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SONY VAIO USB Flash Drives 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB Flood eBay! Sellers Registered In Asia Continue To Dump Fakes.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 8, 2010

If you see a listing on eBay advertising a Sony USB Pen Stick that looks like this, do not bid, do not buy. It is a digitally altered flash drive reporting a fake capacity.

Sony VAIO OutBreak eBay

You will often see the VAIO brand name used with this silver metal thumb stick. VAIO is Sony’s brand name for laptops, not for flash drives.

The FrankenFlash team is trying to contain sellers in the Orient who list this item on eBay.

Often a buy now item, selling as low at $13 US and at a high of $75 US at various advertised capacities (16 GB 32 GB 64 GB, 128 GB).

Please report these listings to eBay immediately, eBay is suspending the sellers as fast as they can.

FakeMemorySentinel continues to identify publish their listings on the internet. The sellers, register new id’s daily in their effort to break through the blockade.

If you received a usb flash drive that looks like this from an eBay seller, please test it immediately using H2testw. If you did not receive the advertised capacity report in immediately to SOSFakeFlash using the Report A Fake tab. Include a screen capture of the listing you purchased. Information is being erased by eBay with lightening speed. Twitter, FaceBook, warn on the internet to keep this fake off eBay! Do what you can to help.

If you see this fakes for sale anywhere on the internet please contact STOPFAKES@AM.SONY.COM and send them the url address to the listing.


2 Responses to “SONY VAIO USB Flash Drives 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB Flood eBay! Sellers Registered In Asia Continue To Dump Fakes.”

  1. My team is fighting hard to remove ebay sellers. We’ve borrowed people from this site to help out.

    We need your help on the internet. eBay is @#%%$! still screwing buyers. A lot of them buy from a seller we issue a warning on. eBay is NOT, repeat NOT refunding everybody who bought from a seller of fake flash.

    Kingston brand is sell being used to sell fakes. Hey when will people wake up? Buy a usb flash drive in the Kingston series and expect to be screwed!

    Sony is joining Kingston. Their turn to be screwed. Generics on eBay don’t have a lot of pull anymore so the scammers are turning to famous brand names.

    Don’t get happy when eBay suspends. They use the opportunity to remove information about the scam from the internet.

    Watch this video

    then get real!

    BTW….. in today’s meeting everyone is pissed with listings offering the secret to fixing fake flash memory. Nothing wrong with listings on the internet to identify fakes, but anybody who is stupid enought to offer a one step solution is ready dumb. Scams are everywhere. Don’t fall for a magic bullet to fix your fake unless you want to be f*cked again!

    InspectorTech and TechChips are really pissed.

    My advice?

    Stay away from eBay unless you like loosing your money. DT200 138GB for $20 LOL! lol:

    Wake up get your butt in gear.

    Sony VAIO flash drives. What next?

  2. Wendy said

    Yes I was cought by this on Ebay.
    Well it serves me right . You get what you pay for.

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