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China, Australia Fake Size 32GB Memorette MircoSD Cards Sold On eBay. The Cheapest Buy Now Price September 2011 Only AU $11.16. The Memorette Fake Card Problem Grows On eBay.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 28, 2011

The Memorette 32GB Micro SD/SDHC Card sold on eBay advertised as class 10 is usually a fake capacity card. Buyers discover the truth when they loose their photos or suspect something is wrong when the advertised speed is below expectations in comparison to other class 10 cards they have. 32GB flash memory is still expensive, yet people hunt eBay for bargains. While the Memorette brand is discounted flash memory it is not available at some of the prices the FrankenFlash Projects investigators found on eBay.

Frauded buyers on eBay for are trying to do their best to warn others:


Negative Feedback for Memorette cards leads to a seller being suspended. It required effort from buyers. eBay was forced to shut the seller down.

The need to promote consumer awareness for the issue on Memorette cards sold on eBay has started:

Memorette 32GB Micro SD/SDHC Card – Did You Buy One On eBay?

Memorette eBay Flash Memory Sellers tenacidad – flipstar3811 – jacksstash – b.xtraordinair – mjmut9pac4ever – Test Immediately To Verify Advertised Capacity. Please Avoid Fake Memory Products! Fälschung?

SOSFakeFlash News 20110916 – DT310 512 GB – Memorette 32GB Fakes – eBay Singapore – eBay Australia – Fake Flash Commandos

The internet site: FlashDriveFacts, published an excellent article on the subject, showing the real packaging for Memorette memory cards.

If you don’t receive the official packaging, you need to start worrying. Real memory cards do not come lose or in little plastic cases. The wholesale lot price for an internet seller of fake Memorette cards is very close to the buy now prices we are revealing here found on eBay:

  • erminiamc58
  • lianganxin2010
  • jinhong1566
  • lihuaseller123
  • yilue888
  • xuxueli9269

What you are going to find very disturbing is the number of items each seller sold at the time the listings were captured. Get out your calculator and start summing the totals. They will have sold a lot more before they run from eBay or are suspended.

This should convince you that eBay is not the place to buy any MircoSD Cards.

If it does not, you might find yourself reporting to SOSFakeFlash shortly. Are these the only Memorette sellers involved in the scam? No.

Many eBay sellers currently under investigation, offer them with other fake flash memory items. Investigators for the FrankenFlash Project are forced to perform a risk assessment. A decision is made on the item likely to have the highest sales potential to naive buyers. This is the item the FakeMemorySentinel site will expose.

Strange is it not, that volunteers can spot fakes where eBay does not? Perhaps the best spotters are those who have had the unfortunate experience to buy a fake memory card on eBay. eBay does not want to spot them or to remove the listings. If they did, what would you find for sale in MircoSD Cards? Not very much.

  • Did you buy from any of these sellers?
  • Did eBay contact you and refund your money?

Or like so many other buyers, did eBay remove the listing from your won list and leave you in the dark? To search the internet for clues as to why your MircoSD Card is not working?

SanDisk provides a lot of self help to buyers for fake MircoSD Cards. Kingston tries to fight back against eBay and provides assistance to buyers who suspect they have fakes or counterfeits. Unfortunately, Memorette so far provides buyers with Zero help or assistance. It’s a cheaper brand, the customer service is not there for buyers in trouble. SOSFakeFlash has only one advice for you, if your Memorette card does not come in packaging shown at the FlashDriveFacts site, test immediately with H2testw. It will not tell you the class speed, but it will tell you the true capacity of the flash memory storage chip on board.

If you are looking for ways to repair or restore your fake Memorette card, please read:

Fixing Fake SD SDHC Cards, Is It Possible? What Are The Problems And Challenges? What Software To Use To Test For Flash Memory Fake Chips. Is There A Free Download To Check Flash Drives And Memory Cards Size?

You can expect eBay to engage in search engine wars, to erase information on eBay id’s involved in the selling of fake flash memory capacity. This is standard procedure for eBay. They can not allow an internet footprint for the fraud they currently permit. It is also the reason the FrankenFlash Project works so hard on your behalf, to capture the information BEFORE they can make it disappear. We all expect you to make your contribution – to fight back and get your refund. Consumer awareness is the key to stopping the fraud.

You will also find that eBay does allow fraudulent sellers to continue and will assist them in removing listings for fake flash memory items they sold.

Do you have your calculator ready? Note, some of the sellers offered more than one listing in buy now!

The next time you see eBay Buyer Protection, you will see things differently.

eBay Buyer Protection LOL

erminiamc58 – Australia AU $11.16


NEW*32GB*MicroSD*SDHC*card*32GB*Class 10 with SD adap

lianganxin2010 – China $12.99


NEW 32GB MicroSD SDHC card 32 GB Class 10 + SD adapter

jinhong1566 – China $13.99


NEW 32GB MicroSD SDHC card 32 GB Class 10 + SD adapter

lihuaseller123 – China $15.99


2011 NEW 32GB MicroSD SDHC card 32 GB Class 10 with SD adapter

yilue888 – China


NEW 32GB MicroSD SDHC card 32 GB Class 10 with SD adap $14.00

xuxueli9269 – China $15.38


#NEW 32GB MicroSD SDHC card 32 GB Class 10 with SD

Do you believe in cheap flash memory bargains on eBay? If you bought a flash memory item from any of these eBay sellers: erminiamc58 – lianganxin2010 – jinhong1566 – lihuaseller123 – yilue888 – xuxueli9269 you are advised to test item(s) immediately for advertised capacity. Read: H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives. You may have purchased a fake flash memory product. If your memory item fails testing report immediately to SOSFakeFlash . If your eBay seller is deregistered from eBay, it is urgent you report in to SOSFakeFlash. If you do not, they will not be able to investigate and to record in the their database to publish an official alert listing all items sold. eBay is suspending fake flash memory sellers to avoid buyers leaving feedback or recording the truth.

Never use any flash memory item without testing for capacity. If you purchased a fake you could lose your files and data. Read: Why Is Fake Flash Memory So Dangerous?

Please see Validation Memory links at FakeMemorySentinel for brand names and flash nand memory chip decoding. It is important for you to do that Gb is Gigabits, not Gigabytes. 8 bits is 1 byte. You need to divide by 8, if manufacturer lists size as Gb. Exercise care in disassembly of your item to decode, they can be delicate so be gentle. If you are interested in looking through the Catalogue of fakes you should visit FlashdriveFacts. You can even add yours to the collection by documenting and sending the information to, FlashChipDirector is always looking for new models.

If you need help and information on eBay read:

Fake Flash Memory – Hacked! Top Articles SOSFakeFlash. Consumer, Reseller Education. Beware. Be Wise. Learn. Avoid Fake Flash Memory. Learn To Test For Real Flash Memory Capacity.

PayPal Refunds – Counterfeit Items Policy Change Nov 01 2010. What Does This Mean For Fake Flash Memory? MP Players, USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards? Hacked Memory Awareness Growing.

Changing Trends In The Sale Of Fake Memory On eBay For USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards And MP Players. SOSFakeFlash Advises Do Not Buy From eBay Sellers With Low FeedBack Scores. Avoid Sellers with Scores Under 300+ To Protect Yourself From Potential Fraud. Learn Why.

Check your eBay Sellers feedback, type in the id:

yanyanseller2008 Ebay Fake Flash Memory Seller Alert – Hong Kong. eBay Flash Memory Counterfeit Ring Zhuo Qiuge(PC). Fake 32GB SD SDHC And MicroSD Cards On eBay. The Sale Of Fake Memory Cards Increasing on eBay.

Fake 32GB SD SDHC And MicroSD Cards On eBay. The Sale Of Fake Memory Cards Increasing on eBay.


2 Responses to “China, Australia Fake Size 32GB Memorette MircoSD Cards Sold On eBay. The Cheapest Buy Now Price September 2011 Only AU $11.16. The Memorette Fake Card Problem Grows On eBay.”

  1. O said

    Seller: Member id yuanshui2516-hong (Feedback score of 123)

    Oct-07-11 Paid Paypal, Price: $13.99, Qty: 1 $13.99
    Economy Shipping from outside US -free
    10/8/11 Ebay notification: MC006 eBay Listing Removed:In this case, the listing was removed because the copyright or trademark owner of this product reported that the item may be counterfeit. Here’s more information on eBay’s policy concerning replicas, counterfeit items, and unauthorized copies:
    10/21/11 case opening after faulty item received and inspected
    Exercising caution, I used official SD Card Association SD Formatter, confirms 0 KB used, only 497 KB available space(useless storage ability), not usual 31.x GB
    10/21/11Ebay’s initial response
    We let the seller know the item wasn’t as described.
    The seller has offered you a full refund for the purchase price plus original shipping if you return the item. To get your refund, ship the item back to the seller. You will need to cover the cost of returning the item.
    10/21/11 My response to Ebay: Ebay buyer protection, after alerting me of the fraud epidemic, should reimburse the buyer, and should not coddle the seller.
    10/21/11 Ebay’s 2nd response: We have decided to issue you a courtesy refund for this case on Oct 21, 2011 to the PayPal account

  2. I am Michael Song, the overseas sales manager of Memorette, Inc.
    First of all I am very sorry for what has happened and feel responsibility that we could not prevent this situation earlier. We have tried to stop those eBay sellers from selling fake products but it was very difficult to restrict them and stop the Chinese sellers usually found from

    1. Please avoid purchasing Memorette TF 32GB c10 from
    2. Please contact us through the email and phone number before any kind of purchase of Memorette Products and we will also inform you the list of sellers who are selling Memorette original products by reply. Most of sellers who are shipping from Korea are reliable but please double check with us the seller list.
    3. Regarding authorized resellers or distrbutors please contact us.
    Currently We have few authorized reseller around the world and regarding TF cards there are resellers only in UK and Japan.
    4. We will try to update our website and also infom how to distinguish original Memorette TF cards, mostly about TF 32GB c10.
    5. The net production cost of TF 32GB c10 with micron + smi solution was above $50 till last month and recently it is going down steeply.
    6. Currently Memorette TF 32GB c10 products are all made in Korea.

    We are very sorry again about the inconvenience you are suffering.

    You can contact me for more information through
    Office +82 2025 7228
    Mobile +82 19 588 1007
    8F AceTechnoTower 8th, Guro3-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, 152-780, Korea.

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