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How eBay Scams You When You Bid And Buy For Flash Memory Items, The Chinese Connection For Fraud! good-deal008 Feedback 20228. Revised Feedback 87 From Buyers Afraid To Stand Up Against Being Frauded. Who Is More Guilty, The Scamming eBay Seller Or Spinless Buyers? This Is The Debate On Flash Memory Fraud Continuing On eBay. Will eBay Protect Good-deal008 And Scam You? eBay Sellers Flash Memory Cheap Prices Bargains Seller good-deal008 – Test Immediately To Verify Advertised Capacity. Please Avoid Fake Memo

Posted by KittyFireFlash on January 25, 2012

If you found SOSFakeFlash there is a 99.99% reader you are a victim of flash memory fraud. You are not alone. You have many bothers and sisters, going back 9 years in time. Welcome to the dark world of flash memory fraud. Sorry you have to join us.

good-deal008 is a power id based in China. Not naive, not stupid. This id entered into the world of fake flash memory selling because good-deal008 thought it’s feedback score could stand the pressure of negative feedback. Read the rest of this entry »


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Why Does eBay Allow Chinese Sellers To List Kingston DataTraveler 256 GB GO USB Flash Drives For $9.99 GBP? yizhi_ywyw eBay Seller Flash Memory Cheap Prices Bargains Sellers – Test Immediately To Verify Advertised Capacity. Please Avoid Fake Memory Products!

Posted by KittyFireFlash on January 25, 2012

eBay lets sellers get away with massive fraud for usb flash drives when they are registered in China. SOSFakeFlash warns about it in a new report:

SOSFakeFlash News 20111228 – China Sellers Unleash A New Plague Of Fake Flash Memory On eBay. Buy Now Listings For SanDisk, Kingston, Memorette Counterfeits. Memory Cards And USB Flash Drives

Do you think we are kidding? yizhi_ywyw is and was a “Top eBay Seller” with a feedback score of 1004. This Chinese seller listed Kingston DT310 256 GB flash drives at an amazing price of $9.99 US. Yes eBay permited such an obvious fraudulent listing and yizhi_ywyw claimed at least 75 victims. Was the United Kingdom yizhi_ywyw’s target?

Do you believe in cheap flash memory bargains on eBay? If you bought a flash memory item from yizhi_ywyw eBay seller you are advised to test item(s) immediately for advertised capacity. Read: H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives. You may have purchased a fake flash memory product. If your memory item fails testing report immediately to SOSFakeFlash . If your eBay seller is deregistered from eBay, it is urgent you report in to SOSFakeFlash. If you do not, they will not be able to investigate and to record in the their database to publish an official alert listing all items sold. eBay is suspending fake flash memory sellers to avoid buyers leaving feedback or recording the truth.

Never use any flash memory item without testing for capacity. If you purchased a fake you could lose your files and data. Read: Why Is Fake Flash Memory So Dangerous?

Please see Validation Memory links at FakeMemorySentinel for brand names and flash nand memory chip decoding. It is important for you to do that Gb is Gigabits, not Gigabytes. 8 bits is 1 byte. You need to divide by 8, if manufacturer lists size as Gb. Exercise care in disassembly of your item to decode, they can be delicate so be gentle. If you are interested in looking through the Catalogue of fakes you should visit FlashdriveFacts. You can even add yours to the collection by documenting and sending the information to, FlashChipDirector is always looking for new models.

If you need help and information on eBay read:

Fake Flash Memory – Hacked! Top Articles SOSFakeFlash. Consumer, Reseller Education. Beware. Be Wise. Learn. Avoid Fake Flash Memory. Learn To Test For Real Flash Memory Capacity.

PayPal Refunds – Counterfeit Items Policy Change Nov 01 2010. What Does This Mean For Fake Flash Memory? MP Players, USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards? Hacked Memory Awareness Growing.

Changing Trends In The Sale Of Fake Memory On eBay For USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards And MP Players. SOSFakeFlash Advises Do Not Buy From eBay Sellers With Low FeedBack Scores. Avoid Sellers with Scores Under 300+ To Protect Yourself From Potential Fraud. Learn Why.

Check your eBay Sellers feedback, type in the id:

yizhi_ywyw – China


//=New USB 2.0 256GB Flash Memory Pen Stick Thumb Drive //= $9.99 GBP

Kingston read:

Kingston USB Flash Drives. How To Check You Have A Genuine One And Not A Counterfeit – Easy Guide. Kingston Technologies Fighting To Protect Consumers And Itself From Counterfeits.

Kingston Technologies Offers Help To eBay Victims Frauded With Counterfeit Flash Memory

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