Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss

iOffer Fake Memory – Internet Site Flooding Global Community With Fake USB Flash Drives, MP Players And Memory Cards!

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 23, 2010

iOffer is an internet site infested with fake flash memory products for sale. The prices sellers offer are amazingly cheap. Flash Memory bargains. So Cheap they scream fake! USB flash drives, memory cards and mp3 mp4 mp5 players, tons of fakes. The FrankenFlash project has been monitoring this site for a long time. It appears to be one of the main sources of fake flash memory acquisition by western eBay sellers.

It is difficult determine if western eBay sellers are so naive or just blinded by the opportunity of a 500% return. Greed blinding common sense? It could be a combination of both. Many Asian eBay sellers also sell the same products on iOffer. Are you surprised? In fact with the assistance of frauded eBay buyers we have been able to trace some iOffer fake flash memory sellers.

One of the most interesting cases? anchang69 iOffer Fake Flash Memory Seller – DT200 128G 128GB Kingston DataTraveler 200 DT200 USB Flash Drive. Not only did we catch another counterfeit ring – 22 eBay Sellers Identified Selling Fake 128GB USB Flash Memory – They are linked but it led to a world wide web hunt and a number of independent internet sites being identified. How we love frauded buyers to report addresses for fake flash memory sellers using our Report A Fake Tab! It helps identifiy the criminal activity.

You can expect more iOffer warning being published at SOSFakeFlash and FakeMemorySentinel. Fraudlent items, especially Kingston Technologies flash memory counterfeits are found at this site. Many of the items sold leak into eBay.

Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss” is the goal of SOSFakeFlash.


5 Responses to “iOffer Fake Memory – Internet Site Flooding Global Community With Fake USB Flash Drives, MP Players And Memory Cards!”

  1. Ian said

    Kingston DT310 (regular price circa £600 each in UK) are on offer on ioffer for £18.70! Seller donghai909 it says 88,645 available! At the regular price, even assuming a generous wholesale discount, that’s around £44,000,000 worth of stock! C’mon now, that’s just plain crazy! These cannot possibly be genuine.

  2. KittyFireFlash said


    Nope they aren’t genuine and they will not deliver the advertised capacity.

    Yes, people will buy. Will they receive the items? That is another question, who keeps an inventory of 88,645 units?

    BTW We received a recent report that Kingston Technologies is asking for consumer help in spotting sellers for Kingston counterfeits and fake flash memory. The project intends to help has much as we are able, we hope buyers will too.

    No, Kingston does not pay us. Nobody does. Sigh from us all! Fact is Kingston is the most popular trusted market brand, that is why it is being targeted! It costs a lot of R&D to develop new flash drives, something few take into consideration.

    Crazy is exactly what it is.

  3. Seth said

    FYI see

    Expect some dumb ebay seller to buy the crap and sell the shit on ebay. There was an aussie seller who tried to sell his fakes, on ebay, he said they were bad but he wanted to get his money back. A buyer nailed him. Good thing, it trashed his score.

    Good thing you don’t tolerate sellers who list fakes on eBay to get their money back. SICK fuckers! They should suck it up and go after their supplier, not stick it to somebody else.

    Ok eBay seller so you were frauded, what makes you think you can make buyers suffer so you your money back? If my guys find you expect a lot of pain.

  4. imran said

    Seth, flash drives have a lot of money to be made. NOW SHUT THE F**K UP AND LET ME SELL THEM WITHOUT BULLSHITTING!

  5. Seth said

    Imran like a lot of people I subscribe to comments at this site.

    You a split brain?

    mahenaw sold on eBay not iOffer.

    From us fake flash commandos, get off the pot or crap.

    It’s a lot of hard work nailing scammers. You really need a shrink.

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