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eBay Discussion Board And Forums For Fake Flash Memory. eBay Does Not Promote Transparency. There Is No Such Thing As Honest Dialogue With eBay!

Posted by KittyFireFlash on December 2, 2010

EBayOnFakeFlashAngelsIf you believe eBay is honest, or promotes an open dialogue on the issue of fake flash memory items: usb flash drives, mp players or memory cards, you are sadly mistaken.

You can not hope to voice an honest opinion on eBay. You can expect to receive a nasty warning or threat from eBay if you attempt to speak truthfully about fake mp players, memory cards or usb flash drives.

You can not expect eBay to understand the meaning of the word, “Transparency”. eBay needs the revenue from these fraudulent sellers. They want it, big time. If eBay was sincere they would have addressed the problem a long time ago.

How old is the issue? Read:

eBay Flash Memory Fraud Continues. 8 Years later, eBay Continues Cover Up For Fraudulent Asian Sellers. 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB Advertised Capacity = 4GB Real Capacity Or Less

eBay only suspends scamming sellers when SOSFakeFlash or FakeMemorySentinel publishes. Sad. Sometimes for a buyer it is tragic.

SOSFakeFlash continues to receive reports from eBay members who use eBay discussion boards about being threatened with account suspension.

I, KittyFireFlash a member of the SOSFakeFlash team, once tried to use an eBay discussion board for dialogue on fake flash memory products. eBay threatened me, too. It made me sick. It has happened to many volunteers over the years at SOSFakeFlash.

It also made me stronger. A lot of our members come from a generation, that knows what “Protest” means in active rather than a passive sense. No, most of us did not run naked in the streets, but we know how to hold a sign and march and of course get some bruises too. A lot of things people take for granted today, are hard earned, by people with the courage to speak up and refuse to accept things that are wrong.

We recently received an honourable mention at IP Dragon:

“SOSFakeFlash Cannot Forget: “Fighting Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World”

They summed us up pretty well at SOSFakeFlash!

Things have changed with technology. The internet is a new place to expose what is wrong. Less broken bones and bruises too. Truth matters. It does not come automatically. It is something you have to stand up for.

My eBay discussion board experience was no different from what most people experience. It was clear to me that eBay discussion boards were bullshit (the politest word I can use), they are sanctioned. It also made me aware of how insincere eBay was in addressing the fake flash memory chip problem.

Because eBay persecutes people for telling the truth, the SOSFakeFlash team works harder. Some burn out or need to take breaks. It’s not easy work. Fortunately everyone understands how deadly the issue is. Like you, they were frauded on eBay. The difference is, they didn’t just want refunds, they knew other people would be frauded and they cared enough to join.

We wish more people cared about others. It makes us sad some only want their money back. eBay is the mirror, the reflection on the world we live in. You have good people, bad people and those who only see themselves and nobody else! In discussions with team members, I always remind everyone that how people deal with their fake flash memory experience, reveals a lot about who they really are.

If eBay dared to threaten you, you can post a comment here or write to . If ebay sunk so low and threatened you for using an eBay discussion board, you can fight back by posting our site at forums or internet sites. You can also create your own web page in the language of your choice pointing to . You can leverage facebook if you have an account or other sites too.

It is important to understand that eBay discussion boards are not a place for frank dialogue or truth. It is eBay’s attempt to fool buyers. eBay discussion boards are a sham, and censorship is practiced routinely. It is to give you the illusion that your opinion matters, only don’t voice something eBay doesn’t like.

Please do not waste your time or effort trying to warn others by using an eBay discussion board. eBay = Frauded. If you choose not believe us, then visit our eBay fake flash memory seller lists.

If you know of another internet site that has documented more sellers that we have, let us know.

SOSFakeFlash advises, don’t waste your time or allow your eBay id to be identified on those discussion boards. Instead look for sites outside of eBay to tell your story and warn people.

SOSFakeFlash is rapidly approaching 1 million hits, it speaks for itself. Got a facebook account? Use it! All of our posts now include the option to save and warn on facebook, make yourselves heard.


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