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SOSFakeFlash Memory Warriors Against Fraud And Scam On eBay Notice 201201.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on January 7, 2012

Team captains, please contact your cell members. Instructions and details available at the alternate site. Phase IV against eBay fraud has been activated. News has been updated. Decrypt key, add your personal to the following:


The schedule is aggressive. Ensure members meet the merge target deadlines.

Independent fighters, your efforts are important. To defeat eBay continuing in the scam of selling fake mp players, usb flash drives and memory cards your actions are necessary. The more geographical regions and countries participate the better the end result. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. The action of every individual has impact.

Frauded buyers, we expect you to learn from your mistake, to take action and to participate. You have the most important voice. You should not revise your feedback for a refund. You should not accept “No Returns” from a seller. You should not accept “defective” as an excuse from a seller regardless of seller country. H2testw will reveal the truth to you. You should not accept any eBay 45 day claim window. Never use the postal system to return fake and counterfeit flash memory, it is a crime in most countries and both eBay and PayPal are aware of this. Should you have difficulty with a refund and if you were smart enough to fund with a credit card instead of your bank account, contact the credit card company immediately for a reversal of the purchase on the ground of fraud. Your credit card is more concerned about your purchasing safety than eBay or PayPal. Both promote “Buyer Protection”, but as four years of date demonstrate, nothing is further from the truth. You can raise awareness by warning your friend on FaceBook and seeding the internet with references to SOSFakeFlash to get information and help.

Reporting your eBay fake flash memory sellers using the Report A Fake tab is a key element to block the contagion of fake flash memory on eBay. It is a disease of hungry profit madness that seller, eBay and PayPal participate in. You are the victim, your data suffers the consequences.


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