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Notice To EBay Members Frauded By Fake Mp Players, Usb Flash Drives, Memory Cards. Advertised Capacity Of 8GB 16GB 32GB 63GB 128GB 256GB.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 9, 2010

If you purchased a fake usb flash drive, memory card or MP Player of  false FLASH CAPACITY on eBay, please report your eBay seller to SOSFakeFlash immediately! You can use the Report A Fake tab to send in your information. SOSFakeFlash is busy adding information to the databases. Do not delay! We are preparing to issue new lists on eBay sellers. If you want your seller documented and an alert issued, you need to report with your evidence.

We are preparing new lists. The current lists have have 1234 eBay sellers mentioned. Our databases have 1367 sellers on file!

Please help us to help you! Report in!

Urgently needed for fake flash flash memory sellers on eBay? Addressing information, from the seller, from eBay and Paypal. It helps us identify eBay counterfeit rings. There are many operating on eBay.

If you discover you received false capacity, make sure you leave negative feedback to warn others. If you left positive feedback, do a follow up feedback to tell people the truth about your purchase. It is a good deed, it helps other victims to find out the truth.

SOSFakeFlash documents the truth. No alert on an eBay seller has ever been removed. Our objective is to issue new list before the end of October 2010. Please do not delay in sending your information, to avoid the cutoff date and not have your seller documented.

FakeFlashMemory angels compile and send in your contact reports!


One Response to “Notice To EBay Members Frauded By Fake Mp Players, Usb Flash Drives, Memory Cards. Advertised Capacity Of 8GB 16GB 32GB 63GB 128GB 256GB.”

  1. Kitty’s team at SOSFakeFlash have received emails from some victims asking why their seller is not on the lists.

    Step 1 is to investigate a seller.
    Step 2 is to collect information on a seller.
    Step 3 is to try and get an alert out on the internet.
    Step 4 is to enter into the database.

    They are working hard Guys! Give them a break. Most important get an internet alert out. Don’t worry, if you report a seller he/she will be on the new lists.

    SOSFakeFlash and FakeMemorySentinel sites are working hard.

    The FakeMemorySentinel site is in overdrive trying to protect buyers. 30 suspected sellers were published today according to DragonDakel’s team. What more do you want?

    This site documents sellers in incredible detail, everything they sold. Report in but also contact other buyers who bought from your seller to warn them. Don’t wait, help the people here.

    see this post:

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