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StopChinaFakes – Website Dedicated To Stop Fake And Counterfeit Items From China – SOSFakeFlash Announces!

Posted by KittyFireFlash on November 25, 2010

SOSFakeFlash is pleased to announce a new website, Why is a new site joining the fight against fake and counterfeit items flooding the global market from China? Read Josh’s story!

Cheated by China

Counterfeit items from China have been increasing exponentially the past few years. Right now, SanDisk and Kingston flash drives are two of the most counterfeited items. eBay and other online marketplaces are flooded with these flash drives each day. Almost everyone who purchases these fake flash drives is not even aware of it. The low price is what attracts them. Unfortunately, I was attracted by the low price too.

My name is Josh VanderWerf. In the summer of 2010, I started an eBay business. One part of selling products is finding the right product(s) to sell. Flash drives attracted me the most because they are small, portable, and easy to ship. While browsing for flash drives, I found a variety of them being sold from China. One particular website that had cheap flash drives was I was looking into the 64GB Kingston DataTraveler 150 which was priced at $8.95 – $12.11 per item depending on order quantity. Compared to other U.S. companies that sold this item, the DT150 from aliexpress was over $100 less. This would translate into big profits to help grow my business. I then placed an order for 10 DT150 flash drives. When I received the flash drives, I tested one of the flash drives to ensure they were in working condition. I copied 10GB of data to it, and then opened one of the files. The file turned out to be corrupted and the whole flash drive stopped working.

The person I bought it from on aliexpress was Chun Yan Long. After getting scammed by Chun Long, I looked for other flash drives on aliexpress. They were all a “too good to be true” price which meant they were all fake. Most brand name products from china are counterfeit. Here are some sites that sell fake brand name products:

Learn from my mistake and don’t buy Kingston or SanDisk flash drives, or any other brand name products, from China. If it is a “too good to be true” deal, don’t even consider buying it (unless it’s black Friday :).

Josh VanderWerf

SOSFakeFlash and the FrankenFlash project have been calling for assistance to fight this terrible problem, to increase awareness on the internet. Everyone’s help is needed. It’s a “Global Issue” – buyers and resellers around the world are being impacted.

Josh’s experience has led to positive action. eBay is where fake and counterfeit products end up being resold. The fact is, the sources need attention, internet and wholesaling sites in China.

This new site is ready to expose, to discuss them at the forum:

It’s a great leap forward to addressing the issue.

Lend your support, help expose the sellers whose fake and counterfeit products are destined to be resold on eBay. Stop the problem at the source. If you have been a victim at one of these internet sites, report in to Get help. Make your voice heard and share with others.

The new site covers more than just fake and counterfeit flash memory such as usb flash drives, memory cards or mp players. Visit to see all the categories.


4 Responses to “StopChinaFakes – Website Dedicated To Stop Fake And Counterfeit Items From China – SOSFakeFlash Announces!”

  1. […] If you wonder how bad the counterfeiting is for fake flash memory you should read: StopChinaFakes – Website Dedicated To Stop Fake And Counterfeit Items From China – SOSFakeFlash … […]

  2. I think SOSFakeFlash should remove this post from your stickies.

    The url address you have for the forum does not agree with the current forum address. There is something Wrong with this site.

    Don’t like what I see. 😕

  3. KittyFireFlash said

    Yes. This post will no longer be a black border sticky.

    The FrankenFlash project prefers not to comment on this website right now.

    Continue your research FlashChipTutor. Please? Pretty please. You disagreed with us about announcing the site. Your arguements were good.

  4. Jerry Ericsson said

    yep, got one of those wonderful 16 gig mp4 players that is in real life a 2 gig, then before I found this out, picked up a 32 gig Kingston SD card, never have been able to save anything to it, contacted Kingston they said it is a fake, and now it’s obvious since the label has faded, it’s a label made on a color ink jet printer with sticky paper and damn cheap paper at that. Never was able to leave bad feedback because Ebay wouldn’t allow it since I had a no ship complaint first against the seller, coulnd’t get paypal or ebay to do anything.

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