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Can You Find A Bargain For A Kingston DT310 DataTraveler Flash Drive On eBay From USA Seller? Would You Believe A Buy Now Price Of Only $47.99 US? The Myth Of “eBay Buyer Protection”. eBay Seller Flash Memory Cheap Prices Bargains Seller amazing_stanley2011 – Test Immediately To Verify Advertised Capacity. Please Avoid Fake Memory Products! Falso?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 21, 2011

Did you or do you want to buy a DT310 usb flash drive on eBay? Have you noticed you don’t find them for sale in a lot of retail outlets? Is that why you are considering buying one on eBay? Ask yourself why they are not for sale at local stores or why they are kept locked up in display cabinets. You won’t find them offered at the check out counter in the impulse display racks and for good reason. They are very expensive. Just like gold jewelry, DT310 DataTravelers go under the glass. You will have to call a salesperson to get out the keys to show you one.

There are still a lot of unbelievers out there who assume you can buy a DT310 cheap on eBay.

Do you know what happens to most of them? They become flash memory victims, unfortunate people who must learn a very painful lesson.

“If it is too good to be true, it usually is.”

This is the echo of so many people who report into SOSFakeFlash and who have made the shocking discovery that usb flash drives can be counterfeited or manipulated to lie about their real capacity.

Quite a few lose important files for good. After all, once the real capacity of the storage chip is exceeded there is no place for the file to go, except to byte heaven or byte hell, depending on your point of view.

There are readers at SOSFakeFlash who believe that frauded eBay members who purchased the fake memory and counterfeit DT310 DataTravelers deserve what they get, especially if they paid a ridiculous price. It is harsh. If you are a victim, you won’t like it being rubbed in. We at SOSFakeFlash know how you feel, after all, we were victims before you and also made the mistake.

A lot of buyers also learn another very painful lesson – they believed in eBay buyer protection, they actually thought eBay was sincere about protecting them! Buyers of DT310 counterfeits at false capacity are in for a shock. The most eBay will do, is remove the listing for a seller who engages in DT310 fraud. That only makes things worse for a victim, if they click on their won list to review the listing, it is no longer there. So who is eBay REALLY protecting? So now you know why SOSFakeFlash exists.

The DT310 fakes issue continues on eBay. Everyday there will be new listings. Everyday people will bid and buy for them. Everyday people who bought them on eBay once they arrive will begin to wonder why the DT310 Kingston DataTraveler usb flash drives fail. Then they will being the same journey members of the FrankenFlash Project did – search the internet for information and clues! The awakening will be painful.

Could eBay do something about it? Yes. You should read:

Can eBay Stop The Sale Of Fake And Counterfeit Memory? A Frauded Buyers Simple Insight To Solving The Problem For Fraudulent eBay Listings.

Does it sound like something hard for eBay to do? Of course not. So why have they not? Draw your own conclusions.

If you bought a DT310 usb flash drive on eBay we have lots of information for you to consult and use in this article.

If your sellers listings disappeared, you can still report to SOSFakeFlash. You can still fight your case and demand that eBay hand your money back, in fact you MUST! They have no excuses left. 9 years of permitting the fraud?

eBay Flash Memory Fraud Continues. 8 Years later, eBay Continues Cover Up For Fraudulent Asian Sellers. 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB Advertised Capacity = 4GB Real Capacity Or Less

If you feel it is ok to be frauded or that eBay might collapse without your “donation” then don’t bother to fight or hold them accountable. It is your choice. SOSFakeFlash and other sites have been documenting just how large scale the fraud is. The purpose? To make it clear to you just how deeply they are involved. To let you know you are not the first one to suffer this horrible discovery or misfortune and to warn you, you will not be the last victim unless you decide to exercise your right to say “NO”!

There are many ways you can fight back:

How Are People Fighting Against Fake Memory MP Players, USB Flash Drives And Memory Cards? eBay And The Internet.

The four most important?

1) File your claim and refuse any eBay nonsense about a 45 day window, it is designed to make you give up.

2) Expose the fraud. Warn people you know using social media. Facebook remains the simplest and the most effective way to warn your friends about the issue and to stop them from your experience!

3) Warn other buyers for your seller or search out obvious fraudulent DT310 listings and report them to eBay or other internet sites as good examples of how eBay participates in the scam.

4) Discuss your experience at your work place. You would be amazed to learn how many of your colleagues do not know about the problem on eBay for flash memory. It’s a great lunch time topic and the news spreads like wild fire. Guess what your colleagues will talk about when they get home? It educates, it saves others from your experience. It helps people to become more aware and wiser too.

You might be tempted in frustration or anger to close your eBay account. Please do not. There are honest sellers on eBay. There are a lot of good items you can buy. The issue is in the flash memory categories. That is where the scam and fraud is. Do not punish other sellers who don’t sell these products, do not punish yourself from finding great items – in other categories. Just stay away from usb flash drives, mp players and memory cards. If you close your account, who really wins? eBay and the fake flash memory seller, not you. So avoid the obvious temptation, the easy way to deal with your outrage. Channel your anger effectively, as have we. Be positive, constructive. Aim your energy. Use it wisely to expose the danger of buying flash memory on eBay. Drag eBay one way or another to acknowledge their actions, their participation in flash memory fraud. If they choose to ignore you and your claim, do what your conscience tells you in actions. You are free to respond as you decide. SOSFakeFlash is not the thought police, nor do we judge.

You the victim of fake flash memory are the judge, you decide.

Do you believe in cheap flash memory bargains on eBay? If you bought a flash memory item from amazing_stanley2011 eBay seller you are advised to test item(s) immediately for advertised capacity. Read: H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives. You may have purchased a fake flash memory product. If your memory item fails testing report immediately to SOSFakeFlash . If your eBay seller is deregistered from eBay, it is urgent you report in to SOSFakeFlash. If you do not, they will not be able to investigate and to record in the their database to publish an official alert listing all items sold. eBay is suspending fake flash memory sellers to avoid buyers leaving feedback or recording the truth.

Never use any flash memory item without testing for capacity. If you purchased a fake you could lose your files and data. Read: Why Is Fake Flash Memory So Dangerous?

Please see Validation Memory links at FakeMemorySentinel for brand names and flash nand memory chip decoding. It is important for you to do that Gb is Gigabits, not Gigabytes. 8 bits is 1 byte. You need to divide by 8, if manufacturer lists size as Gb. Exercise care in disassembly of your item to decode, they can be delicate so be gentle. If you are interested in looking through the Catalogue of fakes you should visit FlashdriveFacts. You can even add yours to the collection by documenting and sending the information to, FlashChipDirector is always looking for new models.

If you need help and information on eBay read:

Fake Flash Memory – Hacked! Top Articles SOSFakeFlash. Consumer, Reseller Education. Beware. Be Wise. Learn. Avoid Fake Flash Memory. Learn To Test For Real Flash Memory Capacity.

PayPal Refunds – Counterfeit Items Policy Change Nov 01 2010. What Does This Mean For Fake Flash Memory? MP Players, USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards? Hacked Memory Awareness Growing.

Changing Trends In The Sale Of Fake Memory On eBay For USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards And MP Players. SOSFakeFlash Advises Do Not Buy From eBay Sellers With Low FeedBack Scores. Avoid Sellers with Scores Under 300+ To Protect Yourself From Potential Fraud. Learn Why.

Check your eBay Sellers feedback, type in the id:

amazing_stanley2011 – United States


Kingston 256GB DataTraveler DT310 USB Flash Drive $47.99 Buy Now

Why Are DT310 USB Flash Drives So Cheap?

iOffer And DT310 Kingston DataTraveler USB Flash Drives. The Wholesale Price Is Cheap $20.99 For A Flash Drive That Retails For More Than $650 US. Will You Be Importing Counterfeits To Your Country? iOffer chengcheng88 Flash Memory Seller – Warning Test Immediately!

DT310 Plague Ravages eBay. Kingston Technologies Under Attack By Counterfeit Flash Memory Sellers. Fake And Flash Capacity DT200 DT300 DT310 Invade And Infest eBay. Warning! SOSFakeFlash And FakeMemorySentinel Need Your Help!

Report On Fake DT310 Kingston DataTraveler USB Flash Drives. eBay Seller 1958vardy And The Fake DT310 – No Returns. Counterfeit 310 DT310/256GB Flash Memory Continue To Flood eBay. Cheap. Consumers Frauded With Fake Upgraded Flash Memory. Fraud Warning. Beware Of Sellers Who Refuse To Stand Behind The Advertised Capacity Of Flash Memory Size.

WholeSale Cost For Kingston 256GB DT310 USB 2.0 Flash Memory Stick Drive Is $26 US. Best Competitive Price For DT310 USB Flash Drives.

See this video by By OutlawedMedia on DT310 Kingston DataTraveler Fakes.

Exposing Fake/Counterfeit USB Drive!

See what a fake counterfeit DT310 usb flash drive looks like for yourself. OutlawedMedia opens it up for you to see what is really inside!

Can You Fix Fake DT310 USB Flash Drives?

Kingston read:

Kingston USB Flash Drives. How To Check You Have A Genuine One And Not A Counterfeit – Easy Guide. Kingston Technologies Fighting To Protect Consumers And Itself From Counterfeits.

Kingston Technologies Offers Help To eBay Victims Frauded With Counterfeit Flash Memory

Kingston DataTraveler 310 DT310/256GB Fake USB Flash Drives Flooding eBay! Fraud Warning.

Kingston DT310/256 Counterfeits Sold On eBay!


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