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eBay Hacked Flash Memory Advertised Capacity Trends August 2010 For Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives, MP3 MP4 MP5 Players.

Posted by techchips on August 29, 2010

SOSFakeFlash latest statistics show 16GB fake flash memory capacity on eBay is dropping. It is being replaced with an increase in 32GB fake capacity.

128 GB capacity for fake flash memory reached an all time high in April 2010. In June it was at a low. During the summer of 2010 for 128GB upgraded memory (digitally altered memory) continues to increase.

Data for 256 GB hacked flash memory items is limited at SOSFakeFlash. Buyers are not reporting in, or eBay is able to remove the listings before frauded buyers found out.

eBay Fake Memory Advertised Capacity 20100829

Currently FakeMemorySentinel is launching a new series of alerts. SOSFakeFlash is engaged in forensic evidence gathering on suspended eBay sellers. We ask you to include your eBay listing when you report in to help us reduce reconstruction time.

KittyFireFlash’s team is struggling to gather information. Make it easy and send all the required information. A lot of information is being lost because it is incomplete,the team does not have the manpower to do and track follow up emails.

The battle against fake flash memory continues to escalate and is entering a new phase. According to Dragon Dakel’s team, the FakeMemorySentinel site is blocking new sellers on eBay. Especially for Kingston, Sony and Sandisk.

As the FrankenFlash project continues to tighten the wall around eBay Asian sellers for fraudulent memory, sellers register new id’s daily. eBay is catching a lot of them along with the Sentinel site. As soon as they are shut down, they register a new eBay id.

The most common false capacities are 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. Kingston Technologies continues to suffer the most damage to it’s reputation on eBay. The actual capacity for items is between 2GB ~ 4GB real flash memory.

Your help is requested for eBay, please read: How Are People Fighting Against Fake Memory MP Players, USB Flash Drives And Memory Cards? eBay And The Internet.


4 Responses to “eBay Hacked Flash Memory Advertised Capacity Trends August 2010 For Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives, MP3 MP4 MP5 Players.”

  1. TechChips,

    Thanks for rushing this out.

    We are doing our best to get the data into the databases. Yes, we are losing information because people don’t send in 1-4 for the report a fake tab on the main menu. Nothing we can do. Everyone is a volenteer, no pay. The day jobs that put food on the table are 1st priority.

    A lot of people ask for help with their claims against eBay.

    They need to read this site!

    1) If you paid by credit card, call the company to do a reversal. Most will be happy to in a case of fraud. That it the fast track.

    2) Do not fall for the bullshit about claim period with eBay. They KNOW what is happening. Go after them if you want your money. Give them hell, they deserve it.

    About trends in fake advertised sizes for flash memory.

    If you have the right software, you can make any size you like. It is not rocket science. Many members in the FrankenFlash project have successfully altered flash memory to crazy sizes. So the fact that fake advertised sizes are going up is no suprise.

    The fake size reflects market trends.


    Why don’t you guys take your fake usb flash drives and sell them on eBay with a Terabyte of digitally altered capacity.

    Can anybody who looked at our figure out the secret?

    BTW, a lot of victims have figured it out.

  2. Neil said

    The statistics look like a load of useless crap to me; but hey, what do I know?

  3. InspectorTech said


    Useless to you perhaps….

    Useless to us no.

    Useless to frauded buyers no.

    Useless to eBay? No.

    We have not published as yet, how it is done. The fake size reflects market demand. eBay sellers will adjust the advertised capacity to reflect consumer demand. It is easy to do, if you know how.

    The statistics give us important information. The FrankenFlash Project does not only track what has “happened”. It also tracks what could happen next.

    2008, 1 in 10,000 units sold reported.

    2009, 1 in 7,000 units sold reported.

    2010, 1 in 1,000 units sold for investigated sellers.

    This may not seem important to you. It is to eBay, PayPal, frauded buyers, fake flash memory sellers.

  4. KittyFireFlash said

    Hi TechChips,

    We are currently catching up on fake flash angel report lists. It will change the metrics in the databases.

    Are you going to revise this chart? Or will you publish a new one for October?

    Our energy is to enter has much data as we can for new eBay fake flash memory seller lists.

    need to be updated.

    People should continue to report in using the Report A Fake Tab. This important for sellers not listed here and where there is not an official alert against the eBay seller. Address information is critical for these sellers, it is how we build connections to counterfeit rings.

    For the moment Dragon Dakel’s team is riding point on issueing testing warnings on eBay sellers. They are doing an excellent job at FakeMemorySentinel, trying to reduce the damage these sellers inflict on eBay members.

    Incoming data suggests that a number of fake flash eBay memory sellers are starting up again. So much for eBay suspensions.

    The good news?

    We can see the id’s being researched on google are directing exactly where frauded buyers need to go. HERE!

    Make sure everyone, you leave negative feedback to warn others. If you left positive, do follow up feedback and reference this site. For example:

    “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw”

    It is a great auto pilot method to warn other eBay members if you can’t sent messages to those who left postive. We see it working nicely and it is a great way to help others who have been frauded.

    I suggest TechChips, you make a new chart, once we have completed data entry from the FakeFlashAngels. Is that Okay with you?

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