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Beware Of eBay eBooks Promising Fix For 32G 64GB 128GB 256GB USB Flash Drives. Repairing Counterfeit Flash Drives. There Is No Magic Solution. Urgent Message From SOSFakeFlash – eBay.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 11, 2010

Is there a simple solution to fix usb flash drives that have an advertised size of 32G 64GB 128GB 256GB? No. If it was easy and simple, SOSFakeFlash and FixFakeFlash would not have so many hits to repair counterfeit and false capacity flash memory items: memory cards, usb flash drives and mp players.

Recently FakeFlashNews published: Fix Fake Kingston 32G 64GB 128GB 256GB Flash Drive Book Available On iOffer From feiyuejiexian. A Mystery, Selling Fake Memory Or Preventing It? Please read this article.

Make sure you read the comments at the end from the leaders in the FrankenFlash Project!

SOSFakeFlash regrets to inform you, if you see any listings on eBay promising a quick and simple solution to fixing fake flash memory as an eBook, do not waste your time or money. If there was a quick fix, we would have published it for you, for free. InspectorTech would have closed the FixFakeFlash site because it would not be necessary.


9 Responses to “Beware Of eBay eBooks Promising Fix For 32G 64GB 128GB 256GB USB Flash Drives. Repairing Counterfeit Flash Drives. There Is No Magic Solution. Urgent Message From SOSFakeFlash – eBay.”

  1. Thank you for posting the warning.

    TechChips is correct, there are many different hacks. It is unfortunate some people who do not understand technology mislead.

    feiyuejiexian on iOffer, has strange connnections.

    It is also possible to import feedback scores on iOffer from different sources.

  2. @InspectorTech, We agree with you.
    People should read:

    Should You Repair A Fake USB Flash (Pen) Drive?
    How Can You Spot Fake Flash Memory Chips? What Is the Key Factor That Determines If MP3 MP4 Players, USB Flash Drives Or Memory Cards Are Fake Capacity?
    Then read your FAQ – Read!
    If they can digest ithey will understand why there is no eBook that can deliver a solution for everyone. What really bothers us, is that the prices for this “solution” has gone up on eBay. Besides being wrong and technologically ignorant, it’s no longer a question of simply covering eBay listings costs as a service.
    hairybiker’s comment is accurate. Pretty much says it all.
    What bothers us the most? People who buy it and follow the procedure. Using a partition for the real space doesn’t address the hack, it is a ticking time bomb.
    There is a new scam born every day.

  3. Seth said

    Kitty beware. There are some people in the UK on eBay offering a disk to fix fakes. You pop it in and presto it fixes. Yes, a new scam. LOL!

  4. KittyFireFlash said


    There is nothing wrong with warning listings, especially those that offer a pdf file describing how they were scammed. It’s a personal story and good education about buying flash memory on eBay. It raises awareness.

    InspectorTech and TechChips are pissed at stupid listings offering an automagic fix. There is no such thing. It does not help people and can be very dangerous. Personally I would rather hammer my fake then build a partition wall. Hey, there are a lot of misinformed wanta be’s. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Sigh!

    If there is an Abrakadabra that fixes ALLfake usb flash chips we are interested.

  5. delsonu said

    feiyuejiexian steals my listing and post it on ioffer.
    I am the original creator of the step-by-step instruction to fix the fake flash drive. There are some UK folks re-pack my ebook and re-sell it in CD.
    You can visit my blog and my ebay listing. If you have more question, feel free to contact me through eBay

  6. TechChips said


    Your comment was an interesting topic at the FrankenFlash project meeting. It appears a lot of sellers on wholesaling sites have listed your item and used your exact images.

    Are they mocking you?

    iOffer allows a seller to import they rating from other internet sites. I was involved in the investigation for feiyuejiexian.

    The hot links directly referenced your site.

    If feiyuejiexian was stealing from you, why would he point to your site? It is a very odd twist.

    You should read the article at FakeFlashNews,

    TechReporters after consulting other other groups, decided not to report on the fact the links led directly to your site.

    InspectorTech wanted to have them publish the fact that those links led to your site but he was overuled. He has a copy of your eBook and is not a fan of yours. Not suprising since his site deals with the problem of fixing fake flash memory devices. Your partition idea is not a solution for a lot of fakes. It only hides the problem and can cause a lot of trouble to people later on.

    You should also look at this article at fakeflashnews: book/

    They documented a Dhgate seller that used your photos. The truth is they found several Dhgate sellers using it.

    So are they making fun of you? Laughing at your efforts? If so, why did they point to your site?

    If I was a fake flash memory seller trying to get even with you, I would not include links to your site, I would just steal your listing and have a lot of fun.

    superstar-1973 had a lot of fun. The bastard is still busy selling a lot of fake usb flash drives.

    A lot of assholes continue to buy from this DHGate seller and then sell the shit on eBay.

    I suggest you search the internet for your listing titles and nail any seller who is copying you.

    If people are repacking you stuff in the UK, go after them.

    Advice you revise your information in your book though, to tell people that you are creating a partition for the good space and that it is not a complete solution. The unpartitioned space, if it is ever formated could lead to a data disaster if somebody some day chooses to format it.

    You might be trying to do a good deed, but yes, people are going to rip you off.

    My advise is to buy a bunch of fakes and practice to find solutions for your book. I personally think InspectorTech is right, a low level formatting tool is needed. Which one depends on the fake involved. The problem with partitioning is that the hack remains – in the usb controller chip. Depending on the algorthim used to creat the fake, if it is not removed from the usb contoller flash memory chip, the wear leveling will continue to reduce the life expectancy of the chip. Flash memory operates differently from hard disk drives. It is a big mistake to think the principals are the same.

    Good luck! Fight back.

  7. ITGuy said

    I also think that the partitioning solution is a “bandaid” solution that should only be used a a last resort. It just mask the problem and on some of the fakes the “non-existent” blocks will eventually be used and undetected data loss will occur.

    Any guide providing information on repairing a fake flash drive should advise that you should use the drive “at your own risk” and be prepared for undetected data corruption.

    The issue of data corruption repaired fake / false drives has been discussed on this site on a number of post. The issue is that poor quality / manufactureing rejects are used in the production of fake flash drives. The producers of fake flash drives are only concerned about making money and the cheapest flash chip they can purchased are used. If they can get no cost rejects all the better.

    When substandard flash memory chips are used “error detection & correction” routines on the flash drive are disabled. Partitioning a drive cannot restore the error detection routines or “map out” bad memory blocks.

  8. @ITGuy

    I Agree.

    Any guide providing information on repairing a fake flash drive should advise that you should use the drive “at your own risk” and be prepared for undetected data corruption.

    You are correct.

    Best summary on the issue, why “partitioning” is not an accurate repair. I also agree with the others – it is a “ticking time bomb” and also misleading.

  9. Seth said

    1. Go to eBay
    2. search on “fix fake flash”


    One guy is suggesting liteon software as a solution. Another guy says to use an xp installation disk. Okay this might work, but dangerous and tricky. How many users own XP installation disks? LOL!

    Money to be made. ITGuy & Kitty, think you guys need to do something, stick a warning in the alerts.

    My solution to fix?

    a) put your memory stick on the floor
    b) walk around it 3 times
    c) use both feet and step on it

    Easy. Problem gone.

    Hacked chips will never be safe, even if you fix them. The hack damaged them.

    Use your time to get your money back and kick ass! If you want to waste your money on an ebook, your choice. :mrgreen:

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