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How An eBay Seller Accidentally Fell Into The Trap Of Selling Fake 32GB Micro Memory Cards On eBay But Discovered In Time! A Personal Story. eBay Buyer Suspicions, Internet Research Did The Rest.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on March 3, 2011

How do honest eBay sellers get caught up in selling fake memory on eBay? The consequences can destroy a sellers reputation for good. SOSFakeFlash routinely publishes eBay sellers caught selling fake usb flash drives, memory cards and mp players. It is done in the interest of buyers at risk for loosing their data and money, to prevent the fraud on eBay escalating even further.

Some assume we delight in publishing sellers. The truth is, we don’t. SOSFakeFlash has published so many alerts, it is difficult for readers to know that SOSFakeFlash was co-founded. It was founded by frauded eBay buyers and by eBay sellers who accidentally sold fake flash memory. The rules were set by the sellers not by the buyers. The sellers are in the best position to judge their peers.

One of the earliest articles published: eBay Sellers Can Be Victims – How Does This Happen?

A lot of eBay sellers actively choose to engage in fraud, purposely scamming buyers with fake usb flash drives, memory cards and mp players, but not all. Most who willfully sell fakes are sellers registered in Asia on eBay but this is changing as Asian sellers are under increasing scrutiny.

Quite a few eBay sellers do not research their product for the real costs, instead they research what is selling “Hot” on eBay. It’s not unusual, but where flash memory items are concerned it can have horrible consequences for a seller. SOSFakeFlash was forced to introduce a zero tolerance policy as the number of listings and sellers offering fakes steadily increased and still increases.

While SOSFakeFlash must report, other sites in the FrankenFlash project attempt to publish articles and warnings to increase awareness on fake flash memory for both buyers (consumers) and potential resellers. Everyone’s help is needed.

Recently an eBay seller contacted SOSFakeFlash to tell their personal story, how they made a serious error and how it happened. We don’t know who the seller is, nor do we want to know. What matters is that the seller took the time to document how it happened and what they did when they discovered the truth. It goes without saying the seller demonstrated integrity, the spirit of the early founders of SOSFakeFlash and also how eBay sellers should behave.

We researched the story and have included graphic images as the url references will soon disappear from the internet. The story is published as is for you to read unedited.


I just thought i would drop you an email about my recent experience….

I have relatively recently started selling on ebay and happened to come across ……

membeuk Listing

and this

unlockurfone Listing

and this


Item sold was:


The first chap sold 44 units in one day so i decided to investigate further, thinking i had found a great selling opportunity.

What i found on AliExspress was this…

Free shipping oem 32gb Micro sd card

lily yi's store

I placed an order. I HONESTLY thought that it was genuine because others are selling at low prices too 😦 I started an ebay advert, selling these at £25 on pre-order. I messaged all my buyers to check that they understood i was waiting for stock. I sold 34 in less than 24 hours!!

However, a few people contacted me for assurances re authenticity and i started to get suspicious. I went for online chat with my supplier who when they found out i had selected DHL as the carrier, INSISTED i cancel my order. I was confused as i had paid for DHL but they wanted to use EMS.

Eventually, they confessed, “our goods are copies and DHL are strict and will seize the goods !! ” They went on to say i could re-order and select EMS and then i would be safe!!!

I was and still am , absolutely horrified, completely mortified and yes, embarrassed 😦 I contacted every buyer , with a lengthy apology, cancelled all the 34 transactions and refunded all the money.

I cannot believe this goes on and that not only are these products fake, but also not the advertised capacity either !! Really, i am shocked at what ive since learnt !! Shocked and disgusted 😦

Hope this is useful to you

Seller chosen name withheld by SOSFakeFlash to protect seller privacy.

This seller was lucky. eBay buyers are demonstrating wariness on eBay for buying flash memory. In contacting the seller, the seller exercised good judgment and began to research. Buyers helped a seller from frauding others and to avoid selling fake memory on eBay.

This eBay seller learned a difficult lesson but showed what a good, honest and responsible eBay seller does. It is the spirit many of us old timers on eBay knew and want to see return to eBay! It is what made eBay once, long ago… a great place to shop! We want you to experience what we once knew.

SOSFakeFlash continues to try and protect eBay members from fake flash memory purchases. eBay on the other hand, continues to NOT PROTECT YOU! The sad fact is, eBay flash memory clean up occurs because of members, not because of eBay. If you don’t want to believe us, begin researching this site and how many sellers we have been forced to publish since 2008. Then decide.

You can judge a seller by their actions. If they claim ignorance and try to convince you the item is “faulty” or “defective” or threaten or attempt to blackmail you into leaving positive feedback or revising your feedback, you have a fraudulent seller on your hands.

We remind you to test your items for true capacity with the free programme, H2testw and carefully read:

H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives

to understand more about the programme before you use it. If you purchased a brand name, ensure you perform a validation at the brand site too.

The most important contributions readers can make?

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This seller was saved by eBay buyers. Kudos to all eBay buyers who make a small positive contribution in fighting and preventing fake flash memory sales on eBay!

Help educate. Spread the word!


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