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skywarenet Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert Devious – China

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 14, 2009

skywarenet is an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake – false capacity) MP Players and Flash USB drives. Registered in China, skywarenet used private auctions. skywarenet has rushed to close his eBay account in an attempt to run with his fake flash profits. skywarenet also sold memory cards. It is urgent you test anything you bought from this seller and file a claim with Paypal immediately!

A Victim reports:

Sheeesh….where to start!.

Yes, I fell into the ebay pit of flash fraud to! To start, I purhased NEW 32GB 3.0″ LCD Touch Screen MP3 MP4 32G RMVB PLAYER for $49.99. I thought I was getting a great deal. You can imagine the excitment I felt about getting 32gb player for 50 bucks!…WRONG! While I was waiting for my player to arrive, I started doing some research on it and it led me to this site along with a few others that enlightened me about flash fraud. My heart just sank. I knew then I had been scammed!! I immediately emailed skywarenet to let them know of my suspicion of fraud. Within two days they closed their account on Ebay. I have a claim now pending on PayPal. We’ll see how that goes. I should also mention that I found another site that mentions Postal Fraud as well.

These folks are filling out the shipping customs form (CN22) and stating these are ‘gifts” so no import tax is paid on them. Also, there is no signature on them. I’m looking into this further with customs and the international trade commission to get more info. I found out that it was illegal to falsify this customs form and since it was shipped illegally, I did not want to return the merchandise.

I have to say, these guys are good at what they do, they know how to scam. They also make up accounts on ebay to give themselves FAKE good feedback as well. This is a huge scam and i’m sure they are making tons of money. I’m sure most people do not even know how to contest it and or to embarrassed to come forward to let folks know they also fell into the ebay pit of flash fraud. DO NOT BE AFRAID PEOPLE!! Speak up!! These people need to be taken off ebay!

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Awaiting confirmation:

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Please test your device to ensure you have the advertised capacity. Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

FakeFlashSellers01Don’t forget to leave the calling card of “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” in your feedback to help others. Do not change your feedback to get a refund – you will only create more victims. See what we have on file.


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Posted by KittyFireFlash on March 28, 2009 was an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake) MP Players. Based in China sold 1300+ MP Players.

Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

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