joke not even 1/4th of its advertised capacity!

I quickly logged on to check the feedback of the seller, and what do I find? He has made it “Private” there were 7 negatives and in another day 9! Obviously the other buyers have figured out that they have also received fake drives! And now by making it Private I can’t read their feedback. After going through your site I have registered a complaint with Paypal for a full claim.

Of course the seller is in denial and says his drives are 32 gb if I don’t like it I can return it! But he is not willing to pay for the return mail.

My stand is that since this is not a damaged or spoilt drive in fact is a fake drive, why should I pay for the return?? They have deliberately sent me a fake drive when they knew it full well its fake. I am still waiting for the decission from Paypal.

But in the meanwhile I thought it would be wise to submit this information to your site, so that more people don’t get fooled. If there are so many cases on Ebay, then Ebay should do something about this! Make a policy decission to either make the seller pay more as guarantee for the drives or some other way to protect the buyer.

Hope this helps someone.



SOSFakeFlash, part of the FrankenFlash Project has been battling against sellers of false capacity flash memory products for over 22 months. The problem still continues on eBay, the evidence continues to grow against fake flash sellers operating on eBay and also on eBay itself for refusing to address the problems. The issue is over five years old. It is said that over 90% of all flash memory products sold on eBay are false capacity. NobelDefender call for eBay to DO SOMETHING! is not new, all victims on eBay say exactly the same thing. So far, eBay does little except suspend sellers when enough people complain. This unfortunately leads to listing information disappearing – SOSFakeFlash does it’s best to preserve information for victims.

SOSFakeFlash can not publish an alert on a seller without evidence. As a victim reported in on wholesalestore09 we were able to investigate and issue an alert on the internet.

Members like NobelDefender realizing something is wrong, search the internet for information, and find us. If you suspect you have purchased a false capacity flash memory item on eBay, please test it and if you discover you have a fake, report in, using the Report A Fake Tab.

Your information is important to warn others about bad sellers on eBay. NobelDefender’s observations on wholesalestore09 demonstrates why. wholesalestore09 has changed his feedback to private so people can not see what buyers have to say. Even worse, no one can see who bought from wholesalestore09 to warn them to test. NobelDefender’s testing makes that very clear. Buyers of wholesalestore09 are at risk of loosing their data – there are over 750 victims out there.

The issue of fake 32GB and 64GB usb flash drives on eBay continues to be serious. wholesalestore09 was one of these sellers. See: Warning! eBay 32GB 64GB Fake Flash Memory Outbreak – USB Pen Drives. Please patrol eBay for suspect listings and warn buyers to test. You could save someone from serious data loss and help remove fraudulent sellers of these fake capacity usb flash drives that are so dangerous to a persons data.

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Ebay Fake Memory Reading List 20090930

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 30, 2009

This is your short reading kit to help you with your eBay Fake Flash Seller.

All the information comes from previous victims who contributed to assist YOU the victims of the future! You will find all the information you need in this reference list.

Please make sure you report in for your eBay fake flash seller using the Report A Fake Tab.

Your evidence is important! We build the fake flash sellers list from people who report. It helps us to issue alert posts on the internet to help others. You should report in, even if an alert has been issued or the seller exists on a list, you can increase the count against a seller. If a seller has been suspended by eBay, the id “deregistered” you can still file a claim with paypal. If you advise us quickly we can still investigate and preserve the evidence.

Testing For Real Capacity Of Memory Storage Chips:

You can run a program to find out what the real size is of your MP Player, usb flash drive your memory card is. Please read: H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives

It will explain about the program H2testw. It includes access to download links and a poll for you to vote on as to how useful the article was to you.

How you can help out:

To understand about Fake Flash Sellers Read:

A Victim’s insight: ebidetrade001 Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert Devious – Hong Kong

Victim consumer education on nand flash storage chips:

Want to know the bid prices eBay victims paid for fake MP Players. Read: MP Players On Ebay – Current Prices For Cheap Fake 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32 GB SOSFakeFlash’s Report it includes Q2, 2009!

Important Reading:

PayPay Guide:


Checking A Sellers Negative And Neutral Feedback:

Use this tool:

type in your sellers name. Make a note of revised feedback. Those are eBay members who gave into to a fake flash seller in exchange for their money. This tool preserves their original comments before they caved in and allowed you to fall into the fake flash sellers net.

SOSFakeFlash does accept financial donations. If you found this tool useful, please make a small donation to – see their PayPal donate button.

eBay Fake Flash Seller Lists:

See the Category Negative FB Tool You will find the most recent lists in this category. We close a fake flash sellers list, usually every month and offer a new one. If you go through the archive of past lists, you can see our progress. You are the ones who really allow for that to happen by reporting in and fighting back.

Repairing Your Fake Flash Device:

Do you want to repair your fake flash memory item? Read: Should You Repair A Fake USB Flash (Pen) Drive?

Please vote on the polls for the article. We need to know your opinions and directions!

If you still wish to proceed, begin with a visit to and read the article on About VID PID Repairing Counterfeit Flash Drives – Steps To Succeed to begin your journey.

Help Support Our Sites – Donate To Our Host Provider:

How can you help support our sites? SOSFakeFlash does not accept donations as we work for free. WordPress is a fabulous software. Did you know it was free? offers “Free” hosting. Yes, absolutely free! They have great technical support and do a beautiful job maintaining sites. They upgrade, enhance and improve things all the time!

If you found the information at SOSFakeFlash useful to you, please consider a small donation to WordPress:

We appreciate their software, innovation and hosting. If you like our work, please help to support They made it possible for us to provide you with the information you need!

Recruiting – SOSFakeFlash Needs Help:

Do you have any time to spare? We need new members and help! You can sign on for a short term of duty or a long one. Generally people play it by ear. This is a difficult fight. Current members are suffering from exhaustion, all because they are trying to help – YOU! If you are interested in helping, let us know. You can write to

We need people to warn others, to patrol eBay for potential fake flash listings for MP Players, memory cards and usb flash drives. We also need people who could translate some articles into foreign languages. You decide how you can help.

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SOSFakeFlash – Challenge 20090925

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 26, 2009

SOSFakeFlash continues to record information and to investigate. A recent analysis of our data and also monitoring the internet indicates the message is not reaching enough eBay buyers.

Read the rest of this entry »

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