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eBay And The 512GB 2.0 USB Flash Drive Memory Stick. There Is No Such Thing Manufactured In 2011! psychduck2001 United States eBay Seller Thinks There Is. Or Is This Seller Now Uncertain?

Posted by DragonDakel on April 30, 2011

The highest capacity manufactured for a USB flash drive memory stick is 256GB and it is very expensive. If you do not believe SOSFakeFlash, then visit They have some of the most competitive internet prices for flash memory products. Do you see a 512GB flash drive listed? If you check out the 256GB flash drive category, what are the prices? How many models are listed?

Visit some of the leading brand name manufacturers of USB Flash drives:

Kingston Technology Corp, PNY Technologies, Inc, VERBATIM, Hewlett-Packard, Team Group, Lexar, A-DATA, Centon, Corsair, Crucial Technology, EDGE Tech, Imation, IRONKEY, iTwin, Kanguru, LaCie, maxell, Memorex, Memory Master, Mushkin Enhanced, OCZ Technology, Patriot Memory, RITEK, SanDisk, Sony, TDK, Transcend, Tribeca, Wintec Industries.

Show us one manufacturer that makes a 512GB memory flash thumb drive! It may have been invented but it is not available to the consumer public and certainly not for $99 US as psychduck2001 offers!

Flash memory fraud for an advertised capacity of 512GB is not new on eBay. It is common and appears regularly. Why?

People are easily confused between usb external hard disks and flash memory pen sticks.

Since external hard drives are cheap, they naively assume flash memory will be too. Make this mistake and you are going to be a victim of fraud on eBay!

eBay seller psychduck2001 registered in the United States is just one of many eBay sellers who did not do his research before listing. A reader of SOSFakeFlash, Troy posted this comment. It was an SOS to SOSFakeFlash!

Why? Have a look at this eBay listing. It shows just how little eBay does to patrol listings and why the fraud continues. psychduck2001’s listing information will shock you.

psychduck2001 - 512 eBay

psychduck2001 modified his listing information as somebody tried to warn him.

Please do not order this item at this time. It may not have the storage capacity claimed.
I am the seller of this product. I have been informed by an observer it is likely not 512GB. I will do my own independent research to determine if the observer is correct or misinformed. If the observer is correct, I will modify this ad to reflect the accurate capacity and adjust the price accordingly. If he is incorrect, I will remove this notice and business will be as usual. Thank you for your patience.
Sincerely, Donald Morris (owner of this ad)

Shouldn’t eBay seller psychduck2001 have done his research before he listed? Who is misinformed?

The listing also says:

I sold several this past week for $120.00 each. I received a new shipment and saved significantly on shipping. So I am passing the savings on to you.

If you consider your self a computer geek at any level, you got to get your self at least one of these guys!

This stick holds an unbelievable 512 GIG! The reading and writing speed is very fast!

Usable storage: 512GB
Speed: High-speed read and write
Interface: USB interface, no drive, plug and play, hot-swappable
Endurance: 1,000,000 times writable / rewritable
Applicable for: Lap-top and desk-top computers, and most electronic devices that utilize a 2.0 USB port.
Special design: earthquake proof, and electromagnetic pulse resistant
Operating System: Windows 2000 \ XP and above
Power Source: USB bus-powered (4.5V ~ 5.5V)
Operating Current: <50mA

When FrankenFlash Project investigators looked at psychduck2001’s images:

psychduck2001 - 512 eBay - Flash Drive Photos

they winced! This usb flash drive fake is so common. It is usually stamped with the Sony brand name. We see it a lot at the FakeMemorySentinel site. It is frequently sold on eBay as “Sony Vaio” for flash memory pensticks.

psychduck2001 is just one of many eBay sellers in a never ending parade of foolish eBay sellers who do not do their internet research on the true costs of flash memory. They cause hundreds of thousands of eBay buyers to become victims of false capacity flash memory on eBay every year.

Are you an eBay victim of flash memory fraud? If so, you need to act.

Reader Troy did. We were informed of his comment by SOSFakeFlash. He got our attention! You might be at risk,the issue of fake 512GB flash drives is a very serious problem. You will find these fakes on eBay and from wholesaling sites.

If you bought a fake 512 GB flash drive on eBay or the internet and have a faceBook account, the FrankenFlash Project asks that you FaceBook this post to warn your friends.

Flash Memory Testing:

H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives

Reporting Your eBay Seller:

Report A Fake

Help On Understanding The Problem:

Fake Flash Memory – Hacked! Top Articles SOSFakeFlash. Consumer, Reseller Education. Beware. Be Wise. Learn. Avoid Fake Flash Memory. Learn To Test For Real Flash Memory Capacity

Repairing Fake Flash Memory:

FixFakeFlash. Make sure to read the FAQ.

Internet Sites Fighting Fake Flash Memory:


2 Responses to “eBay And The 512GB 2.0 USB Flash Drive Memory Stick. There Is No Such Thing Manufactured In 2011! psychduck2001 United States eBay Seller Thinks There Is. Or Is This Seller Now Uncertain?”

  1. […] eBay And The 512GB 2.0 USB Flash Drive Memory Stick. There Is No Such Thing Manufactured In 2011! ps… […]

  2. Seth said


    @Troy: thanks for your comment. You hit a raw nerve! Yeah people are dumb enough to buy… 😦 Some sellers are really stupid. The &%$#@!!^&$ deserve to have their asses kicked.

    @Bleeding hearts: if you think cry: you should be sorry for the sellers then you are really dumb. Neutral FB just lets them scam some more.

    @KittyFireFlash: Keep nailing sellers who sell the shit! If you guys didn’t have the guts you do, we would stop our “special” work.

    @ebay: You are the worse son’s of bitches on the planet! You let this go on for how long? Read this you non transparent scammers:


    Do your stuff… we will do our stuff to help! 😈

    @All FakeFlashCommandos:

    Next meeting check your key: 76YGDW$@1047??+~86YitiQ29pJJ%

    Let it rip!

    Send data & agenda on time.

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