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Using to check eBay Seller Negative And Neutral feedback. What does it mean if eBay Id is invalid?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on March 8, 2010

If you use the tool to check a sellers feedback and receive a message that the id is invalid, it means only one thing – the eBay seller as renamed his eBay id.

Official sites in the Franken Flash Project are equipped to deal with this issue. It is not a mystery to our sites. We can detect the changes. When sellers attempt to rename their id’s it is not an issue for us. It is not a new tactic. It is an old tactic fake flash memory sellers use. Unfortunately unofficial sites do not have the information we have and lack the discipline to track and trace. There is only one way to understand the behavior and to deal with it – databases.

SOSFakeFlash is very much aware of this behavior. It is also the reason for databases and why it is so important that victims report their fake flash memory sellers! Some fake flash memory sellers change their id names frequently. It is an attempt to hide from victims. Also to try and break the chain of negative feedback, This is especially important for eBay forums and blogs.

By using the Report A Fake tab and reporting your sellers we are able to track them and any sneaky attempts to change their eBay seller Id names.

Any internet site that promotes itself as fighting against fake flash memory selling on eBay needs to have databases. To reassuringly track changes in seller id’s. If they do not, then they are going to be left in the dark, unable to assist ebay Victims.

SOSFakeFlash thanks all victims who are reporting in using the Report A Fake Tab. You are helping! Your contribution is making a difference. Without your reports, SOSFakeFlash would have nothing to report, no one to warn on the internet.

If you are trying to repair a fake flash memory item you need to visit FixFakeFlash Inspectortech. It is the most comprehsive site to fixing fake flash memory! Make sure you read their FAQ so you are prepared for the challenge.


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