Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss

SOSFakeFlash Announces Phase III For Operation Fake Flash Storm Against eBay. Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss! Using Social Media To Fight Fake Memory. Do You Have A Facebook Account?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on December 5, 2010

eBay has permitted the sale of fake flash memory products: usb flash drives, mp players and memory cards for over eight years. In spring 2008 a group of frauded eBay buyers began to fight back, they contacted other members to warn. They contacted eBay too and protested. eBay refused to listen. In quite a few cases, the people who warned were persecuted and suspended by eBay! Odd behavior for eBay especially as they promote “Buyer Protection”. So these early Fake Flash Angels took their message to the internet. The first site, SOSFakeFlash, began publishing in August 2008.

SOSFakeFlash is announcing Phase III for Operation Fake Flash Storm Against eBay. You the reader and frauded buyers can use Social media now to fight back and warn others! You can share on Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and Email. You can leverage the internet to promote awareness, to protest and fight back! Want to learn how?

As eBay continued to resist, other sites joined joined us. Together they continue to promote public awareness and fight sellers who sell fake upgraded flash memory products, especially on eBay. It goes without saying, eBay continued to resist and deny the problem, they still do.

In February 2010, SOSFakeFlash announced a campaign against eBay. It was called “Operation Fake Flash Storm Against eBay”. A new site joined, FakeMemorySentinel to assist. While very successful, eBay found new ways to avoid taking responsibility. Fake flash memory sellers on eBay began sprouting new ids with amazing speed. Attempts to stop the message reaching frauded buyers continues. Attacks on SOSFakeFlash are not uncommon.

MickeyFightingBackThe next step to promote awareness? Using social media! You can make a very easy and painless contribution! It only takes a few clicks of your time. It is also the best way you can warn your friends, family and colleagues!

All posts at SOSFakeFlash and other sites in the project now include:

share on fake memory - using social media

You can share our posts in a hurry! You can even send an email about a post to someone you know! It’s easy to do, only a few clicks on your part. You can use your seller if reported at SOSFakeFlash or at FakeMemorySentinel. You can chose an article you think might help others. The search feature at our sites is useful. Testing fake memory is the most important! See H2testw, next is how widespread fake flash memory is.The video is short but it says really makes things clear. If you have friends or colleagues who are “unbelievers”, have them review the report covering Global Report – eBay Fake Memory 2008 – 2009, that should wake them up.

The most important way you can help is to raise awareness, visibility! The truth is, internet users decide what subjects matter. It’s up to you!

SOSFakeFlash has

sosfakeflash hits

hits. Will you help us to make it go over 1,000,000? Will you warn your friends and family? You can share on Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and Email. It is the quickest way you can HELP!

If you have a Facebook account, please use it! It is your way to warn others. It is your way to protest against what happened to you. It is also your way to warn people in your country – fast!

Let’s Rock! Facebook them fake flash sellers!

Nobody can stop you from sharing! That includes eBay or any other site that permits the sale of fake memory!

We are entering the holiday season. It is a time SOSFakeFlash dreads the most. People will buy fake memory products on eBay to give as gifts. In January, we will be overloaded by people reporting fraudulent sellers. They will not only be upset about buying fake memory and losing money, they will have guilt about giving someone an MP Player, memory card or usb flash drive that lead to data loss. Not exactly the sort of gift they had in mind.

Help us to help you! Leverage StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and Email to warn others!

For background information read:

SOSFakeFlash Announces Operation Fake Flash Storm Against eBay. Objective? Demonstrate How Widespread Selling Of False Capacity Flash Memory. USB Flash Drives. Memory Cards. MP Players

SOSFakeFlash And eBay – Operation Fake Flash Storm Gaining Ground Against Fake Flash Memory 128GB 64GB 32GB

EBay Fake Memory June 2010 Progress Report – Operation Fake Flash Storm Against EBay

SOSFakeFlash – eBay Fraud Flash Memory Upgraded Digitally Altered Capacity. Status Report November 2010. Best eBay Prices For USB Pen sticks, Memory Cards, MP Players. Warning – 95% Of eBay Listings Are For Fake Memory.

eBay Flash Memory Fraud Continues. 8 Years later, eBay Continues Cover Up For Fraudulent Asian Sellers. 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB Advertised Capacity = 4GB Real Capacity Or Less

eBay Fake Flash Seller Lists

eBay Discussion Board And Forums For Fake Flash Memory. eBay Does Not Promote Transparency. There Is No Such Thing As Honest Dialogue With eBay!

Currently SOSFakeFlash has 1463 sellers on file in the database! It continues to grow with your efforts to report sellers using the Report A Fake Tab.

If you have a little free time, consider warning buyers for your seller. To learn how read:

How To Warn Others On eBay As A Fake Flash Angel – Fight Back Against Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives – A Guide


6 Responses to “SOSFakeFlash Announces Phase III For Operation Fake Flash Storm Against eBay. Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss! Using Social Media To Fight Fake Memory. Do You Have A Facebook Account?”

  1. David Baker said

    In the summer of 2010, I became a victim of a fake memory seller on eBay. A month or so later, after I realized that I had been taken and would not get my money back, I makes a comment on eBay’s facebook page about the ordeal. Within two minutes my comment was removed by eBay’s facebook operator, and I was banned from making any further comments there (still banned to this day). In the meantime, others on facebook started commenting about my post. Their comments were deleted, and they were also banned from commenting on eBay’s facebook page. Even further, others noticed the comments there were being deleted by eBay and started commenting on the mysterious missing posts. Their posts were eventually deleted, and they were also banned. eBay is running slick tricks. They will do anything to silence anyone who does not view them favorably. This is a great site. You are doing a great job. Someone has got to get the word out. eBay will silence our free speech and run laughing to the back with our hard earned money. We have got to get the word out and make eBay treat it’s customers fairly!

  2. KittyFireFlash said

    Hi David Baker!

    Thank you for your comment! Interesting too. Well it is important to flood facebook with information. Even include personal updates with links not directly to eBay.

    Yes, they will try to stop it. Nothing new there.

    eBay has been trying to silence the free speach for a long time. No luck! We intend to get the message out.

    No choice, too many people are frauded on eBay. We are tired but we continue to fight. What really helps?

    Linking to . Anyay and every interent site and forum possible!

    We need people to record their personal experience here in comments. Also to write a little summary at their own peronsl webspace, in any language they chose and of course ahem ahem, point to sosfakeflash!

    Best thing for facebook is to comment locally and point to one of our articles.

    eBay is going to do any dirty trick they can, to prevent the message from spreading. It’s about $$$$.

    We’ve been fighting them for a long time and they are afaid of us. They have every reason to fear us. eBay engages in fraud, they are not sincere about buyer protection and they refuse to face the issue. LOL, if they did, there would be almost no listings for mp players or usb memory pensticks or memory cards!

    No honest seller lasts very long on eBay if they sell true capacity, after eBay and paypal collect their fees there is no profit left for an honest seller!!!!!

    Too many genuine sellers on eBay have gone out of business. All that is left? Fake flash memory sellers.

    The project sites will do all they can, David to help victims and fight the issue.

    We need more victims to step up and be aggressive. Too many are passive. It’s why eBay continues to protect sellers and allow the fraud to continue.

    There is only one choice. Rip eBay to pieces on the internet, increase awareness by leveraging internet sites to point to us and also to explain why people should NOT buy mp players, usb flash drives or memory cards on eBay!!!!!!!!

    People need to continue escalating and leveraging facebook. They can also do screen captures of their comments and post in their own page. This way if it is removed, a picture remains and there is evidence of eBay trying to stop people from telling the truth – it just continues to damn them and that is exactly what we all need!

    They will chock on their participation in FRAUD! Everyone can do their part, post everywhere, anywhere on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. India hit hard with fake flash memory products. Brazil too. .

    SOSFakeFlash team, THANK YOU! Keep reporting, we need you.

    People trying to repair hacked memory cards, sorry no easy or useful information available.

    So far solutions difficult, exotic. Easier to jump on your desk, wearing a grass skirt, shake a rattle and shout crazy %$#@%??? at your PC. Might work. I agree with ITGuy, please save your time.

    Most chips used for fake memory cards and spy cams are substandard factory rejected chips. Read, dangerous. Read limited lifespan. Could die anytime. Instead use energy for a refund.

    If you lost important information, everyone feels your pain. Why do you think we bother? Use your anger…. for good.

    Spy pens, spy cams are a problem. You need more then a low level reformatting tool, the firmware is needed. So trying to fix them is very trick, not really worth what it is going to cost you time wise. Add shit for quality of chips used = save yourself from wasting time! How many hours are you interested in sacrificing? End up with zero success? Think please.

    If you repaired memory cards, or spy pens/cams send in your solution to people need help. Right now my site does not have anything useful to offer, wish we did for spy pens and memory cards.


    best success is still usb flash drive pensticks, followed by mpx players.

    People in India and Brazil, use the internet to warn people in your countries. If you don’t the scam will get bigger and nastier.

  4. […] eBay is  feeling pressure from buyers.  SOSFakeFlash recently announced Phase III in the battle to force them to stop the sale of fake flash memory products:  SOSFakeFlash Announces Phase III For Operation Fake Flash Storm Against eBay. Toward A Fake Flash Dr… […]

  5. […] Phase III in the battle to force eBay to stop the sale fake flash memory products continues: SOSFakeFlash Announces Phase III For Operation Fake Flash Storm Against eBay. Toward A Fake Flash Dr… […]

  6. Seth said


    Should you be announcing Phase IV?

    It’s getting a lot more difficult. We need frauded buyers to leave immediate negative feedback for a seller or do do a follow up feedback if they left a positive before. It’s the most important clue for other buyers.

    My team is sick of hearing buyers tell us they don’t want to leave a negative because they fall for a sellers sob story about making a mistake. We have enough evidence to prove they do not contact all their buyers to refund them! The only thing they are really sorry>/strong> about is being caught!

    Thank you for all your hard work.

    Did DragonDakel inform you his team is going to start a new awareness campaign in August?

    They are fed up with eBay pulling seller listings for warning they post.

    We are unable to warn everyone who buys, the message allowance of only 5 a day is causing us problems. It stinks. Fuck Bay is good at screwing us all.

    You people at SOSFakeFlash have been warning people for 4 years, it is time you become more aggressive and nasty.

    You did not like us FakeFlashCommandos but you finally accepted us. We don’t have any rules for scamming sellers and we don’t care about their F*cking reputations. They are $%#@@ greedy and really stupid and deserve what we give them. Somebody has to kick their asses off eBay one way or another.

    People have to fight back. So long as they are nice, more people are going to fall for the scam and loose their money. Don’t pay attention to dip shits to tell you they think an item is defective, we know your team is overworked, ditch people who ask for help whine whine….

    You have provided enough self help to empower them.

    It is up to them to get off their butts and do something. If they don’t, let them suffer. It’s not like you get a commision when they get their money back and my team are fed up with needly people. We will contact buyers and warn them but if they try to ask us to hold their hands to get back $20 US we ignore them. No choice. They need to use their brains and there are other people to warn who will kick eBay where the sun does not shine!

    Anyway, enough ranting. We appreciate your site and the great work you do in documenting sellers.

    Do they really know the truth?

    As far as we know you have never removed a post against a seller!

    Sure you have been threatened, but you never retracted post. So it means that scam artists fear you. They can’t deny the listings or your database. eBay pisses when you publish. Craps in their pants.

    I doubt SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend or Sony really loves you for the negative press. We suspect it is a love hate relationship. You at SOSFakeFlash dare to do what they can not. I know KittyFireFlash your team as been accused of working for them but it is not true, your site never got a single cent from any of them.

    Keep up the good work, we will everything we can to stop the sellers and to send buyers to SOSFakeFlash for help.

    Get readers at your site to do the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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